Scagway and the Loom of Doom Caribou Lou woke up sitting at a table with a plate of bacon and eggs

and a nice cup of joe. "What the where am I?" asked Caribou "Why you're in the great castle of Lord SIMV." Replied Joe "Egads a talking cup of joe!" "Aye that I am indeed." Caribou drank the cup and noticed it tasted pretty bland. "What brand of coffee are you joe?" "The one and only brand....Scagway!" "Holy shit I thought that company was long gone and by the way I aren't I dead?" "Of course not on both counts." The cup of joe began relating to caribou lou the long tale of Lord SIMV and the acquisition of Scagway Industries and the rebellion that followed. The conversation ended when Caribou finished the cup of joe. After breakfast Lou began wandering the castle in search of hot maids. Instead he found Lord SIMV talking to a blown up doll. "I know this is sudden but can I kiss you?" SIMV asked the doll "Ah excuse me, but maybe you can tell me how I can leave here?" "NO ONE CAN LEAVE THE CASTLE OF LORD SIMV!" Said the blow up doll. "That doll sure has a manly voice." "Quiet you!" replied SIMV "Ahem, anyway allow me to introduce myself for I am Lord SIMV."

"I gathered that from the sheer look of desperation." said Caribou, "Can you just show me the exit." "You may have wondered why you are here and how you got here well let me tell you." "No thanks just the exit please." "Insolence!" Screeched SIMV, "For what I am about to tell you is of great significance to the universe!" "Fine go ahead." Caribou lou said as he began stealing from Lord SIMV's room. "I revived you using state of the art technology and McGuiver like medical techniques and the reason why I did so was so that you will help me in ending a rebellion that seems endless." "I'll never join you Lord SIMV!" "Why not!" "Basically for what SIMV stands for." (SAND IN MY VAGINA) "Damn it forget that think of the possibilities such as control of the flow of coffee throughout the known universe!" Caribou pondered at the thought of such immense power then he thought of working for such a fool with a humiliating name that was an acronym. He made up his mind and did the following: "I reject your proposal sir good day to you!" Caribou lou said and jumped out the window." "The hell...I don't believe it he jumped!" exclaimed SIMV Caribou Lou landed on a river of those balls you see in those kiddie play centers in Burger King or McDonald's. The river whisked him away from Lord SIMV and his diabolical schemes for control of all coffee in the universe. He promised he would return with an army great enough to storm the castle and save the damsel in distress, i.e. the blow up doll, and sever Lord SIMV's control on Scagway.

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