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2 August 2013

Vol. XC


16th Annual Hope for Firefighters

The first Thursday in June saw firefighters from 25 different

stations displaying their culinary skills in the ultimate competition.
It was a win-win event for the LAFD, the downtown community
and the Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens Fund .. . . . 06

Popular Training Fuels Buzz

The classes were filled within 2 hours of the announcement that

ISTS was hosting the State Fire Marshals Driver/Operator training.
Find out how you can secure a spot in the next class .. . . . . . . 32

Kicking In For A Good Cause

World champion soccer team LA Galaxy gives everything they

have on the field. Off the field, they just keep on giving, teaming
with the Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens Fund to host
a Firefighters Night at the Home Depot Center . . . . . . . . . . . . 42

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On the cover:

Structure Fire - Sun Valley

Photo by:

Mike Meadows

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LAFD History
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August 2013 3

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4 August 2013

dont think anyone in the Country has escaped hearing about the recent developments dealing with Healthcare Reform. You would have had to be living
in a cave or on a remote desert island to escape the media blitz. Its been on
the radio, the television, the newspaper and even the side of a building in some
areas. Im sure each of us has tried to absorb and follow along with the key points
of the legislation, or then again maybe you havent. (A desert island might not be
that bad)

Regardless, most of us have the same concerns and questions of how
this is going to affect us. Is this going to raise our healthcare premiums? Is access
to doctors for my family going to be reduced? How is this all going to work? The
simple answer is that we can only take an educated guess on some of the provisions and the final outcome is going to be determined sometime in the future for
a lot of the changes. Most recently, the White House postponed by one year the
employer requirement that businesses with more than 50 workers provide healthcare coverage or pay fines of $2,000 per employee. Other interesting developments have included trying to get the NFL on board to act as an ambassador for
Healthcare Reform. Needless to say the strategy of implementing the Affordable
Care Act is evolving, but the rules and requirements are continuing to be a moving
target for us. Rest assured, almost everything to do with healthcare reform has a
cost associated with it, whether it is a savings or increase merely depends where
you are standing at the time.

Im pleased to announce that effective this July, the Relief Association
has returned to being a property owner. We recently closed escrow on a piece
of property that will most definitely meet our needs for the present and more
importantly allow us options for the future. Almost 5 years ago we sold the
previous LAFRA headquarters at 2900 W Temple and made the move to our current location in the Credit Unions building as a tenant. The search for a building
has been an ongoing one for a few years. Location, size, parking, ease of member accessibility and price are to only to name a few of the many considerations
that came into play when searching for a new home for LAFRA. Owning a real
property as part of our investment portfolio was another factor, as it adds to our
diversification. We are still a ways out from relocating from our current location
and the new building will remain occupied almost until our current lease runs its
course which will bring us to March of 2015. We will need some time to do some
tenant improvements and adjust to meet LAFRAs specific needs. The Board put
a great deal of thought into this decision and certainly it all stemmed around what
would be best for our organization. The new building is located at 7470 Figueroa
St, which is merely a stones throw from our current location.

Another topic that many of you have been reading about has been the
pros and cons of Long Term Care. Several articles have circulated the media outlets with depressing stories of huge and unaffordable premium increases. There
have been multiple newspaper articles recently that focus on the economic issues
facing the long term care industry. Many carriers, including Unum, have been
mentioned because they are raising their policy rates. This is due, in part, to long
term cares historically low interest rates, uncertainty of risk and, increased claims
experience trend. Unum is not seeking a rate adjustment for LAFRAs group long
term care policy. The rate adjustments, referenced in the articles, apply to some
of Unums older group and individual long term care policies. Although there is
no guarantee, like with any insurance product, that rates will not increase in the
future, we still feel strongly that Unums rates will remain competitively priced in
the marketplace. Any future rate increase would also be subject to regulatory review.LAFRA will continue to contribute to the Core LTC coverage for Members
as we continue to see a great value in the benefits of long term care coverage for
our membership. If you have further questions about your Long Term Care coverage, please contact a UNUM representative at (800) 227-4165.

All of you with a Work Comp award or current claim should have
received notice with regard to your W/C prescription change. Express Scripts
is the new PBM (Pharmaceutical Benefit Manager) for W/C prescriptions as of

By John Jacobsen
7/1/13. This transition was the result of a Request for Proposal (RFP) released on
November 2, 2012 for medical bill review, cost containment and managed care
services. The vendor selected was Stratacare who proposed Express Scripts for
the PBM component. What does this mean to us? Well certainly it is a change
from the previous provider and as with any change there may be some bumps in
the road. Apparently there are. A large concern to LAFRAs medical plan is the
existence of a real possibility that our Drug card may be confused (or used) for
W/C prescriptions. If you frequently fill your scripts at the same pharmacy, it is
only reasonable that they will have your information on file for your private health
plan. So you can see how an honest mistake could happen here or to take it a little
further, some have already relayed that pharmacies arent too concerned about
which Express Script account gets charged for the prescription if there is any complication. Those of us who know what our drug costs are already most definitely
concerned. Please do your best to ensure the right card or information is presented
to the pharmacy and it never hurts to ask. We are attaching both the LAFRA PPO
Medical card and the Express Scripts City of LA in picture form, so those of you
who have yet to see this can easily distinguish them. As always, it is our members
who are our best watch dogs on this and help to protect our plans assets.

