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A Clear Minded Focus

A Clear Minded Focus
Written by Sen on January 3rd, 2012 When you have a deep awareness/understanding of your mind (and body), where you understand all its dimensions, its limitations and its personality, you are finally in a place to have a “clear minded focus” on what you truly desire to experience in your life going forward – this clear minded focus is the culmination of your whole movement of becoming aware (or awakening from unconscious identification). In this place you are clearly knowing of the realities you want to experience and your being is entirely (100%) focused without any doubts, double-mindedness, uncertainties, vacillations, inferiority, guilt or ambiguities. I refer to this as phase 4, or the final phase, of awakening in my post – Awakening, transcendence and return of focus – basically, your journey from here on becomes about choosing what you want to experience and allowing it to happen. Of course, all physical manifestations take time to “condense”, but your clarity of focus allows this unfolding to be swift because you are no longer vacillating in your intent.

Clarity in the midst of options
This physical world is full of options when it comes to the experiences you can have, and these options keep expanding (the options you have now are far more than the options available 100 years back), and each option has a depth to explore. The more options that are available, the more likely the mind is to be confused, almost “overwhelmed” by the various choices available – it can be something as simple as the type of mobile phone that suits you, or as life changing as the type of relationship/career that suits you. In the absence of a deep “self realization”, without understanding the aspects of who you are as this physical body/mind and non-physical life energy, it’s very easy to be lost in this confusion which leads to a lot of stress, and allows for a sense of “meaninglessness” to creep in (which is nothing but the brain’s strategy to deny the conflict/confusion). Self-realization allows for a clarity in the midst of all these options and choices. You start living life on your terms, rather than be swayed by the masses. You don’t subscribe to an option because everyone is subscribing to it, you take up an option purely as a conscious choice to experience that option. You are in a place of “full responsibility”, where you consciously choose the life you desire to experience rather than be dragged into a life situation for the sake of meeting expectations or fulfilling a societal norm. Such a clarity is not possible unless the power of awareness in you has become strong and stable, so that it can clearly see all the aspects of your human consciousness, of your body, of your mind and of your being. In this place you are quite “unshakeable” because you are not influenced by other minds, you are deeply in touch with your own “presence”, you are truly standing on your own two shoes, conscious of your power of deliberate creation – and your mind is very steady in its focus with respect to the reality it wants to manifest.

You choose what’s best for you
There is no global standard for success. Success is a personal thing, you define what success means to you. The definition of success is a place where you feel good about your reality – that’s all. There is no global standard for what feels good, because it’s not the external that makes you feel good but your

