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CIR in Nevada

District 1, 2 & 3 NDOT Maintenance Contract

NDOT Maintenance Contract

7 sites 6 are complete 5 sites used SemMaterials Reflex emulsion 1 site used PASS R emulsion 1 site to be completed this spring

13,000 Lane miles of roads to maintain

13,000 Lane miles of roads to maintain 3,385 miles ha e ADTs of have 400 or less

CIR Solution
3 deep CIR 1.25 minus sizing 2 5% emulsion 2.5% l i 3.0% water Double chip seal or HMA overlay depending on traffic volume

CIR 3 deep


2 HMA Overlay

Savings =

$104 000 $104,000

Per Centerline Mile

The Recycling y g Train

Mix Designs
The mix design can be as varied as the conditions require, in this instance, the emulsion was 2.5% by weight of RAP Water was added at 3% by weight of RAP Other additives such as slurrys or foamed AC can also be added Various materials can be added to an existing roadway to create a new layer of recycled l d pavement t The Bearcat system is shown to the right.

Widths and Depths of CIR

Variable widths are easy to do with this system. system On this job job, material is placed to the side by the Roadtec RX-60 (2.2 m width/86) where the RX-900 (3 8 m/150) (3.8 m/150 ) can walk over the top of it and incorporate the material into the next milling pass. P Precut t and d fi final l cut t could ld b be variable to 6 m width (20). Shown here is about 4 m (13 4). Depth of cut has to do with ability to compact the material to design specification. p are between 50 Normal depths and 125 mm (2 to 5).

Tank trailers deliver the asphalt emulsion and d water t to t the th job j b site it
Tankers stay y with the train during work and tank trailers shuttle to the supply point and return with materials. The production of the train is dependent upon the timing of these materials and the careful planning of transport to the supply point. Material can be laid on the surface ahead of this process as well by using a dry material spreader spreader.

RX 900 RX-900

The Roadtec RX-900 RX 900

The mill can work in either direction and has 950 HP diesel power power. Front or rear loading, UP or DOWN cutting, widths from 2.2 m to 3.8 m. Shown here is a 3.8 m (126) drum down cutting and rear loading to the RT-500. The RX-900 tows the RT-500 Screening, Mixing and Blending Trailer as well as the emulsion trailer and pushes the additive trailer.

Roadway Grade and Slope

The milling g machine rebuilds the proper grade and slope to the roadway g state of the art using automated grade and slope controls.

An Asphalt Paving machine will be used d with ith grade d controls t l t to place l th the recycled mixture back onto the roadway in a uniform lift of material.

Down Cutting drum

The Roadtec RX-900 matches the grade and slope predetermined by the engineer. This RX-900 used a 3.8 m (126) wide id down d cutting tti drum. Drum units are replaceable between 2.2 m (87) and 3.8 m (126). This sizes the material at the point of cut and is preferred by this contractor. One could up-cut up cut with this same machine in this same rear loading configuration if desired.

RX-900 RX 900 and the Train

RT 500 RT-500

The Roadtec RT RT-500 500 Mixing Trailer

The mills conveyor puts milled material on the top deck of the 5142 JCI Flat Screen. If oversized, it goes through the Telsmith 3048 Horizontal Shaft Impact Cusher and back to the screen via a two conveyor return circuit. Material that passes the screen drops onto the 1.2 1 2 m (48 (48) ) weight belt. belt This sends a signal to the blending computer which adjusts the flow of additives to the KPI Model 52 pugmill mixer. g cycle y it is After a full mixing discharged onto the roadway.

Calibration of RT-500 RT 500

Roadtec has worked out calibration routines for the RT-500 for all materials, stone and liquids. Special weighing vessels and equipment are available for this purpose.

BearCat 3785 L or 1000 gallon liquid calibration trailer. trailer

Calibration of RT-500 RT 500

Weigh bridge calibration Calibration bin Optional load cells on bin

The Screen Deck

The RT-500 has a JCI 514224 S Screen (5 x 14 1.5 15mx 4.27 m) Double Deck Screen with 120mm bearings to give a uniform size to the milled material. Uniform size will y yield a more uniform mixture. A crusher and conveyor y circuit reduces the oversize.

