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Learn Astrology in easy ways

Character Quadrants Quadrant I: spontaneous action, simply, unconsciously, persistently, watchfull, capably, activatingly, egocentric Quadrant II: considered reacting, waitingly, creative, distancely, attentively, inwardly, patiently, speculatively, careful Quadrant III: conscious thinking, softly, learning, cultivated, attentive, adapting, frankly, experienced, social Quadrant IV: conscious action, dominant, individually, achievingly, evaluatingly, leadingly, purposeful, initiative, ambitious Direction Introversion: distancely, indirectly, inwardly, concentrated, slowly, patiently, economical, seriously, sensitively, lonely Extraversion: cheerful, direct, restless, shallow, sociable, external, high-powered, loud, expansive, without restraint, courageous Activity Adaptability: lacingly, suggestible, friendly, adaptingly, fleetingly, labile, composed, unsure, sensitive, feelingly, tolerant Will-power: initiatively, determiningly, changing, risking, ambitious, stubborn, courageous, proud, strong, ductile, capable, direct Quality Destructive: more difficulter, harder, problematicer, uncertainer, fuzzyer, futileer, criticaler, forcelyer, squeezelyer Constructive: more usefuler, optimisticer, constructiver, clarifyinger, successfuler, toleranter, harmoniouser, healthier Elements Fire: resolute, rash, enthusiastic, fighting, proud, determiningly, initiatively, float custodies, direct, open, high-powered Earth: cautious, slowly, objective, conservatively, capably, economical, virtually, loyal, simply, tidily, concentrated Air: sociable, objective, curious, versatile, mobile, nervous, shallow, adapting, rapid, clever, careless, playful, flexible Water: emotional, suggestible, patient, sensible, unsure, passive, comfortable, indirect, intuitive, labile, sensuous Signs Aries: impulsive, forceful, determined, careless, unrestrained, impatient, high-powered, straight, courageous, aggressive Taurus: sensuous, appreciative, opulent, capable, congenial, sociable, persistent, conservative, pragmatic, loyal, slowly Gemini: sociable, curious, superficial, playful, watchful, flexible, rational, carefree, nervous, critical, rapid Cancer: sensitively, moodily, domestic, familiar, peaceful, passively, instinctively, readily, sociably,

patiently, considerate Leo: vigorous, creative, sociable, autonomous, self-confident, proud, optimistical, magnanimous, dominant, vain, successful Virgo: thorough, rational, industrious, clean, precise, reliable, cautious, spießig, mistrustful, pedantic, practical Libra: sociably, polite, undecided, shallow, sensuous, gracefull, elegantly, vainly, cool, harmonious-balanced, lazy Scorpio: instinctive, ductile, mistrustfully, aggressive, extremely, fighting, seductive, speculative, magic, destructive Sagittarius: sociable, optimistic, self-complacent, moralistic, idealistic, religious, natural, fond of traveling, liberal, vain Capricorn: serious, objective, hard, concentrated, persisting, thorough, conservative, disciplined, calm, lonely, difficult Aquarius: progressive, unconventional, sociable, broadminded, individualistic, intuitively, restless, eccentric, distancely Pisces: sensitive, labile, dreamily, passive, unsure, cool, uncertain, dependent, untensioned, self-sacrificing, suggestibel, medial Planet aspects Sun: vital, sociable, independent, self-confident, proudly, optimistically, magnanimously, vain, dominant, witty, luxurious Sun-Moon: familiar, congenially, calmly, conservatively, instinctively, moodily, sentimentally, sociably, sensitive, optimistic Sun-Mercury: communicative, sociable, rational, curious, subjective, mobile, analytical, nervous, busy, clever, critical Sun-Venus: fertile, graceful, sensuous, erotic, sociable, polite, artistic, elegant, artistic, vain, opportune, luxurious Sun-Mars: impulsive, acting, fighting, strong, vigorous, courageous, coarsly, capably, creative, dominant, self-confident, hurting Sun-Jupiter: vital, successfully, independent, dominant, self-complacent, religious, optimistic, idealistic, happy, naturally Sun-Saturn: practised, wise, simple, calm, slow, concentrated, industrious, serious, moderate, shy, hard, pessimistic Sun-Uranus: revolutionary, anti-authoritarian, progressive, individualistical, controversial, chaotical, ingenious, intuitive, impulsive Sun-Neptune: sensitive, labile, sick, dreamy, idealistic, calm, unsure, dependent, self-sacrificing, addicted, wrong, sensitive Sun-Pluto: power willingly, instinctive, creative, ductile, suggestive, profund, independent, solely, secretly, unconscious, destructive Sun-Moon node: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: creative, dominant, self-confident, proud, cordial, vain Sun-Ascendant: vital, sociable, independent, self-confident, proudly, optimistically, magnanimously, vain, dominant, witty, luxurious Sun-Medium coeli: concerns especially profession and society: creative, authoritarian, self-confident, proud, cordial, witty, vain Moon: sensitively, moodily, domestic, familiar, peaceful, feelingly, instinctive, lazy, sociable, patient, considerate Moon-Mercury: talkative, sociable, opportune, popular, friendly, tolerant, naive, nostalgic, curious, shallow, nervous Moon-Venus: fertilely, sensuous, readily, moodily, helpful, gently, good-natured, feelingly, romantic, sensitive, vain, sentimental

Moon-Mars: impulsive, strained, capable, rash, stubborn, moody, fighting, instinctive, nervous, coarse, courageous Moon-Jupiter: happy, sociable, fertile, successful, religious, idealistic, optimistic, popular, appreciative, lazy, plump Moon-Saturn: seriously, lonely, worried, abstemiously, soberly, slowly, pessimistically, shyly, narrow, faithfully Moon-Uranus: self-willed, strange, intuitive, strained, rebellious, critical, nervous, ambitious, chaotic, unreliable Moon-Neptune: sensitively, suggestible, dependent, sicklily, helpful, dreamily, gentle, nostalgically, intuitive-medial, lazy Moon-Pluto: moody, instinctively driven, profund, excited, radical, unconscious, anxious, passionate, sinister Moon-Moon node: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: sensitively, considerately, moody, familiar, congenial Moon-Ascendant: sensitively, moodily, domestic, familiar, peaceful, feelingly, instinctive, lazy, sociable, patient, considerate Moon-Medium coeli: concerns especially profession and society: sensitively, lazy, familiar, instinctive, peaceful, sociable, considerate Mercury: communicative, sociable, clever, curious, playful, flexible, shallow, rational, carefree, nervous, analytical Mercury-Venus: communicatively, sensuous, sociable, cheerful, labile, nice, playful, shallow, coquettish, polite, naive, affected Mercury-Mars: critical, sociable, rash, nervous, heated, rapid, clever, flexible, quick-witted, shallow, direct, coarse Mercury-Jupiter: communicatively, sociably, wittily, successfully, vainly, optimistically, idealistic, cleverly, imagined, imaginative Mercury-Saturn: concentrated, objectively, critical, depression intimately, methodic, seriously, distancely, thorough, slow, reliable Mercury-Uranus: rebellious, critical, impatient, flexible, imaginative, intuitive, nervous, curious, chaotic, independent Mercury-Neptune: intuitive, idealistical, fleetingly, absent-minded, carelessly, passive, inaccurate, wrong, idealized, nostalgic, spiritually Mercury-Pluto: critical, excited, suggestive, cleverly, curious, enigmatically, intolerantly, intuitive, independent, demagogically Mercury-Moon node: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: communicative, flexible, rational, restless, curious Mercury-Ascendant: communicative, sociable, clever, curious, playfull, flexible, rational, shallow, nervous, analytical Mercury-Medium coeli: concerns especially profession and society: communicative, flexible, nervous, sociable, critical, rational, clever Venus: sensuous, erotic, sociable, artistic, graceful, polite, elegant, vain, coquettish, harmonious, lazy, naive Venus-Mars: passionate, forceful, erotic, highly sexed, fertile, creative, practical, capable, coarse, tactless, restless, insatiable Venus-Jupiter: happy, sociable, artistic, attractive, popular, polite, elegant, vain, optimistic, lavish, comfortable, lazy Venus-Saturn: disciplined, soberly, distanced, loyal, poorly, shyly, thoroughly, industriously, conservative, pragmatically, simply Venus-Uranus: extravagant, unconventional, undiszipliniert, moody, modern, untidy, ingenious, nervous, scandalous Venus-Neptune: sensitive, erotic, stimulating, artistic, suggestible, unreliable, dreamy, dependent,

longing, unsure Venus-Pluto: passionate, erotic, creative, attracting, highly sexed, fertilely, immorally, naked, squeezely, insatiably Venus-Moon node: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: sociable, sensuous, polite, vain, artistic, opportune Venus-Ascendant: sensuous, erotic, sociable, artistic, graceful, polite, elegant, vain, coquettish, harmonious, lazy, naive Venus-Medium coeli: concerns especially profession and society: polite, sensuous, harmonious, vain, artistic, sociable, lazy Mars: impulsive, forceful, determined, risky, unrestrained, impatient, high-powered, courageous, destructive, coarse Mars-Jupiter: athletic, purposeful, ambitious, optimistic, direct, independent, coarsly, adventurously, proudly, idealistic Mars-Saturn: ductile, coarse, hard, stubborn, capable, purposeful, ambitious, egoistic, destructive, reliable, consistent, brutal Mars-Uranus: impulsive, rebellious, coarse, careless, dangerous, mobile, nervous, destructive, impatient, incalculable Mars-Neptune: instinctive, sensitive, confusedly, labile, idealistically, ascetically, indifferently, cowardly, dependent, spiritually Mars-Pluto: impulsive, radical, ductile, coarse, courageous, capable, destructive, adventurous, power-willingly, fanatic, unrelenting Mars-Moon node: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: vigorous, fighting, frivolous, careless, destructive, coarse Mars-Ascendant: impulsive, forceful, determined, careless, unrestrained, impatient, vigorous, courageous, destructive, coarse Mars-Medium coeli: concerns especially profession and society: impulsive, fighting, determined, careless, courageous, destructive Jupiter: optimistic, open, expansive, self-complacent, moralistic, idealistic, natural, liberal, comfortable, lazy, sociable Jupiter-Saturn: conservative, moralistic, just, religious, wise, serious, pragmatic, ambitious, formal, slowly, reliable Jupiter-Uranus: progressive, revolutionary, idealistic, inventive, optimistic, adventurous, eccentric, individualistic Jupiter-Neptune: helpful, nonviolent, artistic spiritually, merciful, comfortable, lazy, speculative, idealized, longing, soft Jupiter-Pluto: dominant, passionate, demagogically, ambitious, expansive, successfull, powerfull, pompous, suggestive, profund Jupiter-Moon node: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: open-minded, sociable, self-complacent, optimistic, vain Jupiter-Ascendant: successful, optimistic, open, self-complacent, moralistic, idealistic, natural, liberal, comfortable, lazy, sociable Jupiter-Medium coeli: concerns especially profession and society: successful, sociable, self-complacent, open, just, vain, idealistic Saturn: serious, objective, hard, concentrated, lonely, industriously, thoroughly, calmly, conservative, disciplined, difficult Saturn-Uranus: anarchic, stubborn, strained, consistent, ductile, individualistic, intolerant, restless, destructive Saturn-Neptune: moderate, slowly, natural, simple, sickly, lonely, religious, ascetic, depressive, quiet, dependent, long Saturn-Pluto: ductile, severely, thoroughly, stubborn, capably, fanatic, independent, complex, profund, destructive, squeezely, brutal

Saturn-Moon node: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: objective, serious, slowly, industrious, lonely, difficultly Saturn-Ascendant: serious, mistrustfull, hard, concentrated, lonely, industrious, thoroughly, slowly, conservative, disciplined, difficult Saturn-Medium coeli: concerns especially profession and society: objective, serious, thorough, ductile, industrious, calm, distanced, difficult Uranus: progressive, revolutionary, strained, individualistic, intuitive, nervous, eccentric, adventurous, destructive Uranus-Neptune: intuitive, anarchically, chaotically, impractically, idealistically, riskily, socialist, scandalous, spiritually, mystic Uranus-Pluto: impulsive, revolutionary, radical, risky, ductile, profund, insistent, unrestrained, destructive, chaotic Uranus-Moon node: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: progressive, individualistic, controversial, sociable, risky Uranus-Ascendant: progressive, self-willed, strained, individualistic, intuitive, nervous, eccentric, adventurous, destructive Uranus-Medium coeli: concerns especially profession and society: individualistic, progressive, engaged, nervous, intuitive, risky Neptune: impractically, sensitive, labile, suggestible, calmly, fleetingly, scattered, addicted, dependent, softly, naked, medial Neptune-Pluto: intuitive, speculative, profound, secretly, powerless, unconsciously, dependent, archaically, seductive, medial Neptune-Moon node: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: dependent, social, labile, sensitive, treacherous, spiritually Neptune-Ascendant: impractical, sensitive, labile, suggestible, calm, fleetingly, absent-minded, addicted, treacherous, dependent, medial Neptune-Medium coeli: concerns especially profession and society: dependent, suggestible, passive, calm, sensitive, treacherous, spiritually Pluto: potent, highly sexed, profund, extremely, unconscious, abysmally, seductive, magically, speculative, destructive Pluto-Moon node: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: power-willingly, highly sexed, extremely, profund, difficultly Pluto-Ascendant: highly sexed, potently, profund, extremely, unconsciously, abysmally, seductive, magically, speculative, destructive Pluto-Medium coeli: concerns especially profession and society: power-willingly, instinctive, seductive, extremely, profund, difficult Moon node: binding, social, shared, meaning, central, superordinate, varying Moon node-Ascendant: binding encounteringly, in common with oneself advancingly, lasting acting Moon node-Medium coeli: consciously binding, socially meaningly, publicly, centrally, lasting acting Ascendant: beginning, individual, releasing, decisive, involuntary, impressive, advancing Ascendant-Medium coeli: decisive between essential talents, purposeful consciousones and external possibilities Medium coeli: conscious, purposeful, meaningly, public, influential, decisive, essential, attainable Planets and signs Sun Sun-Aries: impulsive, resolute, strong, courageous, coarsly, capably, creative, dominant, self-confident, destructive, impressive Sun-Taurus: sensuous, appreciative, acquiring, capable, congenial, sociable, erotic, bourgeois, fertilely, virtually, loyal Sun-Gemini: sociable, rational, curious, mobile, shallow, nervous, busy, clever, cool, critical, careless

strained. proud. vain. critical. congenial. passionate. lonely. moody. medial. creative. curious. clever. readily. lonely. opportune. shallow. medial. dominant. fighting. witty. flexible. moody. loyal Moon-Libra: sociable. artistic. lazy Mercury Mercury-Aries: sociable. rational. sociable. fighting. graceful. romantic. coquettish. sociable. sentimental. proud. abstemiously. playful. peacefully. self-willed. nervous. capable. anxious. petty bourgeois. rational. comfortable. idealistic. cool. busy Mercury-Gemini: communicative . speculative. optimistic. pessimistic Sun-Aquarius: individualistic. precise. vain Moon-Virgo: thorough. dependent. labile.Sun-Cancer: familiar. rational. tactless. heated. considerate. cool Sun-Scorpio: mistrustful. aggressively. industrious. romantic. helpful. simple. intuitive. sociably. nostalgic. tolerant. progressive. vain Moon-Capricorn: serious. soberly. anti-authoritarian. pragmatic. restless. considerate Sun-Leo: creative. industrious. domestic. idealistic. irresolute. distancely. simply. self-sacrificing. sociably. comfortable. erotic. sociable. sociable. sentimental. stubborn. vain Sun-Capricorn: objective. fussy. passively. chaotically. extremely. ductile Sun-Sagittarius: optimistic. excited. reliable. conscientious. optimistical. rebellious. calm. self-sacrificing. comfortable. clean. vain. cool. vain. appreciative. nervous Moon-Cancer: sensitive. destructively. unconscious. instinctive. opportune. sensitive Moon-Gemini: talkative. polite. domestic. familiar. shallow. self-sacrificing. attractive. sensitively. seriously. labile. fond of traveling. superficial. disciplined. dependent. high-handed. analytical. sensitive. fond of traveling. enthusiastic. nervous. shallow. instinctive. luxurious passive. friendly. industriously. popular. lazy Moon Moon-Aries: impulsive. rash. impulsive. reliable. proud. impulsive Sun-Pisces: sensitive. instinctively driven. gently. cheerful. moodily. conscientious. flexible. calm. elegant. moody Moon-Scorpio: moody. sensitive. labile. direct Mercury-Taurus: sociable. shyly. emotional. religious. patient. patiently. passively. cautious. rational. sociable. self-confident Sun-Virgo: thorough. cordial. courageous Moon-Taurus: fertile. highly sexed. natural. chaotic. slowly. strange. naive. sinister Moon-Sagittarius: sociable. opportune. worried. sensuous. good-natured. polite. magnanimous. congenial. sensuous. moralistic. moody. suggestibel. . coquettish. instinctive. liberal. idealistically. conservative. curious. concentrated. harmonious. loyal. idealistically. cautious. mistrustful. practical. quick-witted. critical. practical Sun-Libra: sensuous. unsure. suggestibel. frivolous. considerate Moon-Leo: optimistic. stubborn. profound. nervous. coquettish. seductive. intuitive. moodily. moodily. hard. nostalgic. unreliable Moon-Pisces: sensitive. coarse. lazy. critical. narrow Moon-Aquarius: is self-willed. coquettish. faithfully. conservative. self-complacent. labile. moody. intellectual . naive. sociable. tensed. dreamily.

realistic distancely. romantic. insatiably Venus-Sagittarius: sociable. passionate. cool Venus-Pisces: sensitive. passive. stubborn. coquettish. enthusiastic. irresolute. optimistically. naive Venus-Leo: creative. nice. impatient. thoroughly. critically. adapting. clever. sociably. dependent. methodic. highly sexed. modern. creative. pragmatically. cynically. deliciously. sensuous. independent. elegant. shyly. impatient. poorly. objective. curious. friendly. naively. gently. enthusiastic. balanced. playfull. nostalgically. reliable Mercury-Libra: sociable. enigmatically. artistic. erotic. naive Venus-Scorpio: passionate. destructive. stimulating. spiritually Venus Venus-Aries: passionate. shallow. . soberly. coquettish. tactless Venus-Taurus: natural. liberal. sensuous. erotic. highly sexed. seriously. nervous Mercury-Leo: sociable. sloppy. cleverly. ingenious. restless. heated. congenial. coquettish. polite. intolerantly. sentimental. proud. frivolous. expressively. unrestrained. dissipate. moodily. witty. excited. risky. flexible. forceful. unsure Mars Mars-Aries: impulsive. reliable Mercury-Aquarius: progressive. coarse Mars-Taurus: passionate. gracefully. thoroughly. sociably. sensuous. sensitive. loyal. highly sexed. virtually. cheerful. good-naturedly. lavish Venus-Capricorn: disciplined. naive. vain. creative. elegant Mercury-Scorpio: critical. distanced. moody. polite. readily. tolerant. idealistically. independent. chaotic. coquettish. suggestible. fertile. critically. difficult. fertilely. artistic. superficial. lazy. erotical. dogmatic Mercury-Capricorn: concentrated. idealistic. dreamy. conservatively. sociable. distanced. self-confident. creative. untidy. resolute. elegant. gracefull. immoral. shallow. profound. conceited. coquettish. intense. elegant. thorough. fleetingly. industriously. curious. reliably. curiously. naive. undisciplined. nostalgic. cheerful. courageous. vain. coarse. optimistic. erotic. polite. thorough. naively Venus-Gemini: communicative. unconventional. naked. methodically. moodily. erotic. high-powered. tactless Mars-Gemini: critical. modestly. coarse. direct. nervous. irresolutely. affected Venus-Cancer: feelingly. versatile. sociably. wrongly. open. distancely. sensuous. squeezely. idealistically. capable. persistent. imaginative. mistrustfully Mercury-Sagittarius: sociably. unreliable. immorally. creative. coquettish.Mercury-Cancer: talkatively. fertile. busy. sociable. loyally. conservatively. longing. independent Mercury-Pisces: sensitively. playful. vain. seriously. dreamily. rapid. curious. acquiringly. optimistic Mercury-Virgo: objective. forceful. coquettishly. insatiable. nervous. popular. forceful. intuitive. inaccurate. quick-witted. cultivated. mistrustfully. natural. vain. rash. shallow. peacefull. readily. insatiable. flexible. worthily Venus-Libra: sociably. capable. experienced. seductively. unsteady. suggestive. polite. intuitive. idealized. erotic. coquettishly. soberly. luxurious Venus-Virgo: disciplined. virtually. simply Venus-Aquarius: extravagant.

