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Since posting of letter perverted tweets have been deleted.

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Respected Sh. Narender Modijee, The Chief Minister State Of Gujarat. Sir, In prevailing political darkness you seem to only star to which people look for light to aspire & to guide. But in the surrounded clouds of uncertainties , the light is flickering and there is danger that even flickering light may be smothered by undercurrent of winds before people see full light. The clear political vision must not only see ahead but also see beneath its feat Because sometimes danger lie there lurking. Astute election campaigner some times fails to see this. Some times black sheep is created or planted within cannot be seen. The clear political vision must also be positive. The positivity must be of moral obligation of parity towards all cast, all classes, all creeds. There must be Vedic wisdom and of democratic prudence in all action. These demands that election cannot be fought on hate and acrimony and even not by propagating sedition. In a democracy of multi casts and creeds politics cannot played by creating and Inflaming hate especially between religions and races. In short term there may be some gains but it certainly causes national perversion ruinous to democracy,

In Social Media a group called Transition Beyond Twitter has been created, or promoted or connived at ostensibly for promoting and propagating BJP but gradually has degenerated into a platform for abusing all other religions and their adherents even Hindus who slightly oppose them. The language is blasphemous, seditious, obscenely abusive. As a result of lacs of Muslims and thousand of Hindus were abused and frustrated and left Social Media never to com back & never to vote BJP. It is sheer terrorism on twitter. Methodology of terror is to swarm and sting. Especially Muslim and opposing Hindus are swarmed by twitters and hurl filthiest and ugliest abuses from all side. They openly profess and proclaim supporters of yours and openly demonstrate proximity with BJP. No care is taken to spare lady twitters. Having no alternative but run away cursing BJP and never to return and never to vote for BJP. Prominent Twitters are @iCountu and @PontiFukEx Some of their tweets are enclosed and rest can be personally verified. Whatever be the confidence of BJP, erosion of its foundation and depletion of its battle fit resources is taking place before even beginning of battle. It is sheer futile vision to harbor that abuse of other religions will unite Hindus to vote for it. Hindu society has not yet degraded itself to that depraved mental state. There are still Vedic lessons lurk in deep recesses of heart. If other religion is abused in public and without rationale and justice, members of Hindu Society will have empathy with them and vote with them. Also those Congress voters who are likely to vote for BJP might refrain from following their revised inclination. The matter it is taken up with good intention. Harshness is injected to shove & to shock, to make aware.

Your Well Wisher, S,C,Bhardwaj