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Beer Fest 2013

Date: 08/24/13 Time: 2PM . Arrive by 1:30PM Location: Rob and Carlys House/ Joes House

General Rules
Come at least 30 minutes before the start time. Everyone must stay in uniform/outfit in order to play Only the 4 members of each team can play; no subs Beer Only; unless both teams of the game unanimously decide on something else Be ready to play at all times; games will be going on simultaneously

8 teams 4 members per team First 8 teams to confirm they are playing will get spots Matching uniform/outfit o Any theme allowed There will be full team games and at least 1 game where teams will be split into 2 teams of 2 o When setting up teams, you cannot swap members after at least 1 game has been played (by your team) in that specific game

Games (Minimum amount of beer will be determined per game)

1) 21 cup a) Only 3 members play one member must sit out b) No rollbacks c) Bounces are allowed, but only count as one d) 1 game Single elimination e) Drink before you shoot f) Bring backs i) Occurs when all 3 members make a cup; one after another w/o a member of the opposing team shooting before all 3 are shot g) Each member of each team is matched up with a member of the opposing team i) Anything your matched opponent makes you drink ii) You can only shoot after your matched opponent shoots (1) You also use the same ball; you cannot hand a ball to a teammate if its yours and your matched opponents h) Rapid fire you can shoot as soon as you get your designated ball; you dont have to wait for everyone on your team to get theirs 2) Quarters a) Whole team plays b) Shot glasses used w/ boot being final glass





c) If you make it, your team must yell out the number your team has made (starting from 1 and ending at 12) d) Once you miss, you pass the quarter and shot glass to the next member of your team and continue from the last number e) Once 12 is made, you must try for the boot; pass it if you miss i) First team to make the boot wins f) If a quarter is dropped, the team can call timeout i) Upon continuing, the opposing team starts first g) Best of 3 h) Losing team drinks boot; last man must finish what the others didnt drink Flip Cup a) 2 flips per person b) Best of 3 c) Both teams to decide whether or not the second cup starts at 1st person or last person d) Different person must start each game for each team Relay a) 4 cups in BP format b) Each player goes once c) Single elimination 1 game per match d) Gameplay i) Starts with bouncing the ball in the first cup ii) 2nd + 3rd cup drink and flip cup iii) Run back and shoot ball until you make it iv) Once made, next person starts Flip Pong a) Split teams 2v2 b) Team members line up across from each other c) 3 cups lined up in a line in front of each member d) Members shoot at team members cups i) When made, your team member must drink the beer and flip cup it e) Alternate shooting, whether made or missed f) Best of 3 Anchorman a) Amount to be determined b) Chugging race c) Whole team d) Best of 3 e) Last member must finish boot f) There needs to be at least 1-2 refs to judge if someone spills too much.