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one by now because the tween my hands—like « INDEPENDENT (AM)

Susan Says 1st Confession 'Forced' was trying to take the rope head lock. Her hands were PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM)-A-9-
L*» •Mdk CiW./ «M. M. M. Ml
from around her neck. But free, but the was scared
I dropped my knife and . . . as scared as I was. her again. She put her arm
Linda gave me hers." "She asked me to let her up and then her arm fell, I
SUSAN, From A-l the love of my brother." hers. Then everything just victims, the giri remem- Frykowski's hands had At this point, she said, sit down, and kept saying don't know' how- many
WHEN SHE got back to bered more: been tied with a towel. everyone had rushed from 'All I want to do is have times I stabbed her. I
office, Caballero then happened. don't know why I stabbed
the ranch, she testified, "As I can recall, Sharon "Tex had a gun, Tex the house, leaving her with my baby.' I said 'shut up'
tape-recorded her confes- "I remember bits and and threw her down on the her.
she cried . . . "I never Tate was lying on the bed was crazy. I've never seen the dead Sebring and the
sion and later sold it for killed nothing before . . . I pieces of things that hap- and Jay Sebring was sit- Tex like that before. Every- actress. couch. I said 'shut up. I "I killed her," she re-
publication, Miss Atkins ran over a squirrel when I pened. ting on the bed — his arm thing was moving, like an "She kept pleading she don't want to hear it-' peated dramatically, "and
testified. was 17 years old and I "I remember walking in straddling her waist or electric current, said to please let her sit "Tex walked in and then I ran outside. Katie
Caballero, a former dep- cried." thighs. They were talking "The small man (Jay down. I said I wasn't going looked at her. He said 'kill was just getting up from
the house and walking out
uty district attorney, then She, Miss Van Houten and he had his back to me Sebring) started walking to let her do anything. I her' and I killed her. in front of the dark-haired
brought in Dep. Dist. Atty. and walking back in again "She fell and I stabbed woman on the grass.
and Patricia Krenwinkel, and his back was covering towards Tex and I heard a was holding her head be-
Vincent Bugliosi, a prose- and looking at a woman on her face, so she couldn't
who apparently had been shot. The blonde woman
cutor in the case, so she told of the murder, decided the floor crying and pick- see me either. I remember (Miss Tate) screamed and
could talk to him about the to keep it quiet and gave ing up a towel and writing seeing a bassinette in the then it all'happened so
murders. Hinman's cars away — words on a door and clos- room," fast.
one to Beausoleil in which ing my eyes and throwing Miss Atkins apparently "I think Tex tied the rope
"I OIDN't WANT to tes- he was arrested. the towel back, then going around the people next. He
before she got to the mas-
tify, but Mr. Bugliosi said through a gate that was tied it around the man on
"Linda (Kasabian) over- ter bedroom had passed
it I cooperated with him opened and getting into a the bedroom which Fry- the floor — the one that
heard our conversation
and the district attorney that Bobby had been ar- car and driving off." kowski shared with coffee had been shot — and the
and testified at the trial Although the girl at first two women and then threw
rested for the death of heiress Abigail Folger.
against everyone I would Gary. I said I'd do any- said she couldn't remem- "She was in bed. I be- it over the beam.
be granted immunity." thing to get my brother ber details, under question- lieve she was reading. She "Tex said to turn off the
Before going into the out of jail. ing the details came out. lights and told the women
looked at me and smiled. I
"There were people run- to get on the floor. They
gory details surrounding "I know some people in waved. I got her before I
ning everywhere. I re- were crying and kept say-
the pregnant actress'sBeverly Hills," she quoted got the man and woman, I
member seeing a woman ing 'Don't hurt us, please,
death, she slowly told of Mrs. Kasabian as saying, believe."
lying on the floor and a we won't call police.'
the murder of Hinman "that burned me on a drug The girl testified she
man lying on the floor. I "The man on the couch
which started, she said, buy . . . you can make it walked into the actress'
don't recall stabbing. I bedroom and said, "Come started to get up and I tried
when he refused to give look like somebody else know I said so once," she
Beausoleil a car for which did it, if you copycat the with me." to stop him. He was pull-
testified apparently refei- "What are you doing ing on my hair. It was like
he had been paid. murders — we can make ring to her testimony be-
"Leslie," she said nod- some more of the same. If here?" she was asked. I was fighting for my life.
fore the County Grand "I said 'be quiet and I kept waving the knife
ding at Leslie Van Houten, you make lots of them Jury, "But that wss just a
one of her co-defendants, (murders) everywhere, come with me! I brought and kicking. I know I was
they'll cut Bobby loose." story. my knife out and pointed it stabbing something. I kept
"was there, too. She only "I know my foot hurt
went because Bobby asked towards them. 1 think I yelling 'Help me, help me
and my head hurt and grabbed her arm and Tex', then all of a sudden
her to go along for the MISS ATKINS, whose there was blood on my
ride." voice at times turned to a walked her to Ihe living Katie called 'help.' She
foot. I remember being room. I could feel their was fighting with the oilier
She told the five-woman, Southern drawl and at oth- given a drink of water,
seven-man jury that Beau- ers had a hillbilly twang, fear. two women. The dark-
and washing myself and They didn't put up a haired woman was pulling
soleil and Hinman started claimed she took LSD the being chased away and be-
arguing about the car night of the Tate murders fight." Katie's hair and Linda
ing back at the ranch." came to help. Tex was stab- Tareyton's activated charcoal dnlivers a better taste.
while she was smoking and Mrs. Kasabian gave 18 mg. "tar", 1.2 ing. nicolifiE
marijuana in the kitchen. Charles "Tex" Watson SHOWN the gory color BY THE time she got lo bing the man on the floor. A taste no plain white filter can match. iv. per cigaiultn. FTC Report Nov. 70.
Hinman finally ordered some STP. With Watson photographs of the Tate the living room, she said. "I GOT to Ihe pregnant
her to call Manson and get driving and Mrs. Kasabian
him from the ranch. Man- giving directions, she, and
son arrived with Bruce Miss Krenwinkel went to
Davis, she said, but not the secluded home of the
until Hinman and Beauso- actress.
leil had gotten into a fight. "We parked just outside
the gate," she related. "I
MANSON talked with saw Tex climb up a tele-