persistently. frivolous. primitive. arrogant Mars-Virgo: critically. precise. open. cold. radical. independent. optimistic. capably. sociably. happily. vainly. expansive Jupiter-Virgo: moral. liberal. just. adventurous. self-complacently. strong. consistent Mars-Aquarius: impulsive. emotional. impressing dominant. classical. popular. just. comfortable. practical. materialistical. unrelentingly. objective. artistic. idealized. magnanimous. self-righteous. softly. strained. sensitive. proud. directly. ambitious. self-complacent. lazy Jupiter-Scorpio: dominant. ductile. demagogic Jupiter-Sagittarius: optimistic. inventive. religious. conservative. idealistic. shallow. nervous Mars-Leo: impulsive. optimistical. virtuous. thoroughly. tolerant Mars-Scorpio: impulsive. courageous. religious. appreciative. destructively. liberal. frankly. enchanting. ductile. nervous. consistent Saturn-Taurus: realistical. plump. individualistic.coarse Mars-Cancer: instinctive. idealistically. stubborn. fanatic. appreciatively. loyal. critical. coarse. careless. creative. hard. indifferently. stubborn. ambitious. uncritically Saturn Saturn-Aries: capable. dominant. power willing. formal. unrelenting. ambitious. idealistically. highly sexed. popular Jupiter-Leo: vital. readily. ambitious. optimistically. loyal. lavish. resolute Mars-Sagittarius: decided. pragmatically . methodic. irresolute. intellectually. proud. capable. eccentric. cold. dependent. proudly. readily. concentrated. familiar. spiritually Jupiter Jupiter-Aries: decided. slowly. careless. popular. stubborn. intolerantly. coarsly. moral. stubborn. conservative.lazy Jupiter-Gemini: sociably. labile. coarsly. labile. sensitively. individualistic Jupiter-Pisces: helpful. ductile. dependent. considerately. moral. mistrustful. virtually. self-willed. purposeful. passively. lazy. imaginative. liberal. wittily. spiritually. sloppy. moody. unsteady. idealistic. balancing. unconventional. cowardly. impulsive. primitive. harmonious. tactless Mars-Libra: sociable. destructively. impatient. serious. sociable. self-confident. ambitiously. self-sacrificing. slowly. naturally. religious. successful. float custodies. rebellious. profound. conservative. coarsly. annoy. pragmatic Jupiter-Cancer: sensitively. practical. sensuous. vain Jupiter-Capricorn: conservative. reliable Jupiter-Libra: sociable. vain. adventurous. merciful. reliable. dependably. frivolous. irresolute. wise. acquiringly. conceited. tidy. experienced. reliable. comfortable. plump. directly. slowly. persistently. pragmatic. consistently. coarsly. eccentric Mars-Pisces: instinctive. serious. religious. enigmatic. egoistic. reliable Jupiter-Aquarius: progressive. polite. quick-witted. authoritarian. elegant. critically. hard. optimistic. destructive. optimistic. sociable. idealistically. softly. conservative. optimistic. sensitive. ambitious. longing. fighting. idealistic Jupiter-Taurus: sociable. independent Mars-Capricorn: capably.

faithfull Saturn-Capricorn: serious. unrestricted. self-willed. restless. coarse Uranus-Aquarius: progressive. coarse Uranus-Capricorn: anarchic. stubborn. socialistically. shyly. ambitious. profound. cool. compulsory Saturn-Sagittarius: conservative. impatient. conservative. loyal. consistent. mobile. calm. lazy. unconventional. rebellious. slow. progressive. optimistic. radical. ductile. simple. simply. dependent. . concentrated. individualistic. difficult. distancely. independent Uranus-Cancer: self-willed. thoroughly. anxiously. sensuous. loyal. slow. labile. spiritually Neptune-Taurus: sensitive. shallow. difficult Saturn-Aquarius: stubborn. severely. particular. risky. cool. ambitious. simple Saturn-Scorpio: ductile. absent-minded. modest. modest. wise. moody. rebellious. poor. particular. restless. thorough. undisciplined. chaotic. rebellious. impulsive. nervous. coolly. serious. unrestrained. self-righteous. unrestricted. chaotic Uranus-Sagittarius: impulsive. impractically. ambitious. pessimistic. untidy. individualistic. sensitively. intellectual. critical. ascetically. soberly. impatient. slow. disciplined. scandalous Neptune Neptune-Aries: instinctively. abstract. obtrusive. unrestrained. dependent Uranus Uranus-Aries: impulsive. nervous Uranus-Scorpio: impulsive. melancholy. loyal. natural. pragmatic Saturn-Libra: raked. sociable. independable. distancely. nervous. destructive. depressive. methodic. narrow Saturn-Leo: capable. ascetic. curious. practical.Saturn-Gemini: objective. sober. concentrated. indifferently. unreliable. loyal. meager. methodically. religious. insistent. capably. passive. stubborn. distancely. sober. creative. intolerant. quiet. individualistic. idealistic. critical. severe. destructive. independent Uranus-Libra: extravagant. anarchical. balanced. conservative. dangerous. pragmatic Saturn-Cancer: seriously. distancely. individualistic. pessimistic Saturn-Virgo: objectively. liberal. cynical. intellectual. anti-authoritarian. idealistically. strained. idealistic. sickly. enthusiastic. scandalous Uranus-Gemini: imaginative. unpredictable Uranus-Taurus: extravagant. appealy. coarse. frivolous. difficult. dominating. disciplined. nervous. progressive. unreliable Uranus-Leo: anti-authoritarian. lonely. objective. fussily. cowardly. feeble. independent. flexible. discreet. labile. difficult. melancholic. soberly. moral. suggestible. labile. rebellious. sloppy. conscientious. appreciative. strained. eccentric. thoroughly. individualistic. adventurous Uranus-Pisces: intuitive. serious. destructive. ambitious. serious. slowly. practical. critical. nervous. strained. calmly. flexible. realistic. ingenious Uranus-Virgo: imaginative. worried. dependent. intolerant. optimistic. self-willed. unconventional. restless. slow. curious. strange. absent-minded. experimental. incalculable. meager. annoy. lazy. religious. intuitive. labile. realistic. destructive. depressive. egocentric Saturn-Pisces: modest. seasoned. careless.

careless. lonely. unreliable. profund. idealistically. frivolous. passive. sensitive. expansive. speculative. adventurous. dominant. sloppy. severely. spiritually Neptune-Libra: sensitive. absent-minded. restless. sensitively. excited. unsure. unconscious. passionate Pluto-Leo: power willingly. natural. excited. curious. depending. appreciative. idealistical. destructive Pluto-Sagittarius: ideologically. destructive. tactlessly Pluto-Scorpio: potent. radical. sloppy. inaccurately. lonely. absent-minded. medial Pluto Pluto-Aries: impulsive. loyal . fighting. dependent. highly sexed. naked. natural. profund. depending. highly sexed. quiet. intolerant. suggestive. labile. inspires. squeezely. religious. secretly. sensuously. sickly. intuitive. destructive. spiritually. risky. creative. softly. idealistical. anxious. chaotical. idealized. speculative. sicklily. coarse Moon node-Taurus: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: sensuous. passive. capable. ambitious. unfaithfull. impractically. fleetingly. secretly. fleetingly. socialistically. profund Pluto-Capricorn: ductile. spiritually Neptune-Cancer: sensitive. individualistic. insatiably Pluto-Gemini: dominant. highly sexed. inaccurate. selfish Neptune-Virgo: intuitive. speculatively. demagogic Pluto-Cancer: moody. powerlessly. dreamy. wrong. acquiring. intellectually. power-willingly. religious. careless. naive. unconscious. profound. cool Neptune-Scorpio: intuitive. clever. secretly. fearfull. idealized. autonomous. unconsciously. hard. dominant. unsure Neptune-Gemini: intuitivel. longing. addicted. radical. cool. seductively. dependent Neptune-Capricorn: moderate. intellectual Pluto-Libra: creative. restlessly. unrealistical. lavish. capably. seductively. cool. extremely. unrestrained. lavishly. unrealistical. ambitious. immoral. medial Moon node Moon node-Aries: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: vigorous. difficultly. erotic. powerlessly. intuitive-medial. abysmally. helpful. seductively. profund. sensitive. magically. difficult. unrelenting. unsure. sensuous. wrong. suggestive. profound. anarchically. refined. profund. anarchical. unrestrained Pluto-Taurus: passionate. secret. chaotically Pluto-Pisces: intuitive. speculative. destructive Pluto-Virgo: mistrustful. stubborn. suggestible. attracting. nostalgically. enigmatic. instinctively driven. forceful. dependent. creative. thoroughly. slow. radical. fanatic. socialistically. sinister.addicted. dreamily. scandalous. archaically. influencely. profound. dependent Neptune-Aquarius: intuitive. unconscious. enigmatic. squeeze Pluto-Aquarius: revolutionary. spiritually Neptune-Pisces: sensitive. difficult. dependent. medial Neptune-Sagittarius: idealistically. influencely. immorally. destructive. adventurous. unrestrained. ambitiously. immoral. careless. suggestive. gentle. unrealistic. absent-minded. coarse. intellectual. longing. lazy Neptune-Leo: idealistic. simple. dependent. suggestive. high-handed. consistent. dependent. sociable. ductile. unconscious. labile.

liberal. sensuous. slowly. sociable Moon node-Pisces: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: dependent. difficultly Moon node-Sagittarius: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: open-minded. familiar. unconsciously. optimistic. open. profund. analytically Ascendant-Cancer: sensitively. rational. playful. difficultly Moon node-Aquarius: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: progressive. domestic. courageous. creatively. natural. sociable. highly sexed. graceful. cordially. sociable. reliable. impatient. calmly. destructive Ascendant-Sagittarius: sociable. courageous. appreciative. liberal. curious. extremely. labile. artistic. magically. rational. optimistic. self-complacent. self-confident. moody. controversial. dominant. medial Medium coeli Medium coeli-Aries: concerns especially profession and society: impulsive. comfortable. flexible. seductively. considerate Ascendant-Leo: vital. social. coarse Ascendant-Taurus: sensuous. lonely. careless. pragmatic. elegant. sensuous. analytically. artistic. petty bourgeois. individualistic. fussy. idealistically. capable. unsure. vigorous. intuitive. determined. suggestible. vain Moon node-Virgo: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: sociable. proudly. industrious. potently. feelingly. vain Moon node-Capricorn: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: objective. conservative. disciplined. rational. balancing. peaceful. instinctive. cordial. fussy. hard. artistic. sociable. slowly Ascendant-Gemini: communicative. clean. self-sacrificing. sociable. sociable. treacherous. . vain. speculative. difficult Ascendant-Aquarius: progressive. lonely. determined. mistrustful. precise. objectively. restless. congenial Moon node-Leo: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: creative. conservative. clever. spiritually Ascendant Ascendant-Aries: impulsive. easily. proud. patient. fighting. acquiring. extremely. lazy Ascendant-Scorpio: instinctive. dominant. shallow. curious Moon node-Cancer: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: sensitively. destructive Medium coeli-Taurus: concerns especially profession and society: sensuous. self-complacent. idealistic. practical Ascendant-Libra: sociable. artistic. polite. coquettish. concentrated. congenial. sensitive. religious. irresolute. vain Ascendant-Capricorn: seriously. restless. considerately. moodily. familiar. opportune Moon node-Scorpio: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: power-willingly. industrious. profund. capable. comfortable. reliable. eccentric. serious. vain. adventurous Ascendant-Pisces: sensitive. slowly. vain. witty. flexible. independently. dreamily. moralistic. self-confident. sensitive. careless. unconventional. easily. cautious. thoroughly.Moon node-Gemini: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: communicative. labile. dependent. polite. forceful. cautious Moon node-Libra: concerns especially the evolution farther environment: sociable. nervous. individualistic. unrestrained. acquiring. destructive. magnanimously. luxurious Ascendant-Virgo: thorough. diligently. abysmally. loyal.

vain Medium coeli-Virgo: concerns especially profession and society: sensible. spiritually Activity Quadrants Quadrant I: releasings of unconsciously basic activity. suspect. negotiate. transmissions. passive. distancely. amuse. want get something through. yield. cordial. simple. dream. rest. witty. celebrate. feel. rational. artistic. wait Extraversion: implement. give order. lasting. plan. be silent. remind. believe. write. believe. treacherous. mock. proved. self-confident. profund. ductile. open activities. critical. collective actions Quadrant IV: conscious evolutions. authoritarian. consider. liberal Medium coeli-Capricorn: concerns especially profession and society: objective. achieve. ingenious. forseeable. loyal Medium coeli-Gemini: concerns especially profession and society: communicative. conquer Elements Fire: want. achieve. sensuous. limit. disturb. celebrate. lead. feel. mediate. harmonious. difficult Medium coeli-Aquarius: concerns especially profession and society: individualistic. extremely. calm. fix. receive. show. clever Medium coeli-Cancer: concerns especially profession and society: sensitively. speed up. seductively. travel Water: feel. idealistic. run. progressive. talk. speed up. arrange Quadrant III: conscious solutions. attack. fight. research. restless. proud. lazy.sociable. optimistic. acquire. thorough Medium coeli-Libra: concerns especially profession and society: polite. encounter. build up. thorough. hurt Activity Adaptability: care. try. impart. industrious. self-complacent. serious. renew. lead. neglected. advise. activate. instinctive. vain. detach . expect. want. think. show off. dependences. arrange. quarrel. speed up. advise. attack. organize. adventurous Medium coeli-Pisces: concerns especially profession and society: dependent. impress. forget Signs Aries: fight. secure. religious. set up on one's own. critical. speed up. forget. discuss. flexible. calmly. play Earth: work. advance. undertake. regressive activities. peaceful. drink. be silent Air: learn. cultivate Will-power: have one's way. lead. secure. test. lose. help. importants Direction Introversion: plan. conceal. maintain. formal. think. reliable. comfortable Medium coeli-Scorpio: concerns especially profession and society: power-willingly. read. care. suggestible. criticize. begin. create. encounter. sensitive. extensive. bear. cultivate. build up. long-term. search. spend. moody. difficult Medium coeli-Sagittarius: concerns especially profession and society: sociable. balance. sociable. realisations. demonstrative action. repair. nervous. conceal. conservative. familiar. considerate Medium coeli-Leo: concerns especially profession and society: creative. sociable. start off. sociable. cautious. check. experience. secure Quadrant II: concealed evolutions. accept.

modernize. negotiate. conceal. inform. gladly play Sun-Ascendant: want. hurt. suspect. amuse. protect. doubt. forgive. waste. play Sun-Moon: think and act emotionally. intoxicate Moon-Mercury: encounter. talk. engage. research. care. remind. clean Libra: embellish. work. intoxicate. receive. care. receive. excite. extinguish Moon-Jupiter: believe. help. control. surmount. suspect. build up.Taurus: build up. sell. quarrel. penetrate. disappoint. help. receive Moon-Medium coeli: make conscious feelingly. analyze. make a present. lead. take influence. search Sun-Pluto: dominate. change Sagittarius: believe. interpret. lead. modernize. want to lead others. quarrel. care. plane. undertake. supply. gladly bind oneself Moon-Ascendant: may comply. react feelingly. play. improvise. protect. write. search. organize. hurt. explain. deceive. paint Moon-Pluto: arouse. test Pisces: help. give. lead. arrange. quarrel. speculate. receive. think. determine. meet Moon-Venus: encounter. lose. balance. discover. play. learn. create. wish. engage. travel Scorpio: seize. distrust Moon-Uranus: encounter. experiment. impress. help. disappoint. give up. create. impress. nibble. win. forget . impress. react instinctively. keep distance. rest. care. criticize. build up. travel Capricorn: build. adorn. dramatize Sun-Medium coeli: want to manage important. weaken. wait. work. remind. learn. impress. amuse. wish. hold Sun-Uranus: rebel. ward off Moon-Moon node: feel courteous. speed up. overcome. speed up. spoil Moon-Saturn: brood. criticize. tell. control. collect. spoil. trust. organize. celebrate. care. fall in love. believe. hamper. speed up. teach. reward. conceal. care. undecide. celebrate. acquire. attack. help. yield. protect. organize Sun-Saturn: build up. make happy. engage. bind oneself. distance. wish. waste. care. hamper. test. quarrel. tolerate. suspect. buy. suspect. search. negotiate. inform. lead. talk Mercury-Venus: buy. offend. assert oneself. modernize. disturb. acquire. fear. free. bear Moon-Neptune: feel. cultivate. influence. contest. serve. plan Sun-Venus: love. yield. expand. fix. travel. learn. excite. defense. wait. separate. fear. sell. change oneself. amuse. celebrate. save. consider. celebrate. disturb. talk. talk. suspect. surprise. exaggerate Virgo: arrange. encounter. criticize. research. marry. engage. penetrate. condemn. impress publicly. play. shut. talk. sense. remind. sense. amuse. protect. undertake. seduce. protect. cultivate. evade Planet aspects Sun: want. make known Moon: encounter. test Sun-Neptune: neglect. impress. publicly help. sense. increase. save. destroy Sun-Jupiter: encounter. criticize. convey. intoxicate. learn. preserve. love. speed up. travel. buy. penetrate. quarrel. dissociate. encounter. lose. lead. flirt. test. suspect. lead. finish. sing Gemini: encounter. build up. celebrate. act creatively. check. secure. speed up. act dreamily. consider. protect. support oneself for others. discuss. meet. encounter. criticize. clear up. destroy. engage. speed up. lead. help. criticize. collect. deepen. refuse. discuss. try. nibble Moon-Mars: encounter. amuse. work. speed up. give up. command. celebrate. impress. amuse. react spontaneously. . amuse. yield. bind oneself. fantasize. motivate. deceive. bind oneself. force. free. explain. give. yield. encounter. help. enjoy. disturb. deceive. decrease. control. disturb. play. encounter. adapt. mediate Sun-Mars: assert oneself. determine. protect. analyze. forget. wish. amuse. remind. feel. renounce. keep distance. deny. contest. help in common. bind oneself. amuse. judge. wish together. receive. attack. dream consciously Mercury: encounter. play Cancer: bind. celebrate. celebrate. support. bind oneself. inspire. repair. travel. optimize. receive. reconcile. give Sun-Mercury: encounter. discuss. build up. consider. negotiate. play. yield Leo: want. amuse. economize. intoxicate. fix. doubt. fall in love. receive. strive Aquarius: revolt. confuse. conceal. try. cure. obtain Sun-Moon node: cooperate creative. cultivate. enjoy. embellish. help. become pregnant. celebrate. suspect. amuse.

speed up. threaten. expand. amuse. break off. intoxicate. waste. save. convince. remind. inform. hold out. embellish. marry. judge. research. buy. violate. control. disturb Mars-Jupiter: lead. accuse. free. dissociate Mars-Medium coeli: obtain. force. celebrate. enjoy Jupiter-Saturn: build up. receive. win. waste. explain Mercury-Saturn: plan. shape. disturb. destroy. prevent. intersperse oneself. exaggerate. find out. travel. penetrate. negotiate. engage. impress. crave. forget. travel. hurt. amuse. negotiate. break out Mars-Neptune: penetrate. hurt. threaten. sell. command. uncover. give. maintain. analyze Mercury-Uranus: develop. discover. chatter. govern. decide. deceive. publicly mediate. command. suppress. win Venus-Saturn: build up. preserve. evade Venus-Pluto: crave. believe. avenge Mars-Moon node: work with others. cultivate Venus-Mars: encounter. use. disturb. bind Venus-Moon node: fall in love. deceive. advise. act affectedly. Mercury-Mars: speeds up think. build up. become lonely Venus-Uranus: revolt. celebrate. fall in love easily. order. celebrate Venus-Ascendant: encounter amused. enjoy. enjoy together. sell. have an accident Mercury-Neptune: feel. speed up. judge. catch. yield. negotiate. criticize. impress publicly. play. brood. make conscious will. seduce. blackmail. react accelerated. chatter. lose. act. excite. outwit. deceive. hinder. threaten. believe. advise. quarrel. cut off. meet Mars: fight. bind-separate. research. command Mercury-Moon node: advise informative. command. study. quarrel. quarrel. buy. criticize. protest. explain. seduce. modernize. break up. penetrate. convince. outwit. play. achieve. bind oneself. negotiate. attack. decrease. talk. organize meetings. punish. create. play Mercury-Medium coeli: inform purposeful. seduce. quarrel. encounter many. wish. assert oneself. uncover. doubt. intoxicate. fight. sponge. activate. travel Mars-Pluto: fight. amuse itself. yield. lead. advise. organize. examine. impress. create. excite. amuse oneself. investigate. bind oneself Mercury-Ascendant: explain. consider. criticize. discuss. flee. celebrate. court. exaggerate. achieve. yield. embellish publicly. talk. publish. offend. order. dissociate. support. impress. dissociate. organize. travel Mercury-Jupiter: encounter. build up. win. organize. fall ill. buy. enjoy. dance. want to solve it radically Mars-Ascendant: want. conceal Mercury-Pluto: convince. quarrel. meet peacefully. criticize. buy. mistake. organize Jupiter: believe. spy. dispute. quarrel. disturb. . speed up. suppress. fall in love. discuss. modernize. think. amuse oneself. bear Venus-Neptune: swarm. preserve. bind oneself. suggest. uncover. swarm. protect. collect. receive. find fast solutions. criticize. fall in love easily. activate Venus-Jupiter: encounter. research. ward off. consider. quarrel. know more. celebrate. quarrel. check. control. disturb and fight together. meet Venus-Medium coeli: encounter binding. meet. travel Mars-Saturn: work hard. struggle oneself. require. hit. speculate. quarrel. dominate. waste. undertake. protest. quarrel. conquer. judge. criticize. keep firmly. adorn. excite. conquer. organize. caught. engage. oblige. sell. reconcile. control. study. speed up. search. outwit Venus: encounter. dig Mars-Uranus: surprise. adorn. quarrel. distrust. attack. organize.

