GAYNAUGHTYPRIDE STORIES No. 6 Room 2010 Shangri-la I see the moon and stars "Robin ! It's just a game ?

" "What the Puck ? We lost, WE LOST !!!" Robin is a big hockey fan and his cousin ( No. 22 of the Chicago Blackhawks ) was playing against the Canucks in Vancouver two weeks ago. He was very upset regarding my comment "It's just a game !". He stormed out of our vacation suite, Rm 2010 at the Shangri-la..... I chased after him to a nearby sports bar. Ironically, all the Canucks fans were celebrating their win that night.......... While I was apologizing and explaining for my insensitive remarks, a gentleman in his late twenties, dressed in one fancy Armani suit, approached us with a friendly smile, holding three glasses of apple Martini. He handed us two and said in a thick sexy French accent, "Cheer ! What a good game !" We looked at each other and replied simultaneously. "It's just a game, it's not over yet ! Just wait and see, Man." Pierre is a Quebecker, working as a lawyer. Since we were new in town, he suggested to do some gay bar hopping. I knew that he is gay from the way he looked at Robin, can't blame him, he is really cute when he is mad, really really mad........................... Three's a company. Besides hockey, We talked about our adventures and dreams, like buddies. After a few cups of coffee to sober up, Pierre asked if we would like to taste some collector's red wine which was locked in the wine cellar of his ski resort in Whistler............................................................. We love red wine........ Of course, his good look, defined cheekbone, blond hair, deep blue eyes and his sexy French accent; making the invitation, even more tempting. Driving up the winding sea to sky highway, we barely kept up with his lustful silver Lamborghini. Our Porsche finally parked behind his Murcielago after entering the front gate of his so called "resort". Robin whispered to me, "I have no idea that you can earn so much working as a lawyer !" It's a huge mansion resting in a beautiful forest. The snow mountain view was breath- taking..........I was speechless !!! It was a 1982 Petrus. Joking in a self pity manner, he told us that he was born in that year with a silver spoon. His grandpa is the founder of that ketchup empire that starts with a capital H. I picked up a bottle of Perrier on his kitchen counter and shook his hand in a naughty "ketchup" fashion and shouted out with jealousy "What a lucky handsome bastard !"

Naughty Robin suggested if we were up for a naked poker game while sipping the fine wine. I knew that he was going commando so I was in. After a hand of royal flush & a few hands of full house, Pierre was down to a light baby blue Gucci underwear and Robin was wearing his last cover, the low cut Vasace jeans. P handed down his full house (99966) and R showed his 88883 cunningly. I took a deep breath and displayed my lucky devil........ A K Q J 10 , another royal flush....................... Pierre ran to the patio and jumped into the outdoor jacuzzi attached to the edgeless swimming pool, throwing his underwear to the sky. We chased after him and jumped into the jacuzzi, got naked and played like some silly teenagers...................... We laughed and drank and had so much fun that night, forgetting who won who lost...................... All I remembered was the moonlight and beautiful, so beautiful............ Suddenly, I had the urge to do that-------I rushed to our Porsche and came back with a bottle of champagne. Robin said, "Last call !" Whenever Blackhawks won, we would open a bottle but that night was the only exception because we won one sexy handsome beautiful heart. Last night, Pierre called us and said, "where is your champagne, I am down !" THE END

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