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The increased competitiveness and clients demands for more quality and customized solutions require companies today to re-think, re-design and restructure their companies in order provide more specialized and sustainable solutions. Our Group runs four (4) different companies which specialize in business consulting, real estate, sales, as well as training. We also use our expertise and part of our resources for supporting development in our local communities and the nation at large through our CSR programmes. We offer our services and products for the East African Community markets which cover Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. We work closely with different local and international partners as a way to mix our portfolio and bring to different expertise and experiences. We thank you for your support Welcome to the home of SUSTAINABILITY. Salum Awadh Chairman & CEO

Chairman’s an statement sa

About ou the h GROUP U
Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) is a group of companies registered and based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

SSG is comprised of member companies which specialize in business consultancy, real estate, sales as well as training. The company operates in the East African market which covers Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

training and sales in terms of expertise and sustainability in East Africa.OUR VISION To become a Group Leader in the areas of business consultancy. real estate. sustainable and value for money” Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) . OUR MISSION “To provide services which are specialized.

OUR OU CORE VALUES UE Sustainability Ethics and integrity Customer satisfaction Social responsibility Value for money .

Our member O rm b companies om Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) .

Sustainable Solutions t n ui n Consultancy l anc (SSC) ) .

. It is a consulting firm which offers services for businesses and development initiatives. Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) It has been operational since 2008 despite its legal registration in 2006 and has been able to serve a big number of clients from small businesses to corporate.Sustainable Solutions Consultancy is a member company of Sustainable Solutions Group.

management and evaluation Project EVALUATOR © Social and market research Asses CAPACITY © Financial forecast & analysis Investment analysis & advice Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) .Our products & services Our services Business planning and management Our products Pre and detailed feasibility OKOA Business Product© studies DiasporaINVEST© Business re-structuring and Record Keeper© organizational development Idea INCUBATOR© Project planning.

co.ssc.O box 452 DSM Email: info@ssc.Contact SSC Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) Chief Operations Officer Website: Mobile: 255 786 092920 .

Sustainable sa e Estate E Developers e l r (SED) S ) Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) .

Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) . We provide our technical expertise which is highly needed in supporting the growing real estate industry. and other advisory services We plan to reduce the supply gap created by ever increasing demand of rapid increase of population and urbanization as well as the expansion of private sector. investment analysis.Sustainable Estate Developers is a member company of Sustainable Solutions Group This is the specialized real estate company which provides real estate investment advisory solutions We provide our solutions through research.

Our services Real estate investment analysis Brokerage Property management Research Advice on Asset finance & management Our products Real IDENTIFIER© Dream HOMES © RealSMS © Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) .

Contact SED Chief Operations Officer P.O box 452 DSM Email: Mobile: 255 786 092920 Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) .

Sustainable & S t ab Sales S Distribution (SS&D) ti t S Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) .

marketing strategies and conduct assessment of sales and marketing performance.Sustainable Sales and Distribution is a member company of Sustainable Solutions Group. It is specialized in providing consulting services in the areas of sales. we develop sales plans. marketing and distribution. We also provide freelancing services Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) .

Services Sales & marketing strategies Direct sales Marketing & promotion Sales audit & performance assessment Launching of products and services Products Sale HERE© LaunchNOW© Afya Alert SMS© Sales AUDIT© Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) .

com Mobile: 255 786 092920 Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) .O box 452 DSM Email: ssd@ssgtz.Contact SS&D Chief Operations Officer P.

Sustainable Training S r i & Publications u i i n (STP) S ) Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) .

We offer training for both private and public sector that is aimed at increasing productivity and competitiveness through imparting proper knowledge and skills.Sustainable Training and Publications is a member company of Sustainable Solutions Group. Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) . . It is specialized in the business of training and development of materials for information. education and operational manuals.

Services Designing and conducting training Conducting Training Needs Assessment Conducting Training Evaluation Training recruitment Manual & materials development Products SME Trainer© Kwenga© Beyond Banking Magazine© STP OCA Tool© Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) .

Contact STP Chief Operations Officer Mobile: 255 786 092920 Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) .O box 452 DSM Email: stp@ssgtz.

Our partners O r working w r t r Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) .

Axentis Group .1. Innovision IT Consultancy Offering IT Solutions 4. based in Morocco Offering e-payment solutions 2. based in Sweden Offering business management training 3. Kwenga Consulting. Proactive Employment Solutions Offering Human Resource Management services Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) .

OUR U CSR Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) .

As our strategic way to contribute towards community development. Our CSR target areas. • Reducing income poverty • Reducing health problems to our local communities for both communicable and non-communicable diseases. • Assisting vulnerable groups with special focus on single mothers. • Contributing to entrepreneurship growth • Environmental management Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) . children and youths. Our CSR Vision is to promote responsible business practices that shall help to secure a better quality of life for our local communities. we have developed a CSR policy that offers a guide on how we can achieve that.

How do we do it? • We develop and implement community projects • We provide technical and financial support to Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) organizations which work within our target areas • We provide patronage to our target groups • We do free coaching and mentoring on issues of entrepreneurship • We do lobbying and advocacy on issues which affect our target groups. .

Our organization chart Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) . Follow us on Facebook and Twitter Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) .Chairman & CEO Sustainable Solutions Group Head Website: www. P.O BOX 452 DAR ES SALAAM Tel: +255 22 (5) 506098 Mobile: 255 786 092920 Email: info@ssgtz.

We specialize in SUSTAINABILITY ST A Sustainable Solutions Group (SSG) .

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