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Notice of preservation of Interest can be effective if you have a valid claim that exists prior to the Trustee sale; e.g.; you may have filed a UCC 1 in advance of the Notice of interest, which evidences your exclusive Interest in the original Note by way of your individual signature (your personal property). Conveniently, it was your signature that monetized this entire system and since nobody else has the right to file a UCC 1 on the Note other than you…this makes sense, legally. Or, perhaps, you have an interest in the property in the form of an equitable labor bill which has been calculated on a per hour basis for all of the “maintenance and upkeep”…as required by the language of the Deed of Trust (sec. 7 usually) without any limitations or instructive language as to whether your maintenance labor is for free, or if you can charge the Beneficiary. (My particular Notice is very specific as to the reasoning for my attachment of certain Interests). Either way, your filing of a Notice of Interest is within your rights and it should be scrutinized carefully before filing. Mine has worked to my advantage voluminously and has stymied attempts to “Perfect Title” . I’m using this in a strategy that has been, thus far, very successful.