lose. care. surprise. search. make conscious for sense. overwhelm. supervise. free. believe. search secretly. yield. travel. travel. search. travel Uranus-Medium coeli: rebel. damage. free. find. repair. win Saturn: build. surprise. think slowed down. convince. control Uranus: rebel. believe. give up. react instructively. fall. engage Neptune: suspect. free socially. fear. sink. free. surprise. engage. help. impress. react harmfully. burden. modernize. lead. deceive. publish ingeniously. force. punish Saturn-Uranus: arouse. lead. clear up. mission Jupiter-Ascendant: judge liberal. leave. critizice. transform. consider. engage. distance. command organize. neglect. change. lose Pluto: seize. explain confusedly. believe. conquer. strive persistently Saturn-Ascendant: react hampered. organize. modernize Jupiter-Neptune: encourage. advertise. break up. believe. control. control. seize. disassociate. amuse. discover. travel Jupiter-Medium coeli: search. decide and act responsibly. secure. meditate. seduce. lead. inspire. crave. examine. leave. win. believe. cure. release Jupiter-Pluto: dominate. punish. convince. lose. waste. judge dutifully. separate Uranus-Ascendant: revolt. deceive Uranus-Pluto: break off. lose. command. research. be hampered. penetrate. secure Saturn-Medium coeli: hampered publicly. clear up. mistake. quarrel. clear up publicly. repair. examine. change Uranus-Moon node: bind oneself individually. travel. idealize. deceive. shock. distance. influence. meditate. believe. end. secure Jupiter-Uranus: organize. experiment. search. overcome. disassociate. wait. intoxicate. exaggerate. separate. reduce Saturn-Pluto: suppress. be conscious intuitively. believe. help. control. unsettle. travel. support. forget. experiment Uranus-Neptune: rebel. search for other . get out. damage. overlook. criticize. make conscious boundaries. penetrate. speed up. decrease. regret. search for ethical solutions. disassociate. strive. examine. conceal. think and work slowly. influence radically. withdraw. refuse. change. overcome. free purposeful. attack. disturb meetings. speed up. compute. leave Neptune-Ascendant: react slowed down. wait with others. talk. believe. help. quarrel Saturn-Neptune: search. lead. control Jupiter-Moon node: encounter many. depart. conceal Neptune-Moon node: give up. influence. control. disturb. examine. judge publicly. build. celebrate publicly. assert oneself aside. intoxicate. keep secret Saturn-Moon node: cooperate hard. rule. disassociate. plan. defer problems. set up on one's own. sense. quarrel. waste. submerge Neptune-Pluto: deprive of power. pray together. lose. hamper. organize together. disturb.arrange. collect. block. fix. motivate. conceal. help. confront. explore. rebel. lose. express oneself solemnly. meditate. confuse. penetrate Pluto-Moon node: conquer others. engage. expand. shut. deepen. conceal. flee. force. expose. act secretly. work alone. change intentionally. modernize. deceive Neptune-Medium coeli: suspect. struggle oneself hard. believe. discharge. express oneself confusedly. search for long.

travel Sun-Capricorn: build. meet others. sell. lose. play. urge. react. talk. travel Moon-Pisces: feel. suspect. transform Sun-Sagittarius: believe. protect. disappoint. activate. want to achieve. spoil Moon-Gemini: encounter. bind. care. love. modernize. clear up. obtain. play Sun-Leo: want. talk. remind. believe. serve. express oneself Ascendant-Medium coeli: aware of something. waste. amuse. buy. criticize. constitute Planets and signs Sun Sun-Aries: fight. explain. economize. inform. publish. crave. feed. revolt. intoxicate. criticize. fight. decide. celebrate. travel. retreat Moon-Aquarius: release. enjoy. expect. wish. suspect. motivate. organize. believe. plan. travel. judge. believe. afraid. organize. learn. engage. love. rule. dissociate. conceal Moon-Sagittarius: believe. try. teach. waste. outwit. forgive. inform. evade Moon Moon-Aries: want. quarrel. amuse. test. speed up. strive Sun-Aquarius: free. adorn. control. want. change. save. be attracted of other. hurt. speed up. amuse. fear. desire Medium coeli: make conscious. encounter. give. quarrel. fantasize. search. disturb Sun-Taurus: build up. wait. search problem solutions. dissolve. advertise Sun-Gemini: encounter. lead. protect. establish in society. protect. suspect. help. celebrate. sense. act and express in common. entertain. tell. clean Sun-Libra: embellish. secure. cultivate. keep distance. buy. outwit. publish suggestive. receive. protect. clean. excite. think. assert oneself publicly. give up. make conscious problems. publish Moon node-Ascendant: bind oneself. amuse. improvise. control Pluto-Ascendant: influence spontaneously. deceive. celebrate. secure. suspect. talk. love. remind. lead. disturb. achieve. deceive. remind Moon-Libra: embellish. strive common goals Ascendant: decide. convince.approaches. collect. amuse. yield. act. react dominant. bind. conceal. receive. strive. economize. tolerate. cultivate. . play Sun-Pisces: help. receive. amuse. cultivate. collect. care. want to solve problems Moon node-Medium coeli: bind oneself publicly. achieve. imagine. collect. refer on it. advertise Moon-Virgo: arrange. study. speed up. force. defense. advertise Moon-Cancer: receive. conclude. refuse. forget. dissociate. care. think. help. dominate. attack. suspect. interpret. flirt. nibble sweets. achieve. help. distrust. arrange. intoxicate. spoil. quarrel. buy. negotiate. deepen. save. balance. insert oneself for it. check. outwit. determine. care. deny. yield. engage. motivate. undertake. support. advertise Sun-Cancer: receive. conceal. teach. amuse. protect. advertise Sun-Virgo: arrange. work. amuse. develop oneself in it. receive. engage. advertise Sun-Scorpio: influence. refer. care. retreat Moon-Leo: think and act emotionally. act. celebrate. trust. cultivate. learn. doubt. expect. modernize. want to encounter with others. admire. encounter oneself publicly. mistake. consider. explain. preserve. celebrate. doubt. inspire. play. command. fast. require. play. determine. research. wish. amuse. influence. enjoy. help. conceal. celebrate. speed up. trust. are able be come up. assert oneself. impress. think. clear up. bind. enjoy. tolerate. test. encounter. excite. strive. analyze. create. speculate. moralize Moon-Capricorn: brood. hurt. advertise Moon-Scorpio: arouse. command. surmount. hamper. overcome. control Pluto-Medium coeli: influence consciously. sense. impress. test. save. tell. command Moon node: combine. devise. love. fix. react. research. enjoy. exaggerate. enjoy. ward off Moon-Taurus: feel. celebrate. collect. remind. care. negotiate.

command. grip. crave. inform. undertake. amuse. embellish. sponge. fantasize. care. mediate. receive. use. care. amuse. travel. serve. advise. play. fall in love. check. advertise. become pregnant. impress. modernize. make friends. speed up. amuse. enjoy. discuss. adorn. preserve. engage. collect. sell. play. motivate. sell. amuse. modernize. negotiate. study. flirt Mercury-Scorpio: control. lead. believe Mercury-Aquarius: experiment. acquire. collect. expose. flirt. discuss. meet Venus-Cancer: love. attack. advise. meet. serve. swarm. encourage. spy. enjoy. motivate. try Mercury-Pisces: doubt. explain. sex. travel. explain. teach. influence. enjoy. discuss. travel. blackmail. check. search. interpret Mercury-Leo: mediate. tolerate. expose. adorn. negotiate. stimulate. court Venus-Gemini: buy. order. bind. flirt. cultivate. criticize. forget. protest. heal. waste Venus-Scorpio: crave. relish. expose. invent. shape. believe Mars Mars-Aries: fight. remind. encounter. celebrate. confuse. adorn. quarrel. play. advertise Mercury-Taurus: buy. talk. travel. suppress. celebrate. encounter. test. receive. build up. write. seduce. protect. amuse. mißtrust. distrust. excite. sell. sing. speed up. collect. remind. analyze. create. search Mercury-Sagittarius: encounter. quarrel. judge. discover Mercury-Libra: encounter. impart. believe. embellish. bind. waste Venus-Virgo: engage. retreat Venus-Aquarius: revolt. think. amuse. save. quarrel. protest. celebrate. protect. write. amuse. search. economize. amuse. advertise. travel. release. flirt. strive. undertake. engage. harvest Venus-Libra: encounter. advertise Venus Venus-Aries: crave. talk. negotiate. criticize. advertise Venus-Taurus: gather. accuse. amuse. discuss. play. inform. celebrate. suppress. advertise Mercury-Gemini: learn. criticize. detach. impress. distrust. control. play Mercury-Virgo: arrange. act. clean. buy. control. flirt Venus-Pisces: swarm. distance. buy. quarrel. assert oneself. convince. organize. mistake. encounter. obtain. speed up. buy. speculate. encounter. spoil. adorn. hit. deceive. negotiate. embellish. nibble Venus-Leo: love. dance. encounter. quarrel. try. collect. quarrel. offend Venus-Sagittarius: encounter. brood. quarrel. achieve. entertain. travel. save. flirt. spoil. help. measure. advise. become isolated. encounter. require. motivate. encounter. feel. believe. excite. outwit. disturb . clear up. believe. research. advertise Venus-Capricorn: build up. trust. cultivate. conceal. celebrate. embellish. love. celebrate. find out. celebrate. disturb. quarrel. consider. bind. threaten. amuse. travel Mercury-Cancer: think over. mission Mercury-Capricorn: plan. resist. meet. possess. play. criticize. intoxicate. teach. paint. tell. celebrate. seduce. quarrel. fall in love. cultivate.retreat Mercury Mercury-Aries: speed up think. separate. impress. save. convince.

risk. dominate. check. court. advertise. advertise Mars-Virgo: criticize. give. break up. experiment. examine. convince. use. inspire. force. organize. convince. climb Saturn-Taurus: build up. trek. search. ward off. engage. distrust . surrender. attack. support. impress. excite. cultivate. deceive. engage. studies. court Mars-Scorpio: encounter. advertise. test. force. explore. break out. defense. cure. grip. teach Jupiter-Scorpio: impress. tolerate. expand. think. crave. judge. test. celebrate. conquer. rebel. threaten. accuse. social engage Jupiter Jupiter-Aries: lead. suppress. criticize Mars-Aquarius: free. advertise Jupiter-Gemini: encounter. conquer. impress. break up. protect. try. impress. advertise Jupiter-Taurus: negotiate. meet. fight. reform. govern. defense. build up. buy. encounter. criticize. celebrate. exaggerate. lose. achieve. dominate. release Saturn Saturn-Aries: work. insure. judge. protect. check. encounter. amuse. defuse. lose. collect. assert oneself. help. give. control. protect Mars-Libra: crave. fight. study. quarrel. work. conquer. convince. celebrate. speed up. avenge Mars-Sagittarius: lead. expect. tolerate. protect. intoxicate. amuse. impress. support. exaggerate. apply. extend Jupiter-Capricorn: build up. resist. offend Mars-Leo: lead. excite. rule. act. play. amuse. dig. collect. sell. quarrel. encounter. judge. hurt. oblige. trouble. research. criticize. encounter. find out. control. quarrel. dominate. enjoy. fight. crave. analyze. teach. mistake. build up. hurt. win. plan. preserve. discuss. reconcile. work. waste. travel. clear up. criticize. support. celebrate Jupiter-Leo: lead. conquer. seize. negotiate. travel Jupiter-Pisces: believe. fix. missionary engage. organize. acquire. idealize. spoil. penetrate. believe. control. buy. think over. quarrel Mars-Gemini: speed up. acquire. fish. arrange. meet. control. encounter. travel. conquer. preserve. obtain. fight. engage. repair. attack. catch. engage. advertise Mars-Cancer: penetrating. travel Mars-Capricorn: work heavily. depart. flee. judge. shape. caught. attack. spoil. organize. talk. build up. advertise Jupiter-Cancer: believe. invetigate. judge. order. prevent. help. encounter. celebrate. celebrate. support. control. prevent. encounter. destroy. celebrate. convince. play. acquire. revere. hold out. command. flirt. negotiate. fight. conquer. save. convince.Mars-Taurus: crave. motivate. celebrate. restore. organize. organize Jupiter-Virgo: know. convince. hold out. waste. resist. advise. outwit. organize. encounter. intoxicate. enjoy. take advantage Jupiter-Sagittarius: lead. enrich oneself. cure. expand. reward. retreat Jupiter-Aquarius: organize. break off. experience. organize. expand. control. punish. amuse. disturb Mars-Pisces: avoid. meet. believe. think. force. break off. advertise. buy. meditate. provoke. react. release. found. heal Jupiter-Libra: encounter. travel. shape. quarrel. travel. organize. find.

punish. sink. risk. distance. separate. remind. test. give up. flee. lose. engage. attack. try Uranus-Pisces: rebel. oblige. free. play. social engage. burden. test. travel Uranus-Leo: revolt. study. brood. caught. punish. condemn. train. hurt. plan. emancipate. experience Saturn-Cancer: brood. save. engage. uncover. control. distance. speculate. believe. discover. fear. modernize. forbid. experiment Uranus-Taurus: rebel. oblige. preserve. amuse. lose. brood. punish. distance. leave. travel. control oneself. play. motivate. protect. relish. teach. advertise Uranus-Virgo: experimenting. encounter. control Saturn-Libra: preserve. keep secret. sponge. risc. forbid. distance. disturb. modernize. offend. distance. respect. confuse. plan. save. mistake. play. modernize. distance. travel. modernize. shut. disturb. speculate. test Saturn-Pisces: discharge. believe. wait. plan. wait. control Saturn-Virgo: criticize. order. distance. disturb. force. block. excite. distance. neglect. force. advertise Neptune-Gemini: think up. speed up. enjoy. arrange Saturn-Capricorn: build. rebel. disturb. hurt. suppress. plan. criticize. risk. plan. burden Saturn-Aquarius: confront. quarrel. collect. invent. love. suspect. distance. plan. drown. doubt. research. mißtrust. excite. engage. hamper. separate. advertise Neptune Neptune-Aries: evade. travel. confuse. search. measure. encounter. think. research. control. clarifies. cure. swarm. conceal. engage. mistake. collect. experiment. suppress. distrust. distance. reform. catch. modernize. free. offend. forbid. protect. advertise Uranus-Capricorn: confront. engage. surprise. improvise. disturb. forget. remain calm. examine. break out. uncover. quarrel. travel. travel. condemn. dig up. seduce. disturb. dessociate. criticize. engage. quarrel. shock. amuse. plan. social engage. engage. disturb. bury. free. believe. preserve. break up. defuse. distance. engage. modernize Uranus-Libra: rebel. get hurt Neptune-Taurus: amuse. engage. wait Saturn-Leo: rule. dance. deceive. speculate. conceal. educate Saturn-Scorpio: rule. mourn. compute. discover. call in. judge. leave Uranus-Sagittarius: encounter. surrender. speed up. offend. offend. secure. control Saturn-Sagittarius: rule. hurt. get drunk. travel. invent. fear. amuse. advertise . overcome. divide. fix. clear up. dissolve Uranus Uranus-Aries: free. lose. depart. rebel. entertain. clear up. modernize. hurt. clear up. chide. experiment. dissolve. conceal. fight. fear. free. study. achieve. advise. lose. research. fall in love. secure. test. distance. judge. protest Uranus-Cancer: release. intoxicate. brood. advise. dominate. order. analyze. force. experiment. protect. hurt. leave.Saturn-Gemini: plan. experiment Uranus-Aquarius: separate. fish. save. plan. free. travel Uranus-Gemini: encounter. advertise Uranus-Scorpio: break off. excite. test. risc. surprise. collect. shut. penetrate. judge.

travel. deceive. suspect. amuse. amuse. release. protest. enchant. fantasize. spy. seduce. doubt. pray. control Pluto-Leo: impress. yield. get hurt Moon node Moon node-Aries: work with others. acquire. control. want to solve it radically. help. find out. conceal. social engage. surmount. clear up. impress. forbid. free. build up. fall in love Moon node-Gemini: advise informative. celebrate. separate. give up. heal. examine. lose. organize. control. care. swarm. react instinctively. impress. idealize. talk. quarrel. exaggerate. intoxicate. search. protect oneself. create. wish together. advertise. deceive. retreat Neptune-Aquarius: rebel. advertise Pluto-Capricorn: suppress. control. control Pluto-Taurus: rule. penetrate. penetrate. hurt. attack. conceal. advertise. waste. pray. amuse. use. search. criticize. check. crave. celebrate. discharge. quarrel Moon node-Cancer: feel courteous. quarrel. find fast solutions. organize Pluto-Libra: crave. influence. amuse. dread. amuse Pluto-Virgo: examine. exaggerate. investigate. believe. impress. talk. keep secret. break up. possess. brood. infect. spy. play. inspire. conquer. intoxicate. supply. associate others. disturb and fight together. intoxicate. love. criticize. search. suspect. avenge. deepen. order. conceal. release. forget. deprive. forget. bury. lose. impress. seduce. doubt. attempt. separate. advertise. trouble. convert. examine. fear.Neptune-Cancer: conceal. quarrel. sex Pluto-Gemini: convince. examine. shut. degenerate. organize meetings. influence. command. clean. speculate. help. social engage. conceal. advertise. conquer. excite. yield. mistaken Neptune-Pisces: suspect. weaken. cure. degenerate. adorn. attack. influence. suppress. quarrel. neglect. gladly bind oneself . dissolve. forgive Neptune-Leo: love. lose. remind. advertise. intoxicate. penetrate. organize. encounter. serve. seize. suppress. change. release. infect. uncover. rule. investigate. conceal. deceive. convince. burden. advertise. surprise. criticize. advertise. command. get hurt Neptune-Sagittarius: believe. outwit. speculate. use. give up. lose. speculate. leave Pluto-Pisces: deprive. celebrate. seize. discuss. threaten. revere. deceive. dig up. search. rule. meditate Pluto Pluto-Aries: fight. search. order. command. command. examine. encourage. surmount Pluto-Aquarius: break off. disappoint. obtain. ward off. care. uncover. mission. conceal. mediate publicly. force. wait. lose. meditate Neptune-Scorpio: conceal. mistake. protest. lose. obtain Pluto-Sagittarius: convince. experience Neptune-Libra: swarm. control. conceal. lose Neptune-Virgo: brood. travel Neptune-Capricorn: distance. help in common. advertise Moon node-Taurus: collect with others. help. flee. seize. likes celebrate. crave. waste. inform. defense. advertise Pluto-Cancer: influence. sponge. speculate Pluto-Scorpio: seize. yield. believe. penetrate. deceive. meditate. trust is important. overcome. order. shock. conceal. command.

build up. give up. command. organize. negotiate. talk. meet. secure. become friends. enjoy. may trust. talk. enjoy. protect. reconcile oneself. advertise Moon node-Virgo: want to check all precisely. speculate. amuse. travel Moon node-Pisces: be under influence. modernize. celebrate Moon node-Scorpio: conquer others. social engage Ascendant Ascendant-Aries: fight. mediate. wish. love. play. receive. save Medium coeli-Gemini: behave accelerate. distance. rule. want to lead others. buy. entertain Medium coeli-Cancer: dream consciously. explore Moon node-Sagittarius: encounter many. want. criticize socially. secure Ascendant-Gemini: encounter. determine. play. impress. disturb. talk. amuse oneself. study. deepen. organize. command. talk. entertain. amuse oneself. enjoy. lose. conceal. modernize. research Ascendant-Pisces: help. waste. cultivate. impress. intersperse oneself. love. amuse. consider. its will makes conscious. negotiate. secure. test. travel. motivate. social engage. speed up. search for ethical solutions. learn. make conscious feelingly. try. amuse oneself. inform. dissolve. conceal. search for new solutions. buy. lead. speed up. bind oneself. maintain. wish much. arrange. advertise Ascendant-Cancer: receive. pray together. criticize. create. help publicly. undertake. mission Moon node-Capricorn: cooperating hard. strive persistent. overcome. control Moon node-Aquarius: bind oneself individually. surmount. celebrate publicly. engage Ascendant-Capricorn: build. love. protect. hamper. long wait. believe. teach. repair. travel. economize Ascendant-Libra: embellish. attack. yield Ascendant-Leo: want. organize. trust. judge. search for other approaches. plan. search concentrated. remind. disturb. sense. buy. control. tolerate. intervene Ascendant-Scorpio: influence. criticize. believe. engage. flirt. test. advertise Ascendant-Virgo: arrange. put order. assert oneself aside. cure. help. care for others. change. embellish meetings. collect Moon node-Libra: bind oneself socially. possess. regret. influence radically. manage arrangement. . test. control Ascendant-Aquarius: free. engage. care. celebrate. play. search. celebrate. collect. organize together. organize. research. clear up. save. give. save. amuse oneself. inform. inspire. publish. be hampered. force. clear up. crave. impress. investigate Ascendant-Sagittarius: believe. suspect. celebrate. search secretly. distance. think. convince. quarrel. free socially. care. detach Medium coeli-Taurus: collect. sell. balance. enjoy. sell. entertain. work unstable. retreat Medium coeli Medium coeli-Aries: want assert oneself. lead. celebrate. amuse oneself. collect. meet. gladly play. analyze. impress publicly. outwit. defer problems. yield. command. outwit. test. strive. control.Moon node-Leo: cooperate creative. revolt. deceive. research. care. evade. celebrate. hurt Ascendant-Taurus: build up. uncover.

control Medium coeli-Aquarius: change deliberate. advertise Medium coeli-Virgo: criticizing publicly. public. teach. intrinsic values. clear up publicly. command Medium coeli-Sagittarius: search. be hampered publicly. beginnings. organize. sense. deceive. retire. harder things and people. own vigour. overcome. lose. aim-oriented. modernize. believe. collective unconscious Quadrant III: society. personal unconscious Quadrant II: nature. remind Medium coeli-Leo: want create important. art. autonomous. individuality. stranger Upper: conscious things. abilities. foreign country. basics.receive. vigour. collective consciousness Quadrant IV: effort. nature. society. target West: the you. professional. possession. external values. experience. publish ingeniously. gladly buy. feeling. lead. external values. acquire. association. rationality. leading. future Direction Introversion: rest. structure. enterprise. the other. public. embellish publicly. check others. awakeness. analyze Medium coeli-Libra: make conscious cultivately. reserve. search. gladly play. vigour. frankness. finding. evade. intrinsic values. religion. foreigners. feeling. feeling. including. home. teach. known East: ego. talk. lead. reform. impress publicly. test Medium coeli-Pisces: suspect. art. objectivity. finding. past. enterprise. inner life. take possession. body. formation. immediates. think and work slowly. explain confusedly. mediality Will-power: more activer. make conscious for sense. past reference Extraversion: frankness. arrangement. feeling. reference of presence-future Activity Adaptability: more passiver. participating. family. judge publicly. conscious plans. abilities. to transform. outside world. make conscious boundaries. quality. subjectivity. mediate with others. personal consciousness. make conscious order. save. engage Medium coeli-Capricorn: strive dutifully. basics. building. immerse in other. religion. intellectual-psychological. dream. rise. try much. conceal. convince. observing. instinct. intimacy. to influence. law. obtain. soul. self-realization. community Quadrants Quadrant I: self-reference. think. help Motives Hemispheres Down: unconscious things. experience. state. everyday life. values. more tender things and people. quantity. wait. free. driving. home. support oneself for others. public. wish Medium coeli-Scorpio: want to hold. research. celebrate. structure Quality . destinations. intuition. will.