The Yarnell Hill Fire was a wildfire near Yarnell, Arizona, ignited
by lightning on June 28, 2013. On June 30, it overran and killed 19 firefighters
with the Prescott Fire Departments interagency Granite Mountain Hotshots. The
wildfire was fully contained by July 10, 2013. This event resulted in the highest
wildland firefighter death toll in the United States since the 1933 Griffith Park
Fire killed 29 firefighters. Our hearts go out to the families of those who lost their
loved ones in the tragedy at Yarnell. Thank you to all that were able to travel and
pay respects to those who have suffered such a tragic loss.

John E. Jacobsen
323 259-5200

August 2013 5

moke hung heavily on Hope Street on a Thursday morning in early

June. Of course the LAFD responded in force only they left the
fire trucks and engines back at the firehouse. This smoke smelled a little
different than your average dumpster fire though there were hints of
braised tri-tip, juicy carne asada, BBQ pork shoulder roast and . . . kettle
corn?!? And instead of using hoses and axes, the firefighters did their
best to handle the flames with tongs and spatulas.

June 6th saw LAFD firefighters from 25 different stations and units
come together to battle for the best-in-show food booth trophy at the 16th
annual Hope for Firefighters fundraiser. Last year Fire Station 88 and
their sponsor American Technologies, Inc. won for best theme with their
Animal House motif. This year the same team took home the prize for
both best recipe and most entertaining theme.

You may have heard of Duck Dynasty, a reality show on A&E?
Dont know if the health inspectors have?!? The guys from 88s did their
best to emulate Louisiana bayou fashion for their theme, wearing camos
and ZZ Top style beards while cooking their award-winning pulledpork sandwiches. But the health inspectors were not amused. One was
actually seen combing through Jared Bennetts fake beard looking for
lice and nits wonder if he actually found any? And what was 88s
secret recipe? According to Chris Winn, Everybody here at 88s helped
out but we have to give credit to Mike Finger. The pork really had great
flavor because he smoked the roasts for a full day and a half.

Besides 88s pulled pork, firehouse culinary experts whipped up
a host of other entrees: FS 2 rolled out pizzas, 39s fried up fish tacos,
and the boys from Skid Row brought out the M.O.A.B. to BBQ their TriTip. Diners had another serious decision to make when lunch was over
which of the many desserts were they to devour? 87s kettle-corn was
a favorite, Los Perros Locos scooped out banana splits, 21s baked up
a pumpkin roll and Harbor FPBs snow-cones were very popular as the
weather heated up later in the day. The judges favorite dessert though,
was Fire Station 60s (with sponsor Grainger) Funnel Cake.

The gang from Fire Station 50 (with Red Hawk Fire & Security)
conjured up a very popular Hawaiian burger for the entre competition
and no wonder, it was 50 percent hamburger and 50 percent bacon! But
the real story is what happened at the firehouse before the event. The
recipe belongs to Tony Arnado who, along with the crew at 50s, set to
work molding the 600 pounds of meat into burger patties the day prior

6 August 2013

to Hope. They finished late in the afternoon and left their handiwork in
the station frig. When Tony arrived early the next morning to transport
the burgers downtown the refrigerator was empty!! Had a Hawaiian
Hamburglar invaded the Atwater Village firehouse or did the B shift
have a hula island feast for dinner the previous night? Staying calm, Tony
put out a Mayday and the guys from 50s jumped in to help. Capt. Ed
Holguin put up the money to buy more meat and the off-going shift was
held over to assist in burger patty production. I want to thank all the
guys who really stepped up to help, said Tony. And it was a good thing
because we sold out of all 450 burgers by 1:30 that afternoon.

The Master of Ceremonies duty was a shared responsibility this
year. Known as the Ambassador of Country Music for his 20 plus
years on the Los Angeles country music scene, Shawn Parr from radio
station GoCountry 105.1 introduced the VIPs, called the play-by-play
on the muster events and sang the praises of the LAFD. Backing him up
was LAFD battalion chief and all-around good guy Steve Ruda.

