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SATYA PRATAP DANDA hyderabad 500008 26 20 Jul 2013 Ref: 3031765 Dear Mr DANDA, Re: Global Visas: International

Employment Preparation Solutions Thank you for choosing Global Visas. Further to our recent conversation based on the information you provided, I am pleased to confirm that you are eligible for our International Employment Preparation Solutions. Our unique solution is designed to suit your specific international employment requirements. Once our immigration experts agree we will provide you with our Letter of Eligibility for a work permit and visa, along with our country specific employment information to ensure we maximize your chance of securing the right visa and employment. We provide specialist advice, support, and assistance to help you locate, target, and secure your ideal job. We are not a recruitment agency and use only specialist skills in international employment services, immigration and international relocation. We have offices worldwide and assisted over 40,000 people secure a working visa last year alone. We take pride in probably being the largest company of our kind in the world and our ability to provide our global support on a local and personal level. What Our Service Provides: We advise on current work permit rules for your destination of choice and how that relates to the minimum job requirements We offer alternatives where your skills and experience do not meet the requirements of that country Wereformatyourrsumtoaninternationalstandard We issue you with a letter of Eligibility for a working visa We provide you with links to potential local jobs We provide information for you to register with a governing body (should your chosen profession require it) Weliaisewithourgrowingnetworkofinternationalrecruitmentspecialistsandmajoremployerstopromoteyourrsumtoprovideyouwiththe best employment opportunities We provide expertise in immigration law and work visas for your future employer Why Choose Global Visas
WearetheworldsleadingInternationalEmploymentPreparationandimmigrationconsultancy Probably the largest network of offices across the world in our sector Qualified teams across the globe of ex-immigration officers and qualified experts including lawyers Licensed and accredited by a wide range of government bodies to deliver quality Immigration advice Helped hundreds of thousands of people relocate to their new life since 1996 Hand picked panel of suppliers around the world so that we help you manage every area of your move Exclusive use of our on line international employment and immigration application to allow you to manage your relocation quickly and easily online and on the move Over 98.4% of our clients say that they would use us again or recommend us to a friend Our Global Case Management teams look after you where ever you maybe

Taking the Next Step is Simple To use our services you can simply agree to our Terms and Conditions set out below. Please read them before making your payment to start your case. Once you accept our terms of business you may make a payment to Global Visas, your case will be accepted by our Case Management Team who shall be delighted to confirm all the details on your case with you and ensure that the initial review of your case history and immigration needs have been conducted correctly. It is our job to ensure that your application for visas and international employment has the best chance of success. I look forward to working with you, successfully obtaining your visa and providing any additional support you may require.

Our Schedule of Services

International Employment Preparation Solutions GlobalVisasshallreviewyourrsum. GlobalVisasshallhaveyourrsumexpertlyreformattedand/orrewrittentomeetinternationalstandards. Global Visas shall review and direct you in relation to your references in order to increase the relevance of them to overseas employers. GlobalVisasshallsendyoulinkstohelpyouwithmakingyourownjobapplicationsonceyouhavereceivedyournewrsum. Global Visas shall make job applications on your behalf. Global Visas shall assess your academic qualifications and align them with local qualifications. Global Visas shall provide you with a letter of assurance which you may provide to prospective employers that you are being expertly guided with your visas application. Global Visas shall provide assistance in selecting an employer and marketing you to employers overseas. Global Visas shall when relevant assist and guide you with professional registrations. Forthedurationofsixmonthsfromthedateyoureceiveyournewrsum. International Relocation Services Global Visas shall provide access to our hand selected local and international panel of relocation experts whom Global Visas has tasked with assisting Global Visas Clients with all their international relocation needs. Using your MyCase Area, Global Visas will provide the tools so you are able to manage all aspects of your case(s). Including shipping, Foreign Exchange, Immigration and employment preparation.

Payment Plan

The Fee The total amount of your Fee is 67416.00 this amount is inclusive of VAT; this is the Fee for all the Services. The amount excludes third party fees and any fees charged by the relevant Government Authorities. Methods of Payment Paying by debit/credit card You can make payment by debit or credit card by paying your consultant over the phone. Paying by bank transfer You can pay by bank transfer. Please find below our bank account details; please remember to include your case number as a payment reference. HDFC Account No. 13742320001504 Name Of Beneficiary: ICS GLOBAL VISAS INDIA PVT LTD Branch: Nehru Place New Delhi