home. health. stairs. task. airport. information. salary. Libra: relationships. metal Taurus: safety. will. unsures. poison. work. lab. law. neighbors. mission Capricorn: mountains. contracts. trips. birth. traditionals. pleasants Elements Fire: energies. fashion. garden. jewelry. initiative. traffic. ghetto. hotel. constancy. theaters. hots. evolutions. castle. constitution. home. service. law. dreams. conversation. religion Dynamic Cardinal: energy. leisure time. scaffold. tension. mass media 4: soul. electricity. small vehicles. tradition. ship. attitude. communication. weapon. bed. building. risks. condition. food. film. masculines Earth: mountains. tool. fountain. store. industry. parliament. idea Fixed: tradition. basement. apparatus. entertainment. abilities. economy. adaptation. siblings. subordinates. media Water: waters. hotel. workshop. self. enterprise. kitchen. family. hobbies. harvest. authority. fog. tensions. school. destination. medias Signs Aries: energy. picture. computer. ruin Aquarius: industry. jewelry. plants. possession. business. money. education. adaptation. memorial. things. conviction. traffic. order. fire. losses 3: knowledge. accident place. village. rock. boat. home. garden. sports equipment. cosmetics. field. ship. small vehicles. store. will. medicine. things. mass media. home. luxury. trip Cancer: waters. acquisition. harvest. court. drug. city. claims. museum. semiluxury. importance. meetings. palace. natural tendency. enterprises. leadership. food. clothing. wilds. ice. prison. documents. computers. color Classical fields 1: ego. possession. experiences. collection. letters. hot springs. detail. consumption. obstacles. games. bed. books. death. occults Sagittarius: religion. wealth. family. sea. apartment. brothel. status symbols. effect. complications. beginning. challenges Constructive: more positive energies. duty. instruments. buildings. news Pisces: forest. inner. reaction. school. music. building. fashion. palace. food. supporting Mobile: traffic. movables. grave 5: love. creativity. olds. refuse. news. form. behavior. results. justice. hospital. effort. game. exhibition. immediates 2: possession. penchants. medicine. safety Air: news. wall. experiences. chemistry. boundary. parliament. strength. vacation 6: work. house. knowledge. money. game. art. profit. Bible. intimate. language. profit. stove Virgo: office. measurements. regeneration. securing. theater. peace. socials . university. market. power. field. food. clothing Scorpio: swamp. mail. unconscious. unconscious. volcano. aim. work. gate. cleaning. socials. expression. casino. talents. headways. communication. church. structure. villa. business. railway station. shore. safety. writing. collection. order. knowledges. church. market. family. possession. parents. trouble. collection. subordination.Destructive: more negative energies. sports grounds. works. fortune. art. work. initiative. machines. medicine. profit. arena. cloister. art. machines. children. jewelry Gemini: school. hole. fortress. letters. inn Leo: society.

mother. stove. authority. self. super-subconscious. father. conviction persons. things and places of fighting. defense. authority. theater. climax. central task. university. food. power. turn. duty. professional world. stranger. girl. bed. societies. aim. recognition Sun-Saturn: body-spirit-law. meeting place. family. successful woman Moon-Saturn: soul-feeling-law. child. heir. university. fashion 12: isolation. court. wishes. ideals 10: consciousness. art. idea. milk. finding. abundance. food. drug. law. coolness Moon-Uranus: soul-feeling-freedom. large vehicles. parents. home. rest. spirit-harmony. medias. mysticism Sun-Pluto: body-spirit-power. ambush. peace. sea. childhood. worry. success. home. trip Moon-Venus: soul-feeling-love-art. thunderstorm. electricity Sun-Neptune: body-spirit-dissolution. mountain. external possession. misfortune place. consultation. passivity. boundary. places of leisure time. game. public Moon: soul. fruit. mother. chemistry. old age. beauty. tradition. ports. state. feeling. surprise. spirit-feeling consciousness-unconsciousness. luxury. woman. dangers. visitors. operation. garden. home. meeting Sun-Ascendant: body-spirit-expression. comfort. church. great assembly. excitement. current. psychological activity. mind. vessels Moon-Mars: soul-feeling-strength. food Sun-Mercury: body-spirit-intellect.7: contacts. park. illness. resignation. revolting feelings. flowers Sun-Mars: body-strength. consciousness. technique. ship. promotion. stove Sun-Moon: body-spirit-soul. decision. cloister. thoughts. active woman. old woman. food. children. fraud. responsibility. will. community sense. unconscious. spontanity. current. church. might end. waterpower Moon-Jupiter: soul-feeling-fortune. society. heritage. cradle. mother. illusion. religion. light. breakthrough. communication. prison. duty. electricity . commons 8: death. school. book. will. man-woman-relation. tradition. prohibitions. sacrifice. ending Planet aspects Sun: body. self. country house. family. life. city. language. sports and works. taboos. school. hospital. fish. consciousness. spirit strength. mother. letter. father grandpa Sun-Uranus: body-spirit-freedom. tension. profit. social security. spirit. machine Sun-Jupiter: body-spirit-fortune. young woman. renown. presents. work. ego. marriage. last will. woman. nature. deads. revolt. importants 11: common characteristics. water Moon-Mercury: soul-feeling-intellect. peace. abundance. home conflict. patriotism. social position. magic Sun-Moon node: body-spirit-connection. stubborn woman. separation. lack. government. work. family. foreign country. reputation. super-ego. individuality. authority. depth. brain. partnership. mother. youth. contracts. esoteric 9: world view. things. debt. garden. duty. courting couple. conflicts. worth. celebration. subsoil. travels. market Sun-Venus: body-love. patrons. institution. young woman. be aware of realize Sun-Medium coeli: body-spirit-aim. organization. politics. progress. friends. court. fertility. family. concealed strengths and authority. history.

rebel. pact. emancipation. economy. artistic aim. free love. mystic Moon-Pluto: soul-feeling-power. boy. free art. sex. estuary. wind. community of interests. mother. dedication. thought suggestion. vacation Mercury-Mars: intellect-strength. erotic dedication. woman. language. waters. concealed. traffic Mercury-Uranus: intellect-freedom. celebration. speech. hippie. journalism. cash Venus-Uranus: love-freedom. school. deads. finding. plants. . negotiation. message. social public Mercury: intellect. strategy. consciousness. embryo Mercury-Moon node: intellect-connection. woman. fraud. mail. celebration. erotism. mysticism Venus-Pluto: love-power. feminine consciousness. investigation. fashion. drug. history. technique. water lily. market. vice. girl. hypnosis. ballerina. plan. vehicles. pleasure society. school. youth. enlightenment. perception. illusion. meeting. speed. drugs. beauty. art. excuse. confrontation. restaurant Moon-Medium coeli: soul-feeling-aim. exposure. revolutionary ideas. creation. music Venus-Neptune: love-dissolution. school. airplane. sex. mother. nomad Mercury-Pluto: intellect-power. jewelry. love letter. beggar. report. girl. prayer. ardent art. tomb. streets Mercury-Ascendant: expression-intellect. brain. woman friendships. intense pleasure. school. flower Venus-Mars: love-strength. art. macho. university. gypsy life. clothing. peace. image. logic. fashion. document. mental task. women. tactics. prosperity. opinion. society. family. woman-man-relation. identity card. opinion. criticism. cave Moon-Moon node: soul-feeling-connection. jewelry. idea. country lives. medias. mind. pleasure. home. vision. entertainment. poetic. travel Mercury-Saturn: intellect-law. information. memorial. vision. woman. hope. basement. book. artistic expression. decision. design. mother tie. praise Venus: love. art. experience. wish. car. bed. ghost. medias. dream consciousness. work of art. pleasure. nuisance. rhetoric. hypothesis. dissolute life Venus-Moon node: love-connection. social aims. waters. travel Mercury-Medium coeli: intellect-aim. attraction. courting couple. art. investigation. grave. pleasure. boat. woman. finding. exploration.Moon-Neptune: soul-feeling-dissolution. imagination. fashion. wood. relish Venus-Saturn: love-law. literature. mother. inner task Moon-Ascendant: soul-feeling-expression. tradition. brothel. reality flight. fountain. family. minerals. social place. joy. beauty. art workshop. artistic task. medicine. beauty. illusion. computer Mercury-Neptune: intellect-dissolution. courting couple. night. investigation Mercury-Venus: intellect-love. garden. taboo. medias. engine Venus-Jupiter: love-fortune. art friends Venus-Ascendant: love-expression. idea. constitutional law. traffic Mercury-Jupiter: intellect-fortune. museum. traffic. adventure. matriarchate. villa. friendship. art opinion. relationship. economy. business. market. cosmetics. writing. health club. poetic. misstake. student. child. mirror Venus-Medium coeli: love-aim. youth groups. sympathy. old woman. dream.

current. superiors. mausoleum. operation. father. fight community. ship. promotion. father. sex. church. ideal. vision. heritage. addiction. stock exchange. church. mountains. man. society Mars: strength. motorway Saturn-Neptune: law-dissolution. father. loading. grandpa. mountain. shore. machine. advantage Jupiter-Ascendant: fortune-expression. duty. judge. travel. power change.diplomacy. distinction. accident. responsibility. cemetery Saturn-Medium coeli: law-aim. poverty. victory. belief. weir. ship. machine Mars-Medium coeli: strength-aim. victim. popularity. old people's home. court. conquest. brothers. competition. dogma. courage. evolution. father. leader. olds. trophy Jupiter: fortune. weakness. record Mars-Moon node: strength-connection. cemetery. hope. progress. inspiration. mountains Jupiter-Uranus: fortune-freedom. news. automatization. compulsion. fraud. abroad Jupiter-Saturn: fortune-law. unexpecteds. old people. superiors. cemetery Saturn-Uranus: law-freedom. decline. promotion. control. body. conflict. body. grief. barracks. cave Saturn-Moon node: law-connection. machines. gate. vision. urge. war. ocean. vehicle Mars-Jupiter: strength-fortune. superior. mourning. ruin Uranus: freedom. rhythmics Uranus-Neptune: freedom-dissolution. monastery Saturn-Ascendant: law-expression. electricity. ship. hiking life. rich men. popularity. honor. tool. magic. modernization. hero. psychiatry Saturn-Pluto: law-power. court. memorial. humanist. flood. man. energy. accident. success. death urge. conflict. chemical . ruin. fishing. father. weapons. city. patriarch. sense of duty. worker. suppression. man. sand. belief. port. patrons. fixed. railroad. weapons. speculation Jupiter-Pluto: fortune-power. blood. speculation. boundary. joy. duty fulfillment. destruction. hippie. tactics. barracks. industry. leader. loneliness. blockade. revolution. state. luck. finding. promising task. waste Jupiter-Medium coeli: fortune-aim. father. father. conscience. utopia. heavy. ghetto. victory. heavy-weight. boundary. basement. destruction Mars-Uranus: strength-freedom. machine. father. honor. current. father. old. purse. island. father. conscience. money Jupiter-Moon node: fortune-connection. court. fulfillment. resistance. statics. fighting consciousness. success. monastery. grandfather. advantage. flash Mars-Neptune: strength-dissolution. ancestors. grandfather. sport club. state. building. man. loneliness. cloister. sacrifice. success. hunt. friends. accident. taboo. performance. father. empire. accident. medicine. monastery. asceticism. travel urge. service. danger. colleagues. depth. disaster. iron. abundance. bank. isolation. energy. castle. comrades. knife. underworld. progress. vehicle Mars-Saturn: strength-law. enforcement. drive. trance Mars-Pluto: strength-power. leisure time Jupiter-Neptune: fortune-dissolution. organization. rockfall. promotion. desert. sports equipment. victory. shock. difficult task. active task Mars-Ascendant: strength-expression. operation. breakthrough. work. olds. father. upheaval. defect. university. hospital. night. reform. superiors Saturn: law. initiative. hero. crisis. alarm. disaster. rock.

sexuality-birth-death-filth Pluto-Moon node: power-connection. alternations. search itself solutions. meaning task. transience. staff. renewal. seduction Moon node: connection. withdrawal. machine Sun-Taurus: body-strength-form-safety. trap. event. imagination. . plants. loss. collective. mistake Pluto: power. family. breaking off. cloister. spirit-feeling. realization Ascendant-Medium coeli: expression-aim. discovery. market Sun-Cancer: body-spirit-soul. dream. mood. sublimation Planets and signs Sun Sun-Aries: body-strength. street. medias. fear Pluto-Medium coeli: power-aim. victim. climax. secret. consciousness. dream. nuclear physics. separation. authority. idol. swamp. self-liberation. charisma. transformation. record Uranus-Moon node: freedom-connection. disguise. things and places of fight. compulsion depth. self. field. self-fraud. food Sun-Leo: body-spirit-forming. breakthrough. movement. hospital. tradition. transformation. community sense. authority. consciouses-unconsciouses. garden. possession. ignorance. transformation. camouflage Neptune-Medium coeli: dissolution-aim. needy. metaphysics Uranus-Pluto: freedom-power. investigation Pluto-Ascendant: power-expression. spirit-strength. sense. crossroadses. volcano. communication. vision. addiction. color. intention. accident. victory. public. intentions of separation . youth. public. tradition. machine Uranus-Medium coeli: freedom-aim. self-confidence. fascination power. agreement between basis and further development Medium coeli: aim. unconscious. ancestors. ghetto.industry. power consciousness. will. heroism. underworld. sea. upheaval. liberation movement. outside-inner self-assertion. fog. light. communication. media event Moon node-Medium coeli: connection-aim. garbage. magic. collection. business. knowledge. operation. wilderness. medias Ascendant: expression. news. organization. reformists. task. environment. parents. art. belief in progress Neptune: dissolution. will. school. community aim. realization. medias Moon node-Ascendant: connection-expression. dream consciousness. society. ascetics. children. atmosphere. fraud Neptune-Pluto: dissolution-power. trance. money. beginning. mysticism. sacrifice. reaction. consciousness. assertion of tasks. creation. idea. secret knowledge. imagination. excitement. chaotic persons. liberation. loneliness. relish Sun-Gemini: body-spirit-intelllect. mysticism Neptune-Moon node: dissolution-connection. alternation. powerlessness. stranger. assembly. of work. water. everyday life. suggestion power. barracks. idealism. secret. therapy center. father. forest. food. technician team. secret societies Neptune-Ascendant: dissolution-expression. unconscious. highbrows. sectarian Uranus-Ascendant: freedom-expression. meeting. food. perception. birth. drug. of sport. opposition. activity. bridge. society. soul depth. leader. country. thoughts. addicts. accident. authority. concealed strength. worth.

concealeds. news. wish thinking. clouds. books. wind. money. history. hotel. perception. conflict. feeling. vehicles Mercury-Taurus: intelllect-form safety. rock. expectation. caretaker. fruits. conscience. pond. fairytale. order. book. entertainment. park. court. bank. pilgrimage. waters Moon-Leo: soul-feeling-forming. vision. breakthrough. field. utopia. documents. result. night. medias. unconscious. garden. electricity Sun-Pisces: body-spirit-dissolution. letter. harvest Sun-Libra: body-spirit-harmony. healing. art. cave. home. country. mountain lake Moon-Aquarius: soul-feeling-freedom. excitement. wish. journey . student. books. dreamer. kin. traffic. tomb. diplomacy. steering wheel. super-subconscious. university. passivity. embryo. news. purity. taboo. dedication. virgin. cleaning. heating. church. parking. plants. history. miracle. field. order. girls. mysticism. mistress. pet. history Mercury-Gemini: intelllect. news. deads. cold. surprise. illusion. lovers. bowls Moon-Scorpio: soul-feeling-depth. cure. speculator. concealed strength and authority. philosophy of life. mind. flowers. house. parting. healing. width. milk Moon-Gemini: soul-feeling-intelllect. jewelry. christen. beauty. talk Moon Moon-Aries: soul-feeling-strength. witch. game. waterpower. medicine. imagination. source Moon-Pisces: soul-feeling-dissolution. tradition. art. family. language. tradition. religion. medium Mercury Mercury-Aries: intelllect-strength. progress. illusion. journey Moon-Cancer: soul. guest Moon-Capricorn: soul-feeling-law. wall. rest Sun-Aquarius: body-spirit-freedom. childhood. measurements. luxury. medicine. student. business. mail. tactics. worry. possession. results. boy. masculine-ambitious woman. revolting feelings. olds. harvest Moon-Libra: soul-feeling-harmony. school. hold. service.stove Sun-Virgo: body-spirit-analysis. youth. technique. feasts. religion. decision. patriotism. letter. travel Sun-Capricorn: body-spirit-law. mother. farmer's wife. hypnosis. experience. idea. dream. kitchen. serious woman. grave. work. vision. market. details. consciouses-unconsciouses. government. magic Sun-Sagittarius: body-spirit-ideals. quarrel. document. medicine. reform. emancipated woman. champagne. play rooms Mercury-Cancer: intelllect-soul-feeling. idol. hotel. ship. courting couple. food. messenger. school. art. childhood. family. boundary. memory. mountains. heritage. field. passion. school. cup. clothing. comfort. pump Moon-Taurus: soul-feeling-form-safety. idol. waters. bed. food Moon-Virgo: soul-feeling-analysis. office. basement Moon-Sagittarius: soul-feeling-ideals. traffic. duty. longing. fish. celebration. language. sense-search. journalism. peace Sun-Scorpio: body-spirit-depth. sermon. longer negotiations. duty. defense. opinion. possession. food.

journalism. comfort. field. love letter. music. strategy. experience. negotiation. vice. matriarchate. literature. hippie. land. purity. intrigue. defense. brothel. order. cosmopolite. tool. nomad Venus Venus-Aries: love-strength. drug Mars Mars-Aries: strength. sympathy. medias. mail. park. vigour. urge. art. spiritually dedication. gypsy life. motorcycle. water lily. art. command. parlor lady. poem. dance Venus-Pisces: love-dissolution. secret. athlete. logic. memorial. vehicle Mars-Taurus: strength-form-safety. sports equipment. business. mermaid. enlightenment. books. mother. iron. wind. traffic Mercury-Aquarius: intelllect-freedom.Mercury-Leo: intelllect-forming. court. lame. Aphrodite. free love. finding. safety. cradle. music. service. celebration. fruit. art. fraud. uncovering. barracks. art. decision. cash Venus-Aquarius: love-freedom. weapons. books. advertising. economy. food. globetrotter. university. macho. fashion Venus-Cancer: love-soul-feeling. attraction. foreigners. research. mother. exotic girl. courier. machine. technique. judgment. money. entertainment. archive. rose. possession. collection. serious woman. tradition. sex. friendship. clothing. thought. theater. museum. social safety. psychological activity. investigation. land. emancipation. fruit Venus-Gemini: love-intelllect. student. tree. home conflict. traffic Mars-Cancer: strength-soul-feeling. possession. body. patriotism. talk. pact. office. home. sex. father. field. rebel. amazone. ballerina. gift. research. imagination. result. knife. minerals. hotel. tool. ornament. tactics. innovation. order. philosophy of life. Casino Mercury-Virgo: intelllect-analysis. smart student. country lives. friendship. fruit. youth. harmony. art workshop. details. youth. wages Venus-Libra: love. pleasure. harvest. . beggars. feast. villa. lily Venus-Scorpio: love-depth. revolutionary thoughts. report. wood. school. vehicles. literature. pets. free art. hole Venus-Sagittarius: love-ideals. burden car Mars-Gemini: strength-intelllect. opinion. conciliation letter. travel Venus-Capricorn: love-law. wages Mercury-Libra: intelllect-harmony. receptacles Venus-Leo: love-beauty-forming. company chief. securing. speculation. mistake. boy. adventure. details. feast. advertising. beauty. Bible. society. secretary. commitment. confrontation. soldier woman. health club. illusion. milk. car Venus-Taurus: love-form. purity. luxury. computer Mercury-Pisces: intelllect-dissolution. excuse. pots. fashion Mercury-Scorpio: intelllect-depth. thief. measurement. archive. reality flight. workshop. erotism. service. ardent art. sermon. secret Mercury-Sagittarius: intelllect-ideal. muse. result. joy. villa. idea. pigeon. jewelry. medias. praise speech. book. concert. art. bed. travel Mercury-Capricorn: intelllect-law. wages Venus-Virgo: love-analysis. farmer. student. market. office. prayer. airplane.

land. injection. mountains. beau. shoes. investigation . order. contest. home search. social. electricity. veteran. responsibility. dance. father. heaviness. traffic Jupiter-Cancer: fortune-soul-feeling. divine service. history. old mountain farmer. things and places of fight-sport-game. superior. bank. mission. mountain climber Mars-Aquarius: strength-freedom. blockade. sermon. healing. purity. dynamics. hunt. blockade. evolution. success. player. villa. stove Mars-Virgo: strength-analysis. success. magician. result Jupiter-Libra: fortune-harmony. suppression Saturn-Taurus: law-form. knights. possession. wood. travel Jupiter-Scorpio: fortune-depth. judge. arena. mind. memorial. airplane. achievement. ethic. fertility Jupiter-Leo: fortune-finding. border. courage. religion. better work. university. estate owner. money. safety. blood. luxury Jupiter-Virgo: fortune-analysis. church. field. operation. rescue cars. prosperity. pilgrim. magic. ship. law. congress. school. strategy. adventurer. society. workshop. stock exchange. details. honor. statics. religion. casino Jupiter-Sagittarius: fortune. mercenary. wall. cure. vehicle. courage. memorial. education. monastery. library. theater. palace. loading. humanist. traffic Mars-Scorpio: strength-depth. peace. loading. victim. fishing. vision. father. competition. weapons. scholar. tinkerer. hero. victory. court. revolution. master. order. university. leader. stock exchange. mountains. compulsion. sympathy. state. spear. progress. material. friend. travel Jupiter-Taurus: fortune-form. event. tradition Saturn-Gemini: law-intelllect. speculation. leisure time. heir. measuring instrument. spy. order. underworld. bank. family. travel urge. barracks. mausoleum. trance Jupiter Jupiter-Aries: fortune-strength. dogma. ardor.waterpower. pathos. car. abroad Jupiter-Capricorn: fortune-law. pump Mars-Leo: strength-forming. modernization. traffic Jupiter-Pisces: fortune-dissolution. art collection. business. speculation Saturn Saturn-Aries: law-strength. mountains Jupiter-Aquarius: fortune-freedom. father. logic. hope. result Mars-Libra: strength-harmony. city. statics. worker. judge. culture. service. service. cleaning. celebration. missionary. economy. aristocracy. grandpa. memorial. operation. fire. details. money. harpoon. vehicle Mars-Capricorn: strength-law. worker. honor. art workshop. winner. flash Mars-Pisces: strength-dissolution. beauty surgery. rock. art. parents. tinkerer. art. Utopicist. feast Jupiter-Gemini: fortune-intelllect. honor. record Mars-Sagittarius: strength-ideals. book. herald. heaviness. profit. travel. celebration. peace. philosophy. ocean. church. cognition. machine. sex. health club. medias. declaration. museum. land. will. experience. castle. safety. sailor. way. experiment. university. weakness. fraud. ship. scholars. creation. patriarch. father.

