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Pic & Brown Brothers and Harriman Okay according to the Second Homicide report on the TLB, Pic

had his trust fund that he lived off of at Brown Harriman in NY. (which if you look on the web for an article called "Nazi's in the Attic" you can see where Brown made money). Pic was at a hotel according to this police report and then he got afraid and said "They were watching him" and ran to his sisters house where he was interviewed.. Now we have this gentlemen, who some believe is the Zodiac killer, doing dealing s with Brown Harriman as well..I just thought it an odd coincidence. ______________________________________________ ZODIAC: the man who occupied the house Unsolved Murders Of The Napa Valley by Harry V Martin The first clues that must be examined relate to the ownership or occupier of the house. Although the Academy did not transfer title of the house to Robert E. Hu nter, Jr., until eight months after the murder of the cab driver, Hunter apparen tly took possession seven days before Stein was slain. The information that Hunt er took possession of the house before the murder was supplied by a neighbor, He nry Solorzano, who also worked in the real estate industry. Records show that Hu nter's home was in Pasadena at the time of Stein's death. His position with Croc ker Bank as a vice president required Hunter to travel throughout the state and especially to Northern California. As a member of the Board of Directors of the Academy, apparently the Academy had no difficulty allowing Hunter to occupy the house before the transfer of title. But what proof is there that Hunter was even in San Francisco the date Stein was killed? A document in the possession of the Napa Sentinel provides absolute pro of that Hunter was in San Francisco on the night the cab driver was killed. On S aturday, October 11, 1969, Hunter opened a title account with Brown Brothers Har riman Co., through the Pacific Union Club on Mason Street - The document is sign ed and dated October 11, 1969. It was five blocks from that location - at Geary and Mason - that the killer entered Stein's taxi and asked to be taken to Washin gton and Maple. It is known that Hunter had taken possession of the house on Was hington and Maple before the killing, that he was in San Francisco on the day of the murder, and that he transacted business near the place where Stein picked u p his killer. This does not prove, however, that Hunter either took the taxi, wa s in residence while the police searched for Stein's killer, or was the man that killed Stein. __there is more to this article and I will get more up___ 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000 And isn't Crocker Bank the bank Hearst held up on April 21, 1975? And there is a Harrigan on the Board of the bank...

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