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How do you do instrumentation?

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Which is better instrumentation a or electronic and instrumentation

Word Menu is the ultimate language reference for inexperienced and proficient writers alike — students, learners of English, creative writers, journalists, business executives and office professionals. Browse Word Menu categories: Word Menu > Science and Technology > Transportation > Aircraft > Avionics and Instrumentation absolute altimeter - radar altimeter accelerometer - instrument that measures acceleration or deceleration ADF - automatic direction finder ADI - attitude direction indicator aerometer - instrument for measuring weight and density of gases aeroscope - device for gathering bacteria and dust from air for examination air log - instrument that records distance traveled by aircraft relative to air through which it moves, used to calculate true airspeed airspeed indicator - dial or gauge showing airspeed altigraph - altimeter that automatically records altitude on chart altimeter - device for measuring altitude, usu. above sea level anemograph - instrument for recording wind direction and speed anemometer - gauge for determining wind speed anemoscope - instrument for displaying direction of wind atmometer - instrument for measuring evaporating capacity of air; evaporimeter attitude direction indicator - ADI; instrument showing attitude of aircraft in space automatic direction finder - ADF; aircraft navigation radio automatic pilot - self-regulating control mechanism for keeping aircraft in level flight and on set course, or for executing maneuvers; autopilot autopilot - automatic pilot autosyn - type of gauge construction avionics - development and use of electronic equipment and control systems for aircraft avionics box - black box that plugs into avionics rack backup system - auxiliary instrument or device used to control aircraft if primary system fails bank indicator - instrument that tells pilot rate at which airplane is turning black box - flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder encased in fire- and shock-resistant container, used in accident investigations; any replaceable unit that plugs into avionics rack bombsight - instrument on bomber that determines when to drop bomb in order to strike target Bourdon-tube gauge - crescent-shaped tube with one closed end, used to measure pressure in high-pressure fluid systems ceilometer - automatic device for determining height of cloud ceiling by reflected light beam chronometer - device for precise measurement of time

What is the relation between virt instrumentation and instrumentat

What is the difference between a technician and a avionics enginee

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gyro rotor mounted on pair of gimbals with horizontal spin axis.pair of rings pivoted on axes at right angles so that one swings freely within the other.instrument that shows inclination of longitudinal axis of aircraft to horizontal plane of flight.navigational aid. esp.Pitot-static tube used to actuate air-speed indicator pyrometer . set to magnetic compass and used for directional reference direction finder .landing instrument that provides course guidance to runway.navigational instrument that displays horizontal situation of aircraft power unit . automatic pilot gyroscope . and speed of aircraft by reflection of radio receiver with direction-sensing antenna. gauges. airspeed indicator. not magnetic. used in navigation and to take bearings distance measuring equipment .onboard device that converts battery voltage to voltages required by various instruments precision approach radar .fuel pressure gauge marked in gallons per hour of usage or pounds per hour for gas turbines in jets fuel quantity indicator .device capable of measuring ozone level in cabin.INS. used as directional reference for keeping aircraft level in flight hub dynamometer .instrument for measuring sensile temperature of atmosphere cockpit voice recorder .instrument for determining direction and speed of cloud movement ozonometer .inertial navigation system.cockpit console interference error .DME.instrument for measuring power of engine in shop hygrograph .inclinometer emergency locator transmitter .device for taking bearings that fits over compass card or gyrocompass photometer .motor-operated gyroscope whose rotating axis is kept parallel to axis of Earth’s rotation and points to geographic. used to support magnetic compass or gyro device glide slope . automatic radio transmitter attached to aircraft structure and operating at set frequency on its own power source. North Pole Gyropilot .device for measuring relative intensity of light Pitot-static system .instrument with needle that indicates direction of North Pole due to action of Earth’s magnetic field. inertial navigation system. also used as weather sensor on aircraft radar altimeter .instrument that uses reflection time of radio waves to and from ground to determine altitude of aircraft. visual or electronic detecting and ranging.atmometer flight data recorder . and computers used to maintain course in automatic pilot.instrument that shows drift of aircraft from left to right over ground Earth inductor .long range navigation.device that emits electronic signals to provide vertical guidance during approach or takeoff during ILS gyrocompass . INS inertial navigation system . control panel control panel . compass manometer . not in general use PAR . electronic navigational system that measures difference in time of reception of synchronized pulse signals from two transmitters machmeter .magnetic compass compass card . accelerometers.little-used direction finder employing radio waves www.precision approach radar pelorus .instrument that gives ratio of aircraft speed to speed of sound under existing atmospheric conditions magnetic compass . in ILS LORAN .deflection of magnetic compass due to installation error directional gyro .avionic error caused by unwanted or distorted radio signals intervalometer . Earth inductor inertial guidance .device in black box that monitors flight data. distance. radar equipment used in final approach course to airport to provide precision instrument approach pressure altimeter .console deviation . inertial guidance instrument panel .self-contained. instrument that measures nautical miles between aircraft and VOR station drift meter . automatic guidance system composed of gyroscopes. or other instrumentation pluviometer .ELT. inertial guidance INS . used for locating downed aircraft evaporimeter . in accident investigations.circular card on pivot to which magnetic compass is attached.gauge that indicates amount of fuel remaining galvanometer .wheel mounted on spinning axis that is free to rotate around one or both of two axes perpendicular to each other and to the spinning axis. flight recorder flight recorder .instrument for measuring rainfall position indicator .instrument that automatically records various weather conditions simultaneously NAVAID . used esp.instrument for measuring temperatures above range of normal thermometer radar . and meters.method of providing or measuring pressure to operate altimeter.device for measuring absolute or relative humidity in air inclinometer .aneroid instrument that measures differences in atmospheric pressure to determine altitude pressure head .device for detecting and measuring very small electric current gimbals .com climatometer .com/topic/avionics-and-instrumentation-related-word-list 2/4 .Trademark.7/24/13 Avionics and Instrumentation: Information from Answers.device in black box that records radio and direct conversations of crew compass . that provides guidance or position data nephoscope . system for determining direction.meter for continuously recording atmospheric humidity hygrometer . height.gauge for measuring pressure of gases or vapors meteorograph .cockpit instrument panel with controls. marked in increments of 5 degrees console .PAR. absolute altimeter radio direction finder .device that controls frequency of exposures in aerial photography localizer .flight data recorder fuel flowmeter . airborne or on Earth’s surface.