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it’s just a “journey”. or you can make some specific choices and focus on enjoying your lunch. because your present body has a fixed duration of existence. it can take a few months. can start again in a new intention) – this physical life. as the life stream. Each mind is a world onto itself. what type of reality you want to participate in. Doubts and meaninglessness indicate you don’t know who you are If you are always doubtful about your choices. can all the limiting. they are just “loose”. may be even a couple of years. So “you” need to decide what you want to see. for a while. one consciousness). is a “personal” perception that makes it so. it’s all good. Stop following others. stop following your gurus. What you choose to experience will keep changing as your realities keep changing. in total alignment with your mind’s natural make-up and your body’s natural proclivity. but in truth. As I mentioned. 2 of 16 18-08-2012 14:24 . There is no “one best thing” in life. It’s up to you to find out what is it that you want to experience. Life is alive energy. or experience and express – it’s totally your choice. once you start becoming aware. to gaining this clarity – only when you let go of the mind. and it’s a totally different thing to “escape” into the caves of Himalayas in a bid to deny your physicality. The phase of “letting go” of the mind. it’s a clear indication that you are not really sure of who you are. it’s very dynamic and it’s a vibrant force. where you focus only on the realities that you want for yourself. You need to be honest with yourself if you are living in “denial” or if you are living in “deliberation”. There is no such thing as “one best lifestyle”. and all experiences are temporary/fleeting. to gain a sense of clarity about what you want to experience in life and to be free of the doubts. There is a limitation of “time”. you define what’s your best lifestyle – it’s a totally personal thing. because each mind has a unique way of perceiving this world – of course there is a common physical world out there (because we are part of one mind. Denial is a sign of unconsciousness and deliberation is a sign of conscious living. you see this world the way your mind sees it – so in that sense your world is personal to you. stop following an outside mindset. restless and vague all the time. this clear minded focus comes as a culmination of your awakening from unconscious movement. Its one thing to sit in the caves of Himalayas out of a conscious choice and enjoy that experience. stop following your parents. stop following your friends. and be a light onto yourself – find out what is it that you want for yourself. You can choose to enjoy a monogamous relationship in the institution of marriage or you can choose to live in an open relationship. you can choose to be a vegetarian or you can choose to lead a non-vegetarian life – as long as you are making a conscious choice. you will mostly just end up living a restless life – some people do this in an unconscious way. it just means you are bogged down by fears and inner conflicts which don’t allow you to experience your true self as this human form. and if you don’t sense this essence of life in you. It’s like choosing the food you want to eat at a huge buffet.calmdownmind. it’s a clear indication that you are confused within yourself about what you want to experience.A Clear Minded Focus http://www. there is no end point or final “achievement” to reach. and end up staying confused and frantic through out your lunch. but at every point you will come to a clarity within yourself about what you want – you are no longer at the mercy of circumstances. conflicts and negativity in the mind that are suppressing this clarity in focus. And you can’t come to this clarity without the power of awareness. and the choices you make will determine how spend this time – but if you get “flustered” and think you need to experience “everything” within this limited time. where they have no steadiness in their life. that’s a huge part of what self-realization really is. you become a deliberate thinker or a deliberate focuser. and negative. this physical body eventually dissolves (so you. If you find life meaninglessness or boring. conditioning/beliefs. the very deal of this journey is to enjoy the journey itself. you can either be overwhelmed about the plethora of cuisines showcased. When you have been living an unconscious life for a long time. feeling that you are always missing out on something. You can choose to live as a hermit in a small shack in Alaska or you can choose to live a glam filled life at Las Vegas. in full cognizance of “reality”.

That’s why I call awakening as the process of “aligning with your natural expression as this physical form”.com/a-clear-minded-focus/ that are not congruent with you. gets created in this intention. So in this sense. +1 Recommend this on Google Related Articles .'Power of Thoughts' The Cause of Feeling Meaningless A Clarity of Intent A Clear Minded Focus Life Does Not Join You In Negative Thinking Why do Positive Thoughts Feel Good? What Is The Cause of Nightmares? Healing Physical Ailments through Alignment Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs Regarding Money Attracting Positive Experiences 33 comments Alliswell says: January 3. Everything physical comes with a “boundary”. this is how you do justice to the intent in life energy that created you. it’s quite impossible to come to this phase of clear minded focus. are like your “destiny” – but it’s totally upto you whether you want to live aligned with it. So in this sense. the intention in life-stream that came forth in this expression as this physical body. creates certain boundaries (natural conditioning) in the body and these boundaries actually “can” give direction to your physical life. Like Tweet 1 6 likes. that’s what this process really is about – to live your fullness as this human being that you are in this present reality.calmdownmind. The natural make-up of your brain. What is your opinion on destiny? How does life plan out? Meaning is life already following its plan and it is preset? or being created daily? For example when someone dies. and the conditioning in your body. Without first going through a phase of letting go of identification with the mind (which allows you to see through all the patterns that are not congruent with you). and certain natural conditioning in your body. is the time of death already in the works at birth? Reply Sen says: January 3. 2012 at 5:21 pm Sen.A Clear Minded Focus http://www. Sign Up to see what your friends like. the natural make-up of your mind. only the non-physical is limitless. 2012 at 5:47 pm All physical forms that get created. and you have this choice on a moment to moment 3 of 16 18-08-2012 14:24 . if you align with them. get created in an intention produced in life energy – nothing is created without an intention preceding it. dissolve – in this place of freedom you can see clearly what your natural make-up is and thus you can start living the “ideal you”.

