Situation Analysis

Nitish did his B.Tech and M.Tech from IIT, Madras in Computer Science. After working as developer for 2 years in Infosys, he decided to do an MBA in Finance from XLRI, Jamshedpur. From there he got the job in a multinational consulting firm which gave him the experience of business process and plan. He was perceived as a happy-go-lucky, cheerful, and friendly person. After that he joined Solutions Unlimited. Solutions Unlimited It is changing its image from Software Company to Management Consultant to be able to position itself as an IT consultancy firm so, they started employing people who have knowledge about business processes. It does not believe in advertising for the job vacancy. They recruit through referrals. But there is a communication gap between different departments. Their HR people are not well aware of company policies. And most importantly people do not respect each other as can be seen when Mr.Alagu and Meena were commenting openly on Nitish being working with higher position people. Nitish journey in Solutions Unlimited He started his journey with a spat with Meena over salary and grade issue. This lead to differences among them. And as time passed, this kept on widen. But Nitish never tried to approach Meena to solve the issue and always kept on complaining to his mentor, seniors or friends. He did not behaved in a professional manner also as during the salary negotiation, he started calculating in front of her in the calculator and also, he did not saved the mail sent by Venkat about the reimbursement. He also asked for the travel reimbursement for interview process at that particular moment only which again shows his non professional behavior. Altough he worked very hard in every project, he did not gained anything tangible from it. In the last he got a project in Nagpur and Meena wanted him to go there.


Work of Interest. she should have reacted to the initial spat in a much mature manner which could have ignored this miscommunication issue. During the onsite issue. Move to Nagpur for the new project in Solutions Unlimited. she did not gave a clear picture about the issue and its solution. Change the Company and stay in Hyderabad.Meena’s Reaction Being an HR and at a high position. Instead when there was an opportunity for Nitish in Nagpur. 2. Personal life disturbance. 3. Problem Statement To decide what Nitish should do for his future growth in terms of career. she whole heartedly given it to him so that she can get rid of him. Options The following are the options to be considered for evaluation of Problem: 1. -2- . 3. But instead she reacted in an irritated manner which increased the differences among them. Meena also didn’t tried to sort out the problem by communicating with each other. She also did not gave him a project and when he wanted to work in a project of his choice. Criteria for Evaluation The following are the criteria to be considered for evaluation of Options: 1. Working atmosphere in Company. she declined it by saying false statements. 2. Stay at Hyderabad and search for the project in Solutions Unlimited.

He have to make arrangements for the shift of their children school and might be his wife have to leave job if she doesn’t get the transfer. Change the Company and stay in Hyderabad i. And as he also got the project so. 2. Work of Interest: As he has got the project of his interest so he will be much happy while working there. Move to Nagpur for the new project in Solutions Unlimited i. so he will need some time to understand the structure and work culture of the company. Work of Interest: As it will be a new company. he can’t predict the working culture and atmosphere of that place. He would be again requiring some time to settle in the new company. iii.Alagu. there will be no interference from anyone regarding issues of onsite reallocation etc. Personal life disturbance: As he will be staying in the Hyderabad so. Working atmosphere in Company: As he will not be in contact with Meena and Mr. he can’t be assure of whether he will be getting a better working atmosphere or not. no hassle of shifting again to a new place and search for necessities around like School for kids. And again it is uncertain whether he will get the work of his interest or not. marketplace etc. He also won’t be having his friends and mentors around for the guidance. Working atmosphere in Company: In the new company. iii. ii. ii.Evaluation of Options 1. he could work easily without any problem and sarcastic comments from their side. Personal life disturbance: He again have to shift to a new place and search for the accommodation and basic necessities around. -3- . But at the same time.

Working atmosphere in Company: Although working atmosphere is not healthy in Hyderabad but it is just because of miscommunication which can be sorted out. 5. Stay at Hyderabad and search for the project in Solutions Unlimited i. Recommendation Nitish should stay at Hyderabad and should search for a project in Solutions Unlimited of his Interest and should also try to sort out the differences with Meena. iii. Nitish can proceed in the following manner: 1. 4. he should not approach his mentors for each and everything. Word Count: 1044 -4- . He should search for a project of his interest. Instead try to sort out the matter by his own. Personal life disturbance: As he is in Hyderabad so no disturbance at all in relation to accommodation. Nitish should go to Meena and try to resolve the issue by talking to her. ii. He should approach Mr.Khurana and Manish and should tell them his problem of shifting. Work of Interest: As he is not having any project here so he needs to find it and till then have to engage himself with other projects. Most important is that Nitish is having friends here and that too at higher positions. He should also start saving the important mails. And lastly. necessities etc. Plan of Action In order to implement the decision of staying in Hyderabad branch of Solutions Unlimited. 3.3. 2.

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