music. vision. deceased. news. unexpected. underground. cemetery. fashion. prison Uranus Uranus-Aries: freedom-strength. changeable states of possessions. poverty. progress. island. medias engineering Uranus-Virgo: freedom-analysis. plan. history. hippie. accident danger. transformation. negotiation. resistance. expedition. tomb. vision. evolution and discovery. home. grandpa. logic. waste. justice. conscience. desert. trance Neptune-Taurus: dissolution-form-safety. cemetery Saturn-Aquarius: law-freedom. breakthrough. farmhouse. entertainment. nuclear physics. airport Saturn-Pisces: law-dissolution. tremor. technique. idea. old authority. forbidden fruits. avantgartist. father. impostors. metaphysics Neptune Neptune-Aries: dissolution-strength. court. grandpa Saturn-Virgo: law-analysis. old people's home. measurement. healing powers. operation. service. entertainment. accident. revolting feelings. precious stones. revolution. motorway. result Saturn-Libra: law-harmony. responsibility. revolution. player. order change. lame. state. household technique Uranus-Leo: freedom-forming. trip Uranus-Scorpio: freedom-depth. flood. father. death urge. hospital. adventures. memorial. bank. store. sand. adventures. mountains. machine. belief. evolution. construction. free art. imagination. revolutionary ideas. motorway. taboo. monastery. fixed. boundary. dance. justice. enlightenment. tradition. reform. tradition. olds. books. trip Uranus-Cancer: freedom-soul-feeling. strange order. state. jewelry Saturn-Scorpio: law-depth. computer. airplane. tension. villa. superiors. rhythmics Uranus-Pisces: freedom-dissolution. dogma. ship. diplomacy. disaster. patriarch. sacrifices. industry. machine. hippie. breakthrough. airport Uranus-Aquarius: freedom. utopia. court. emancipation. shore Neptune-Gemini: dissolution-intelllect. ship. vagrant life. port. ruin. railroad. flash Uranus-Taurus: freedom-form-safety. church. chemistry. castle. building. weakness. project. excuse. heavy weight. night. businesses. speed. cave. duty. tax. prayer. parting Saturn-Leo: law-forming. natural love. changeable employer relation. loss. railroad. traffic engineering Uranus-Capricorn: freedom-law. intoxicating celebration. electricity. anarchy. fraud. parents. duty. drug. duty. medicine. details. breakthrough. surprise. industry. order. chemical industry. ghetto. rules.Saturn-Cancer: law-soul-feeling. educator. fashion. dust. patriarch. investigation Saturn-Sagittarius: law-ideals. intellectual and technical adventures. technique Uranus-Gemini: freedom-intelllect. industry. utopia. ebb. separation. medias. construction. electricity. country life. victim. hospital. beggars . accident. fish. revolution. gate. worry. grave. hards. secret. recycling Uranus-Sagittarius: freedom-ideals. crisis. turn. danger. mistake. computers Uranus-Libra: freedom-harmony. mountains Saturn-Capricorn: law. art collection.

magic. garbage. details. travel into the under-overworld. cleaning. capitalism. social dedication. medicine. power. deceit. entertainment. submarine Moon node Moon node-Aries: connection-strength. secret Pluto-Cancer: power-soul-feeling. pleasure society Moon node-Gemini: connection-intellect. flood. concealed. possession-land-field. youth groups. drug. secrecy Pluto-Aquarius: power-freedom. far home longing. utopia. reality flight. ship. land-field-dunghill. underworld. vision. game. death. secret mysticism Pluto Pluto-Aries: power-strength. acting task Moon node-Taurus: connection-form-safety. heir. weapon Pluto-Sagittarius: power-ideals. sexuality. ghetto. poverty. spy. birth. attraction. confrontation. vision. negotiation. dream castle. value change. friends. intrigue. underworld. possession. cave Pluto-Leo: power-forming. transformation. mysticism. large waters. island. natural order. olds. game. romanticism. taboo. wilderness. dream. basement. color. renewal. mausoleum. hypnosis. flora. intense relationship changes. deads. hospital. hypnosis. fashion. fashion. imagination. war Pluto-Taurus: power-form-safety. sexuality Pluto-Gemini: power-intelllect. synthesis Neptune-Libra: dissolution-harmony. erotic-spiritually dedication. art. sports club. mental task. breakthrough Pluto-Virgo: power-analysis. church. shore. cemetery. popularity. exposure. deads. old people's home. soul deep. travel urge. public nuisance Pluto-Scorpio: power. plants. taboo. wilderness. medicine. business connections. net. religion. market. unconscious. magic.Neptune-Cancer: dissolution-soul-feeling. humanism. colleagues. cure. super-unconscious. submarine Neptune-Sagittarius: dissolution-ideals. dream world. illusion. ardor art. ship. dirt. tradition. crisis. vision. voyage of discovery Pluto-Pisces: power-dissolution. refuse. drug. cave. concealed order. depth. shock. adventure. concealed strengths and authority. picture. barracks. hero cemetery Pluto-Capricorn: power-law. hippie. deceit. grave. medicine. ancient-home. investigation of every kind. shores. comrades. prison Neptune-Aquarius: dissolution-freedom. business. sex. underworld. wandering life. bunker. tomb. dream. powerlessness. mystic Neptune-Leo: dissolution-forming. cosmetics Neptune-Scorpio: dissolution-depth. forest. weapons. trap. drug. command. healing. port. medical and social service. inner cleaning and healing powers. compulsion. volcano. foreigner. secrets-magic. monastery. asceticism. disaster. basement. medicine Neptune-Virgo: dissolution-analysis. ocean. revolution. deads. medias. depth. original. ardor. sea. ardor. profit. microscope. money. night. powerlessness. art. ocean. brothers. result Pluto-Libra: power-harmony. pact. streets . transformation. cloister. metaphysics Neptune-Pisces: dissolution. community of interests. combat community. concealed evolution. mysticism Neptune-Capricorn: dissolution-law. vision. ebb. soul depth. paradigm alternation.

lodge Moon node-Capricorn: connection-law. olds. archive. central task. jewelry Ascendant-Gemini: expression-intelect. victory. unconscious. details. search itself solutions. trip . reformists. report. school. tool Medium coeli-Taurus: aim-form-safety. fear Ascendant-Sagittarius: expression-ideal. cure. urge. therapy center. conflict. palace. highbrows. secret societies Ascendant Ascendant-Aries: strength-expression. trip Ascendant-Pisces: expression-dissolution. result. arena. transformation. ghetto. reform. organization. machine. self-liberation. woman friendships. dirt. social place. purity. investigation Ascendant-Libra: expression-harmony. fashion. possession-land-field. communication. hole. fire. wall. ancestors. money. complicated task. fortress. conciliation. rational destinations. embellishment club. kitchen Ascendant-Virgo: expression-analysis. healing. court. society. ship. possession-land-field. liberation movement. big assembly Moon node-Virgo: connection-analysis. peace. performance. factory Ascendant-Taurus: expression-form-safety. loneliness. friendship. celebration. artistic expression. history. castle. tradition. school. news. collection. garden. measurements Moon node-Libra: connection-harmony. criticism. progress. technician team. adventure. mountain. societies. accident. hope. lab. hospital. travel Ascendant-Capricorn: expression-law and order. money. cloister. boundary. family. machines. fighting spirit. boat. vehicles. luxury. initiative. medias. travel group. order. sacrifice. fashion. finding. barracks. business. old people Moon node-Aquarius: connection-freedom. thought suggestion. medicine. securing. villa. theater. opinion. meeting. alternation. business. artistic task. firm of building. contract. harvest. inner task Moon node-Leo: connection-forming. work. order. game. flowers. culture. art lover. ruin Ascendant-Aquarius: expression-freedom. withdrawal. cleaning. entertainment. hero. grave. speech. result. monastery. memorial. community spirit. fountains. art.Moon node-Cancer: connection-soul-feeling. business. home. sporting attitude. drive. idea. books. pleasure. many meetings Moon node-Scorpio: connection-depth. sea. ascetics. literature. religion. belief. service society. sectarian Moon node-Pisces: connection-dissolution. office. transience. feasts. international connection. church. dream world. conquest. mother tie. monastery. collection. work. travel Ascendant-Cancer: expression-soul-feeling. mirrors Ascendant-Scorpio: expression-depth. restaurant Ascendant-Leo: expression-forming. idea. investigation Moon node-Sagittarius: connection-ideals. trophy. underworld. monastery. victim. associations with rules. praise. bed. hope. needy. rock. measurement. sexuality. conscience. forest. food Medium coeli-Gemini: aim-intellect. tool. secret. gate. service. city. unconscious. addiction Medium coeli Medium coeli-Aries: aim-strength. addicts. machine. scaffold. family. energy. moral task. university. chaotic persons. jewelry. body. waters.

villa. sensuality. resistance Ceres: fertility. rise. fortress. dream consciousness. difficulties. children. pleasure Aldebaran: vacillate self-assertion. beauty. promotion. invention Alderamin: idealism. wish. mysticism Asteroids. nutrition. beauty. library. hard works. mother. theater. frigidity. pain Lilith: feminine power. artistic aims. conflicts Hyaden: passion. Bible. literature. hard work. spirituality. damage Schedir: intellectual stress. boat. healing. peace. eye danger. difficulties. examination Hamal: intellectual stress. spirituality. passion. beauty. conflicts. art. reputation. agriculture. loneliness Alrisha: art. birth. hard work. harmony. utopia. promotion. suppression Fixed stars Deneb Kaitos: inhibition. loneliness Algenib: art. renewal. suppression. many relationships. suppression. heroism. wantonness. damage Merope: impulsiveness. gate Medium coeli-Aquarius: aim-freedom. ardour. intellectual stress. fertility. liberation. result. concentration. superiors. relationships. esoteric. honor. cheerfulness. beauty. prosperity. idealism. loneliness. sociability. hardness. politics Juno: feminine power in the marriage. dedication. airport. justice. self-assertion. damage Algol: spiritual stress. luck Baten Kaitos: seriousness. market. conversation Medium coeli-Virgo: aim-analysis. loneliness. family. self-assertion. mediality. computer. loss . difficulties. prosperity. suppression. rhetoric. damage Plejaden: impulsiveness. idealism. spirituality. idealism. illusion Mira: intellectual challenges. magic. dangerous energy. danger. progress. art. power. society. wantonness. egoism. cloister. sexual sacrifice. culture. education. hope. culture. measurement. voluptuousness. perseverance El-Scheratain: impulsiveness. conflicts Mirfak: impulsiveness. . science. order. rock. church. suppression. melancholy. science. imagination. travel. service. hardness. underworld. trip Medium coeli-Pisces: aim-dissolution. sexuality. humanism. authority. difficulties. religion. hardness. sacrificing and power compulsions. pleasure Menkar: seriousness. difficulties. social aims. justice. speculation. misstake. intellectual stress. damage Zankar-Eridan: inhibition. virgin. ocean ship.. cheerfulness. love. home. loneliness. danger. details. difficulties. danger. ambition. restlessness. mysticism Sirrah-Alpharat: art. illusion Mirach: art. sensuality. religiousity.. hard work. dangerous energy. hard work. wildness. conflicts. upbringing. vision. education. railway station. hard work. damage Alnair: seriousness. danger. mysticism. examination. investigation Medium coeli-Libra: aim-harmony. harmony. conflicts. popularity. examination. inhibition. misfortune Ain borealis: art. mountain. industry. conscience. harmony. humanism. public. fashion Vesta: discipline. depression. career. hardness. Chiron: intuition. pleasure. love. sea. safety. suppression. boundary. depression. wantonness. order. sacrifice. education. religiousity. education. love. passion. revenge. family Medium coeli-Leo: aim-forming. ruse. duties. memorial. travels Medium coeli-Capricorn: aim-law. village. abundance. collection. game. difficulties. forest. justice. love. examinations. loneliness. popularity. magic. suppression. fear Medium coeli-Sagittarius: aim-ideals. university. examination. intellectual stres. science. weakness. sociability. religiousity. danger. culture. office. teacher. intellectual-ethical aims. health. diplomacy. feminine consciousness. duty consciousness. enigmatic intentions. court. society. purity. damage. danger. inhibition. mediality. passion. strain. examination. intellectual-communicative power. mysticism Alamak: art. loss. fashion Medium coeli-Scorpio: aim-depth. healing.Medium coeli-Cancer: aim-soul-feeling. longing. intellectual creativity. worry Pallas: art. examination.

art. success. rhetoric. restlessness. inhibition. strain. society. art. intellectual and communicative power. friendliness. difficulties. criticism. wantonness. intellectual-communicative power. conflict Asellus australis: self-assertion. success. suppression. art. restlessness. intellectual power. loneliness. popularity. risk Alnilam: self-assertion. difficulties. prosperity. hard work. difficulties. vigour. passion. intellectual works. immorality. restlessness. danger. danger. illness. conflicts Denebola: self-assertion. hard work. spirituality. melancholy. damage Beta-Delta-Scorpii: intellectual stress. ambition. luck Unuk: stress. social success Phachd: stubbornness. aggressiveness. stubbornness. intuition. war. success Yed I: impulsiveness. success. sensuality. fiction. mediality. politics. misfortune . depression. market. military. poison. danger. society. risk. concentration. suppression. passion. addiction danger. adventures. hard works. danger. conflicts Vindemiatrix: seriousness. conflict Benetnash: impulsiveness. intellectual and communicative power. risk Menkalinam: wavering self-assertion. cheerfulness. ambition. examination Al Jabhah: self-assertion. success. risk. sociability. intellectual and communicative power. intellectual-communicative power. sociability. intellectual and communicative power. suppression. misfortune. prosperity. traveling. self-assertion. stubbornness. passion. damage. loneliness. spirituality. criticism. danger. passion. science Al Heka: impulsiveness. conflicts Zosma: seriousness. wantonness. cheerfulness. prosperity. ambition. conflicts Sertan-Akubens: restlessness. concentration. depression. misfortune Seginus: seriousness. popularity. examination Spica: art. social success. difficulties. restlessness. self-assertion. melancholy. damage. danger. popularity. risk Tejat: art. conflicts Procyon: impulsiveness. creativity. thickness. lead-will. conflicts Alioth: impulsiveness. pleasure Alhena: art. science. cheerfulness. passion. power. science. unrest. addiction Kiffa australis: stress. fiction. slyness Capella: art. damage. sensuality. rhetoric. eye danger. literature. addiction danger. hard work. sensuality. restlessness. sensuality. hard works. courage. danger. society. misfortune. society. ambition. accident Kochab: self-assertion. difficulties. difficulties. power. spirituality. cheerfulness. science. sociability. conflict. damage. lead-will Ras Elased: seriousness. success Bungula: art. success. success. restlessness. pleasure. difficulties. pleasure. success Arkturus: impulsiveness. intellectual works. damage. spirituality. poisoning. ambition. criticism. consistency. society. danger. cheerfulness. popularity. danger. prosperity. politics Bellatrix: self-assertion. rhetoric. ambition. conflicts. inhibition. science Sirius: self-assertion. cheerfulness. intellectual and communicative power. wantonness. weakness. self-assertion. love. wantonness. difficulties. toughness. restlessness. intellectual and communicative power. danger. wantonness. erotism. restlessness. melancholy. sociability. danger. difficulties. resistance. love. conflicts. difficulties. belligerenty. concentration. success Phakt: art. literature. science. wantonness. risk Canopus: seriousness. risk Polaris: seriousness. prosperity. self-assertion.Rigel: self-assertion. science. risk Princeps: idealism. suppression. morality. concentration. society. success Acrux: idealism. difficulties. difficulties. depression. self-assertion. intellectual and communicative power. dangerous vigour. conflicts Merak: impulsiveness. danger. sociability. difficulties. passion. rhetoric. addiction. love. love. morality. examination Alphard: seriousness. politics. courage. criticism. sensuality. criticism. lead-will. society. damage Kiffa borealis: idealism. politics. loneliness. success. objectivity. misfortune. addiction risk. restlessness. intellectual and communicative power. science. damage. damage Agena: art. danger. self-assertion. difficulties. conflicts. popularity. damage. suppression. military Praesepe: impulsiveness. prosperity. melancholy. danger. danger. market Pollux: impulsiveness. damage. sensuality. politics. communicative power. examination Wasat: seriousness. success Nath: self-assertion. prosperity Becrux: idealism. science. society. passion. wantonness. conflicts Regulus: self-assertion. danger. intuition. examination Algorab: stress. love. market. examination Mizar: impulsiveness. objectivity. difficulties. belligerenty. damage Antares: self-assertion. examination Beteigeuze: self-assertion. prosperity Gemma: art. science. love. examination Castor: art. conflicts Dubhe: impulsiveness. melancholy. prosperity. rise. science. courage.

philosophy. self-realization urge. creativity. conflicts Ettamin: seriousness. difficulties. danger. progress. sociability. creativity. advertising. spirituality. danger.Alwaid-Rastaban: seriousness. examination. idealism. idealism. stubbornness. melancholy. progress. ambition. acting. market Quadrant IV: self-confident. security. criticism. passion. idealism. therapy. loneliness. art. love pleasure. ambition. lead-will. science. success Deneb Cygni: art. courage. success Dhanab: impulsiveness. art. suppression. passion. therapy. restlessness. idealism. risk. spirituality. sociability. construction. loneliness. accident Adhara: impulsiveness. success Ascella: impulsiveness. hard work. rise. religon. suppression. weakness. art. basic type. suppression. concentration. melancholy. success Vega: art. responsibility. science. examination Medium Galaxis: seriousness. society Sabik: objectivity. aims Direction Introversion: searcher type. science. danger. study. examination. archive Quadrant III: objective mediator type. ambition. passion. conflict. ambition. lead-will. relationships. esoteric Extraversion: maker type. journalism. popularity. esoteric. inventiveness. creativity. market. self-assertion. ambition Albireo: art. upbringing. inhibition. self-assertion. acquiring owner type. official type. accident. pleasure Dabih: impulsiveness. creativity. melancholy. product. addiction danger Lesath-Shaula: self-assertion. sensuality. self-assertion. consultation. science. teaching. wantonness. literature. cheerfulness. upbringing. security. science. conflicts. science. politics. survival instinct. idealism. success Giedi: impulsiveness. suppression. cheerfulness. freedom will. procurement. pleasure Sualocin: seriousness. art Will-power: enterprise. tourism Activity Adaptability: teaching. will Quadrant II: intuitive. hard intellectual work. courage. difficulties. examination. politics. market Atair: impulsiveness. idealism. religion. wantonness. sociability. politics. science. depression. upbringing. love pleasure. imparting. literature. science. justice. depression. idealism. social. adventures. planner type. idealism. success Markab: intellectual restlessness. literature. inhibition. politics. pleasure. loneliness. melancholy. creativity. realization. organizer type. humanism Sadalmelek: seriousness. melancholy. religion. technique. thinker type. success Nunki-Pelagus: impulsiveness. initiative chief type. market. culture. damage. loneliness. career. pragmating society urge. science. love. success Kaus borealis: self-assertion. criticism. literature. politics. sociability. idealism. history. politics. stress. hard work Ras Alhague: stress. intellectual stress. lead-will. adventure . passion. sensuality. danger. performance. talents. investigation. passion. success Achernar: self-assertion. cheerfulness. hard work. melancholy. creativity. misfortune Kaus australis: self-assertion. difficulties. hard works. traffic. misfortune Ras Algethi: art. imparting. psychology. loneliness Fomalhaut: art. conflicts Scheat: inhibition. idealism. spirituality. study. ambition. love. loneliness Deneb Algeti: seriousness. sensuality. passion. structuring. hard work Sinistra: stress. pleasure. popularity. military staff. simplicity. damage Profession Quadrants Quadrant I: instinctive. sensuality. lead-will. sensuality. creativity. religion.