that moves into life streams based on its intention. if anything – so in that sense who we are essentially is God. when you are not aligned with the natural make-up of your mind. you can make choices based on your experience here. So basically. So essentially. you have the choice to stay opposed to your natural expression. where everything is “pre-scripted” – life is always happening in the Now. sometimes consciously sometimes unconsciously. it’s not as if every moment of your life is “pre scripted”.. once you are physical. or the natural make-up of your mind. So basically even the flavor of your desires are part of the destiny/intention in which you were born. In fact. Moreover. Also. and when you are in alignment with your natural make-up you stay aligned with your natural expression. But if your brain has the capacity to be “conscious”. So when you align with your desires. when you are disconnected from your natural-makeup you end up in incongruent realities. 2012 at 6:28 pm The wholeness of life energy is essentially all there is. you have the choice to align with your life-stream or stay opposed to it – life is not “asserting” anything. intention. Alliswell says: January 3. this is what it means to stay opposed to your life-stream. and hence there is always a sense of disconnection or suffering within. your moment to moment experiences purely come from the choices you make – you can either be in resistance or in your wholeness. and in that sense living your destiny. and your choices in the Now cause your life movement for the future. you don’t follow your natural calling. to make any real “choice” – it’s just a like a machine that’s keyed up to move and stop. in your essence you are wholeness of life – This life energy is what I would use the label “God” for. Reply soul says: 4 of 16 18-08-2012 14:24 . and in this sense you are not forced to live any destiny. So it’s not “black and white”.calmdownmind. purpose or basis. However.A Clear Minded Focus http://www. When you are in alignment with the natural make-up of your mind you feel aligned. even the desires that you come up with are basically coming from these boundaries. you are actually aligning with your life-stream. so there is on such thing as a fixed “pre-scripted” life – it’s not like a pre-scripted game – it’s very dynamic and your choices here on the physical ultimately decide your experience. even though there is a body/mind that you identify with. The intention of the life stream that created this body is what I would call the “plan”. 2012 at 6:30 pm Thanks Sen. This is what I’d described in my previous reply. Sometimes life energy comes forth as some physical forms with an intention to die at a certain time. usually such a physical form is not endowed with a brain that has a capacity for “awakening” or awareness. and that’s basically who we are – the one being or one consciousness. However. Alliswell says: January 3. it can make deliberate choices. and the choices you make in this physical world ultimately decide the course of your life. 2012 at 6:12 pm How do you respond to “God’s Plan” then? Reply Sen says: January 3.

so does this mean our life is partially prescripted and partially dependent on the choices we make on a moment to moment basis?it’s a li’l confusing. passionate and effortless in your movements because you are in alignment with your natural expression.. You keep adding to the intention in your life-stream based on the “desires” that you come up with in your physical life (your true desires are also coming from the natural make-up of your mind). 2012 at 5:54 am An “intention” precedes creation. If you align with your natural make-up you easily live out the intention that created you plus you feel “joyful”. If on the other hand it gives them some new “conditioning” or boundaries. what is your view/ opinion on scientology? Reply Sen says: January 5. Dori Moody says: January 5. because you can oppose your natural expression based on your external conditioning (fear-based conditioning or lack based conditioning). and the genetic coding in your body. in this sense the natural make-up of your mind.calmdownmind. Also your moment to moment experience is determined by your choices in the moment. so each human body is created in a certain intention in the life-stream to express/experience itself. Hopefully it teaches its followers to become more aware and understand their true nature as the creator of their life. 2012 at 12:44 am How can one line up with their desires if they don’t know what they desire? Reply Sen says: 5 of 16 18-08-2012 14:24 . or inner guidance – in which case it can be empowering. 2012 at 10:16 am I’ve no idea what Scientology entails. 2012 at 11:42 pm Sen. is your destiny because you are born with it and it defines the intention that created you. Reply Sen says: January 4. it feels like a lot of strain and conflict. or what it’s about. and hence there is a sense of being lost. other than the fact that Tom Cruise is in on it – so I can’t really make any observations on it. If you stay mis-aligned it feels like a conflict within. 2012 at 3:03 am dear sen. whether you are in alignment with your life-stream or if you are opposed to it – that’s your choice. So. and thus gives them an understanding to connect with their natural expression. It’s just that when you move in opposition to your January 4. This intention creates the natural make-up of the brain and the body (the internal conditioning or natural conditioning. once you are born you are also subject to “external conditioning” from the outside and from there it’s your choice whether you align with your natural make-up or if do things that are opposed to your natural expression – in this sense nothing is pre-scripted but determined by your choices here. also narrowly called “Genetics” present in the DNA structure). However. Rafael says: January 4. then it’s not serving any real purpose towards liberating the person and it would just be a means of shifting between belief systems.A Clear Minded Focus http://www.

