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Knowledge is Action
By Rudolph Bauer, Phd Thu, Feb 23, 2012 Rudolph Bauer, Ph.D. Author, Mimi Malfitano, Editor

It is true that non-duality can be experienced within duality and duality within nonduality. The reality of non-duality actually is completed within duality and the reality of non-duality is completed within duality.Duality is the manifestation of nonduality within non duality.

When there is a foreclosure in experiencing duality within non duality then non-duality is actually absent from the world and this increases the absence of non-duality within duality and so duality alone exist.

Such absence is destructive to the experience of non-duality. When non-duality is conceived as absolutely separate from within dualistic experience then non-duality becomes a lack and the experience of impotence or powerlessness can arise.

When there is the thought or framing that one is non-dual and others are not, even experientially, then this invokes omnipotence and unhappiness. The further the absolute thought or framing that one is non-dual and others are not, the more the thought or framing becomes a fantasy and an illusion. The further one is from experience the experience is more transcendent, then the further immanence disappears. What is left is illusion.

The unhappy illusion that reality of this world dimension is not actual and this foreclosure creates vast powerlessness and distortions within human experience. There is an easy translucidity that arises within the experience of non-duality within duality and duality within non duality. When this intrinsic relatedness of inseparability is foreclosed , this very foreclosure creates lack and invokes the illusion of desire for what is not.

Compassion is not merely sentimental and neither is it the internalization of others affective states. Compassion arises out of oneness and equalness within all experience. Through the clarity of awareness action arises naturally and situationally; Gnosis is compassion and compassion is gnosis. Because of perception of oneness one can perceive nature and its inhabitants. And so to dissolve horrible experience within duality the power of non-duality can be used to dissolve such negation.