communication. sport. reform. peculiarity. technique. evolution. therapy. office. upbringing. crisis management. military staff. adventure Pisces: religion. consultation. realization 2: own value. law. military. adventure Taurus: agriculture. psychology. religion. police. craft. medicine. upbringing. finances. industry. investigation. decision. politics. navy Classical fields 1: characteristic. adventure Earth: architecture. sport. military. literature. local traffic. politics. psychology. pension 5: creative potential. employees. evolution. economy. market. invention. transportation. administration. arrangement. physics. design. further development. building trade. superiors. products 6: working place. computer. bankruptcy. basic topic. pharmacy. loan capital. justice. biology. inventions. art. literature. documentation. tourism Virgo: teaching. art Sagittarius: enterprise. service. tourism Capricorn: architecture. service. acting. journalism. office. technique. esoteric. history. traffic. management. negotiations. religion. consultation. sport. accidents at work. study. logic. administration Aquarius: enterprise. office. art. gastronomy. tourism Cancer: catering trade. investigation. traffic. depth psychology. military. biology. politics. music. surgery. agreements. talks. speculation. concealeds 9: science. open enmities 8: power struggle. agriculture. mining industry. diplomacy Scorpio: economy. imparting. craft. earnings. catering trade. speculation. foreign relations. procurement. consultation. therapy. building trade. archive. art. agriculture. agriculture. research. police. acting. agriculture. economy. religion. industry. art. upbringing. promotion. upbringing. self-assertion. psychology. administration. findings. literature. agriculture. criminalogy. therapy. advertising. materials. customers. debts. craft. esoteric. competitors. navy Signs Aries: enterprise. career. physical and intellectual capabilities. craft. conceals. religion Libra: culture. long-distance traffic. office. privates. labor union 7: relationships. politics. pioneer. independence. industry. agriculture. social. real estate. painting. abilities. justice. tradition professions. culture. technique. flying. fashion. tourism Water: catering trade. market. administration. culture. market. advertising. study. pedagogy. consultation. entertainment. study. music. politics. acting. banking. literature. quarrel. politics. fashion. journalism. sale. craft. craft. responsibility. literature Leo: enterprise. medicine. talents. mood. justice. design. social. politics. religion. medicine. imparting. medicine. history Air: teaching. undevelopeds. insurance 3: basic education. public. politics.Quality Destructive: conflict. politics. processes 10: professional aim. examination. judges. real estate. banking Gemini: teaching. teaching. economy. upbringing. office. contracts. delivery. news 4: origin. sport. investigation. advertising. separation motive Constructive: order. connection motive Elements Fire: politics. losses. tourism. external boundaries .

consultation. ecology. film. restoration. politics. psychology. psychiatry. teaching. literature Moon-Mercury: upbringing. tourism Sun-Medium coeli: enterprise. art. religion. acting. literature. mistakes. gardening. procurement. mechanics. tourism Moon-Saturn: agriculture. espionage. accounting. history. budget Moon-Ascendant: upbringing. administration. gastronomy. office. upbringing. consultation. art. psychology. fashion. medicine. history. colleagues. agriculture. art. military. medicine. religion Sun-Saturn: architecture. acting. computer science. psychology. literature. check. politics. politics. medicine. medicine. industry. literature. politics. medicine. gardening. music. craft. tourism. psychology. catering trade. tourism Sun-Moon: catering trade. avant-gard. acting. psychiatry. pool. art. philosophy Sun-Uranus: evolution. adventure Sun-Jupiter: enterprise. office. mystic Moon-Moon node: upbringing. psychiatry Moon-Jupiter: politics. office. nursing. agriculture. team spirit. art. art. upbringing. gastronomy. social. pension age. pharmacy. prostitution. music. teaching. religion. military staff. investigation. art. acting. therapy. pediatrics. music. archeology Moon-Uranus: technique. socials. fashion. agriculture. occultism. military. diplomacy Sun-Mars: enterprise. household. consultation. police. hydraulics.11: plans. criminalogy. philosophy. ideas. advertising. gynaecology. literature. surgery. medium Moon-Pluto: depth psychology. sculpture. medicine. office. medicine. craft. psychology. transportation. office. enterprise. fire department. upbringing. physics. literature. lapses. upbringing. administration. evolution. literature. rest Planet aspects Sun: enterprise. upbringing. depth psychology. politics. upbringing. agriculture. . electrical engineering. technique. philosophy. relief. anarchy Moon-Neptune: agriculture. police. market. consultation. adventure. politics. religion. translation. medium Sun-Pluto: enterprise. biology. procurement. painting. banking. economy. teaching. police. guard service. psychology. consultation. procurement. agriculture. advertising. art. military staff. power engineering. reform Sun-Neptune: religion. religion. medicine. therapy. reform 12: misfortune. art. history. craft. dance. sport. office. exit. invention. chemistry. cosmetics. progress. tourism Sun-Ascendant: enterprise. literature Sun-Mercury: teaching. acting. tourism Moon-Venus: budget. study. imparting. sponsor. therapy. criminality. engineer Sun-Moon node: enterprise. industry. teaching. medicine. sale. craft. esoteric. secret enmities. office. art. politics. right. medicine. art. psychiatry. therapy. acting. teaching. upbringing. cosmetics. diplomacy Moon-Mars: household. tourism Moon: catering trade. therapy. invention. politics. consultation Sun-Venus: culture. culture. psychology. religion. religion. art. education. culture. history. flying. justice. art. sabotage. office. common interests. upbringing. agriculture. reform. medicine. strategy. religion. history. journalism. technique. therapy. justice. military. consultation.

diplomacy. literature. journalism. performer. advertising. banking. administration. advertising. consultation. fashion. engineering. acting. consultation. traffic. music. traffic. technique. photograph. craft. tourism Mercury-Ascendant: teaching. market. technique. computer. psychology. traffic. imparting. psychology. traffic. office. agriculture. police. industry. sport. computer. body-building Venus-Jupiter: culture. computer. journalism. traffic. sale. agriculture. Internet. publicity. advertising. film. office. jurisprudence. arts and crafts. building trade. market. literature. acting. diplomacy. imparting. cosmetics. traffic. acting. invention. sculpture. procurement. agriculture. tourism Venus: culture. procurement. advertising. diplomacy. anarchy. tourism Venus-Saturn: household. acting. fashion. politics. music. literature. flying. music. computer science Venus-Neptune: culture. literature. advertising. technique. acting. running commentary. running sport. craft. design. heavy work. advertising. surgery. bookshop. traffic. politics. restoration Venus-Uranus: avant-garde art. art. literature. upbringing. advertising. advertising. advertising. .budget Moon-Medium coeli: upbringing. mission Mars-Saturn: building trade. literature. surgery. market. consultation Venus-Ascendant: culture. diplomacy Mercury-Mars: imparting. fashion. office. fashion. medicine. agriculture. cosmetics. management. adventure Mars-Jupiter: enterprise. industry. budget Mercury: teaching. tourism. market. politics. physics. banking. music. acting. consultation Mars: enterprise. procurement. literature. procurement. psychology. gardening. enterprise. art. speculation. consultation. literature. design. esoteric Venus-Pluto: acting. teaching. fashion design. criminalogy Mercury-Moon node: teaching. acting. arts and crafts. imparting. consultation. journalism. consultation Mercury-Saturn: teaching. craft. therapy. diplomacy Venus-Mars: craft. politics. acting. acting. military. sport Mercury-Jupiter: teaching. library science. politics. music. music. right. propaganda. literature. bar. arts and crafts. flying. computer science. history. imparting. sport. study. procurement. tourism. film art. disbarment. acting. consultation. sale. imparting. fashion. tourism. reform Mercury-Neptune: art. music. advertising. cosmetics. acting. procurement. accounting. consultation. journalism. imparting. tourism. military. literature. religion Mercury-Uranus: engineering. photograph. painting. market. economy Mercury-Venus: culture. acting. advertising. military Venus-Moon node: culture. military. procurement. consultation Venus-Medium coeli: culture. market. upbringing. literature. literature. archive. art. advertising. mysticism Mercury-Pluto: politics. traffic. politics. politics. politics. craft. administration. tourism. office. police. medicine. prostitution. sale. geology. tourism Mercury-Medium coeli: teaching. computer science. technique. politics. engineer Mars-Uranus: technique. technology. traffic. advertising. religion. tourism. study. religion. traffic. prostitution. reform. tourism. running commentary. pioneer. advertising. esoteric. fashion. prostitution.

flying. psychology. enterprise. criminalogy. guard service. military. literature. reform Uranus-Moon node: enterprise. mysticism Uranus-Pluto: military engineering. office. justice. music. craft. adventure Jupiter: politics. office. craft. craft. sport. surgery. religion. physics. teaching. traffic. investigation. arm engineering. invention. police. banking Jupiter-Uranus: enterprise. inspection. criminalogy. building trade. therapy. politics. asceticism. adventure Mars-Ascendant: enterprise. mysticism Jupiter-Pluto: politics. industry. technique. film art. heavy work. justice. flying. adventures. therapy. sport. anarchy. history. craft. ecology. religion Saturn-Medium coeli: administration. traffic. police. sport. adventure . right. religion. upbringing. police. craft. investigation Saturn-Neptune: agriculture. adventure Mars-Medium coeli: enterprise. teaching. traffic. anarchy. history. industry. teaching. technique. prostitution Mars-Moon node: enterprise. painting. traffic. office. technique. acting. advertising. music. flying. office. industry. pharmacy. philosophy. philosophy. publicity. agriculture. music. agriculture. industry. art. flying. investigation. consultation. soundtrack. enterprise. guard service. invention. sport. physics. painting. surgery. evolution. sport. art. building trade. justice. banking. investigation. politics. invention. industry. philosophy. military. occultism Saturn-Moon node: administration. tourism. building trade. arts and crafts. advertising. esoteric. management. administration Saturn-Uranus: industry. economy. upbringing. building trade. politics. craft. fashion Uranus-Neptune: biotechnology. evolution. building trade. economy. administration. teaching. market. office. study. investigation. teaching. enterprise. justice. office. religion Saturn-Ascendant: administration. investigation. reform. military. history. justice. industry. physics. sport. technochemistry. traffic. invention. invention. technique. religion Uranus: high technology. upbringing. agriculture. investigation. enterprise. police. technique. politics. religion. fire department. pioneer. office. therapy. police. history. tourism Saturn: architecture. sport. police. reform. office. guard service. sport. biochemistry. geophysics. investigation. military. social cases. justice. agriculture. religion. navy. mysticism Mars-Pluto: military. building trade. justice. police. pharmacy. music. history. enterprise. religion. tourism Jupiter-Saturn: religion. craft. enterprise. office. adventure Uranus-Ascendant: enterprise. technique. building trade. navy. evolution. adventure Mars-Neptune: ecology. industry. investigation. psychology Jupiter-Moon node: politics. justice. criminalogy. upbringing. music. esoteric. traffic. investigation. advertising. craft. building engineering. agriculture. craft. justice. military. investigation. tourism Jupiter-Medium coeli: politics. justice. economy. politics. economy. traffic. politics. adventure Jupiter-Neptune: religion. art. sport. police. medicine. politics. craft. tourism Jupiter-Ascendant: politics. religion. investigation. religion. mysticism Saturn-Pluto: politics. religion.

art. sportsman. pharmacy. soldier. investigation. military. educator. musicians. journalist. artists. invention. film. attitude. traffic. painting. analyst. consultant. policeman. therapy. esoteric. gardener. therapy. actor. priest. officer. psychology. politician. superiors. social. bankier. technician. precision-craftsmen. officer. businessman. adventurer Sun-Taurus: farmer. promotion. speculation. chemistry. historian Sun-Leo: entrepreneur. chemistry. gardener. investigation. economy. attorney. pharmacy. professional aims. biology. navy Neptune-Ascendant: religion. social. archivist. Medium coeli: consciousness. esoteric Pluto-Ascendant: politics. psychotherapy. therapy. esoteric. enterprise. medium Neptune-Moon node: religion. economy. actors. film. chemistry. pharmacy. esoteric Neptune-Medium coeli: religion. depth psychology. enterprise. espionage. evolution. depth psychology. artist. criminalogy. speculation. educator. teachers. speculation. art. economy. teacher. actor. assistant. researcher. social. navy Neptune-Pluto: depth psychology. psychology. self-assertion Ascendant-Medium coeli: Potential which helps to realize the own abilities in the changeable external circumstances. painting. religion. chemistry. politicians. esoteric. career. pioneer. pharmacy. officer. acting. educator. acting. doctor. craftsman. official. doctor. esoteric Moon node: mediating and connecting professions in and for communities often with special scope of tasks Moon node-Ascendant: mediating and connecting professions in and for communities often with special scope of tasks Moon node-Medium coeli: mediating and connecting professions in and for communities often with special scope of tasks. scholar. attorney. painting. pioneer. mysticism Pluto: politics. assistant. self-assertion. potential. art. official. therapy. esoteric. agent. consultant. biology. physics. artist. cosmetician. traders Sun-Scorpio: entrepreneurs. depth psychologist. . depth psychology. esoteric Pluto-Medium coeli: politics. flying. scholar. poet. cook. criminalogy. economy. computer specialist. writers. film. agent. politician. publicity Ascendant: constitution. politician. investigation. politician. psychology. criminalogy. military. criminalogy. fashion professions. acting. interpreter. public Planets and signs Sun Sun-Aries: entrepreneurs. art. managers. attorney Sun-Cancer: saloonkeeper. industry. fashion professions. official. hotelier Sun-Gemini: teacher. driver. musicians. chemistry. biology. depth psychology. occultism Pluto-Moon node: politics. hotelier. adventure Neptune: religion. craftsman. acting. military. artist. behavior determining tendencies to the work and professional life. actor. state. technique. artist Sun-Sagittarius: entrepreneur. medicine. trader. hotelier Sun-Virgo: bookkeeper. educators. military. doctor Sun-Libra: mediator. biology. film. social. cooking. music. psychologist. nurse. doctor. speculation. investigation. psychology. painting. artist.Uranus-Medium coeli: enterprise. criminalist. social policy. surgeon.

priest. interpreter. priest. biologist. pediatrician. saloonkeeper Moon-Capricorn: farmer. agent. farmer. psychologist. fashion professions. assistant Moon-Aquarius: technicians. saloonkeeper. educator. poets. artist. restorer. actor. priests. politician. attorney. performer. lawyer Moon-Scorpio: craftsman. navy. player. journalist. historian Moon-Gemini: educators. actors. artist. politician. craftsman. politicians. actors. esotericer. art dealer. nurse. politician. agent. midwife. actor. teacher. artists. assistant Mercury-Scorpio: reporter. traveller. doctor. adventurer. actor. bookkeepers. pharmacist. artists. prostitution. reformer Moon-Pisces: eco gardener. consultant. artist. journalist. writer. consultants. criminalist . reformer Sun-Pisces: craftsman. traders. biologist. historian. consultants. assistant Moon-Cancer: saloonkeeper. representative. politician. politicians. bankier. saloonkeeper. attorney. administrator. writers. nurses. doctor. official. computer specialist. physicist. writer. florist. tourism. writer. agents. priests. psychologist. psychiatrist. farmer. occultist Moon-Sagittarius: politicians. fashion professions. biologist. poet Moon-Virgo: gardener. educator. musicians. hotelier. writers. archivist. writers. craftsman. managers. diplomat. manager. guard. monk. psychiatrist. advertising. trader. trader. poet Mercury Mercury-Aries: attorney. journalist. artist. speaker. artists. chemist. psychologist. gardener. actors. priests. artists. sportsman. researcher. politician. nurse. politician. healers. manager Mercury-Virgo: manager. artist. mediator. teachers. mystics Moon Moon-Aries: technicians. educators. depth psychologist. canvasser. educator. healers. craftsman. sportsmen. priest. manager. journalist. mediator. therapist. dancers. gardeners. official. historian. consultant. attorney. doctor Moon-Libra: mediator.priest Sun-Capricorn: architect. writers. critic. researchers. janitor. representative. fashion professions. psychologist. psychologist. journalist. artist. scholar Mercury-Libra: artists. actor. craftsman. archeologist. teacher. restorer. artist. bookkeepers. psychologist. manager. teachers. pilot. doctor. writer. canvasser. official. publicity Mercury-Cancer: educators. artists. advertising. explorer. researcher. assistant. farmer. manager Mercury-Taurus: traders. hotelier. educator. musician. historians Moon-Leo: saloonkeeper. inventor. ecologist. film maker. archeologist. politics Sun-Aquarius: technician. craftsman. analyst. official. gardener. chemist. sculptor. educators. baker Moon-Taurus: estate. musician. nurses. historians Mercury-Gemini: teachers. fashion professions. poets. philosopher. writer. reporter. psychologist. computer specialist. priests. agent. attorney. nurse. therapist. musicians. educators. consultant. fire department. craftsman. teacher. saloonkeeper. craftman. historians Mercury-Leo: teachers.

artists. diplomat. fire brigade. craftsman. agent. artists. artists. fashion professions. technicians. farmer. artist. scholar. sportsman. musicians. trader. reformers. assistant Venus-Aquarius: musician. consultant. pioneer. policeman. cook. attorney. politician. gardeners. doctor. photographer. advertising. publicity. speculator. actress. musicians. artist. hotelier. body-builders Mars-Gemini: journalist. fashion professions. esotericer Mercury-Pisces: artist. playboy. actress. artists. assistant Venus-Taurus: farmer. surgeon. farmer. mechanic. trader. sportsman. film. gardeners. art dealer. drivers Mars-Libra: agents. computer specialist. policeman. pilot. prostitution. assistant Venus-Scorpio: actress. archeologist. agents. politician. educator. scholar. officer. craftsmen. canvasser. hairdresser. nurse. nurse. canvasser. artists. swindlers. trader. consultant Venus-Virgo: bookkeeper. craftsman. psychologist. travellers Mars-Scorpio: soldier. canvasser. teacher. hotelier. housewife. playboy. officer. diplomat. gardener. actors. sportsman. publicity. sportsmen. politician. technician. priests. bodyguard. painter. racing driver. technicians. adventurer Mars-Taurus: craftsman. attorney. housewife. soldier. mediator. manager Venus-Sagittarius: artists. driver. trader. reformer. craftsman. agents. farmer. saloonkeeper. cook. cook Venus-Leo: artists. criminalist. cosmetics. drivers. fashion professions. dancer. assistant Mars-Cancer: janitor. writers. managers. manager. diplomat. actress. lawyer. poet. midwife. bankier Venus-Gemini: agent. trader. assistant Venus-Cancer: saloonkeeper. historians. farmer. gardeners. official. florist. assistant Venus-Capricorn: caretaker. film maker. official. fashion professions. musicians.Mercury-Sagittarius: educator. hotelier. adventurer Mars-Virgo: craftsman. actress. manager. gardener. priests. diplomat. artist. mystics. officer. researcher. playboy. advertising. adviser. tourism. doctor. policeman. biologist. writer. gynaecologist. tourism. attorney. archivist. esotericer. hotelier. philosopher. teacher. official. drivers. prostitution. precision-craftsmen. assistant Venus-Libra: artists. assistant Venus Venus-Aries: craftsman. actor. psychologist. bankier. cook. musician. agent. gynaecologist. actors. assistant Mercury-Aquarius: engineer. gardener. trader. fashion professions. musicians. performer. farmer. politician. manager. traders. actor. painter. therapist. bookkeepers. waiter. nurses. policeman. consultant Mercury-Capricorn: teachers. actress. bookkeeper. fashion professions. attorney. . craftsman. poet. educators. fashion professions. businessman. artist. musicians. inventor. restorer. fashion professions. craftsman. advertising expert Venus-Pisces: artist. agent. antiquarian. craftsman. canvassers. entrepreneur. body-builder. actress. trader. doctor Mars-Leo: entrepreneurs. fire brigade. actors. agent. musician. laboratory assistant. librarian. mystic Mars Mars-Aries: entrepreneurs. nurses. educator.

occultist. priests. psychologist. priest. agent. diplomat. bankier. bankier. politician. politician. performer Mars-Pisces: gardener. manager. mystic Saturn Saturn-Aries: master builders. priest. mystic Jupiter Jupiter-Aries: entrepreneurs. architect. pilot. actor. painter. architect Saturn-Virgo: teacher. attorney. mediator. miner. foremen. engineer. philosopher. farmer. writers. official. trader. carrier. caretaker. nurses. physicists. artist. politician. lawyer. actors. pioneer Saturn-Taurus: craftsman. writer. officer. policeman. geologist. politicians. actor. restorer. geologist. lawyer. managers. doctor. educator. racing drivers. psychologist. judge. policeman. businessman. archeologist. fashion professions. critic. drivers. officer. mechanic. adventurer. diplomat. trustee. artist. missionary. doctor. historian Saturn-Cancer: farmer. manager. healer. official. poets. officer. official. official. poets. official. educators. farmer. sportsman. hotelier Jupiter-Leo: entrepreneur. official. publicity Jupiter-Scorpio: politician. lawyer. craftsman. teacher. priest Jupiter-Virgo: teachers. researcher. adventurer Jupiter-Pisces: priest. entrepreneur. sculptors. speculator. traders. adventurer Jupiter-Taurus: entrepreneurs. philosopher. educators. nurses. historian. librarian. bankier. pilot. sportsman. ecologist. doctor. film musician. prostitution Mars-Sagittarius: entrepreneur. consultant. teacher. historian Saturn-Leo: official. policeman. soldier. philosopher. master builder. archivist. pioneer Mars-Aquarius: technicians. administrator. official. politicians. architect. judge. entrepreneurs. nurse. actors. labourers. scholar. soldier. strategist. attorney. politician. official. officer. sportsmen. poet. farmer. bankier. bankier Jupiter-Aquarius: entrepreneurs. artist. priest. artist. technician. craftsman. educator. antiquarian. attorney. educator. scholar. scholar. hotelier. druggist. psychologist Jupiter-Sagittarius: politicians. hotelier. assistant . scholar. artist. philosopher. priests. researcher. therapist. consultant. entrepreneur. bankier. reformer. philosopher. teachers. administrator. librarian. priest. politician.weapon technician. doctor. policeman. adventurer Mars-Capricorn: master builder. priest. musician. doctor. agents. doctor. discoverer. artists. consultant. chemist. bookkeepers. judges. scholar Saturn-Libra: gardeners. archivist. bankier Saturn-Gemini: teachers. foreman. official. canvasser. inventor. official. artist. representative Jupiter-Cancer: teacher. technician. sculptors. geologist. craftsmen. bookkeeper. traders. writer. publicity. engineer. craftsmen. politician. attorney. estate manager. publicity Jupiter-Capricorn: priest. politicians. craftsman. officer. missionary. administrator. musicians Jupiter-Gemini: teacher. administrator. consultant. official. doctor. philosopher. researcher Jupiter-Libra: artists. teacher. researcher. agent. judge. bankier. actors.