When you truly align with your own mind.from starting i m feeling very depressed with inferirity complex. by letting go of all the limiting external conditioning that you’ve taken up from the society influence allow your growing years. 2012 at 10:04 am As I’ve mentioned in the post. Moodyeveryday says: January 5. ashthama prb. you can never really find out who you really are and what you really desire from your present life as this physical body. 2. 1. anxiety. and understand it for what it is.A Clear Minded Focus http://www. because of all the various external influences on your life. The best way to do this is to bring awareness into the mind. you will clearly know what are the realities you desire to experience. understanding all the dimensions in it. Anil 6 of 16 18-08-2012 14:24 . by staying with yourself. for this you need to understand your mind. 3 i always had diff diff health issue .just being at peace with our real selves…thanks:) Reply Anil Khanna says: January 5. low self esteem & always having diff diff health related issue which is still i have & m taking antidepressant without any relief. sometime severe headche. hope ur advice will help me Regards. so what’s needed is to find out what brings joy to our need to compete or compare. 2012 at 6:36 am Dear Sen.calmdownmind. The bottom line is that we all desire “joy”.com/a-clear-minded-focus/ January 5. i had always low grades & i feel fear to submit my school certificates in any company or anywhere like for passport. i did my schooling from non quality school & i always had very low grades i can say i passed on points marks always. spending time with yourself – if you keep distracting yourself by being lost in the outside world. i really like your posts but i have below questions based on my below mentioned story. 2012 at 6:16 am i get it:)this means that we are all unique and its best to align with our unique life purpose/life stream and there is no need to be what we are not. clear mindedness (which basically about knowing what you truly desire to experience) arises once you fully understand your own mind. i feel inferity complex because i hv done schooling from non quality school & curretly i m in circle where all of nearby frrnds are from good background of school & college. body pain etc etc & m fed up with all these pls advice what should i do for all this. stomach pain. 2012 at 12:52 pm Thank You soul says: January 5. i am depressed i will say from starting of my i stopped all medicines & life has become totally hell. The reason you don’t know what you want is because you are confused about who your natural make-up is as this human body. for license for bank account etc. see if there is any way to heal my past.

The mind can unconsciously keep carrying a “child identity” in it. there are many successful men. This last 3 years have been more hellish than ever.A Clear Minded Focus http://www. Your teachings have been of enormous help in clarifying this process. and we have a place here in this life because we are born in the intention of life. and his mother taught him at home – he is one of the most ground breaking physicist this date. we will always feel bad about ourselves – be who you are. rather move towards aligning yourself with who you naturally are – this is what makes you powerful. It has taken me years & years of therapy and led me to question everything from anarchy to zen. The inferiority complex that you feel is rooted in your identification with childhood behaviors. and you are full grown adult now. as I have taken a very self-destructive path but at the same time seeking truth. allowing your potential to come forth into this reality. in a simple sense you are yet to come to terms with the reality that you’ve now become a grown up adult – frankly if someone judges you for your school grades. 2012 at 6:50 pm I can so relate to Anil in many ways. looking at itself from the perspective of its childhood and gaining an identity from it – you cannot truly enjoy the freedom of your adulthood as long as you cling to your child identity. body and our life force. but traumatic childhood is the same. through an alignment towards your joy. So you were not good at academics. on their part. 2012 at 9:59 am What’s important is that you start becoming awareness of the reality that you childhood and adolescent years are over. Jel says: January 7. I give up a high paying but stressful job. You job is to just live your true potential.where circumstances are different. but it still can’t do the job of a needle – each one of us is unique in our own way. but if we start comparing ourselves to others. it just shows an incredible childishness. ability and potential. your passion.calmdownmind. you are worthy being just as you are. to judge yourself for the type of school you went to or the grades you got is the most incredibly limiting way to define yourself. Three years ago. However I find myself 7 of 16 18-08-2012 14:24 . Stop trying to “improve” yourself through comparison. Your journey here is not to keep comparing yourself with others. Stop looking at yourself in such a limiting manner. who did badly in school – if you didnot know Albert Einstein was so bad at school that he had to drop out. stop comparing yourself with others. Now I find myself in the ahh moments of understanding the nature of the mind. you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone or live anyone’s expectation of you – just move towards becoming the best version of who you Reply Sen says: January 5. you can have the awareness to start understanding your mind and aligning with its natural make-up. When you bring an clear awareness to these thoughts you will see the inherent silliness in them. it will always feel stupid about itself” – what he meant was each of us has our unique talent. A sword is big and mighty. and women. but to know yourself and express who you really are. You have a unique mind. when he was interviewed once about the source of his intelligence he said – “Everyone is actually a genius. It has been a long hard journey travelling through so much negativity. and immaturity. but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. with unique capabilities. I was burnt out and was still looking to the outside world for wholeness. aptitude and talent – as an adult. I have spent the last 20 years since my first depressive episode at 16 trying to understand myself and the world and how to live in it. live your originality. it’s no big deal.