Payment Plans Please note that to qualify for a payment plan, your Deposit must be received by debit or credit card. All subsequent payments will be debited every 30 days automatically by us without further notice, using the original card provided. If your initial deposit was made by bank transfer, Global Visas will require a debit or credit card as security against future instalments due on your account. Please note: If you would like to change your method of payment, please notify Global Visas at least 7 days prior to the date of your next instalment. Defaulting and Late Payments Global Visas reserves its right to charge you for late payments at an interest rate of 24% per annum compounding on the outstanding balance and a late payment fee of Rs21000. Global Visas engages a debt-collection agency to recover any debts owed (all associated costs will be in addition to the outstanding balance owed). Payment Milestones
Payment Period Deposit (% of Price) 1st Installment 30 Days from date of Deposit 30 Days 60 Days 50% 50% 50% 25% 25% 2nd Installment 60 Days from date of Deposit

Terms of Engagement

1. Definitions In these terms and conditions the following definitions apply: Business Day Is a day other than Saturday, Sunday and public holidays; Commencement Date Upon receipt of payment of the Deposit; Confidential Information Means all non-public, commercial, or technical advice and information relating to the Services, immigration knowhow which is obviously confidential or has been identified as such; whether orally, in writing through means of communication, by or on behalf of the disclosing party. Contract These Terms, Schedule of Services and Payment Plan. Client Information Means all personal data and documents (and the media on which they are recorded), and verbal information supplied by you to Global Visas; Deposit Means a percentage of the Fee paid by you at the Commencement Date of the Contract as set out in the Payment Plan; Global Visas Means ICS Global Visas (India) Private Ltd, with Company Number U74140DL2008FTC175776 with Registered offices at 1108 -1111, Ansal Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019 Intellectual Property Rights Means any patent, copyright, inventions, database rights, design right, registered design, trade mark, trade name, brand, logos, service mark, know-how, rights in goodwill, rights in confidential information, utility model, unregistered design or, where relevant, any application for any such right, know-how, trade or business name, domain name (under whatever extension, e.g. .com, .nl, .lr, .eu, .ae etc.) or other similar right or obligation whether registered or unregistered or other industrial or intellectual property right subsisting in any territory or jurisdiction in the world (whether or not reduced in writing and whether or not capable of registration), and the legal protection therefore including the right to sue for damages and other remedies in respect of any infringement thereof; Services Means the Services as set out in the Schedule of Services; Terms Means the terms and conditions of engagement set out in this document. 2. Basis of Services 2.1 Global Visas shall provide and you shall purchase the Services in accordance with the Schedule of Services and Payment Plan subject to these Terms. The Contract shall become binding upon receipt by Global Visas of the Deposit from you. 2.2 Marketing and other descriptive matter relating to Services are illustrative only, and do not form part of the Contract. These Terms alone will apply to the Contract for the supply of the Services by Global Visas to you. These supersede any previously issued terms and conditions. No variation of the Terms or to the Payment Plan or the Services will be binding unless expressly agreed in writing and executed by a duly authorised Director on behalf of Global Visas. 3. Fee and payment 3.1 The fixed Fee for the Services will be as in the Payment Plan. The Fee includes all costs incurred by Global Visas in providing the Services including Value Added Tax. The Fee is payable in full or by installments as set out in the Payment Plan. You will pay all invoices in full, without deduction or set-off other than as required by law. For the avoidance of doubt the Fee excludes any Government Authorities or third party fees. 3.2 Where sums due hereunder are not disputed in good faith and are not paid in full by the due date: Global Visas may, without limiting its other rights, charge interest on such sums at 2% a year above the base rate of HDFC from time to time in force; interest will accrue on a daily basis, and apply from the due date for payment until actual payment in full, whether before or after judgment. Value Added Tax will be charged by Global Visas and paid by you at the then-applicable rate. 4. Provision of services 4.1 Global Visas will provide the Services to you in accordance with the Contract. The Services will begin on the Commencement Date and be performed until provision is complete or earlier termination of the Contract. 4.2 Global Visas will not be liable for any delay in or failure of performance of the Services so far as caused by an event of Force Majeure or your failure to perform your obligations under the Contract. Global Visas may make any changes to the Services: needed to comply with applicable law; or which do not materially affect the nature or quality of the Services; and will notify you in advance of such changes. 5. Global Visas' obligations 5.1 Global Visas will perform the Services using reasonable care and skill and use sufficient personnel who have appropriate skills and experience for its duties. Except as otherwise expressly set out in this Contract, Global Visas does not make any representations or warranties, express or implied, in connection with the Services. 6. Client's obligations 6.1 You will pay the Fee for the Services in accordance with the Payment Plan. You will provide Global Visas such, information and assistance in a timely manner, ensuring that information is complete and accurate; in each case as reasonably required to allow the Global Visas to perform the Services. You hereby represent and warrant that all information and/or documents provided by you to Global Visas is your personal information and documents (and not that of any other person), it is complete, true and correct and has not been manipulated or falsified in any way whatsoever. 6.2 You agree that Global Visas has your explicit permission to carry out the Services as set out in the Services Schedule including making job applications on your behalf. 6.3YouwillcooperatefullywithGlobalVisasandfollowGlobalVisasreasonableinstructionsinrelationtotheperformanceoftheServices including attending all agreed appointments; obtain and produce all necessary information, documents and originals upon request and consents for the performance of the Services within 60 Business Days of request;