tinkerer. esotericer. dancer. artist. musician. politician. craftsman. fashion professions. artists. soldier. photographer. photographer. official. physicist. official. geophysicist. criminalist. eco farmer. reporter. craftsman. anarchist Uranus-Virgo: engineer. preachers. artist. pilot. philosopher. consultant. advertising. tinkerer. psychologist. psychologist. researcher. fashion professions. judge. artist. mystics Neptune Neptune-Aries: ecologist. researchers. barman Neptune-Gemini: artist. anarchist. fashion professions. fashion professions. doctor. ecologist. musician. pilot. priest. craftsman. psychiatrist. drivers. actor. mechanic. philosopher. driver. fashion profession. craftsman. painter. artist. adventurers. researcher. reformer Uranus-Cancer: technician. programer. pioneer. manager. priests. call girl. teachers. driver. reformer. musician. gardener. technician. mystic Uranus Uranus-Aries: electro technicians. artists. eco gardener. musician. researcher. pioneer. musician. attorney. doctor. medium Neptune-Leo: actor. artist. lawyer. reformer. anarchist. doctor. anarchist. inventor. therapist. tourism. explorer. painter. priest. pilot. laboratory assistant. researchers. healers. doctor. laboratory assistant. policeman. craftsman. officer. craftsman. priests. film maker. bankier Saturn-Capricorn: architect. radio operator. advertising Uranus-Gemini: engineer. ecologist. agent. tourism. reformer Uranus-Leo: entrepreneur. doctor. musician. artist. official. eco farmer-gardener. researcher Uranus-Aquarius: technicians. reformer Uranus-Sagittarius: entrepreneur. fashion professions. judge. artist. beautician. scholars. painter. esotericer. druggists. actors. precision mechanic. artist. . tinkerer. critic. administrator Saturn-Aquarius: design engineer. actors. nurse. craftsman. druggist. attorney. mechanic. dancer. surgeon. doctor. archeologist. priests. artist. technician. film maker. poets. musician. comedian. engineer. pilot. craftsman. nurse. pilot. reformer. sailor. adventurer. swindlers Neptune-Cancer: eco gardener. adventurer Uranus-Capricorn: designer. esoteric Saturn-Pisces: priest. psychologist. reformers. film maker. agent.Saturn-Scorpio: politicians. discoverer. mystic Neptune-Libra: artist. craftsman. civic engineer. call girl. archeologist Saturn-Sagittarius: priests. engineer. computer specialist Uranus-Scorpio: military technician. psychiatrist. scholar. photographer. musician. hairdresser. agent. poet. farmer. musician. esotericer. civic engineer. therapist. mystics Neptune-Taurus: artist. pioneer Uranus-Pisces: technician. researchers. physicists. race drivers. policeman. criminalist. tourism. adventurers Uranus-Taurus: technicians. pioneer. technician. esotericer. inventor. trader. researcher. tourism. psychologist. painter. discoverer. shot firer. actor. druggist. sculptors. film maker. analyst Uranus-Libra: musicians. judges. programer. painter. politician. priests. electrician. artists. actor. medium Neptune-Virgo: doctor.

representation. politician. healer. doctor. agent. archeologist. reporter. agent. official. esotericer. industry. imparting. bodyguard. inventor. criminalist. chemist. agent Pluto-Libra: actor. advertising. industry. consultation. mystic Moon node Moon node-Aries: enterprise. military technician. medicine. police. market. gardener. actor. agent. criminalist. fire brigade. canvasser. office. prostitution. actor. household Moon node-Leo: enterprise. entrepreneur. psychologist. office. militarist. computer. publicity. agent. craft. publicity. doctor. nurses. artist. publicity. healer. craft. speculator. film maker. healer. biologist. craft. healer. advertising. psychologist Pluto-Capricorn: politician. occultist. criminalist. therapy. doctor. economy. gardener Pluto Pluto-Aries: soldier. researcher. artist. publicity. literature. engineer. politician. player. psychologist. researcher. philosopher. painter.gardener. navy. esotericer. administration. critic. music. adventure Moon node-Taurus: agriculture. priest. agent. mystic Neptune-Aquarius: chemist. navy. mystic Neptune-Sagittarius: priest. midwife. criminalist. social. officer. fashion professions. art. mystics. speculator. building trade. prostitution. craftsman. medicine. upbringing. researcher. bankier. politics. missionary. manager Pluto-Sagittarius: politician. politicians. criminalist. speculator. philosopher. tourism Moon node-Cancer: upbringing. technique. policeman. psychologist. researcher. banking Moon node-Gemini: teaching. explorer. artist. priest. agriculture. craft. researcher. doctor. ascetic. agriculture. politics. agent. journalism. manager Pluto-Scorpio: politician. politician. mystic Neptune-Scorpio: depth psychologist. guard service. study. priest. film maker. nurse. medium. canvassers. military. artist. agent. occultist Pluto-Aquarius: researcher. psychologist. psychologist. trader Pluto-Gemini: politician. playboy. culture. religion . druggist. artist. depth psychologist. craftsman. nurse. catering trade. politician. medium. policeman. hermit. teaching. religion. economy. occultist. artist. officer. market. researcher. selling agent. healer. entrepreneur. agent Pluto-Virgo: scholar. psychology. mystic Pluto-Leo: entrepreneur. speculator. mystics Neptune-Capricorn: priests. writer. medium Neptune-Pisces: monk. selling agent. actor. tourism Moon node-Virgo: teaching. traffic. history. administration. ecologist. psychiatrists. druggist. artist. doctor. officer. policeman. canvasser. healer. acting. poet. esotericer. researcher. policeman. researcher. analysts. artist. traffic. adventurer. reformer Pluto-Pisces: depth psychologist. preacher. researcher. military. musician. fashion professions. sport. adventurers. upbringing. attorney. surgeon Pluto-Taurus: actors. consultation. officer. chemist. healer. criminalist Pluto-Cancer: depth psychologist. medicine. artist. literature. anarchist. sportsman. nuclear physicist. fashion. actor. eco farmer. monk.

music. traffic.Moon node-Libra: arts and crafts. psychology. investigation. advertising. military. tourism Medium coeli-Cancer: upbringing. military. arts and crafts. economy. sport. procurement. medicine. literature. diplomacy. journalism. consultation. evolution. fashion. justice. speculation. pharmacy. tourism Moon node-Capricorn: administration. speculation. justice. upbringing. medicine. catering trade. enterprise. agriculture. religion. sport. military. biology. industry. building trade. fashion. politics. upbringing. medicine. literature. craft. navy Medium coeli Medium coeli-Aries: enterprise. religion. industry. tourism Medium coeli-Virgo: teaching. advertising. craft. advertising. economy. history. fashion. agriculture. imparting. biology. esoteric Ascendant-Sagittarius: politics. enterprise. politics. economy. psychology. therapy. banking Ascendant-Gemini: teaching. consultation. painting. agriculture. criminalogy. teaching. computer. tourism. history. market. fashion. therapy. tourism Ascendant-Virgo: teaching. military. building trade. therapy. sport. criminalogy. esoteric. religion Moon node-Aquarius: enterprise. culture. upbringing. painting. physics. guard service. acting. imparting. psychology. teaching. teaching. depth psychology. literature. advertising. market. history. police. advertising. acting. office. chemistry. craft. agriculture. diplomacy. traffic. upbringing. film. household Ascendant-Leo: enterprise. consultation. esoteric Moon node-Sagittarius: politics. investigation. art. craft. craft. military. justice. acting. sport. art. computer. social. office. agriculture. industry. craft. economy. religion. psychology. literature. medicine. traffic. archive. invention. music. office. tourism Ascendant-Cancer: upbringing. invention. journalism. teaching. adventure Ascendant-Taurus: agriculture. evolution. administration. technique. sport. flying. film. adventure Ascendant-Pisces: religion. esoteric. religion. office. consultation. culture. market. chemistry. office. upbringing. office. physics. social. depth psychology. administration. craft. politics. representation. medicine. acting. adventure Medium coeli-Taurus: agriculture. history. guard service. acting. investigation. politics. tourism. . religion Ascendant-Libra: culture. economy. consultation Ascendant-Scorpio: politics. administration. traffic. upbringing. market. acting. catering trade. sport. building trade. technique. music. craft. technique. consultation Moon node-Scorpio: politics. politics. enterprise. enterprise. agriculture. industry. flying. tourism Ascendant-Capricorn: administration. economy. archive. art. market. adventure Moon node-Pisces: religion. military. craft. industry. study. pharmacy. banking Medium coeli-Gemini: teaching. music. religion Ascendant-Aquarius: enterprise. economy. procurement. justice. music. household Medium coeli-Leo: enterprise. medicine. investigation. social. music. industry. market. craft. art. politics. study. building trade. police. navy Ascendant Ascendant-Aries: enterprise. technique. administration. economy.

bones. doctors. investigation. soul. immune system. metabolism. building trade. navy Health Quadrants Quadrant I: internal body: energy. structure. disburdeninger. external medicine and cure. politics. justice. office. outbreaks Quality Destructive: burdeninger. history. aggressiver. inertness. nails. diaphragm. psychologicals. circulation. agriculture. external influence. consciousness. consultation Medium coeli-Scorpio: politics. coordinatinger. unconsciouses. advertising. criminalogy. connections . chronics. heart. adventure Medium coeli-Pisces: religion. social. investigation. illness definitions. resistancefuller. movement. noxiouser. military. nursing staff Quadrant IV: external body. brain. respiration. tourism Medium coeli-Capricorn: administration. sport. sport. healinger Elements Fire: vigour. flying. personal unconsciouses. collective unconsciouses Quadrant III: illness expression. acuts. economy. inner expression. physicals. blood. acting. music. music. depth psychology.depression Will-power: hyperaktives. teeth. fashion. psychologicals. tourism. invention. psychosomatics. advertising. convenientlyer. circulation. eyes. fast effect. mentals. painting. external medicine Activity Adaptability: labiles. energy balance. pharmacy. more infectiously. attitude. cosmetics. economy. inner expression. arts and crafts. art. religion. technique. speech and sensory organs. catering trade. office. head. digestion rush Earth: bones. suppresseds. illness tendency. unconsciouses. neurosis . physical. congestion. consciouses. procurement. inner healing power Quadrant II: healing as a connection from the inside-outside. hairs. esoteric. regeneration. esoteric Medium coeli-Sagittarius: politics. tenseder Constructive: harmonizinger. evolution. weakness. organs. enterprise. teaching. external influence. illness causes. justice. body tissue. upbringing. chemistry. enterprise. healthily. religion Medium coeli-Aquarius: enterprise. weakeninger. illness causes and illness expression as a separation from the inside-outside Direction Introversion: passive. indurations Air: nervous system. speculation. regeneration Extraversion: hyperaktivs. vitality. glands. religion Medium coeli-Libra: culture. acuts. physics. tensed. lungs. diagnoses. therapy. biology. psychology. acting. film. joints. skin. vigorousing. invigorater. consciouses. harmonization. craft.

unconsciouses Classical fields 1: head. pelvis. blood. vitality. nervous system Cancer: stomach. homeostase. energy consumption. cure. blood. consciousness. eyes. sexuality 6: intestine. arms. bronchial tubes. blood. backs. pregnancy. thighs. end. immunity. veins. dissolution. spine. vitality. sympathetic nervous system. pelvis. sexual organs and sexuality. healing. body tissue. metabolism. blood. toes. teeth. liver. veins. liquid balance. posture. unconscious . eyes. joints. inflammations 2: necking. child development. fertility. fluid balance. backs. voice and hearing organs. nature. eyes. speech-sensory organs. fat metabolism. bile. arteries. stomach. digestion. perception. glands. pancreas. fetus. ankle. fetus. shoulder. bronchial tubes. arteriosclerosis Sun-Uranus: amplifies rhythmics. attention and nervousness Sun-Neptune: sensitizes/weakens vitality. body tissue. skin. mouth. vigour balance. speech-sensory organs. sexuality Gemini: lungs. eyes. larynx. homeostase. musculature. feeling. breasts and fertility. metabolism. circulation. breasts and fertility. arteries.Water: liquid balance. thighs. fluid balance. glands. puberty. resistance. hormones Scorpio: excretions and its organs. female organs. fertility. sexuality. soul. arms. sexuality . bile. shoulders. consciousness. toes. bladders. end 9: hip. liver Libra: kidneys. hormones 8: excretions and its organs. reflex. glands. digestion. muscles. eyes. parasympathetic nervous system. immune system. blood. Indurations. immune system. (left) brain. spine. skin. inertness 11: lower leg. metabolism. blood. respiration. indurations. hands. glands. nails. fat metabolism. shoulders. larynx. hormone secretion. healing. Overweight Sun-Mercury: favors/burdens nervous system. circulation. inflammations Taurus: necking. fluid balance. ankle. nose. bile. skin. (left) brain. weakness. diaphragm. nose. urine system. stress Sun-Jupiter: aids/burdens vitality. circulation. liver 7: kidneys. gullet. hip. jaw. blood. spine. sympathetic nervous system. digestion. eyes. hip. hands. gullet. growth. unconsciouses Signs Aries: head. blood. inflammation danger. joints. dissolution. cells Sun-Moon: aids/burdens liquid balance. sexuality Virgo: intestine. teeth. sympathetic nervous system. immune system. unconsciouses Sagittarius: hip. bladders. female organs. almonds. diaphragm. sympathetic nervous system. diaphragm. skin. blood circulation. female organs. cure. motoric 10: bones. shoulder. heartbeat. birth. bile. rheumatism. brain. voice and hearing organs. balance. heart. brain. veins. metabolism. diaphragm. circulation. unconsciouses Leo: heart. blood. pancreas. vitality. organism. Overweight Sun-Saturn: stabilizes/burdens metabolism & energy consumption. circulation. unconsciouses Planet aspects Sun: fortifies/burdens heart. female organs and fertility. musculature. motoric Capricorn: bones. nails. collarbones. heartbeat. attitude. birth. pancreas. spleen. spine. vigour balance. sexuality 3: lungs. parasympathetic nervous system. liquid balance. heart. activity on heart and autonomous nervous system. fertility. hairs. glands. collarbones. sympathetic nervous system. mouth. pregnancy. coordination 12: feet. almonds. neck. blood. face. veins. vitality. neck. immunity. liver. balance. circulation. face. respiration. resistance. pancreas. nervous system 4: stomach. unconsciouses 5: heart. vitality. spleen. inertness Aquarius: lower leg. speech and hearing center Sun-Venus: harmonizes/burdens vitality. indurations.organs. fat metabolism. fertility. jaw. eyes. urine system. heart. skin tonus Sun-Mars: amplifies vitality. weakness. hairs. coordination Pisces: feet.

speech organs. hallucination Mercury-Pluto: favors/disturbs nerves metabolism. chronic strains. fertility. female organs. female organs. digestion. skin. motor coordination. feeling. glands. health consciousness. circulation. digestion. speech and hearing organs . unconscious perception. heart. liver. stomach. feelings. unconscious reflex. cure. reflex. respiration. heart. psyche Mercury: favors/burdens respiration. glands. heart Moon: favors/burdens stomach . hands. vitality. immune system. circulation. speech and hearing center. spinal cord. nerves Moon-Venus: favors/burdens female organs and fertility. feelings. nerves regeneration.perception. liquid balance. joints. girl puberty. tactile sense Mercury-Venus: favors/disturbs nerves to the endokrin glands. circulation. joints. fertility. consciousness. blood. infections especially on female organs and in liquids Moon-Jupiter: harmonizes/burdens growth. psyche. motoric. brain activity Mercury-Neptune: sensitizes/weakens nervous system. frigidity Moon-Uranus: dominates/disturbs emotionality. brain activity. digestion. Neurosis. digestion. fat metabolism. perception depth. muscles. liquid balance. neurosis Moon-Pluto: dominates/burdens unconscious feelings. Psychosis Moon-Moon node: favors/burdens liquid balance. speech organs. vitality. speech and sense center. perception depth. feeling. nervous system. fertility. liquid balance. consciousness. autonomous nervous system Sun-Ascendant: favors/burdens perception. unborns Mercury-Moon node: favors/disturbs nerves connections. blood. speech and hearing organs. metabolism. Depressions. cells Sun-Medium coeli: aids/burdens self perception. Addiction danger Moon-Medium coeli: favors/disturbs liquid balance. speech and hearing organs. fertility. liquid balance. fertility. cure. blood. eyes. fertility Moon-Saturn: stabilizes/tends to disturbs at water balance. vitality. nervous system. Nervousness. hormones.digestion. Addiction danger. nerves. Overweight Moon-Mercury: favors/burdens childhood devlopement. tactile sense Mercury-Mars: favors/strains motoric. motor integration. regeneration. nervousness. stomach. irritation Mercury-Jupiter: favors/disturbs respiration. liquid and fertility rhythm. motoric Mercury-Saturn: stabilizes/strains nervous system. spine. lymph system. tactile sense Mercury-Uranus: coordinates/strains nervous system. unconscious perception. Overweight. speech and hearing organs. mind. nervous irritation. unborns. digestion Moon-Mars: dominates unconscious reflexes. mind. motoric. hypophyse Moon-Ascendant: sensitizes/burdens liquid balance. joints. speech and hearing center. fertility. eyes Sun-Pluto: fortifies/burdens constitution. constancy. puberty. blood. brain. Tumors. feelings. reflex. speech and hearing organs Mercury-Ascendant: favors/disturbs consciousness and external sensory perception. movement. Neurosis psychosis Moon-Neptune: sensitizes/weakens liquid balance. immune system. tactile sense. feelings. hypothalamus. swellings Sun-Moon node: favors/burdens vitality.

motor coordination. Colics Jupiter-Neptune: sensitizes/weakens organ functions. arteries Mars-Saturn: strengthens/burdens head range. bile. vitality. skin. male sexuality. Accidents. left . gland and urine system. brain activity. immune defense. gland. artery system. urine system. musculature. excretion. arteries. Body damages. hormone system. homeostase Mars: fortifies/burdens head range. musculature. homeostase. fat metabolism. harmonization Venus-Medium coeli: harmonizes/disturbs balance sense. bile. Overweight Venus-Saturn: stabilizes/burdens hormone balance. skin tonus. Emotions. perception. homeostase. regeneration ability. liver. blood circulation. blood. kidneys. injury. gland system. breaks Mars-Uranus: coordinates/disturbs muscle rhythm. liver. blood circulation. liver. poisoning danger Venus-Pluto: fortifies/disturbs sexuality. homeostase Venus-Mars: fortifies/disturbs sexual drive. male sexuality. fat metabolism. Inflammation Mars-Jupiter: fortifies/burdens head range. kidneys. skin. growth. glands. fat metabolism. accidents. speech and hearing centers. blood. male Organs and sexuality. bile. bile. sexuality. heart activity. liver function. Addiction. fertility. varicose veins Venus-Jupiter: harmonizes/disturbs fertility. Paralys. vigour consciousness. gland system. veins. hormone secretion. energy transfer. Kidney stones. reaction. veins. growth. cure. Overweight Jupiter-Moon node: favors/disturbs fat metabolism. inflammations Mars-Moon node: favors/disturbs energy transfer. blood. skin Venus-Ascendant: favors/disturbs female fertility and sexuality. fertility. Hallucination. strengthens arteries. gland and urine system.Mercury-Medium coeli: favors/disturbs sensory and self perception. hyperirritations Mars-Neptune: sensitizes/weakens vigour balance. regeneration. hyperirritations Venus-Moon node: favors/disturbs fertility. growth. blood. tissues. health. urine system. veins. vigour balance. goiter Venus-Uranus: coordinates/disturbs female sexual and fertility rhythm. bladders stones. frigidity. sinews. cure. bile. blood. haemolysis Jupiter-Pluto: fortifies/burdens metabolism. hormone system. fertility. inflammation Mars-Medium coeli: favors/disturbs head range. growth. female organs. immune defense. growth. immune defense Mars-Ascendant: fortifies/disturbs vigour balance. Infections in liquids. kidneys Venus-Neptune: sensitizes/weakens female sexuality and fertility. urine system. immune defense Jupiter: fortifies/burdens liver. inflammations Mars-Pluto: fortifies/burdens vigour balance. immune defense. female fertility and sexuality. cerebellum Venus: favors/burdens glands. energy coordination. organ functions. tends to arteriosclerosis Jupiter-Uranus: coordinates/disturbs metabolism rhythmics. liver. Overweight Jupiter-Saturn: sloweds down/burdens fat metabolism. blood. immune defense. tends to joints and bone inflammations. energy coordination. musculature. growth. immune system. growth hormone. musculature. brain activity. mouth. skin. left brain. head range.

