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ISSN 1018-5291 APJORD ASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF RURAL DEVELOPMENT ee) rd ld Se ea ETT cee eee Ree ee ee ae ae) oo nny cE ee ee ‘Contribution of Indigenous Knowledge to Adapt with Climate Change: A. ‘Case Study in Kien Giang Province, ia the Mekong Della fee ee ee ee ce eB ae ne eee Raia set eee een een ener nag BOR g en me an GE es Gs) fe SO CMCC Me a ee hme CeCe CBU Reo Bee Bree eh Oe a fe Peet ee ee eo ean ae eee ore ree oa a ee aml ‘Cointegration Analysis of Rural Wheat Markets in Northern Bangladesh ee ec ee ein Cee ee ene eee er ee eee esa On eee ae en ne ee eer eee eS eo ne ee CENTRE ON INTEGRATED RURAL DEVELOPMENT FOR ASIA AND THE PACIFIC APJORD Asia-Pacific Journal of Rural Development (APJORD), a half-yearly academic journal, is a flagship publication of CIRDAP. It is devoted to the issues and discussions on rural development, primarily in the Asia-Pacific region. The journal provides a platform for the academicians, policymakers, NGOs, research scholars and others interested in integrated rural development (IRD), to exchange and share ideas, opinions, field observations, and empirical findings on various facets of rural development. APJORD focuses on poverty issues and rural transformation, keeping in view the four programme priorities of CIRDAP, namely (i) Agrarian Development; (ii) Institutional/ Infrastructural Development; (iii) Resource Development including Human Resources; and (iv) Employment. With this interdisciplinary journal, CIRDAP fulfils its mandate as a service institution to its member countries for promoting IRD through dissemination of knowledge. EDITORIAL BOARD Chairperson Cecep Effendi Editor Vasanthi Rajendran ‘Tahrunessa Abdullah S.K. Singh ‘Development Consultant Director (Training) Ramon Magsaysay Awardee for Community Leadership 1978 CIRDAP Qazi Kholiquzzaman Ahmad Hossein Shahbaz Chairman, Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) Director (Pilot Projects) Member of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winning UNIPCC team CIRDAP ‘Momtaz Uddin Ahmed Professor, Department of Economics, University of Dhaka Editorial Assistant Former Member, Planning Commission, Bangladesh S. M. Saifuddin ‘Mohammed Farashuddin Founder President and Vice-Chancellor, East West University Former Governor, Bangladesh Bank Mahabub Hossain Executive Director, BRAC ISSN 1018-5291 APJORD ASIA-PACIFIC JOURNAL OF RURAL DEVELOPMENT Volume XXII December 2012 Number 2 CIRDAP CENTRE ON INTEGRATED RURAL DEVELOPMENT FOR ASIA AND THE PACIFIC