7. Failure of or delay in performance 7.1 If Global Visas is prevented or delayed in performing the Services by any cause attributable to you, Global Visas (without prejudice to its other rights) may close your file and suspend performance of the Services until you remedy your default. Global Visas will not be liable for any costs or losses sustained by you as a result of such suspension. You shall be remain liable for the full amount payable under the relevant stage in which such suspension occurs (as set out in the Payment Plan). 8. Custody of your Property 8.1 All documents including (but not limited to) originals, Passports, Certificates made available by you to Global Visas for the purpose of the Contract or for any other purpose arising from or in connection with the Contract shall be and at all times remains at your sole and entire risk, Global Visas shall not be liable for any loss or damage of the same. 9. Liability 9.1 Global Visas does not exclude its liability: for death or personal injury caused by its negligence; or for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation. 9.2 Neither party will be liable for: loss of data or use; any form of indirect, consequential or special loss; or any loss of or failure to realise expected profit, revenue or savings or any other form of pure economic loss, whether any such loss is direct or indirect; and, in each case, however arising. 9.3 Other than as set out above, Global Visas assumes no responsibility and is not liable for securing your employment. Global Visas is under no liability in respect of any inaccuracy arising as a result of incomplete or inaccurate information supplied by you. 9.4 Other than as set out above, Global Visas limits its liability (however arising) in respect of or in connection with the Services, and otherwise in connection with the Contract, 50% of the total amount paid by you to Global Visas under the Contract. 10. Intellectual Property Rights and Licence 10.1 Nothing in this Contract will affect the rights (including Intellectual Property Rights) in Global Visas Materials which are and shall remain vested in the Global Visas. 10.2 Global Visas hereby grants to you a non-exclusive, limited, royalty-free, worldwide, licence, revocable only for breach by you of the Terms of the Contract to use Global Visas My case Area solely to the extent necessary in order for Global Visas to provide the Services. 10.3 You will not use MyCase Area for any other purpose and will not modify or reverse engineer or take any similar action in relation to any propriety software of Global Visas. 11. Confidentiality 11.1EachpartyshallkeepconfidentialallConfidentialInformationoftheotherpartyandwillonlyusetheothersConfidentialInformationas required to perform the Contract. The provisions of this clause will not apply to: any information which was in the public domain at the date of this Contract; any information which comes into the public domain subsequently other than as a consequence of any breach of this Contract or any related agreement; is independently developed by the other party without using information supplied by the first party; or any disclosure required by law or a regulatory authority or otherwise by the provisions of this Contract. 11.2 You consent that Global Visas are permitted to disclose your personal information in order to provide the Services; to a third party where such third party accepts similar obligations of confidence to those contained in this Agreement or where such third party is a government or government agency and agrees to treat such information as confidential and proprietary information when required to perform the Contract. 12. Complaints Procedure and Remedies Step 1: All complaints must be notified to Global Visas using our feedback section within your MyCase Area. The Case Manager will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 3 Business Days of receipt. Step 2: Your Case Manager will investigate your complaint and seek further information required within 7 Business Days following acknowledgement of your complaint. Your Case Manager in charge of your complaint will write to you confirming the action you have agreed to be taken on your case and provide a timescale. Your Case Manager shall explore all options available to you to satisfy your concerns and complaint. All remedies will be designed to provide the Services to you. You agree that Global Visas has a right to remedy your complaint within a reasonable timeframe. Remedies Global Visas could offer include the following but not limited to:Re perform the Services Re perform a particular part of the Services Assign a new Case Manager Increased number of appointments or change to your appointment time Assign a new Client Services Manager to your case Increase the management auditing and quality checks on your case until the complaint has been resolved Adjustment to your payment plan Step 3: If you remain dissatisfied then you are to request that your complaint be referred to a Manager whereby the above process shall be revisited. Step 4: Following the above steps 1-3 if your complaint remains unresolved, you must in writing contact our Board of Directors to review your case. You agree that the Board of Directors are entitled to introduce their own remedies to resolve your complaint and focus Global Visas worldwide resources in finding a solution to your complaint. You agree that you will follow all the above Steps 1-4 and allow Global Visas full opportunity to remedy your complaint and meet its obligations under this Contract before making a request for a refund. Your complaint will be recorded in our Central Register for monitoring and management purposes. If Global Visas is unable to provide a satisfactory remedy for your complaint you may contact the regulatory body which governs your case with whom our teams are accredited and licensed. If you are unsure which Commissioner regulates your type of case please contact Global Visas whom shall direct you accordingly:The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) 5th Floor Counting House 53 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2QN. Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) PO Box Q155 QVB NSW 1230 The Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CISC) 390 Bay Street, Suite 1600 Munich Re Centre Toronto ON M5H 2Y2. 13. Force Majeure 13.1 Force Majeure means an event or sequence of events beyond a party's reasonable control preventing or delaying it from performing its obligations under the Contract including (but not limited to) an act of God, fire, flood, lightning, earthquake or other natural disaster; war, riot or civil unrest, strike, lockout or boycott or other industrial action; interruption or failure of supplies of power, fuel, water, transport, equipment or telecommunications service; or material required by for performance of the Contract (Force Majeure). Failure to pay is not Force Majeure. 13.2 A party will not be liable if delayed in or prevented from performing its obligations due to Force Majeure, provided that it: promptly notifies the other of the Force Majeure event and its expected duration; and uses reasonable endeavours to minimise the effects of that event.