The food judges were an impressive gang of short-order cooks
who have made their way to the show. They took their Hope judging
job very seriously though, sampling each of the two dozen entrees and
desserts before reaching their verdicts. The judges included:
1) Megan Logan, the new head chef at Nick & Stefs Steakhouse who
may have only graduated from culinary school seven years ago, but at 28,
has been working in a restaurant almost half of her life. I started working at Hot Dog On A Stick when I was 15, she said.
2) Fernando Ubario, a 2012 Wine Spectator award winner, heads up the
kitchen at Mortons Steakhouse on Fig downtown.
3) McCormick & Schmicks Executive Chef Kina Deth has worked
her way up the kitchen ladder. She started as a line cook, and at 29 sees
herself at the downtown seafood restaurant for the long haul.
4) Chef Sam Marvin, founder of the ever popular Bottega Louie, who
separated from the restaurant last September to form a new hospitality
firm called The Goat Group, LLC.
5) Paris export chef Guillaume Jouvet, from the casual French restaurant
Coco Laurent, who is the mover behind the venues bistro cuisine.
6) and rounding out the group was Los Angeles chef Cleo Shelby.

An important component of Hope is the community involvement.
Besides all the folks working downtown coming out for a great lunchtime
meal, the event sponsors partake in a competition of muster

August 2013 7

events including a bucket brigade and hose cart race. This year MuirChase took top honors, followed closely by the teams from Universal
Protection Service and US Bank. A respectable finish by the Heinz team
was noteworthy in that this was the first all-female muster team to ever
compete at Hope.

The National Anthem was sung by SoCal native Lea Carranza,
who began performing at age five. Whether performing as a solo artist or
with the group BitterSweet, it is said that Lea touches the soul when
she is on stage. The music continued with the Manual Arts High School
Marching Band leading the parade to the muster site, Emerald City
Band, a rock and roll cover band playing tunes out on Hope Street and
DJ Dave Williams spinning tunes when the band took a break.

In a blast from the past there was a round-up of old-time TV
celebrities pressing the flesh and signing autographs for the hordes
of star-struck fans wandering down Hope Street. Jerry Mathers, who
of course played the Beaver (not to be confused with the retired
fire captain of the same name), Tony Dow, who played brother Wally
Cleaver, and Ken Osmond, who starred as every mothers nemesis Eddie
Haskall (who went on to a career with the LAPD) were present from
Leave It To Beaver. From My Three Sons was Stanley Livingston, who
played Chip Douglas, from the old Dick Van Dyke Show (the one with
Mary Tyler Moore and Carl Reiner) was Rose Marie who portrayed Sally
Rogers, and also present was Paul Petersen, who played Jeff Stone on
The Donna Reed Show. If you missed seeing all your favorite television
stars at Hope for Firefighters, not to worry, you can see them most every
night over on TVLand.

The real stars were the scores of hard-working volunteers who
gave up a day (and many much more time than that) with whom the
event could not have possibly taken place. Event co-chairs Heather Ross
and Steve Robinson, along with the many members of their executive
and general committees, spent months doing the advanced planning.
LAFRA Event Coordinator Juliet Brandolino called in all her chits, and
her cadre of friends and volunteers showed up in force to lend a helping
hand. LAFD usual suspects Steve Romas, Larry Hoerner, Tom Kitahata,
Issac Burks, Bill Bringas, Jim Stiglich and Phil Ayala (and a few others)

8 August 2013

provided watchful eyes for the muster events. The faithful LAFRA staff
along with friends and family members helped to sell tickets, man
the Firefighter Photo Booth, and could be found supporting almost every
other logistical function.
A few of the noteworthy auction and raffle items included:
A two night stay at Caesars Palace, with airfare, limo to and from
the airport - donated by Bob Smith, from sponsor R.E. Smith Company
Two roundtrip tickets on Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air with no
blackout dates - donated by new sponsor Alaska Airlines.
12 tickets for a Staples Center Luxury Box LA Kings Game with
preferred parking passes - donated by Jim Aitieri & ABM Industries.
Two Annual passes to Disneyland - donated by Task Force Sponsor
Universal Protection Service
Autographed boxing gloves signed by Canelo Alvarez - donated by
Hope co-chair Steve Robinson

This year Hope for Firefighters was another win-win event.
Firehouse chefs got to show-off their culinary skills, folks in the
community were able to share some quality time with their heroes, and
maybe most importantly, your LA Firemens Relief Association took
home some real gold for the Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens
Fund. Remember to mark off the first Thursday in June on next years
calendar so that you too can be a part of this great tradition.

August 2013 9

10 August 2013

August 2013 11

Santa Monica Beach, 1200 PCH, Lot 3 North

SEPTEMBER 11, 2013


$25 per player

3 to 5 players per team


BILL BRINGAS (805) 660-7473


Best Team Name!

Best Costume!
Proceeds benefit

12 August 2013




Congrats to FF/PM Belnap at 9s
and wife Amy who recently introduced their
son into this world. Finnegan James Belnap
was born May 24, 2013. Good luck juggling a
newborn and RA209.

Engineer Tafoya from 4s recently
misplaced his cell phone at work. The crew
scoured the station for a few days. If you all
know Tafoya, there are not too many places
where he could have lost his phone. The
mattresses were flipped, TV chairs turned
upside-down, and no sign of the phone near
the leftovers in the fridge. He even drove
by addresses where there was an incident in
hopes of finding broken pieces of his phone.
You know how stir crazy someone could get
when a cell phone is lost. Engineer Lauro
from the A shift, while doing his Monday
checks, magically found the phone inside of
the logbook to the engine. Now we know that
Eng. Tafoya at least does his Monday and
monthly checks.

