2012 and the mechanics of Prophecy

Comet Holmes, 17P, taken on November 1, 2007

Toward the end of 2007, Comet 17P Holmes was traveling in our solar system and unexplainably expanded in size to become an object so large it was visible to the naked eye. It became a massive blue sun, growing several times greater in size than our own sun in an undeniably magnificent field of plasma discharge. Celestial symbolism is deeply important in collective archetypal terms for its message that reaches beyond the rational mind into the world of our subconscious and vitally alive inner reality. Such symbolism awakens the rational mind to a larger possibility than the five senses' offer and readies us all for the birth of the new. In the case of Comet Holmes, spiritual leaders recognized the radiant blue sphere as 'the divine messenger' hailing a birth of unity consciousness. Hopi prophecy foretold the arrival of the Blue Kachina in the sky to hail the advent of the 'new world'. Wisdom keepers are not alone as scholars of many disciplines from microbiology to psychology agree that we are now undergoing a great shift in blossoming consciousness. Yet prophecies of hope and doom are looming sideby-side before us, especially as the controversial date of 2012 approaches. America's greatest prophet and psychic, Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), was meticulously documented in all his work and his books are still vastly popular for their timeless insights. Cayce stated that prophecy and prediction are meant to help us choose our future, because we can change our ways if we are warned when our path is leading us astray. Therefore, prophecy is a great tool. It is a guide that helps us to steer conscientiously into the unknown territory ahead, especially after visionaries give us a glimpse of the highest probability futures given our current actions. Many misunderstand this tool and assume that prediction is unchangeable. Powerful individuals, who strive to manipulate mass perception for power and personal gain, create a climate of fear extorting this precise ignorance. Therefore, prophecy can empower or it can make powerless those who ignore or are ignorant to its rightful and proper use.

No prophecy, no matter how devastating or how often repeated by leaders or groups, is unavoidable. It is of the greatest importance to understand and accept the responsibility of individual and collective thought/energy power. Our future spills out before us in mathematical potentialities and probabilities, ruled by cause and effect. Humanity's current thoughts and actions ripple out to precisely build tomorrow. If enough people are convinced that highly destructive earth changes are inevitable, then people begin to act in ways that support and build this future. Notable psychic, Phyllis Schlemmer, author of The Only Planet of Choice, worked in a faraday cage for over 40 years while she communicated with non-local reality. Her communications radically assisted peace efforts in the Middle East during the 1970's. In a recent conversation, Phyllis told me that those individuals publicly declaring 'gloom and doom' for 2012 do all of us the worst possible disservice, for they are guiding collective thought to create this ugly end. Current earth changes represent a chaos and disharmony in our collective thoughts, activities and our imbalanced relationship with the planet. There are some with power who believe that it would be of the highest good to eliminate large portions of the world population by harnessing this fear to create the type of destruction that would leave standing only those with resources and those with awakened consciousness to protect them. This lends weight to peaceful and catastrophic future probabilities co-existing and dividing odds. This also helps us to understand why some people are having destructive visions about the years ahead and feel compelled to warn others. These individuals often mean well, but the future they are glimpsing is only one of many, so it is essential to emphasize the importance of personal responsibility right now - to choose, envision and act upon a positive and harmonious future. The Croatian super-healer Braco tells us not worry about 2012. His own prophetic visions about our future confirm challenges ahead, and the cure is to care about each other and offer kindness. Phyllis Schlemmer has been leading a worldwide meditation every Sunday (10 am PST) for over a decade promoting peace for all. She, like many others, glimpses the closeness of a collective realization of unity. Critical mass in near and means that everyone on the planet will become part of a magnificently expanding consciousness that arrives in a splendid moment, as illustrated by Comet Holmes. It grew beyond scientific predictions and immediate understandings, it defied imagination and inspired a new breathe and scope. This archetypal image of the Blue Kachina is a living model of humanity's consciousness, architect of its own evolution, on the verge of exceeding all known limitations of the five senses, to reveal a refined reality; synchronized with universal principles ready to be understood by our new maturity as a species.