or you can look at positively and realize that your struggles helped you understand all the things that “don’t work” for you. the insights and awareness that is now emerging. When you are aligned with your natural expression. till date no docotrs able to help me i tried diff diff antidepressant & others natural remedies but nothing helped me. or in your spiritual search. Instead of being grateful for the journey. and this is one reason why you were able to come across some clear understandings of life in this place. so that enables you now to have a “clear mind” and know what you really want from life and who you really are.A Clear Minded Focus http://www. 2012 at 9:52 am If you see. 2012 at 11:09 am Dear Sen. What would you say is the difference between struggle and effort? Reply Sen says: January 10. You can look back and wonder why you kept struggling so much. that you were able to surrender.negative thoughts. 2012 at 8:31 pm Thank you so much Sen. It’s only when you were totally exhausted. Reply Anil Khanna says: January 16. and in one sense you kinda “let go” and relaxed due to exhaustion. and burnt out. Jel says: January 11. your actions always feel in deep resistance to moving forward and aligning with my life-force. Any suggestions on moving on? Reply Sen says: January 8. I think you are present in the right place where you have the openness to finally allow yourself to be who you are. lack or misalignment with your natural makeup.calmdownmind. be it in a job. and thus come to your natural expression. When you let go. Jel says: January 9. i m tyring to keep myself posotive but whenever i am in public or in office all thoughts again making me depressed & m thiking negative & start comparing my self with others & when i m at home only that time i feel little bit good because that time only i feel i am secure. 2012 at 11:45 pm Sen – thank you so much for your response most helpful. 2012 at 7:05 am Struggle is an effort based means of living where your actions are always coming from a place of fear. i tried everything but i dont know why m not getting any benifit from anything. first you realize who you are (as this human form and as life energy) and then you start aligning with your human dimensions. judgmental on all the huge mistakes I made on the way and so annoyed that I didn’t grasp these truths much earlier and saved myself from such pain and struggle. helath prblems making my life hell.I am angry. it allows an opportunity for your life-stream to start guiding you back to your alignment and natural expression. as if you are in a flow. 8 of 16 18-08-2012 14:24 . your whole journey was been about struggling. because you have the momentum of your life-stream behind you. This whole journey is about “self realization” and alignment.