While on the topic of Engineer Tafoya, he recently worked a SOD day down at
14s. It was a nice Sunday (Fathers Day) and
holiday rooty-tooty was in effect. Members
from 14s were, of course, expecting to have
there their wives and children come to the fire
station to pay a visit on Dads Day. Knowing
family was in quarters, and Soda-Pop was
heard over the PA system, most would be in
uniform and presentable for family? Engineer
Tafoya was found up in bed, down to his skivvies, and snoring away.

Recently department members had
to sit through the painful EEO mandatory
training. Along with that, a customer service
piece was added, and members were reminded
to provide the best service possible to the
citizens of LA. We all know that our members
pride themselves in the job we do, and how
it is performed. Such things were mentioned,
like transporting patients to where they want
to be transported. Immediately following

this mandatory training, RA-4 was called to

transport a patient from an incident at Dodger
Stadium. The patient did not meet any criteria,
and was refusing transport. The on-duty EMS
captain at the Dodger game told the rescue to
transport the patient, and that USC was to be
their destination. Like many hours of the day,
USC was closed to ED Sat, and the members
explained this to the captain. The patient had
been going through some tough times, and just
wanted to get out of the stadium. RA-4 kindly
aided the gentleman out of the stadium to a
safe location where his wife was able to pick
him up. In this short duration, the members
of RA-4 went above and beyond. They took
money from their own pockets, gave it to
the gentleman, and told him to go take his
wife out for a nice dinner, all problems aside.
One member even gave the patient his phone
number for anything he could do to help him
out. Next shift rolls around, and one of the
members is called to stand before a triplet of
chiefs, only to be criticized for their performance on that call. Such things as too the
patient should have been transported, or did
you learn anything in that class you just had
on customer service? A few choice words
were also thrown into the matrix from what I
am told. Not knowing what would come out of
this, the member left headquarters bewildered.
The next shift rolls around, and the member

that was not called to headquarters had a very

kind voicemail from the gentleman - THANKING AND PRAISING the crew for the service
they provided and that he had never had anything that nice done to him in his life. Tune in
next month to get the reaction from management. Hands go out to the crew on RA-4. Now
thats customer service.

Looks as if the 10th member on
the truck is here to stay for another issue of
the Grapevine. The members who took the
captains exam have still not been notified of
the results. Personnel was kind enough to send
out a letter explaining why the logistics for
the next process is the reason for delay. How
about giving the members a notification of
whether or not they passed so they can know
whether or not to proceed. I commend all the
members who continue every day to study and
prepare for the next step in the process. Meanwhile, there has already been a Capt II exam,
BC exam, and 13,000 entry level test and
interviews. Correct me if Im wrong. Last time
I looked there were 52 Capt I vacancies, and 4
Capt II vacancies. It has even caused captains
at task force house to be detailed to have some
consistency at the single engine houses - with
no end date in site.

Every story needs to be told, no
matter how small or large. Keep the stories
coming in.

Battalion 1 companies mop up

after a fire at 690 Burlington
Ave. on July 9, 2013.

Battalion 1 companies mop up

after a fire at 690 Burlington
Ave. on July 9, 2013

Photo by Yvonne Griffin

Photos by Yvonne Griffin

August 2013 13

Greetings once again from the sinners and the saints of the Second Battalion.

A tearful goodbye to A/O Fred
Magaloma who leaves our beloved battalion
to learn all about high rise at FS 3. To ease the
pain of our loss we gain newly promoted CII
Melford Beard who will fill the temp spot at
Ones. Congratulations cap . . . we start out
liking you, youll have to do something to
change that.

Recently celebrating our countrys
freedom from tyranny is oddly appropriate as
Engineer Dave Braun ends his reign of terror
in Lincoln Heights after 28 years. Thats right,
twenty eight of his thirty three years of service
have been spent at the Second Oldest Fire
Station in the City. Talk about peaking early in
your career.

Dave has been the firewall between
myself and all those who would do me harm,
as well as the source of 99% of my stories
for the last twelve or so years. We met a year
after hed lost his wife to leukemia and found
himself seeking a voice, which just happened
to coincide with my need for anonymity. Our
symbiotic relationship has worked out well
over the years, to the point where lately Dave
has been given credit/blame for most if not all
of my biting remarks.

In his role as elder statesman Braun
would always defend our beloved department
when hearing would-be detractors voice their
laments about the current state of the LAFD.
In 1988 he suffered a massive crushing injury,
was given a 2% chance of survival and assured he would never walk again. In 2000 he
lost a four month fight against leukemia with
his wife, holding her in his arms as she took
her last breath. Each time the Fire Department showed unfaltering support . . . from an
endless supply of blood and platelets to never
bothering me about running out of family
illness time and just putting me off SK, as all
of my effort was concentrated on taking care
of business in UCLAs oncology ward.