Over size material crusher

Telsmith Crusher 3048 Impactor 152 mm mainshaft and 110 mm bearings for maximum service life Shaft and Rotor Assembly feature ea u e Ring-Feders g ede s to o provide lock of shaft and rotor without press-fits or keys (allows for easy removal of shaft from rotor) 2 Rows of Massive Hammer Bars Patented Hammer and W d Design Wedge D i provides id 4 wear surfaces for maximum life Hammer Bars are 28% Chrome Iron Alloy

Precision machined surfaces provide 100% backing for hammers Two - Moveable Aprons to allow for proper sizing of material Spring Return on Moveable Aprons to eliminate shear bolts for tramp iron relief 1 (25 mm) Thick AR400 Liners on Aprons, (13 mm) AR400 frame or wall liners Hydraulically Lifted Upper Frame - Opens for complete internal access 150 hp (112 kW) electric motor drive. Fully enclosed belt guard

Crusher Circuit back to Screen

Two Return Conveyors 24(610 ( mm) ) return conveyors y Cleated belt for maximum production Covered for safety y and to prevent roll-off Lagged head pulleys for nonslip traction Water sprays to prevent rap dust build-up on rollers

Weigh Bridge and Mixer

Under the Screen deck there is a 48 (1.22m) wide belt and belt scale system to provide accuracy 1% JCI/KPI Model M d l 52 Pugmill P ill 48 (1.2 M) Wide Box with Twin 24 Shaft mixers x 6-0 (1.83M) long or (9 cu. yards.) 600 TPH

Bearcat Emulsion System Bearcat

Full display and input screens both Metric and Imperial measures. Variable speed p electric motor driven 3" (7.62 mm) positive displacement asphalt pump (240 gal/min or 908 liter/min) with reverse capability. Positive displacement gear type flow meter. Optional Mass flow meter Full circulating system to prevent plugging in spray bar circuit while in non-spray (circulate) mode. Thermostatically controlled electric h t in heat i asphalt h lt circulating i l ti circuit i it t to prevent material from cooling while circulating. Pneumatic spray valve operation, computer controlled. Spray valves submersed poppet style. Dual 8" (20cm) X 18" (45cm) spray bar strainers with a pair 3-way valves allowing the selection of either canister so the other one can be cleaned while in operation. Automated flush system with onboard flush solvent recovery tank.

System is capable of spraying paving grade asphalt. Optional foam system can be added.

RT-500 RT 500 Generator Power

Caterpillar C-9 Generator Set Caterpillar C-9 Tier III Diesel Engine g at 375 hp p 250kw Output on Marathon Generator The RT-500 is run by electric motors. motors

Discharge to Roadway
The material is mixed in the pugmill and dropped onto the roadway. Roadtec drops the material as close to the milling drum as possible to keep the open areas to a minimum aiding start up and shut down of work each hd day.

Windrow and Windrow Loader

The cold recycled material is left in a windrow for three reasons: Drying & curing effect Surge control if there is a p or hump py you are dip correcting with the milling process you can move the material to compensate and allow a uniform lift of recycled mix to be placed. Allows for maximum production, the paving and compaction progresses at is own optimum rate. The recycling and supply of additives go at their optimum rate. rate

Paver and Placement

The windrow loader is pushed b the by h asphalt h l paver and d placed onto the roadway. The paver uses an automated Th t t d grade control to place a uniform lift of material. There will be a new lift of material placed on top of this gp period. material after the curing Normally about two weeks.

Compaction of cold materials i d is done diff differently l than h h hot mix i asphalt. Normally N ll a 30 t ton multi-tire lti ti pneumatic roller and two double drum vibratory rollers push the water are used to p content out of the emulsion and consolidate the recycled materials.

Elimination of Cracks coming to the Surface

The new layer of recycled material will create a barrier to keep the sub sub-base base cracking from coming to the new surface surface.

The Roadtec Bonus

Roadtecs design allows for optimum utilization: The milling machine can also be a front loading milling machine on normal milling projects projects. The RT-500 RT 500 can be used as a stand alone mixing machine, it can be fed by a front end loader and is powered by its own generator set. The paver, the rollers and the windrow pickup machine can be used on other jobs as well.

The RX-900 is a normal Milling Machine useful elsewhere

A final overlay will be added to the CIR material. CIR is a base material, i l a material i l that h retains i the h ability bili to k keep the h underlying d l i base cracks from migrating to the surface. The water Th t content t t of f the th emulsion l i must t be b eliminated li i t d b by compaction and drying. Often a fog seal is placed on this material shortly after compaction to keep rain from adding moisture to the material before the final paving is completed.

For more information contact:

Roadtec, Inc. 800-272-7100 or 423 265 0600