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Newsletter for the Point Chevalier Historical Society
No. 31 July 2013


Searching for info on Thomas Courtenay
From an email received recently ... Dear Lisa, My name is Kirsty MacDonald and I live in Point Chevalier in Joan Street. Not long after we moved here 18 months ago, my mother received the email below from an extended family member. My mother's maiden name is "Bell" and she had recently had contact from family on that side whom we had not met before. As you will see below, my mother was asked to see if she could track down any information about Thomas Courtenay (photo at right). In a strange twist of fate I had joined the Point Chevalier Sailing Club and learned how to sail last year, so it is fascinating to realise that a previous family member may have been there since its earliest days. I asked the current Commodore if he knew of Thomas Courtenay (he didn't). But I believe in a newsletter from several years ago you had a photograph on the cover that included Thomas. Today I met a Point Chevalier local Don Welch, who is a member of the Point Chevalier Historical Society with you. Kirsty MacDonald kmacdonald@xtra.co.nz

Next issue due out September 2013
Contact Lisa Truttman (editor) : 19 Methuen Road, Avondale, Auckland 0600, phone (09) 828-8494 or email ptchevalierhistory@gmail.com

Meetings—2013 10.30 at the Horticultural Society rooms, 990 Great North Road, Western Springs 15 August—Sue Thomson on Carrington Hospital 17 October—Ted Scott and his old postcards 21 November—Lisa Truttman, Partington’s Mill

Pt Chevalier Historical Society Minutes of meeting Thursday 20th June 2013 Auckland Horticultural Council Rooms

Meeting started at 10.30 am. Present: 25 people Apologies: Pam Burrell, Jean Jones, Elaine Read, Lisa Truttman, Maurice Wallan, Jan Williams, Welcome extended to our guest speaker Eric Kearney President’s annual report: this was presented by Margaret. If you would like a copy please contact the Secretary. Treasurer’s annual report: this was presented by Alison. Members wishing to obtain a copy should contact the Treasurer. Election of officers: Control of the meeting was passed to Colin Gallagher. President: Margaret O’Connor –unopposed Vice President: Lisa Truttman –unopposed Secretary: Jenny Wilton –unopposed Treasurer: Alison Turner –unopposed Committee: Jocelyn Cullen, Colin Gallagher, Jane Jones, Barbara Smith General business Reminder from Ray Patterson about the gathering of old friends, RSA Saturday 29th June. Ray also mentioned that our newsletter is being read in Scotland Guest Speaker Eric Kearney: A history of the Civic Theatre Meeting Concluded: 12.05 pm Next meeting 15th August –Sue Thomson – Carrington Hospital

It is my pleasure to present this report on our Society's activities for 2012-2013. First, I must offer my sincere thanks to Jenny Wilton, Alison Turner and Lisa Truttman for their work on behalf of the Society. Our thanks,too, must go to our Sponsor, Heather Hannah of Ray White Real Estate. We are fortunate to have been able to hold our meetings at the Auckland Horticultural Society rooms and the Point Chevalier Library. Other organisations in Auckland have difficulty in finding venues for day time meetings. Lisa has continued to find interesting and varied articles for the "Point Chevalier Times" with photographs and maps to illustrate the text. Our speakers have covered a wide range of topics, both local and general. Suggestions for future topics and/or speakers are always welcome. On behalf of the Society, I have attended several meetings organised by the Albert-Eden Board to

discuss and submit proposals on heritage and historical places and buildings for the Unitary Plan. As part of that process I have been compiling a list of places and buildings which seem to be significant. It should also be noted that the buildings included are the original ones still part of Unitec, new ones such as the Marae, and the Chamberlain Park golf clubhouse and the former Saint Helen's Hospital (now A.I.S.). Probably as part of this we should also include historical notes on the origin of local street names. If you have thoughts on a place or building in the district which could be marked with a permanent plaque, let me know ( written, with background facts verified, please). We have been represented at meetings of the Federation of Historical Societies by Lisa Truttman, and by me, as well at the Mangere meeting. It is interesting to realise that most societies have managed to secure premises, often quite small, but nevertheless spaces in which memorabilia and documents can be housed. All we have is a glass case in the Library, and it is not ours! Give it some thought. (see back page)

Commended for devotion to duty: John Nicholson of Point Chevalier

Top: Nicholson coal & wood merchants, Hall Corner, Pt Chevalier. Above: Jack & Joy Nicholson, with John, Anthony and Shirley, a Sunday at Coyle Park. Left: from Auckland Star, 6 February 1933. Photos from Shirley Knight.

