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TCS – Week 1

1) The SAP NETWEAER consists of several components. Identify the components which are part of SAP Netweaver a) b) c) d) e) 2) Application Platform Microsoft .NET SAP HR People Integration my SAP SCM

Which of the following statement are correct with regard to locks and SAP enqueues? a) b) Database lock that lasts too long can cause a sap system standstill. After an SAP enqueue has been placed, the corresponding database table can Still be changed by an update request coming from programs such as customer developed ABAP reports. A database lock usually released at the end of transaction step, while an SAP enqueue is Usually released at the end of an SAP transaction. All above



3) What is a Valid Configuration for an R3 System? a) Many App servers and one database server
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TCS – Week 1

b) c) d)

one app server and one database server No app server and one database server One app server and many database servers

4) What part of an SAP system is responsible for converting OPEN SQL to Native SQL? a. ABAP Interpreter b. Dispatcher c. Basis System d. Database Interface e. Database Server 5) What Interface Protocol is RFC based on? a. TCP/IP b. CPIC-C c. SNA d. LU6.2 6) The following personalization options are available in the SAP GUI: Choose the correct answer(s). a) You can change the font size (within limits) in the SAP GUI b) You can have system messages displayed in a dialog box c) You can change the size of input fields d) You can suppress the display of pictures in the SAP GUI
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Which layer in an SAP client server architecture processes ABAP programs? a) b) c) d) Application Presentation Internet Database 8. Internal Use Only .TCS – Week 1 e) Every user can display a picture of his or her choice on the SAP Easy Access screen f) You can use a personal input history on your front end 7. a) An SAP transaction can bundle several database transactions. Which service is responsible for communication between distributed dispatchers? a) b) c) d) Dialog Communication Message Gateway 9) Database transactions are based on the ACID principle. It is only as a result of all of these bundled database transactions that the data is consistent in business terms. Why does the database transaction concept nevertheless not cover all the needs of the SAP system? Choose the correct answer(s). So are SAP transactions.

10. Identify the characteristics of a Business object: a) Business objects require knowledge of the internal source code to be able to access the data b) Business objects provide methods to implement business functions c) Business objects ONLY use BAPI's to access data d) Business objects are managed in the Business Object Repository (BOR) e) Business objects are business oriented 11. each work process starts a separate database transaction within each dialog step. Builds screen sequence Controls Information flow Automates execution of activities Manages Communication media What are the tasks of Dispatcher? Internal Use Only . What does a workflow achieve? a) b) c) d) 12.TCS – Week 1 b) c) d) Due to work process multiplexing. This is because less resources are utilized in the system by following this strategy Using the SAP transaction as a structural level above the database transaction significantly improves the performance of your SAP system.

How many “message” services can be configured in a Sap system? a) b) c) d) 14 As many as possible One Two Three Where does SAP keep system profiles? a) b) c) d) /usr/sap/<SID>/sys/profile or \usr\sap\<SID>\sys\profile /usr/sap/trans/profile or \usr\sap\trans\profile /etc or \winnt\system32\drivers\etc /oracle/<SID>/dbs or \oracle\<SID>/dbs 15. Which OS level program is used to trigger jobs in SAP? a) b) c) d) SAPEVT SAPXPG SAPMXBTC SAPTRIG Internal Use Only .TCS – Week 1 a) b) c) d) Organizing communication Performing program syntax checks Assigning users to work process Distributing transaction load 13.

The host where the message service runs is defined in the database parameter profile. hostname 'DAS1' and SID 'DEV'. If an SAP distributed instance has the system no. Which transaction is used to maintain the start. Which of the following is true in terms of configuring the SAP Message Service? a) b) c) d) e) Each SAP instance must have a locally running message service. In a networked SAP System environment consisting of 1 database host and 1 or more Internal Use Only . There must be exactly 1 message service per SAP System.TCS – Week 1 16.pfl DEV_DVEBMGS10_DAS1 DAS1_DVEBMGS10_DEV DEV_DBS10_DAS1 18. 10. The message service must run on the SAP Central Instance. what would be the name of the instance profile be? a) b) c) d) default_dev. default & instance profile? a) b) c) d) SM21 RZ01 RZ20 RZ10 17.