We have an island vacation

Hinman, she testified, and phone pole and some wires
in a few minutes came fall. We drove back down
into the kitchen folding up to the bottom of the hill
a piece of paper. and parked the car then
"He said at least he had walked up the hill.
the pink, slip, but just then "Linda crawled over a
Gary came in with a gun. fence, then some head-
He was pointing it at Char- lights came towards us
that makes Hawaii seem like just another state.
lie and he said, "You're and Tex went crazy. He
not leaving here with that went out and said 'stop'
pink slip." and I heard four shots. 1
"Charlie reached up and don't know what motivated
hit Gary with something. him to do it — he just
Northeast Airlines 7-day Caribbean Cruise. H16.50.
Then Charlie said 'I'm went crazy.
splitting' and started- to "Next thing I knew I
leave. Gary started after was walking towards the
him with the gun. I didn't house. She (Linda) said
know what he was going lo 'wait here, I'll go araund
do. I ran after him . . . I the back.' I've seen her do
had my knife . . . and I this before. She came back
killed him. I had no and said to go in through a
choice. He was yelling and window. Tex went through
finally lie dropped the gun. the window. We waited
I think I hit him over the outside.
head with it. "Then Katie, Tex, Linda
"He was going to hurt and I went in. There was a
my love," the girl said 7iian lying on the couch GRAND
weeping, "and nobody (Voityck Frykowski).
hurts my love.
"I can't let him (Beauso- "THE HOUSE was very
leil) sit on death row and quiet. The man stretched
die for something I did ... and said 'What time is it?'
I don't want no one carry- I moved behind the couch.
ing any of my weight. Tex moved in front of him.
"Here I am," she said My knife was in my hand.
dramatically, "do what Somehow Linda got ahold
you do to me. I did it for of my knife and I had

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