you will soon reach a point where you feel stable in your being and from this place you can think more clearly and attract realities that assist you towards positive growth. This is what unconscious living is all about.A Clear Minded Focus http://www. Moreover. or defending negativity in you. so this causes us to live in an unconscious manner. teachers. and develop several limiting/negative thought patterns. drifting about. shows that your brain. my health . because ultimately when your foundation is rooted in negativity all the techniques you try out will also be coming from the same negative place. it’s something you have to make a choice towards. but since your brain has the awareness now it has the possibility of this choice. It starts with no longer falling for excuses. in this state of low awareness we also make a lot of misinterpretations about life. now my age is 29 & its a gud age for marriage but my past . You will have to start with your attitude – your words indicate a strong presence of self-loathing and defeatist attitude in your mind. or techniques. and basically you have no choice when the level of awareness in your brain is low. when we are kids our brains lack the power of awareness. No amount of medicine. Your articles are deeply awakening and I have grown very fond of your website and the simplicity in which it addresses the complexity of its message. This commitment cannot be forced through a technique. following the conditioning and programming meted out by the society (parents. and life’s calling? 9 of 16 18-08-2012 14:24 . and hence you have the choice to start living “consciously” in an aligned manner. believe me i have never seen any happy day in my life. just make a commitment that you will no longer fuel negative thoughts – it’s a choice you need to make. waiting for your reply Regards\Anil Reply Sen says: January 16. my depression not allowing me to even think about marriage.calmdownmind. It’s still a choice that you need to make. i dont know what should i do . But as we grow up. What’s required is to change the foundation to positive and there is no technique for it other than to use your awareness to stop fueling negative thoughts. media. it can’t be forced upon you. inspiration. Inquisitive Being says: January 19. the learning process. it’s a gradual process of slowing letting go self-defeating thoughts using your awareness of them. now. see if there is anything practical exercise which u can suggest me. our brains develop the capacity for self-awareness and self-reasoning (unless the brain has a physiological retardation that prevents it from having the capacity to do self-introspection or self-reasoning). Once you make a commitment towards no longer fueling negative thoughts. art. has a good level of awareness. 2012 at 6:47 pm Anil. What are your views on education. can cure a bad attitude – the change happens when you make an “aware” choice towards letting go of the negative attitude. The fact that you are aware of your mind’s negativity. 2012 at 6:44 pm Sen. about ourselves. friends etc). It’s not about trying out techniques and strategies. neither can this happen overnight. pls consider my last post & suggest something for me .

I thought what i was asking for was “right”. Reply Sen says: January 21. and it’s possible to be lost in experiences to the point where we disconnect from our creative expression. So a balance between the two is required. although some of this is beacuse I want to make the “right”/best decision for me so i do not have to listen to my self critical voice telling me off for making the wrong decision. but it’s totally unproductive to dwell in guilt because it’s not about becoming a “perfect” human but about constant growth. because you can’t predict the future. Life’s calling is basically coded in you as your natural makeup. It’s possible to be lost in our creative expression to the extent that we lose out on having a balanced experience of life. So it means I may take too long to make a decision and lose out on opportunities. My real question is. The more aware you become of your unconscious patterns the less likely you are to repeat them. 2012 at 10:08 am Can you explain a bit more about how to let go of guilt. when you are aligned with your natural makeup you are in alignment with your Warm Regards Reply Sen says: January 21. do things without thinking them through deeply because I’m concerned about what my intention is/which voice to listen to/whether i am taking an unconscious action? Even very small decisions.A Clear Minded Focus http://www. nvibes says: January 20. so in that sense everything has a value and life continues to find opportunities to grow. 2012 at 5:57 pm There are two facets to physical life – experience and expression. You can’t ever know if your decisions are right or wrong. 2012 at 12:14 am You can learn from your past behavior by understand the unconscious patterns in you that instigated some “reactive” actions.calmdownmind. how do you take conscious actions/decisions when you don’t even know that you are unconscious/acting unconsciously? Or is it the case of accepting that I may always to some degree be unconscious and it’s simply a learning game of continuously discovering layers of unconsciousness as it arises? Henced lots of mistakes will be made along the way. But at the time I could not see myself. What you can control is your vibrational content. Education. Awareness is just a light you need to use 10 of 16 18-08-2012 14:24 . I struggle to take decisions. learning and creative expression are means through which we can find a way to express our natural makeup and in the same way understanding our true nature is a means to ensure we have a balanced experience of life. So now. it felt right to me. the less intense your resistance the easier it is for you to attract situations of I am deeply aware of being able to take unconscious actions and decisions. especially for actions you took unconsciously and could not “help”? I’ve had an experience where I acted in ways that were not wrong as such. however in order to have a positive experience of life it’s required to not only be aligned without life’s calling but also with our physicality in order to savor the experience of life. but placed too high expectations on someone else to give me something that they could not give.

