Husband suicides due to spousal abuse

Delhi: Harassed by in-laws, man commits suicide

Man commits suicide after wife refuses to return

Married man commits suicide in UP

Man commits suicide after wife deserts him

BJP leader's relative commits suicide in Kanpur

Man commits suicide after participating on Rakhi Ka Insaaf

Rape allegation by wife pushes husband to commit suicide

Under-trial commits suicide in Jharkhand jail

Techie ends life, names wife, mom-in-law

Noida: Man hangs self after argument with wife

24-yr-old youth commits suicide; blames in-laws

Husband commits Suicide, brother blames Wife and in-laws

Jail inmate commits suicide
Harassed by in-laws, man commits suicide in Delhi Read more at:

Man kills himself over dowry complaint

Daughter-in-law's false complaint drives elderly couple to suicide

Man kills four, commits suicide

ससुराल में खेला खूनी खेल, फिर मौत की नीींद सो गया यह 'है वान'

More Indian housewives ended their lives last yr e=HTML&Locale=english-skin-custom

Threats from daughter-in-law led Pune family to suicide?

Woman abetted in-laws' suicide

Not accidental anymore de5be7f

4 FAMILY MEMBERS SUICIDE AS DAUGHTER IN LAW THREATEN TO FILE DOWRY HARRESMENT CASES ed=40&querypage=3&boxid=30520728&parentid=137225&eddate =03%2F25%2F2011

For want of train tickets, abetment to suicide suspects still free?

PSI shoots himself dead with service revolver

Harassed by in-law man hangs himself 712fc6&sectxslt=
Harassed by in-laws, man commits suicide in Delhi

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One married man commits suicide every 9 minutes

Suicides Due To Family Issues, Marital Discord Soar

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