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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First and foremost we would like to thank Allah 'azza wa jal, our Rabb, our Creator, the

First and foremost we would like to thank Allah 'azza wa jal, our Rabb, our Creator, the Lord of the Universe and all that exists within it, for giving us the chance to still be on this earth and for showering us with good health and mental stability to even begin to do this assignment. Without the will of Allah 'azza wa jal this assignment could not have been possible.

Secondly, we would like to our fantastic parents for supporting us through thick and thin, for always being there for us no matter what and for their constant guidance and love. Next, we would like to express our undying gratitude to Sir Ahmad Fazrin for all the knowledge he has selflessly bestowed upon us and for imparting his wisdom about the Contemporary Issues on Sunnah Studies and how it affects our daily lives.

To our teacher for all the knowledge they shared. A huge thanks to our friends, who sacrificed their precious and limited time just to help us with our search and choose the best books that are sahih.

We are indebted to our classmates who assisted us in finding suitable reference books from various libraries. Last but by no means least; we would like to thank each other. Without teamwork this assignment would not have been a success.

The Prophet is reported to have said: "Those who are not thankful to the people, are not thankful to Allah". Therefore, we would like to thank each and every single individual who may have assisted us in any way. May Allah 'azza wa jal reward you all for your kindness and May He reward us all with the highest level of Jannah so that we may be amongst the righteous, inshaAllah, Ameen.

OUR OBJECTIVE: 1. Our objective is to investigate the Syiah and what their practices that is contrary to Islam. We investigate the deviant teaching in Syiah to have a perspective of the real Islamic aqidah than the deviant teaching of Syiah that is far away from Quran and Sunnah. The knowledge that we gain from various sources such as book, pamphlet, mass media and the internet become our equipment and general knowledge to approach the audience for giving them an infomation about our main project which is to discover the devianity of the unfamiliar group but rapidly expand in Malaysia which is Syiah.

2. We use their view about Allah and about the Prophet companion as a prove which show the connection of their unauthentic aqidah of a Muslim and their belief. Our intention is to make the audience use their logic mind and intelectual to prevent them from involve in Syiah and alert about the current issues about deviant teaching of Syiah.

3. We give the audience a clear diffrences of Syiah and Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah in terms of aqidah, ibadah,muamalat and ideology that is contradict to Islam.

4. We give the audience the purpose of Syiah teaching and the method of their convey their Syiah ideology which usally using the method by political, organization, business and individual.

OUR TARGET AUDIENCE: 1. Our target audience is the resident of Taman Koperasi Polis Fasa 2 and college student nearby which is UNIKOP and PICOMS. REASON OF THE TARGET AUDIENCE SELECTION The selection of the target audience is because the majority of the residents are Malay Muslim and in term of location it is near to the Headquarters of Syiah organization. METHOD THAT BEEN USED APPPROACHING THE AUDIENCE We use this method because we can deliver the information effectively. During the project, the crowd consists of 1 or 2 people. We give the information and explanation about Syiah toward them and in the end of our explanation we give them chance for any enquire and opinion. PRESENTATION We use a presentation to develop our information about Syiah. By this method, we approach the bigger crowd that consists of 2-5 people. In the end of session, we give them chance for any enquire and opinion. DISTRIBUTE THE PAMPHLET Distribute the pamphlet to the public to give them the awareness and information about this issue. Besides, will make them curious and do some researches about Syiah as it is not a common to them.

PLACE THE PAMPLET ON NOTICE BOARD We place the pamphlet on the public notice board for the audience that didnt get the pamphlet so the information will be spread to the public and unreached audience. OUR CHALLENGES There are a few challenges and obstacles during the conducting our project. Alhamdulillah, all the challenges and obstacles can be solved with patience and sabr. A few obstacles that occur are: Lack of the exposion about Syiah by the audience. Limited knowledge about Syiah by the audience Confusion between Syiah and Sunni. Budget and cost.

OUR SOLUTION The solution for this problem are by giving the clear explanation about Syiah in detail, based on our knowledge to prevent them from been influence by the ideology of Syiah and try our best to make them understand the harm of Syiah towards society, their practices that contradict to Islam, the characteristic of Syiah and the differences between Syiah and Sunni. This goal is to create awareness and give them the information that not commonly delivered to them personally and to make them realized that the issues of Syiah is not a small issues that should be ignore but it is a important issues that affect aqidah, country stability and peacefulness of certain country. This issue should be spread widely among the public to give

a bigger picture about what happen in other country such as Syria, Iraq, Mesir and Saudi Arabia has it connection to this group. OUR OUTCOME From the explaination and presentation, the audience being exposed to Syiah and the audience know type of the deviant teachings contained in Syiah. From the information given can avoid the audience from being involve in this group of Syiah. The audience can diffreniate between Syiah and Sunni. After hearing all of what we explained,the audience can prevent themselves from being influence by Syiah so they wil not join the movement and idealogy of Syiah.