My point is this . . . while the highest ranking among us seem to have lost sight
of what it is to be a firefighter, the LAFD really hasnt changed that much in my 33 years.
Thats because WE are the LAFD. We still
bring our A game to every incident and we
help and support each other in times of need,
just as we always have.

Retirement is a relative term as I
feel you have no way to tell if you have a day
off unless you work. Engineer Braun will start
a new career at Enegren Brewing in Moorpark
about the same time this publication makes its
way to your door. And after twelve years this
will be the last time Ill be sharing my version

14 August 2013

of the truth, as I will be joining him. Check

out the brewery on the interweb (hes referred
to as Fireman Dave because nobody knows
what an engineer does), or better yet, stop by.
First beers on me.

Thanks to those who have read my
musings over the years and voiced support,
and to those who never acted on their threats
regarding my health. My objective has never
been to hurt anyone, only to entertain the righteous and embarrass the clueless, regardless of

Be safe, always take care of each
other and never forget the day you were chosen to be a firefighter.

Thirty three years flew by.
the weakest link

Daves beautiful future bride Sophie helps

him conform to LAFD grooming standards.
The subject was addressed at the end of
his oral interview.

If youre assigned to a station without a handball court, challenging

someone on a SOD day and putting
your belt with buckle on the line
might not be the smartest move.

This is how to say youre

sorry you forgot you work
on the A shift and go
home after a SOD day.

The LAPD insisted on looking into the

trunk and FF Johnathan Theodore obliged.

Rob and Chrissy Scott welcomed

Harper Christine into the fire family
on May 22, 2013. She weighed in at
8 lbs, 14 oz.

I dont mean to be telling stories out
of school, but those soggy bottom boys are
living up to their backwater reputations. As
tempting as it may be, most firefighters leave
their raccoons at home. But we are talking
FS 49s here. And what would be more fitting
than a little South American Raccoon as the
swamp water mascot. But call me Turnip Tom
if I aint a little suspicious of any critter that
resides all day at the end of a leather leash,
manhandled by his Firefighter-Paramedic
master. One night, after victuals (vittles) and a
little banjo pickin, the boys mustered up some
change to pay for the crawfish and hushpuppies. As is the norm, the chief (as usual, to
protect those with teeth, we will call him
Gomez) was last to pay. As he fumbles in
his pocket, proclaiming poverty, a furry blur
scampers up his arm and coils up comfortably

Well friends, once again another
annual inspection has come and gone. I would
like to thank everyone for their hard work,
long hours, and taking pride and ownership in
their stations. It really shows, even the old red
wood firehouse 37s looks great.

The members at 19s would like to
personally thank Grover for all the time he
spent polishing and buffing . . . his own golf
clubs! Not a single care given to the station or
rigs, but a set of clubs to make Tiger Woods
caddy proud.

Engine 82 extiguished this

auto fire on June 8, 2013.
Photo by Dave Blaire

on the shocked chiefs head. In a lickety split

second, the station mascot had turned Chief
Gomez into Manuel Boone. As is the norm
for mature professionals, laughter was kept to
just snorts and knee slappin.

Its no hen house secret that the
Harbor is run by the Divers and Paramedics.
On this lazy day, a gentle Diver lad we will
call (Kevin), humbly arrived to work a SOD
day at 112s. As he settles in, he is informed
that he will be riding The Beast, The Terror of
San Pedro, the Siren By The Sea - Engine 112,
as commanded by the head honcho, numero
uno, big cheese, the fearless Captain 2. Well,
the boys are not sure where (Kevin) got them
cement shoes that he stomped all the way to
the front office, but they knew a wall huggin
listen was in store. The fearless Captain 2 held
firm but (Kevin) had the last verbal barrage,
We will see about that. And then, feeling
suddenly flush, the Diver took a sick day and
rushed home to recuperate. The next segment,
the Captain 2, in appreciation, replaced all 30+
year Boat Firefighters with Rookie Divers.

As we paddle back to 49s, we get
wind of another Paramedic/Diver fandango.
Paramedic/Diver Sonny Barger, President of
the LAFD Chapter, is hired for a SOD day at
Rough and Tumble 49s. As he awakes from
a long, restful nights sleep counting mopeds jumping rainbows, he hears he is being
detailed to catatonic Fire Station 11. The boys
of 49s wish him the best in their hearts and go
about the morning, fishing, shucking shrimp
and sucking straw. Three hour later, 11s calls
and asks concernedly where their relief is.
Sonny calls 49s around three oclock, explaining he thought it was all a dang darn joke.
As the turbaned woman might say, There
may be a big move in your future.