It’s natural to want to cling to the good feelings. your reality will seem to constantly reflect the negativity within you. that something so obvious was over looked? My bad? But if you ask me it was totally my life force that I did not listen to but I learned to trust for future I 11 of 16 18-08-2012 14:24 . it just becomes evident/permanent when the cloud of negativity has been released. The very fact that you are growing in awareness ensures constant betterment in your life situation. When you’ve released most of the negative momentum in the brain.calmdownmind. and released the negative energy in your inner space. it’s not something you need to keep seeking.A Clear Minded Focus http://www. It does not make sense to me and I know I carry some preconceived ideas to vows and headship. You have to allow the fear of being wrong. this whole detox will happen pretty quickly and you will come to a place of inner wholeness ensures a positive experience of life for you. and allow yourself to fully open up to all the bad feelings that are arising within (the suppressed negative energy and the momentum of negativity in the mind). but would look at it as a constant growth. 2012 at 11:32 pm Treeter. Treeter says: February 16. but when you do so you are no longer open to releasing the negativity because you are not fully allowing of it to arise within you. you will no look at this as a drag. and you just need to allow the journey to keep unfolding without being too hard on yourself for any decisions that you feel went wrong. Your current reality will always help you unearth all your suppressed negativity and bring it to your consciousness – instead of feeling bad. It is the main reason for my suffering that has brought me to where I am today. And I obviously do not have deep awareness yet. 2012 at 7:57 pm Im struggeling with understanding my brain denying conflict. allow it arise. and thus let go of them so that you feel more spacious and open within. Every situation has an opportunity for growth so there is nothing “wrong” with anything. However my mate says its because im to understand your resistance patterns. so that you can bring it to your awareness – if you have the attitude of “learning”. Treeter says: February 16. If you just stay as a space of awareness. and see it dissolve on its own gradually. for a while you will need to let go of the need to cling to the “good feelings”. 2012 at 11:44 pm Awesome and thank you for the explaination so glad I asked! And OMG! Does it ever happen before you realize and act in awareness. I’m so confused when my reality seems pleasant one moment and then a complete mess the next. Then there is a stronger urge to stay because of my current limitations. realize that this is a “detox” process and allow the negativity to be unearthed. you just feel the permanent presence of inner wholeness. I feel a strong urge to move on and avoid theses patterns of conflict. stay in an awareness of it. I have been In a relationship for over a decade and up til recently it has been my main focus. Remember it’s not about becoming perfect but about allowing for constant growth. Until you come to a place of inner wholeness. Brain conflict or life stream desires? What is your understanding on vows and headship? And what else to I need to understand better to get unstuck? Thanks again! T Reply Sen says: February 16. so that you can move freely in life instead of worrying about every step you take.

and so to stay engaged in the outside seems like a safer option to the brain. If your heart is no longer in a relationship. 2012 at 12:02 am Treeter. you can just allow the negativity to be released within you and see how it shifts your relationship. you can be sure that as you start letting go of your own inner fears. no amount of vows is going to make any difference. so we keep ourselves as distracted as we can. one can use force of fear to control a mind (for example. through vows and headship) but one cannot control the “heart”. of our body. Would appreciate your thoughts on this. Our inner space is an unfamiliar domain since we most of us are used to being focused on the outside since the day we were born – so the brain is circumspect about exploring this inner space. If you still find love in the relationship below the negativity and you sense that once you are free of negativity within you can find joy in the same relationship. of the world in general. if we can do away with “distractions” for a small period of our life. is most a source of drain than anything hope!? So tell me more. and to continue in it because a chore or a habit rather than the heart’s desire. A relationship that’s no longer an avenue for joy or love. and it would rather just stay distracted on the outside engaging with the outside. Thanks Reply Sen says: February 26. and spend some time simply being aware of ourselves – of our mind. even practices for becoming more aware can become distractions. it can basically just be a means through which a fearful mind feels “forced” to stay in a relationship. we feel restless to just be with ourselves and we immediately try to “do something” to keep ourselves occupied in some way. it brings a deep clarity. seems to disappear. you will automatically feel inspired to move out of it. 2012 at 5:04 am Sweet! : ) Reply Jim says: February 26. T Reply Sen says: February 17. 2012 at 6:08 am How were you able to get clear so (relatively) quickly? Many people try for years and years and make little progress. If you sense that there is no love left. and in many cases there is an “unknown” fear to explore ourselves deeply because we may be afraid of accepting what we may find. and I want to know your understanding on vows and headship are they obsolete/covered in total awareness? Thanks. Treeter says: February 17. Most of us are afraid to even spend 10 minutes sitting with ourselves without doing anything. And the little progress they do make. The problem is that everything can become a distraction.A Clear Minded Focus http://www.calmdownmind. 12 of 16 18-08-2012 14:24 . 2012 at 6:56 am Jim.

