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NEIL I. BARKER Lockport, IL 60441 Telephone (815) 836-8157 Email notabene62@sbcglobal.

net INTRODUCTION Looking through the ASMEs Guidelines for Engineering Grades, I identify with the Grade VII narrative, Uses creativity, foresight, and mature judgment in anticipating and solving unprecedented problems; makes decisions and recommendations that are authoritative and have an important impact on extensive organizational activities; sets priorities and reconciles directions from competing interests; works on programs with complex features. If you need someone to take a leadership role in your company that has the tools to get the best from your people, call me. Whats unique about me is that I was a engineer for the first 20 years of my life, and then went into training, knowing what industry needs from its future engineers. I am therefore an expert at connecting peoples existing knowledge to contemporary business needs. If you want a strong communicator, experienced in training, planning and organizing change initiatives, to provide high value added services to your customers and grow your business, lets meet face to face. SKILLS PROFILE 20 years industrial experience in a broad range of sectors 10 years teaching experience, developing dynamic instructional presentations, and engaging learning environments Well developed management capabilities utilized in product development, manufacturing, project management and quality assurance roles, ensuring effort is applied where it's needed to get things done cost effectively and in a timely manner Strong verbal interpersonal communicator experienced in working with clients, suppliers, clients, multiple departments and consultants; supervising employees; coordinating and managing multidisciplinary teams; running concise meetings Solid problem solving skills with ability to rapidly assimilate situations, gather data, rationalize causes and identify cost effective solution strategies Experienced in Total Quality Management TQM and application of ISO9000 for continuous improvement, product integrity and customer satisfaction Decisive leader used to dealing with people and team development

EDUCATION AND TRAINING Bachelor of Science in Engineering, BSME, University of Bath, England 1985 Currently working on Masters Degree through ISU (anticipated completion 2013) Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME PE Professional Engineer licensed in the UK Teacher Certification, Chicago State University, 2003-2004 Seminars and workshops Project planning cost and schedule control Commercial awareness for engineers Public speaking and presentations course Internal Auditing to ISO9000 Reliability and Maintainability workshop Management Psychology course


Having been in the workplace for nearly 30 years, I am familiar with a whole host of computer technologies and software. They include Microsoft Office, Project Management Tools, Computer Aided Engineering, Internet, Email, and so on. I am comfortable learning new applications and applying them in ongoing efforts CAREER HIGHLIGHTS

INSTRUCTOR, CONSOLIDATED H.S. DISTRICT 230, Tinley Park, IL 2005-2012 Achievements Provided engaging instruction to students in applied technology Developed relevant training materials including safety and OSHA Developed a safety culture among young people PROPOSAL DEVELOPER, GRAYHILL CORPORATION, LaGrange, IL 2000-2002 Achievements Wrote and produced proposals for custom electronic equipment PROJECT / QUALITY MANAGER, VERSON-ALLIED, Chicago, IL 1998-2000 Achievements Successfully managed projects valued at over $10 million with responsibility for profit and loss and on-time delivery Point of contact with Big Three and Tier 1 suppliers Training leadership & implementation toward company goals Pro-active QA leader with 7 staff and 6 UAW inspectors Agent of change including skills planning and staffing adjustments PROJECT ENGINEER, IIE, Bolingbrook, IL 1996-1998 Achievements Developed medical imaging system within FDA guidelines Outsourced specialist components and manufacturing services ENGINEERING MANAGER, LINN PRODUCTS, Charlotte, MI 1995 Achievement Optimized extrusion and fabrication plant layout for most efficient materials handling and safe operations Set-up Product Development Team and new products strategy PROJECT ENGINEER, SMITHS INDUSTRIES, Cheltenham, UK 1990-1994 Achievements Managed extensive aerospace test program Developed a comprehensive total quality (TQM) R&D strategy DESIGN CONSULTANT, H & M ENGINEERING, Gloucester, UK 1987-1990 Achievements Designed prototype Surface to Air Missile power unit Lifetime records specialist in Central Electricity Generating Board STUDENT INTERN, DOWTY GROUP, Tewkesbury, UK 1981-1987 Design and development of structural components, hydraulic systems and electrical circuits