Which of the following types of steps can be entered when defining background jobs in SAP? a) b) c) d) e) BAPIs and SMAPIs ABAP programs External commands (predefined by the system administrator) External RFC steps External programs (direct command input by system administrator) 21. Which of the following is true of operation modes in SAP? a) Operation modes may only be switched manually. In the client where the user was created and in client 000. Internal Use Only . 1 Application Server functions as the Update work process server. to which client may the user log on? a) b) c) d) 20. When you create a new user. Only in the client where the user was created. 19. All clients.TCS – Week 1 Application Servers. In the client where the user was created and in client 001.

a) Check boxes b) Undo button c) Status bar d) Command field e) Home button Internal Use Only . 22. Answer the following questions as true or false a) The favorites are user specific b) The user menu can be adopted by each user to his own needs c) Favorites are stored in your local computer. Operation modes can be scheduled for specific dates and times. Identify the screen elements you can find on the SAP screen.TCS – Week 1 b) c) d) . Operation modes can be used to startup/shutdown SAP instances. used for structuring information navigation etc. Therefore you won’t have access them from other computer other than your front end d) The user menu is created according to the roles assigned to your user e) Your user menu contains always the so called SAP Menu as another hierarchy level 23 ) Screens in SAP system can offer many different elements. Operation modes may be switched manually or periodically.

Intrinsic and Durable. What does ACID mean? Please choose the correct answer. Complete.TCS – Week 1 24) SAP Netweaver consists of several e) SAP HR 25) Identify which are types of SAP Gui a) SAP GUI for ABAP b) SAP GUI for windows c) SAP GUI for Linux d) SAP GUI for HTML e) SAP GUI for Java 26) Transactional procedures comply with the ACID principle. a) mySAP SCM b) Application platform c) People Integration d) Microsoft . Internal Use Only . a) Absolute. Identify the components that are part of the SAP Netweaver.

Internal Use Only .TCS – Week 1 b) Atomic. Immediate and Dangerous. Isolated and Durable. a) Only one instance of the SAP system may contain update work processes. b) At least one V1 update work process (rdisp/wp_no_vb) must be defined per SAP system c) At least one V2 update work process (rdisp/wp_no_vb2) must be defined per SAP system d) If V2 update work processes (rdisp/wp_no_vb2) are configured. c) Always. Continuous. d) Auto Complete and Immediate Data refresh 27) What kind of RFC can be found in SAP systems? a) Asynchronous and synchronous RFCs. all V1 update work processes (rdisp/wp_no_vb) are reserved for V1 updates. Decide whether each answer is true or false. b) Translational RFC c) Relational RFC d) Transactional and queued RFCs 28) Which of the following statements are correct regarding the update service? More than one answer is correct. Consistent.

TCS – Week 1 e) A dialog work process never writes directly to the database. c) Enables/disables print queues in SAP systems d) Reads/writes update messages in the database. Please choose the correct answer Internal Use Only . The associated logon was performed in English. 30) From the screenshot. e) Locks/unlocks user context data in the roll memory. Only update work processes have direct database write access. 29) What does "enqueue" and "dequeue" mean? a) Puts/reads messages in the message queue of the SAP system b) Locks/unlocks objects in the SAP system. find the machine on which the database for this system is running.

(Unfortunately. the rest cannot be identified from the screenshot provided) b) twdfr501 c) DEV d) 560 e) This question cannot be answered with the information available.. Internal Use Only .TCS – Week 1 a) twdfr501_DEV..

Decide whether each answer is true or false.TCS – Week 1 31) Update work processes are categorized as V1 or V2.update function modules (that belong together) processed? Please choose the correct answer. In what sequence are V1. The RFC connection should not allow dialog logon to the target system. What do you need to consider? More than one answer is correct. V1 modules come second 32) You would like to connect two SAP systems by means of an RFC connection. b) These modules are processed according to the "First In . Internal Use Only . V2 modules come second e) V2 modules come first.and V2.First Out" rule c) The sequence is determined by the profile parameter "vb/seq_of_VB_proc" d) V1 modules come first. because these connections may be abused anonymously. a) These function modules are processed simultaneously.

