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Speaking and listening – Intermediate – Advanced

Let’s talk about

Conversation cards

How many world religions do Are you religious? How often do you go to
you know? What are their Which religion do you belong church/the mosque/temple?
followers called? to? Who do you go with?

How important is religion to Are there any religious objects Is religion a school subject in
you? in your house, school or office? your country? If so, do you like
Explain. Talk about them. it? Should it be or not?

Some people think the Earth is

Which religious holidays are Atheists don’t believe in God
less than 10,000 years old and
there in your country? because there is no proof he
evolution did not take place. Why
What do they celebrate? would they think this? Discuss. exists. What do you think?

Do you think religion has had a Can people choose their own Have you ever been on a
positive or negative effect on religion or do they just follow pilgrimage? (trip to a sacred place)
the world? Give examples. their ancestors? Discuss. Talk about it.

Places of worship are often Some religious fanatics kill Do you think that religious
empty nowadays. Is this true others in the name of religion. people are happier?
where you live? Discuss. Is this ever okay? Discuss. Why or why not?

In most religions, only men can

Without religion, the world There is no God, so stop
become religious leaders.
would be a better and more worrying and enjoy life.
Do you agree? Discuss.
peaceful place. Do you agree? Would you follow this advice?

3 Match
Match 1. animist a. follower of Buddhism
2. atheist b. person with extreme opinions
3. Buddhist c. male prayer leader in a mosque
church 4. Christian d. person who worships spirits and nature
crucifix 5. Hindu e. person who doesn’t believe in any God
icon 6. Muslim f. follower of Hinduism
Buddha 4 7. fanatic g. follower of Christianity
8. imam h. follower of Islam
nun 7 9
priest 8 10