chronics Uranus: fortifies/burdens nervous system. poisonings Neptune-Moon node: sensitizes/burdens health consciousness. chronics Saturn-Medium coeli: strengthens/burdens personality perception. connection to the collective unconsciousness Pluto-Ascendant: fortifies/burdens resistance. body tissue. unborns. sexuality. organs. Overweight Jupiter-Medium coeli: favored/fat metabolism. regeneration. fears Saturn-Pluto: stabilizes/burdens regeneration ability. depressions. hairs. hypersensitiveness Uranus-Pluto: fortifies/disturbs rhythm fluctuations especially to regeneration. joints. stiffness Saturn-Uranus: stabilizes/burdens body rhythms. cure. Skin rashes. left brain side. growth. Inflammations Pluto-Moon node: favors/disturbs regeneration. blood. tissues. tension. pineal gland. reaction. depressions. cure. unconsciouses. Hyperirritation. birth Pluto-Medium coeli: mobilizes/disturbs conscious and unconscious healing powers. connects/separates inner and external healing . Addictions. regeneration. neurosis. fears Saturn-Moon node: fortifies/stiffens posture. sexuality. Induration. hyperaktive Neptune: sensitizes/weakens health. body and head. unconsciouses. excretion system. psychological powers Moon node: of favorable/burdening connections at personal and collective unconsciousness. Addictions. unconscious reflex. health consciousness. accidents Uranus-Neptune: sensitized/nervous system weakens. genetics. Accidents Uranus-Medium coeli: fortifies/tenses coordinated effort by nerves. Paralysis danger. Chronic sufferings Saturn-Ascendant: strengthens/burdens posture. cure. sexual organs and drive. Infection. excretion system. cure. Hypertension damages Uranus-Moon node: favors/burdens rhythm coordination to nerves. addiction. body and head (aim consciousness). Depressions. joints. bones. unconsciouses. Nervousness. perception. indicates favorable/unfavorable genes. metabolism. Overweight Saturn: fortifies/burdens bones. resistance. tissues. hallucinations Neptune-Medium coeli: sensitizes/weakens self perception. organ functions. nails. bones. liver. coll. connects/separates inner and external healing powers Moon node-Medium coeli: activates/burdens. reflexes. epidemics. regeneration. poisonings Neptune-Ascendant: sensitizes/burdens sensory perception. Nerves sufferings. sense organs. skeleton posture. body rhythms. health consciousness. resistance. Inner healing powers Moon node-Ascendant: activates/burdens. hearing. neuroses. unconscious reflex. unborns. Skin rashes. hallucination Pluto: fortifies/burdens regeneration. genetics. elasticity on bones. excretion systems. feeling. coordination. addictions. teeth. cramps. resistance. neurosis Neptune-Pluto: sensitizes/disturbs perception. dream perception. body tissue. Nervousness Uranus-Ascendant: amplifies/tenses reaction rate to nerves and body especially through exterior stimuli. growth burdens. teeth. body rhythms. teeth. Depressions. tissues.brain Jupiter-Ascendant: favors/burdens metabolism. metabolism. cure consciousness. bile. Breaks Saturn-Neptune: stabilizes/weakens bodies. poisonings.

diaphragm. bladders. nerves. eyes. Aware of finer energies Ascendant: favors/disturbs constitution. rhythmics Sun-Pisces: sensitive/weakening on heart. spine. glands. motion Sun-Capricorn: stabilizing/hardening on heart. female organs. skin. spine. head. bones. veins. circulation. blood. intestine. circulation. tissue. cells Sun-Virgo: cleaning/disturbing on heart. eyes. stomach. hip Sun-Scorpio: energetic/burdening modifications on heart. glands. respiration Moon-Cancer: sensitizing/disturbing on stomach. unconsciouses. unconsciouses. hands Sun-Cancer: energetic/sensitizing on heart. circulation Moon-Virgo: cleaning/disturbing on stomach. lungs. hip. skin. symp. brain Moon-Taurus: building up/burdening on stomach. unconsciouses. arms. circulation. necking. spine. perception. glands. lower legs. blood. skin Moon-Scorpio: energetic/burdening on stomach. glands. digestion. consciousness. brain. fluid. liver. fertility Moon-Leo: vitalising/disturbing on stomach. bile. cells. external healing powers Ascendant-Medium coeli: favors/burdens perception. nerves Moon-Libra: harmonizing/disturbing on stomach. eyes. blood. blood. diaphragm. digestion. spleen. indurations Sun-Aquarius: vitalising/strained on heart. immune system. immune system. teeth. glands. mouth. kidneys. unconsciouses. glands. metabolism. shoulders Sun-Gemini: stimulating/burdening on heart. circulation. unconsciouses. fluid. circulation. voice and hearing organs. necking. spine. kidneys. blood. circulation. sexual and excretion organs. circulation. blood. female organs. head. female organs. digestion. digestion. circulation. glands. urine system. unconsciouses. sexuality liquids. eyes. digestion. intestine. spine. female organs. glands. jaw. female organs Sun-Leo: vitalising/disturbing on heart. female organs. spine. eyes. blood. glands. circulation. female organs. circulation. cell. feet Moon Moon-Aries: emotional/disturbing on stomach. eyes. fluid. blood. veins. blood. blood. digestion. circulation. spinal cord. reaction. excretion. digestion. eyes. spine. eyes Sun-Taurus: building up/burdening on heart. digestion.consciousness. vigour. nerves Sun-Libra: harmonizing/disturbing on heart. bladders. fluid. speech organs. heart. blood. immune system. pelvis. eyes. circulation. thighs. female organs. adaptation. face. adaptation. digestion. shoulders. fluid. digestion. birth moment. mouth Moon-Gemini: stimulating/disturbing on stomach. hairs. health consciousness and its possibilities of realization Medium coeli: favored/burdens health and health consciousness determined by profession or work Planets and signs Sun Sun-Aries: invigorate/burdening on heart. female organs. unconsciouses . immune system Sun-Sagittarius: vitalising/burdening on heart. fluid. unconsciouses. blood.

left brain. intestine. kidneys. fertility. hands. left brain. thigh Mercury-Capricorn: stabilizing /burdening to nerves. hands. shoulders Venus-Cancer: sensitizing/burdening to female glands. digestion. respiration. hands. fertility. glands. joints Mercury-Aquarius: active coordinating/strained to nerves. hands. unconsciouses. speech and sensory organs. spleen Mercury-Libra: harmonious tuning/disturbing to nerves. sexual organs. skin. kidneys. left brain. speech and sensory center. stomach. digestion. head. speech-sensory organs. respiration. glands.Moon-Sagittarius: vitalising/burdening on stomach. lungs. stomach Venus-Leo: vitalising/disturbing to glands. hands. fluid balance. skin. fertility. speech and sensory center. shoulders. kidneys. female organ. hands. sexual organs. sexuality. nerves Moon-Pisces: sensitive/weakening on stomach. fertility. fertility. skin. fluid balance. speech and sensory organs. liver Moon-Capricorn: stabilizing/hardening on stomach. left brain side. skin. mouth Mercury-Gemini: stimulating/disturbing to nerves. circulation. speech and hearing. left brain. hands. voice-hearing organs Venus-Gemini: stimulating/disturbing to glands. nerves. kidneys Mercury-Scorpio: vital/burdening modifications to nerves. respiration. respiration. liquid balance. sexual organs. lower leg. female organs. respiration. digestion. kidneys. arms. bone Moon-Aquarius: vitalising/strained on stomach. respiration. sexuality Mercury-Sagittarius: active extending/disturbing to nerves. feet Mercury Mercury-Aries: connecting/disturbing to vigour balance. veins. digestion. veins. unconsciouses. speech and sensory center. speech and sensory center. fertility. kidneys. speech and sensory center. kidneys. respiration. digestion. glands. feet Venus Venus-Aries: vitalising/disturbing vigour impulses to glands. lung. sexual organs. skin. speech and hearing organs. face. respiration. sexual organs. blood. left brain. skin Venus-Virgo: cleaning/burdening to glands. pelvis Venus-Scorpio: energetic/burdening modifications to sexual organs. veins. glands. unconsciouses. heart. fluid balance. respiration. blood Venus-Taurus: building up/burdening to glands. female organs. skin. brain. intestine. bladders. necking. veins. skin. hands. speech and sensory organs. skin. motoric. female organs. left brain. fertility. head. rhythmics Mercury-Pisces: sensitizing/weakening to nerves. brain. liver. hands. glands. blood Mercury-Taurus: building up/disturbing to nerves. veins. excretion . glands. hands. veins. digestion. left brain. speech and sensory center. left brain side. necking. respiration. mouth. circulation Mercury-Virgo: cleaning/disturbing to nerves. hands Mercury-Cancer: sensitive tuning/disturbing to nerves. heart. respiration. respiration. jaw. fertility. spleen Venus-Libra: harmonizing/burdening hip to skin. circulation. glands Mercury-Leo: vital coordinating/disturbing to nerves. sexual organs. unconsciouses. left brain. veins.

blood. arteries Jupiter-Taurus: lasting building up/burdening to liver. lower legs Venus-Pisces: sensitizing/weakening to sexual organs. Infections. bladders. fat metabolism. bile. glands Mars-Leo: vitalising/disturbing to energy balance. head. blood. blood. digestion. musculature. skin. bladders . sexuality. mouth. stomach. fertility. hearing-voice organs Jupiter-Gemini: stimulating/disturbing to liver. necking. bile. sinews. Inflammation Mars-Taurus: impulsive building up/burdening to head. inflammations Jupiter Jupiter-Aries: acting extending/burdening to liver. face. brain. hands Mars-Cancer: sensitizing/disturbing to energy balance. shoulder. feet. veins. head. blood. hormone forming. musculature. unconsciouses. intestine. voice-hearing organs. skin. spine Jupiter-Virgo: lasting cleaning/burdening to liver. jaw. bone Venus-Aquarius: harmonizing/disturbing to sexual organs. arteries. fertility. immune system. glands. bile. circulation. fat metabolism. stomach. veins. shoulder. fertility. growth. fertility Jupiter-Leo: supporting growth/burdening to liver. sexuality Mars-Aquarius: vigorous/strained to energy balance. sexuality. sexuality. muscles. kidneys. bile. glands. energy balance. tendons. brain. kidneys. pelvis. kidneys. spleen Jupiter-Libra: tuned harmonizingly/burdeningly to liver. head. energy balance. muscles. fat sales. head. hip. glands. energy balance. blood. circulation. veins. arteries. sexuality Mars-Capricorn: stabilizing/burdeningly to energy balance. head. fat metabolism. eyes. liver. intestine. digestion. bile. pancreas. spine. bile. kidneys. skin. heart. diaphragm. lungs. thighs Venus-Capricorn: stabilizing/hampering to skin. sexuality Mars-Scorpio: energetic/burdening modifications to head. pelvis. lungs. musculature. sexual organs. arms. sexuality Mars-Pisces: sensitizing/weakening to head. sexual-excretion organs. kidneys.system Venus-Sagittarius: vitalising/burdening to veins. musculature. bile. musculature. larynx Mars-Gemini: stimulating/disturbing to head. bone. hip. diaphragm Mars-Virgo: cleaning/disturbing to head. sensory-speech organs. feet Mars Mars-Aries: strong/disturbing impulses to head. blood. fertility. fat metabolism. sexuality. arms. circulation. lower leg. metabolism. blood. veins. glands. nerves Mars-Libra: harmonizing/disturbing to energy balance. sexuality. hip. blood. hormone forming. brain. blood. thigh. hip. nerves. mouth. blood. hands Jupiter-Cancer: vigorous extending/burdening to liver. hormone forming. sexual organs. blood. bile. joints teeth. blood. heart. veins. fat metabolism. tendons Mars-Sagittarius: vitalising/disturbing to energy balance. bile. eyes. sensory-speech organs. skin. blood. necking. eyes. blood. blood. liver. skin. sexuality. musculature. head. blood. head. sexuality. glands. blood. jaw.

circulation. stomach. Accidents Uranus-Taurus: coordinate building up/straining to nerves. consciousness. blood. bladders. fertility. muscles. shoulder. hardening to bones. hardening to bones. arteries. arms. nails. hip Saturn-Scorpio: slowly changes/hampering to bones. intestine. strutting to bones. jaw. speech-sensory organs.Jupiter-Scorpio: eruptive extending/burdening to liver. rhythmics. feet Saturn Saturn-Aries: consolidatingly/burdeningly. Paralysis. speech. hip. skin. hardening to bones. nails. hairs. regeneration Jupiter-Sagittarius: stimulated extending/burdening to liver. skin. lungs. shoulder. blood. nerves. digestion. arteries. voice-hearing organs Saturn-Gemini: delayingly absorbing/hampering. growth hormones. circulation. arms. unconsciouses Saturn-Sagittarius: slow extending/burdening. mouth. bile. growth. nerves Saturn-Libra: slow harmonizing/hampering. rhythmics. thighs. skin. face. sexual and excretion organs. ankle. veins. blood. kidneys. sexual and excretion organs. joints. metabolism. rhythmics. motoric. teeth. growth. symp. legs. rhythmics. skin. skin. hands Saturn-Cancer: sensitizing /hampering at bones. veins. skin. hardening to bones. head. legs. joints. head. glands. depression. bile. blood. skin. necking. hairs Jupiter-Aquarius: stimulated extending/ disturbing to liver. bile. diaphragm Uranus-Virgo: impulsively cleaning/straining to nervous system. motion Saturn-Capricorn: stabilizing/burdening. regeneration. spleen. stiffening to bones. joints. tissue. energy balance. shoulders Uranus-Gemini: impulsively stimulating/straining to nerves. heart. skin. Fractures Saturn-Taurus: slow building uply/burdeningly. growth. Cramps Saturn-Pisces: sensitizing/weakening chronically to bones. bile. necking. circulation. neuroses Uranus Uranus-Aries: impulsive coordinating/straining to energy balance. skin. bladders. rhythmics. tissues. motoric. left brain Jupiter-Capricorn: lasting stabilizing/hardening to liver. heart. fat metabolism. stomach. feet. intestine. motion. mouth. . hairs. metabolism Uranus-Libra: lightly harmonizing/disturbing to nerves. liver. fat metabolism. teeth. veins. rhythmics. brain. skin. ears. diaphragm Saturn-Virgo: cleaning /hampering. spine. lower legs Jupiter-Pisces: sensitizing/weakening to liver. pelvis. lower legs. spleen. digestion. teeth. joints. bones. bile. fertility Saturn-Leo: delaying vigorous/burdening. skin. glands. bile. veins. teeth. skin. growth. hands Uranus-Cancer: sensitive coordinating/labile straining to nerves. joints. hardening to bone. liquids Uranus-Leo: vigorous coordinating/straining to nerves. Indurations Saturn-Aquarius: stabilizing /straining to bones. teeth. lungs. female breasts. kidneys. hormones. blood. jaw. hampering. voice-hearing organs. hardening to bones. blood. motoric. face. circulation. spine. blood.

metabolism. bones. breasts Pluto-Leo: eruptive vitalising/transformative burdeningly to regeneration. unconsciouses Uranus-Sagittarius: energetic coordinating/disturbing to nerves. intestine. heart. circulation. paralysis Pluto Pluto-Aries: vitalising/aggressively changing to sexuality. shoulders Neptune-Gemini: sensitizing/weakening to pineal gland.pelvis. motoric. motoric. blood. diaphragm. Phobia Neptune-Sagittarius: sensitizing /weakening to pineal gland. pancreas. pineal gland. Neuroses. female Organs. sexuality. sexuality. sexuality. larynx. homoeostase. sexuality. joints. Paralysis Neptune Neptune-Aries: sensitizing/infectiously. skin. unconsciouses. Addiction. joints. glands. veins. circulation. motoric. depressions Neptune-Capricorn: sensitizing /weakening to pineal gland. feet. unconsciouses. nerves. weakening to pineal gland. face. brain. mouth. nervous system. rhythmics. excretion. head. mouth. necking. spleen. heart. regeneration. voice-hearing organs. thighs. motoric. rhythmics. Cramps Uranus-Pisces: sensitively coordinating/labile weakening to heartbeat. hips. energy balance. regeneration. lower leg. Neuroses. liver. feet. nerves. unconsciouses. jaw. lower legs. Addictions. sexuality. hip. fluid balance Neptune-Leo: sensitizingly/weakeningly to pineal gland. nerves. organs of respiration. will. Neuroses. shoulders. homoeostase Uranus-Scorpio: energetic/straining modifications to nerves. nerves . head. Inflammations Pluto-Taurus: strongly building up/transformative burdening to regeneration. unconsciouses Neptune-Virgo: sensitizing /weakening to pineal gland. glands. perception. voice-hearing organs Pluto-Gemini: energetic changing/burdening to regeneration. bone. face. thigh. skin. Accident Uranus-Capricorn: coordinates consolidatingly/straining to nerves. energy balance. stomach. intestine. teeth. pelvis. blood. depressions Neptune-Scorpio: sensitizing/weakening modifications to pineal gland. depressions Neptune-Aquarius: sensitizing /weakening to pineal gland. arms. rhythmics. neuroses. arms Pluto-Cancer: sensitizing/transformative burdening to sexuality. kidneys. bile. necking. skin. fertility. bile. motoric. nerves. digestion. right brain side. circulation Pluto-Virgo: cleaning /transformative burdening to regeneration. rhythmics. and sense. spleen. Infections Neptune-Taurus: sensitizing/weakly building up to pineal gland. allergy Neptune-Cancer: sensitizing/weakening to pineal gland. blood. veins. hip. unconsciouses. Infection Neptune-Libra: sensitizing /weakening to pineal gland. Fractures Uranus-Aquarius: coordinates impulsively/strainingly to circulation. veins. liver. hallucination Neptune-Pisces: sensitizing/weakening to consciousness. lungs. circulation. teeth. digestion. excretion. speech. right brain. Allergies. stomach. sexuality.

skin. glands. circulation. blood. sexuality Ascendant-Gemini: vitalising/burdening environmental impacts to lungs. spine. will. arms. eyes. kidneys. fertility. circulation. digestion. mental stability. sexuality. eyes Ascendant-Virgo: cleaning/burdening environmental impacts to intestine. symp. heartbeat Moon node-Pisces: sensitizing/weakening conditions to unconsciouses. thigh. shoulders. veins. skin Pluto-Scorpio: eruptive vitalising/transformative burdeningly to sexuality. bile. pelvis. energy balance. digestion. Inflammations Moon node-Taurus: building up/burdening conditions to necking. teeth. shoulder. brain. jaw. diaphragm. veins. feet Moon node Moon node-Aries: vitalising/burdening conditions to head. face. addiction. bone. thigh Pluto-Capricorn: stabilizing /chronically hardening to regeneration. unconsciouses. unconsciouses Moon node-Leo: vitalising/burdening conditions to heart.Pluto-Libra: lightly harmonizing/transformative burdeningly to regeneration. liver. hallucination Ascendant Ascendant-Aries: vitalising/burdening environmental impacts to head. lower legs. immune system. mental energy balance. psychological expressions Moon node-Capricorn: stabilizing/hampering conditions to health. psyche. nervous system. mouth. . reflexes. skin. glands. unconsciouses. nerves. feelings. bladders. shoulder. nervous system. Inflammations Ascendant-Taurus: building up/burdening environmental impacts to necking. nerves. psyche Moon node-Aquarius: coordinating /straining conditions to nervous system. blood. joints. unconsciouses. symp. regeneration Pluto-Sagittarius: eruptive extending/transformative burdeningly to regeneration. skin. face. mouth. diaphragm Moon node-Virgo: cleaning/burdening conditions to intestine. liquids. teeth. bile. nerves. unconsciouses. sexuality. brain. Neurosis. voice-hearing organs. blood. glands. excretion organs. spine. nerves. blood Moon node-Gemini: stimulating/burdening conditions to respiration and nervous system . skin. pancreas Moon node-Libra: harmonizing/sensibly burdening conditions to kidneys. nerves. unconsciouses. joints. sensory-speech. hip Moon node-Scorpio: cleaning/burdening conditions to sexual and excretion organs. bone. psychological stability Moon node-Sagittarius: extending/burdening conditions to liver. larynx. regeneration. spleen. voice-hearing. eyes. immune system. veins. blood. sexuality. urine system. jaw. circulation. feet. hands Ascendant-Cancer: sensitizing/burdening environmental impacts to stomach. blood. hip. immune system. arms. glands. tissue Pluto-Aquarius: coordinated/transformative straining to regeneration. unconsciouses Ascendant-Leo: vitalising/burdening environmental impacts to heart. bladders. circulation. lower legs Pluto-Pisces: sensitizing/transformative dissolving to consciousness. skin. tissue. shoulders. liquids. unconscious. fertility. sexuality. sensory-speech organs. sexuality. hands Moon node-Cancer: sensitizing/burdening conditions to stomach.

spinal cord. urine system. immune system. hip Medium coeli-Scorpio: cleaning/burdeningly to head. glands. thighs Medium coeli-Capricorn: stabilizing /hardeningly to head. skin. bile. pelvis. skin. veins. lower legs. head. voice-hearing organs. consciousness.spleen. circulation. pelvis. addiction. reflexes Ascendant-Pisces: sensitizing/weakening environmental impacts to unconsciouses. hallucination . brain. eyes Medium coeli-Virgo: cleaning/burdeningly to brain. kidneys. tissues. hip. thigh Ascendant-Capricorn: stabilizing/hardening . circulation. skin. feelings Ascendant-Aquarius: coordinating/straining environmental impacts to nerves. psyche Medium coeli-Aquarius: coordinating /strainingly to nervous system. spine. infections Medium coeli Medium coeli-Aries: vitalising/burdeningly to head. nerves. feet. respiration. hands Medium coeli-Cancer: sensitizing /burdeningly to head. nerves. face. eyes. consciousness. speech. blood. consciousness. shoulders Medium coeli-Gemini: vitalising/burdeningly to head. spleen. spine. blood. liver. bile. necking. soul Medium coeli-Leo: vitalising/burdeningly to head. bladders. consciousness. nerves. energy balance. Neuroses. skin. bones. immune system. veins. heart. immune system. glands. arms. jaw. skin Medium coeli-Taurus: building up /burdeningly to head. spine. tissue. teeth. reflex Medium coeli-Pisces: sensitizing/weakeningly to unconsciousness-consciousness. shoulder.hampering environmental impacts to health. pancreas Ascendant-Libra: harmonizing/burdening environmental impacts to kidneys. spine. skin. consciousness. nerves. blood. brain. blood. fertility. addiction. intestine. mouth. joints. hip Ascendant-Scorpio: cleaning/burdening environmental impacts to sexual-excretion organs. heartbeat. liver. consciousness. consciousness. consciousness. consciousness. unconsciouses. consciousness. blood Medium coeli-Sagittarius: extending /burdeningly to brain. veins. bladders. digestion. sexual and excretion organs. pancreas Medium coeli-Libra: harmonizing /burdeningly to brain. consciousness. glands. Neuroses. unconsciouses. nerves. nervous system. posture. circulation. feet. stomach. blood. hip. hairs. lower legs. veins. unconsciouses Ascendant-Sagittarius: extending/burdening environmental impacts to fat metabolism. bones.