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Our school has been under a mission and vision ever since it began opening for students.

Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan pursues truth and excellence. By this, it means the truth and excellence of students academic excellence, socially committed, and become spiritually mature Ateneans. When we had an interview with our President, Fr. Bobby Yap, he has said that Ateneans should have the heart for the needs of Mindanao and the country; an Atenean should have grown a heart of concerns with contemporary problems. Our mission and vision states and pictures out what an Atenean is to become to be a men and women with competencies, skills and keen sense of responsibility to their communities. The quality of students under the mission and vision are considered to be achieved and worked hard on, the student should grow up to practice humanistic orientation, scientific outlook, to be a critical thinker, value-oriented being, Is socially aware and concerned, inquisitive and curious and is open to life-long learning. The schools vision is having Christ as our Model, a mission that is to draw inspiration to a life and teachings of Jesus who witnesses to love and forgiveness of God, lives in solidarity with all who suffer, and shape a student who pours out his life in the service of others. As a catholic university, it teaches cura personalis accomplish objectives at the pace suited to individual ability and the characteristics of his or her own personality. As a student being in this university for already 3 years, I have been taught in so many ways to develop a sense of self-worth, having this school mission and vision, it guided me above all else to be a responsible individual within the community. In the university I have been in to, it has the highest standards in teaching, instruction, academic inquiry and formation, I know, I witnessed and I believe that it is. The schools mission and vision teaches us not to desert spiritually and to never abandon the world of God. To know Him more intimately, to love Him more dearly, and to follow Him more closely are the held on for the schools mission. I have noticed that this has been a sincere practice of our school ever since I started my first year here. To top it all of, Xavier University seeks to form men and women of competence, conscience and commitment; in service of the church and the Filipino people.

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Mission and Vision

Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan School of Education

Educ 26.1 EDA

Submitted to: Maam Feberita

Submitted by: Chio, Christine Joy Estrada

Submitted on: 23rd of July, 2013