Lastly, a little shoreline wisdom. We
have a saying down here for future captains,
Dont be a Seagull. You know, the type that
flies in, squawks a lot, poops all over everything and then flies away.
Sandy Bottoms

Speaking of 19s, the hard working
engineer would like to thank Chiefs Fox and
Rueda for trying to stump him on trivia about
his own fire engine. It would have probably
been better though, if before playing a round
of firehouse Jeopardy, they knew the correct
name of the part they were talking about and
had their numbers correct. It only stands to
reason that one of the hardest working
members of my battalion would have a
thorough and complete knowledge of his
own apparatus.

August 2013 15





MountainGate Country Club

September 23, 2013


per ball
for 3 balls


for 7 balls
for 20 balls

Apple iPad

Winner Need Not be Present to Win.

participants will receive Ticket stubs by mail prior to event.

Entries must be received by Wednesday, September 16, 2013.


First Name:


Last Name:

Card Holders Address: Home

Card Holders Phone:







Discover Credit Card No:

Exp. Date:

*CVV2 No:

Check Enclosed (Payable to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund)

16 August 2013


MAIL TO: Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund

Development & Marketing Department. ATTN: M. Casillas PO Box 41903 - Los Angeles CA 90041
(323) 259-5215

His last day on the job just like his

first - Stiggy takes down the flag at
FS 100 one final time

The crew from 109-C finally figured out what to do with that funny orange hose.
Photos by David Blaire

Battalion 12 companies knocked down a

blaze at 15951 Simonds St. in Mission Hills
on June 30, 2013.
Photo by Rick McClure

August 2013 17

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18 August 2013

Swarms of bees made the extinguishment of

this grass fire a little more difficult.
Photos by Doc DeMulle, The Foothills Paper

On May 12, 2013, units from the LAFD, Angeles Nat. Forest and the County FD responded
to a reported brush fire in Lopez Canyon and found three large trucks burning.
Photos by Mike Meadows

August 2013 19

20 August 2013

Greetings from the Battalion that
never sleeps!

Welcome to the middle of what has
been turning out to be a very hot and non-mild
summer! At least its a dry heat, because
somehow by saying that it makes it a bit more
tolerable. Along with the heat comes the brush
fires, and of course the strike teams picked
of random order but somehow all the same
players end up on them. Anyway, stay safe out
there if you do get deployed!

Also, congratulations to all the
participants of this years fundraising for the
MDA, aka Frogger on Slauson. Its a great
opportunity for us to get out and give back
to a great cause, and it continues to blow me
away the amount of generosity of our citizens!
Again, thank you for all your hard work out
there! Im sure all the chiefs and higher ups
really appreciate all that you do and it shows
when theyre standing right beside you helping collect donations! Oh wait, never mind!

Recently there was a run total list
for the LAFD on the portal. It listed all the
runs in each district. Congratulations to FS
9 for being first! Thank you for taking your
runs day-in and day-out so that all the other
stations in your battalion can sleep easy at
night. On that note, congrats to Battalion 13
companies for taking the 2nd(64s), 3rd(66s),
4th(57s), 5th(46s), 9th(33s), and 14th(65s).
Oh yeah, I almost forgot 21s who, thanks
only to the call load of the squad, was 47th.
With that being the proof in the pudding, it
makes absolutely no sense to me that Metro
continually moves busy Battalion 13 resources
about with no care for the rest of the community. A prime example would be a weekend
night a few weeks ago. At around midnight,
somehow both RA 5 and RA 95 got dispatched
on two separate EMS incidents. No big deal,
assess the patient, treat them according to ALS
protocol, transport them, and 15 minutes later,
be back in their cuddly beds for the rest of the
night. Well, Metro didnt see it like that and
decided to move RA 57 over to FS 5 for coverage. No big deal, were all used to it right?
Well, now that left a hole in coverage in 57s
area as RA 257 was already shut down for the
day due to inability to hire. So the next option
was to move RA 64 over to 57s for coverage.
Since they were already up from actually not
having gone to bed yet - again, no big deal.
Well, 15 minutes later, after both RA 5 and RA
95 transported and were available, they moved
everybody back to their original spots and
the world was right again. I would think that
if you wanted to take an already overworked
Battalion 13 company for coverage, it would
make more sense to move RA 64 straight

down the 105 Freeway than the double-steal

they performed. ORRRR, (insert sound of
Heaven opening) move RA 67, who was in
quarters or RA 63 who was also in quarters to
cover their own battalion . . . I know this was
long rant, but Im just sayin. . .

Speaking of call loads in busy districts, RA 79 was called from their comfy Batt.
6 digs to head north to 64s for a call. As they
exited the 110 and turned onto Imperial, they
were saved when one of 64s RAs bought the
call from the hospital. Now, for the patients
sake, they were closer and probably shouldve
bought the call anyway, but oh well, we cant
always do whats right . . . right? Anyway,
as RA 79 headed to the freeway to get safely
back to their district, their day continued to
spiral out of control as they were flagged
down by LAPD. They pulled up next to the
cruiser and asked what was going on. As the
officer told them the problem, RA 79 members
heard the sound of Heaven opening (insert
sound) as RA 864 was coming down the street
already dispatched to the incident, along with
RA 65. Seeing an opportunity to get away,
they quickly told the police officer that this
wasnt their district and that there were units
that would be here shortly.