Shirley Knight, née Nicholson, came to the PCHS table at this year’s Pt Chevalier Reunion at the RSA with a sheaf of papers, photos copied from her family collection, and a letter written to her father on 22 February 1933 from the Secretary of the Pt Chevalier School Committee. The letter read: “At the last meeting of the School Committee, favourable comment was made on the report that had recently appeared in our local press on the good work performed by you and Mr Storey at Motuihi. “I have been instructed to write expressing our deep admiration for the splendid effort put forward by you, and feel proud to have such fine young fellows in our midst, ready and willing to uphold the great tradition of that most worthy brigade, St John’s Ambulance. “We trust your example of devotion to duty will be an inspiration to all members of the Brigade and, if at any future time you are called upon, we feel confident you would again do duty and service, no matter what the cost, as an Old Pupil of our school and resident of the district. I wish to congratulate you on having save the life of Mr J Brown at Motuihi.” According to Shirley’s notes, John Nicholson went on to become a divisional superintendent for Waterview and Point Chevalier in the brigade.

(from page 2)

Looking ahead — Heritage Festival, Family History Fair 2-4 August, Alberton -150 years ............. Finally, although we have managed to keep this organisation afloat with a committee of four, please give some thought to joining the team - we each have other responsibilities and priorities - let's share the load a bit more. Margaret A. O'Connor, President.

Unregistered midwife in Point Chevalier, 1923
The Nurses Registration Act provided that every person who had attained the age of twenty-three years and was certified as having had three years' training as a nurse in a recognized general hospital, together with systematic instruction in theoretical and practical nursing from the medical officer and the matron of that hospital, and who passed the prescribed examination, was entitled to registration. Not all practitioners in the early 1920s went through these steps, though. Mrs E Smith, in Point Chevalier, was unfortunately one of these. The hearing of the case against Mrs E Smith, who was charged with being an unregistered midwife, was continued yesterday at the Police Court before Mr J W Poynton, SM. Mr Paterson, for the Health Department, stated that defendant had attended a maternity case at Point Chevalier. She did not obtain the services of a doctor, and the infant had developed jaundice and died after 12 days. Evidence previously been given by Dr Share that the child would have lived if medical aid had been obtained at an earlier stage. The department warned defendant, over a year ago, that she was not to practice as a midwife, said Mr Paterson. Mr J J Butler, for the defence, contended that there had been no misrepresentation, and Mrs Smith had not been asked if she was registered. She did all the housework during the incapacity of the mother of the child and she had not asked for a doctor to attend the confinement as she considered she was thoroughly competent. Defendant wished to reduce expenses, as she knew the family was in poor circumstances. Mrs Smith had had over six years' nursing experience at Ngaruawahia, and was considered to be a very capable nurse. This was the first instance in which she had undertaken a maternity case without the assistance of a doctor. The magistrate said he would take the plea that defendant had wished to reduce expenses into consideration. He considered she was actuated by the best intentions, and she had shown great kindness in undertaking the household duties. In these circumstances I will not inflict a heavy penalty," said Mr Poynton. A fine of £2 was imposed, with costs, £10 8s. NZ Herald 18 October 1923

Upcoming Event dates
14 August, 12 midday
Talk on Maternity Homes by L Truttman, Auckland Central Library, 2nd Floor

15 August, 10.30 am
Pt Chevalier Historical Society meeting, Horticultural Centre, 990 Great North Road, Western Springs Sue Thompson, history of Carrington Hospital

24 August Auckland Regional Gathering at Birkenhead
Zion Hill Church Hall opens at 9-30 for a 10am start enter car park from Onewa Road,. Coral Malcolm to talk about Zion Hill Church, and show half of the guests around the building. Brian Potter to give talk to the other half about Birkenhead in 1880. Then swap. Lunch between12.00 and 12.45. Bus tour will depart at 1.00 and visit the Museum. 3.00pm review of all Societies activities. Afternoon tea available for those who want, before departure. ALL ENQUIRIES TO MRS MAVIS THROLL 483 7230 , E-MAIL: mithroll@xtra.co.nz P.O BOX, 34- 419. BIRKENHEAD, AUCKLAND Cost $20 per head.

10 October, 10.30 am
Talk on Early Days at Auckland Zoo, by L Truttman, Pt Chevalier Library .

Membership of the Point Chevalier Historical Society
Membership is open to all with an interest in our area’s history, and costs only $10 per person. This entitles you to vote at our meetings, and to receive mailed copies of the Point Chevalier Times. Send cheques to: Pt Chevalier Historical Society, C/- 119C Hutchinson Avenue New Lynn, Auckland 0600 Your membership fees mean that we can keep publishing the Point Chevalier Times. Your support would be appreciated.

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