This way each time the RFC connection is to be used an authorization to the target system is needed 33) When an external program triggers an SAP system event. To make sure that you got the credentials correct you may use the menu path "Test --> Authorization". e) As an alternative to using a "Communications" user for disallowing an easy to abuse anonymous dialog logon. which operating system executable of the SAP system is used in triggering the event? Please choose the correct answer. Internal Use Only . you may keep the user field blank. This works for "Communications" users as well. system number) you will be automatically logged on to client 000 of your own system using user SAPSYS. b) For the connection to another SAP System you have to choose connection type "R" like "R/3 System". you use a user of type "Communications" (as in SU01) in the target client.TCS – Week 1 a) If you do not provide correct technical settings (target host. c) When you filled in all necessary data in SM59 you should verify the technical connectivity by using the "Test connection" button d) Because you would like to disallow dialog logon to the target system.

ICM c) 1. Dispatcher d) 1. a) 1. Database Process(es). 4. 3. 3. Database Process(es). 3. 3. ICM. only the chronological sequence of the selected processes is considered here.TCS – Week 1 a) disp+work b) msg_server.Message Server. ICM 35) Which of the following statements are correct?. Enqueue Work Process. 2. Message Server. 2. 4.Dispatcher. 3. 4. 4. Message Server.exe c) sapevt d) sapxpg e) saposcol 34) Which of the following process start sequences can typically be observed when starting an SAP system? Note that the specified sequence does not need to be "complete". Dispatcher b) 1. 2. 2. Dispatcher. Message Server. 4.Database Process(es). 2. ICM e) 1.Message Server. Internal Use Only . Dispatcher. Database Process(es).Database Process(es).

b) SPAM/SAINT updates must be implemented in a successive order.TCS – Week 1 More than one answer is correct. b) If you forgot your password you can use the "User -> New Password" menu on the logon screen. The Internal Use Only . c) Each software component of an SAP system like BASIS or APPL has their own support package cycle d) With support packages the SAP system can get functional updates Implementing of support packages only is possible if the parameter rdisp/supp_pack is set to "true" 36) Which statements concerning the SAP user management are correct? More than one answer is correct. a) Support packages can be implemented in arbitrary order. a) All workprocesses of an SAP system are connecting to the database with one and the same database user.

37) Concerning the functions offered by the CCMS monitoring.TCS – Week 1 system administrator will then be notified of your request for a new password c) If you set your personal default logon language to a language that is not installed. e) By setting the parameter login/max_password_lng you can set the maximum allowed length for a user's password. which of the following statements are correct? More than one answer is correct. a) You can configure the change of threshold values of CCMS alert monitors depending on operation mode switches by assigning property variants to operation modes b) It is not possible to centrally monitor all SAP systems in your system landscape Internal Use Only . you can only logon to the system if you fill the language field on the logon screen d) By setting the parameter login/min_password_lng you can set the minimal required password length for a user's password.

D) It is not possible to build your own monitors.TCS – Week 1 C) Property variants allow you to save parameter settings. you can only use the standard CCMS monitors delivered by SAP. B) Different dialog work processes of the same instance of the SAP system will work sequentially for the user. A) The user always remains assigned to the same dialog work process. C) Depending on the load of the servers. Internal Use Only . for the CCMS alert monitoring. E) Only SAP software can be monitored with the CCMS alert monitor. D) It is not possible to logon to a server group using "group logon". how are dialog work processes assigned to this user? Please choose the correct answer. like threshold values. 38) If a user is already logged on to a logon group using logon load balancing. different dialog work processes of different instances will work for this user.

how is it assigned to the user? More than one answer is correct. Depending on the load of the servers.TCS – Week 1 E) The user gets a dialog work process assigned in each instance. This profile can then be assigned indirectly to an user by using PFCG to assign the role to an user c) A role can be directly assigned to an authorization object. b) From the role definition (in PFCG) an authorization profile can be generated. a) A role can be directly assigned to a user master record using transaction SU01. 39) When you create a new role with the role maintenance tool (transaction PFCG). This authorization object is then assigned to the user master data by using SU01 d) A role is automatically assigned to the user who created the role. only one of these dialog work processes is active. Internal Use Only . Decide whether each answer is true or false. e) "Role" is just a synonym for "authorization profile". You only need to assign the generated authorization profile to an user (by using SU01).

a) An authorization profile can be assigned to a user master record. This mighty tool allows you to: More than one answer is correct. Decide whether each answer is true or false. b) One or more roles can be assigned to a user master record.TCS – Week 1 the role is then automatically added to the user's master data. c) An authorization object can be assigned to an user master record d) An user master record can be generated from transaction PFCG e) A single authorization value can be assigned to an user master record 41) In your system landscape there should be a system dedicated to the Solution Manager. Decide whether each answer is true or false. Internal Use Only . 40) Which of the following statements are true for user master records in clients of SAP systems? More than one answer is correct.