On a lighter note, after years of having a small semi-working stove, 57s was
finally upgraded to a much needed brand
new one. A deluxe, state-of-the-art, dual
oven, eight burner with center griddle Wolf
stove! The cook for the day wanted to have
a nice UFLAC break for the guys, so he put
some milk on ice and warmed up the brand
new oven for some fresh baked cookies.
Well the chef had always seen cookies on
the wire racks cooling on the counter, so
he gets out the wire racks and with near
perfection spaces the raw round balls of
cookie dough onto the wire racks. The oven
finally gets to 350 (remember pump at 150,
cook at 350) and he lovingly places the wire
racks with the raw round balls in the oven.
Satisfied with himself, he claps his hands
together and takes in the delicious aroma of
the kitchen. He sets the timer and sits down
for a quick personal UFLAC since hes been
on his feet all day. Several minutes later
over the PA someone announces structure
fire and loom-up in the kitchen! Turns out,
his perfectly round and spaced balls of raw
cookie dough have now melted through the
wire racks onto the inside of the oven. It
is now apparent to FF Corey that there is a
reason they are called cooling racks and not
cooking racks . . . just what I heard!

One of the guys from 64s is getting married soon and as his last hurrah as
a single fellow, the boys from 64s headed
to Chicago to one of the most historical
ballparks in the nation, Wrigley Field. Being
a lifelong Cubs fan, this trip only made
sense. They had a great time and were able

to take in two games along with a lot of pizza,

hot dogs, and soda. Fun was had by all and
its great to see the camaraderie still holding
strong! As the old saying goes, If you wanna
know, you gotta go! Congrats Cesar Sly

On a final serious note, I know its
been almost a month, but our thoughts and
prayers go out to the 19 FFs that died in
Yarnell, Arizona. I think its been shown a few
times lately that it can happen to anybody - the
Best of the Best or the Volunteers! Stick with
your training and remember: Train as if your
life depends on it, because it DOES! Stay hydrated this summer and remember your Safety
Zones, Escape Routes, and 10 and 18. It is that

We Turn Your

GUNS Into Cash

well come to you &
we make it easy on you


- Auction Sales
- Outright Purchases
- Estate Liquidation
- Appraisals

Deluxe Winchester 1873

Sold For: $19,725

Lock Stock & Barrel

1520 Los Angeles Ave.
Simi Valley, CA 93065
M-F, 8-5 & Sat. By Appointment
(805) 285-0715
August 2013 21

Battalion 13 companies
prepare to overhaul a
structure at 850 E 80th St.

Well, thats all Ive got for this month. Stay

safe and remember that 2+2 makes sense, play
nice, know your audience, get a cool nickname, figure out which formula to use before
the media gets a hold of it, you get out what
you put in, FI-1, read the label, if youre
tired-sleep in, when in need of a driver call an
already overworked 800 to do your job, and
watch out for irony!

Keep sending your stories to

Photo by Yvonne Griffin

On June 27, 2013, 66s handled a tar pot on West Blvd.

Photo by Yvonne Griffin

Forcible entry at 41st and

Main Street.
Photo by Ryan Babroff,

Congratulations to Darren and Leslie Lloyd

who tied the knot May 25th. The crew of
102-B was on hand to welcome his beautiful
bride into the family.

22 August 2013

Task Force 60 deployed their air cushion but a

would-be jumper came down from a transmission
tower without incident on June 14, 2013.
Photos by Rick McClure & Mike Meadows

On June 19, 2013, three children were

transported after their vehicle overturned
on Whitsett Ave. and Burbank Blvd.
Photo by Rick McClure
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August 2013 23

A three car collision on Vineland Ave resulted in one death and injuries to five others on June 19, 2013.
Photo by Mike Meadows

Paid Advertisements:

20 Years Serving Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park,

Simi Valley, Moorpark & Camarillo

Mike Rhodes

Cell (805) 501-6044

BRE License # 01177388

LAFD Retired
An independently owned and operated broker member of BRER Affiliates Inc. The Prudential logo and the
Rock symbol are registered service marks of Prudential Financial, Inc. Used under license with no other
affiliation of Prudential. Equal Housing Opportunity.