use them as a pointers not belief-systems. given by several teachers. by holding onto to vague ideas that it’s rare state of reach. In one sense. in all the experiences that feel aligned with your natural preference/expression. When you have a sense of clarity within you. or some “courses” they took up. Some people get this inner clarity quickly because they have willingness to be let go of distractions for a while and just bring a deep curiousity to discovering themselves – in this attitude. about yourself. So people make “enlightenment” into a life-long goal. and be willing to bring a simple innerobservation or self-awareness is all it takes to really get a clarity about yourself (your mind) and about life. that’s why they keep looking forever. speaks about how authentic you really are about coming to a clarity within yourself – it’s not about becoming a hermit for life. you can then freely indulge in this world. repeating the same practices. owing to the internet. and they just keep chasing this vague idea.calmdownmind. You can use the teachings which are present already. Enlightenment simply means to “know” yourself in your wholeness – which means knowing your physical aspects and non-physical aspects. without really allowing themselves to “connect” with themselves. and hence did not fall into any spiritual trappings or techniques. discover yourself by yourself. And yet. it’s just about spending a small period of time getting to know yourself so that you can move through the rest of your life from a place of clarity. there are so many teachings available to you in the comfort of your home without you having to waste time or energy travelling to some teacher. these are the people who are not willing to see reality in a simple way. for a while. It’s not so difficult once you know that the purpose of bring awareness within is to discover who you are clearly – not as some fancy/extra-ordinary idea but a very simple and clear looking at reality as it is. 13 of 16 18-08-2012 14:24 . instead of trying to get a sense of it within themselves in their own experience. this is age of information. in all the various activities that interest you.A Clear Minded Focus http://www. I would say I was fortunate to understand this very early owing to a teacher called “Adyashanti” (he has a website). they can read or listen to teachings without making them into belief-systems. by knowing yourself as the brain/body and knowing yourself as the life-energy that makes up everything. by investing some time towards self-discovery/ Even people who decide to make the inner journey are still hooked up on distractions – they take up all forms of practices and meditations which become techniques to keep the brain occupied. In the absence of self-awareness you can’t discover yourself. the primary requirement is a willingness to find out in your own experience. and for self-awareness to grow on needs to be free of distractions. and using these teachings pure as a guidance to help them look more clearly. You can’t be distracted and self-awareness at the same time. So they go on for years and years. you need to use them to see how they “resonate” for you. initially. you don’t have to “believe” them. they don’t even know what they are looking for and they keep looking away. Most people become like “parrots” repeating what a teacher said. It’s amazing how a word like “enlightenment” can create so many imaginations and misunderstandings in people mind and keep them occupied pursuing it as some vague goal for years together. and use teachings only as a guidance or pointer to do so. The willingness to keep yourself away from distractions. There is a deep power when someone speaks for their own experience instead of regurgitating words/teachings given by some teacher they heard. Teachings that took years to gather can be gathered within a few months owing to all the books and web-information present today. To let go of all forms of ideas and imaginations. hoping that these practice would somehow take them to some unknown state of bliss – so basically they have some vague idea about what “clarity” or enlightenment means.

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