14. Termination 14.1 Global Visas shall have the right to Terminate the Contract if you; you fail to pay any amount due under this Contract on the due date as set out in the Payment Plan and remain in default not less than 7 Business Days after being notified in writing to make such payment; if you provide false information, identification or false documentation and/or you fail to provide the documents requested by Global Visas for the provision of the Services within 60 days following the end of the Consultation. 14.2 Subject to Clause 11 (following the Complaints Procedure and Remedies), you may terminate the Contract on 7 Business days' written notice to Global Visas, if Global Visas has, for reasons not attributable you, failed to provide any Services specified by the Contract. On termination of the Contract you will within 14 Business Days pay all outstanding payments as set out in the Payment Plan and not disputed in good faith. 15. Time 15.1 Unless stated otherwise, time is not of the essence of any date or period specified in these Terms. 16. No set-off 16.1 All payments by you will be made without set-off or counterclaim, free and clear of and without deduction for any tax, levy, duty, charge, or withholdings of any kind now or in the future, imposed in any jurisdiction unless a party is compelled by law to deduct or withhold any such amounts, in which case it will pay to the other such additional amount as will ensure that the other is paid the full amount it would have received but for such deduction or withholding. 17. Data Protection 17.1 Global Visas will hold your personal data and will process that data for the process of providing the Services and for business purposes such as marketing and or recovering outstanding invoices. Your right of access to this data is prescribed by law. Global Visas confirm that it shall not sell your data to any third party. 17.2 You confirm that Global Visas may process such personal data for the purposes outlined above and may, when necessary for those purposes, make such data available to its advisers and or to parties providing products or services to Global Visas (for example to IT systems suppliers and debt collection agencies) and you confirm that Global Visas may transfer such data to and from third parties located outside the European Economic Area and or located in countries which may not have data protection laws. Details of those third parties and the countries involved will be provided on request. 18. Severability 18.1 If any part of these Conditions is found by a court, tribunal or other administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable or invalid for any reason, that provision is to be severed from the Conditions and the remaining provisions of the Conditions will otherwise remain in full force. 19. Notices 19.1 Notices under this Agreement will be delivered by e-mail using Global Visas MyCase Area and shall be deemed to be delivered on receipt of a delivery notification or read receipt mail from the correct address. 20. Waiver 20.1 No delay, act or omission by either party in exercising any right or remedy will be deemed a waiver of that, or any other, right or remedy. 21. Rights of Third Parties 21.1 This Contract is not enforceable by any third party under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise. 22. Entire Agreement 22.1 The Contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties in relation to its subject matter. No other terms apply. 23. Governing Law & Jurisdiction 23.1 This Contract will be governed by the law of England and Wales. Disputes will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Case Consultation Notes

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