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Aileen's CivicIdeas Meeting

Meeting held on Thursday, June 3rd, 2013 at 2:30pm Meeting

As of Friday, June 28th


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Item 1: This is a Super Long Title For an Agenda Item and a Good Example of a Run-on Sentence. Aileen Horgan 241 W Main St. Pawnee, IN. 43967 1643 Pineview Ave. Pawnee, IN. 43968 241 W Main St. Pawnee, IN. 43967 241 W Main St. Pawnee, IN. 43967 Oh are we doing run-on sentences because I'm really supergood at writing sentences that have little purpose but to continue a meaningless train of thought into an abys of digital text on a flickering void they call the internet. Aileen, I think you may need to contact your therapist. 06:47pm 01-22-13

Chad Geisler

11:11pm 01-11-13

Aileen Horgan

You misspelled publicist.

09:11pm 01-11-13

Aileen Horgan

But in all seriousness, The city has a terrible time writing for the web. I'm convinced they're just cutting/pasting whatever they get from legal. If you want this site to succeed you should consider publishing things like this in "layman's

09:10pm 01-11-13

terms". Not to patronize the public but to be more inclusive. Daniel Melton 98 Mussy St. Pawnee, IN. 43967 600 Harrison Ave. San Francisco, CA. 94107 It would make translating these things into other languages a lot easier too. Heck, I bet google translate could do it automatically. Aileen, It sounds like you've come up with a great idea to post seperately from this thread. Whould you like help with creating an idea for this on the site? 05:39pm 01-08-13

Granicus Support

04:11am 01-08-13

Item 2: How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck if a Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood? Chad Geisler 1643 Pineview Ave. Pawnee, IN. 43968 572 Broadway Ave. Pawnee, IN. 43966 2186 Vallejo St. Pawnee, IN. 43968 8604 Cedar Spur Dr. Pawnee, IN. 43967 388 Fabulous Ave. Pawnee, IN. 43967 42 11:12pm 0111-13

Ryan Wold

Woodchucks are considered a delicacy in China

10:08pm 0111-13

Pete Fecteau

Are you suggesting that we have an Iron Chef-style woodchuck cook-off?

05:01pm 0110-13

Brigid Horgan

I'm from Texas. We'll eat darn near antything.

10:50pm 0109-13

Daniel Melton

Bacon ipsum dolor sit amet ham corned beef strip steak flank pork loin shank cow beef chicken shoulder rump bacon. Venison doner short ribs ground round andouille brisket short loin ham meatloaf pork chop kielbasa jowl. Doner shank strip steak brisket ham hock pork belly. Tri-tip jowl pastrami biltong. Pancetta brisket venison meatball beef ribs filet mignon meatloaf, tenderloin jowl drumstick ribeye bacon tri-tip leberkas shank. Short ribs biltong venison spare ribs, pork loin brisket.

10:00pm 0108-13

Item 3: Sally Sell Seashells by the Seashore Chad Geisler 1643 Pineview Ave. The boisterous sea of liberty is never without a wave. 11:13pm 0111-13

Pawnee, IN. 43968 Ken Slattery 32 Dubliner Dr. Pawnee, IN. 43967 241 W Main St. Pawnee, IN. 43967 I can say anything and it'll sound interesting in my Irish accent. Typing is another thing altogether. 10:28pm 0111-13

Aileen Horgan

Even Castles made of sand, fall into the sea, eventually.

10:06pm 0111-13