42 State which are the statements are correct. hardware used etc. a) SAP follows Maintenance strategy of 5 – 2 – 1 b) Sap Web As – Dispatcher and message servers programs are written in ABAP for Web As ABAP application server.TCS – Week 1 a) Document all elements of your system environment. patch levels. releases. b) Build your own Support Infrastructure. Sap 3. d) Monitor the status of your systems e) Set up central user administration with only a few clicks. Internal Use Only . c) Create your own Early Watch Alert Reports.x .x and ECC applications because of its extensive integration functionalities. including solutions used. c) SAP xapps allow you to integrate existing applications with each other by accessing existing datasets d) SAP integration possibilities are for only integration SAP applications e) Sap netweaver is recommended for all SAP applications -SAP 4.

d) Number of each type of work processes shall be adjusted with Profile parameters. a) TCP/IP protocol is used between SAP GUI and Application server b) DIAG protocol is used between SAP GUI and application server c) DIAG and HTTP is used between SAP GUI and application server d) SAP GUI for windows . b) Processing of dialog steps of a Transaction is carried out by multiple dialog work process c) Dialog work process can not communicate with data base. state which statement is/ are correct. Internal Use Only . So we require update work process to communication with the database. Java and Html are available e) SAP GUI is for windows is written in standard ABAP coding 44)SAP ABAP system work process – Answer all correct answers a) Processing of printing steps is carried out by multiple spool process.TCS – Week 1 43 With respect to SAP GUI.

TCS – Week 1 e) Update work process is optional for SAP system. g) For priority dialog users . h) SAP V1 type update process executes jobs synchronous and V2 type update process executes jobs Asynchronously 45)SAP system supports the following interface technologies a) ALE b) SMTP c) HTTP d) Data link e) XML f) EDI g) FTP 46)Fill in the blanks with correct Transactions code a) For background job overview __________ b) To manage work processes _________ c) To manage update records ____________ d) For SAP system monitoring _____________ Internal Use Only . you can predetermine and allocate particular Work processes in the instance. It is requited only we have complicated business transaction requirement f) The purpose of ENQUE server is to maintain locks at the application so that database is relived from the extra load setting DB locks during its processing.

sapmsg.ini e.ini b. Internal Use Only .ini 48)Sap profile parameters – Answer all correct a) Sap proposes default values for some standard SAP parameters.ini d. Users have to define all other necessary parameters in the User default value b) Sap configuration parameters are edited thro T-code Rz10 c) Sap configuration parameters are edited thro Tcode Rz11 d) Sap configuration parameters are edited thro Tcode R20 e) Values in the instance profile specifies the host on which dispatcher and message servers to be started on. Answer all correct a. saproute.TCS – Week 1 e) For modifying SAP profile parameters ____________ f) To find out the Logged on users over all instances ______________ 47)All SAP GUI logon information are stored in the following files . sapwin. saplogon.ini c. sapdiag.

TCS – Week 1 f) If a particular parameter is defined in the default profile and instance profile.Answer all correct. the value of instance profile will be taken during starting of the instance g) During comparison of profile. when the administrators save the change of the profile parameter it is saved in the operating system 49)Background Jobs can be . the system compares the profile with the all previous version stored in the application server and correct profile is take to effect h) During maintenance of profile parameters. a)time based scheduling b) Program based scheduling c) Application based scheduling d)Event based scheduling e) Rdisp/btctime – is specifies the time period in which the time dependent job scheduler is active to schedule the jobs from the job scheduling table 50) property variants a) You must have property variant defined for the CCMS system to work b) Property variants are containers which provides easy switch of monitoring parameters between operation modes Internal Use Only .

TCS – Week 1 c) Property variants can not be transported . d) Property variants have hierarchical structure in which the parent would be SAP-default meaning that if the value is not defined it will be taken from the parent SAP –default. Internal Use Only . You will have to download to excel file and upload to other systems.