suction gauge in slipstream that indicates reduction in pressure vertical-speed indicator .Pitot-static tube carrying static pressure of outside air synchroscope . used esp. yawmeter sound ranging altimeter . Write Brothers Inc.instrument for measuring angular velocity of aircraft about predetermined axis variometer .device that helps eliminate undesired noise in radio static tube .any instrument that records readings on chart or traces them on screen: recording altimeter. by military aircraft viscometer .sight level used to determine level line on fuselage as reference for repair transponder . band for radio communication and navigation very high frequency omni range .instrument for measuring viscosity. Suppliers Help us answer these What What What What can you do after BE Instrumentation? is a instrumentation? is be instrumentation? is the instrumentation? Post a question .instrument for maintaining altitude above terrain of highest obstruction thermograph .very high frequency omni range weather radar . Word Menu is a registered trademark of the Estate of Stephen the WikiAnswers community: Copyrights: Random House Word Menu © 2010 Write Brothers Inc. hygrometer sextant . esp.instrument for showing rate of turn of aircraft turnmeter .tactical air navigation.electronic tracking system.instrument that measures rate of rotation of revolving engine shaft telemetry .com radiogoniometer .radio direction finder rate gyroscope .device for automatically regulating temperature torquemeter . for missile or experimental aircraft terrain clearance indicator .simple navigational instrument for measuring angular distance of celestial body from horizon. basic radio navigation system that relies on communications between aircraft and transmitting stations on ground.instrument for automatically recording variations in temperature thermostat .instrument that measures and records small variations in pressure venturi tube . rarely used on aircraft slip indicator . All rights reserved. esp.instrument that registers rate of climb very high frequency .answers. Read more www.meter for measuring torque in shaft of nonjet engine transit instrument . anemometer.instrument for determining difference in phase between two engines TACAN .device sensitive to rate of angular motion rate-of-climb indicator .VOR. Not Orator Lincoln Favored Peaceful Evolution to End Slavery The Kartal Artist Uses C onfiscated Weapons to C reate Musical Instruments View more Miscellaneous videos Ads Controls/Instrumentation www. ultra-high frequency electronic navigation aid used primarily on military aircraft tachometer .com/ Controls & Instrumentation Products Locate Mfg. Featured Videos: Top Fred Kaplan: Lincoln Was a Great Writer.instrument that measures yaw of aircraft Read about lexicographer Stephen Glazier.instrument that determines altitude by timing sounds received from specific points squelch control .any question .electronic device that receives radio signals and generates distinctive reply pattern on radar turn-and-bank indicator . of fuel VOR .system using radio signals to analyze weather conditions yawmeter .7/24/13 Avionics and Instrumentation: Information from 3/4 .instrument for measuring longitudinal deviation about vertical axis.newequipment.instrument that indicates rate at which aircraft is ascending or descending in feet per minute recording meter .

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