24 August 2013

Truck 96 shuts down a hydrant

on Nordhoff.
Photo by Juan Guerra,

On June 15, 2013, firefighters extinguished a

blaze in the walls and attic of a two story condominium complex at 9920 Sepulveda Blvd.
Photo by Rick McClure, EPN

Firefighters handle a blaze in one unit of

an apartment building on June 16, 2013.
Photo by Juan Guerra,

August 2013 25

A Truck 73 member at a fire on

Napa Street in Northridge
Photo by Ryan Babroff,

Hello everyone from the 18th hole. Hope everyone is doing just fine, so lets get started.
Ever hear the saying firemen can mess up a
good dream? Well if and when you see that,
a picture A/O Romero from 94s will appear.
You guys know that the Department has a
contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers for
medical support at all home games. Well, if
any of you guys know A/O (2 beeps) Romero
you know anything can happen, and it did.
If you are so lucky to get this opportunity to
work the Dodger game you know you are
suppose to stay with your apparatus and the
EMS Captain assigned to the game. Well, as
the game progresses, everyone is looking for
Romero and his partner. They eventually find
them down in the front row eating a Dodger
dog and a Coke. Security comes down and
tells them to go back to the staging area and
stay there. Well 2 beeps cant understand
what the big deal is. Now this is the same guy
that likes to drive without a tillerman Chief,
I thought I heard 2 beeps!

Well, we know the image of the modern day

firefighter - super hero that walks into burning
buildings and saves the day. Here is another
image of our heroes. Early one afternoon,
FF Rider from 94s, working SOD at 68s, is
reading some study material by the back of the
engine. FF Sato has a search dog named Roxy
that she keeps in a kennel on the app floor.
After coming back from a run, Roxy needs to
stretch her legs and use the bathroom, so Sato
lets Roxy out of her kennel. As soon as Rider
is told that Roxy is coming out, he races up
into the engine hose bed . . . Is Rider is scared
of the puppy with the pink collar?
Wedding bells have been ringing at 58s recently. Warren Worcester and his bride Ashley
tied the knot in Temecula in early May. Now
when you take pictures, especially when cold
beverages are being severed, there always is
going to be one person in the picture that just
looks creepy. Can you guess which one?
Thats all from the 18th hole. Please keep your
stories and pics coming. We need them.

Send your stories and photos directly to you Battalion News writer
or to the editor at

26 August 2013

P.O. Box 41903
Los Angeles CA
(800) 244-3439

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LAFRA staffers Andy Kuljis, Jim Dolan and Todd Layfer joined a group of retired duffers at Brookside Country Club last month

August 2013 27

Major Emergency Structure Fire

Sun Valley

Photos by Mike Meadows

Info by LAFD PSO

28 August 2013

A massive blaze in a northeast San Fernando Valley

industrial building put scores of firefighters to the test, as the

inferno combined with high outdoor temperature and humidity
to make for an overtly oppressive battle.

The fire department was summoned by a passerby

on July 1, 2013 to smoke showing from a 200 x 75 cinder

block structure at 9415 Telfair Avenue. As teams of firefighters

took to the roof, their colleagues extended large diameter hose

lines to each side of the building and used power saws to force

their way through rolling steel doors in an attempt to gain access to the seat of increasingly intense flames that fed on

material for furniture manufacturing, as well as chemicals and

cardboard used in furniture finishing and shipping. A sudden

yet predictable failure of the lightweight roof allowed flames
and smoke to tower in the sky.

The flames were confined to the building of fire origin, and extinguished in 1 hour and 52 minutes. LAFD crews

spent an additional 15.5 hours on-site performing salvage and

overhaul at the business, Kalfon Crafts Corp, which suffered a

loss of $2.5 million.

Photo by Nick Colbert

August 2013 29

BRUSH fire

Photos by Doc DeMulle, Foothills Paper

LAFD companies, assisted by

LA County and Angeles Forest
firefighters, responded to a fire
adjacent to the Riverwood Ranch
in Sunland on June 8, 2013. The
ground forces, supported by aerial
water drops, stopped the fire at
just four acres.

30 August 2013

Two women were critically injured

on June 24, 2013, when their vehicle
rear-ended a big rig in the 22000 block
of Victory Boulevard at 8:33 a.m., said
PSO Brian Humphrey.

Woodland Hills

Photos by Juan Guerra,

August 2013 31

n 2012, members from the In-Service

Training Section participated in the State
Fire Marshals Driver/Operator 1A and 1B
training classes hosted by the LA County Fire
Department. The training was conducted by an
instructor cadre from County Fire who have
been providing these classes to their members
for the last eight years.

After completing the training series,
ISTS members believed these classes were
valuable enough to pass on to our members. It
was decided to put together a Driver/Operator
1A and 1B series taught by LAFD members
and to develop an LAFD based curriculum and
then see how many members would be interested in taking the classes.

How interested were members in
these classes? Registration for the first LAFD
Driver/Operator 1A class of twenty-five people
was filled within two hours of the registration
link going live and the second class of twentyfive was filled within fifteen minutes of open

The Driver/Operator 1A: Emergency
Vehicle Operations class is a five-day course
consisting of forty hours of instruction. The
class curriculum consists of the following topics:
Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Responsibilities
Legal Aspects of Emergency and NonEmergency Driving
Inspection and Basic Maintenance of the
Frame, Axles, Steering and Suspension
Systems, Driveline, Wheels and Tires
Troubleshooting the Frame, Axles, Steering and Suspension Systems, Driveline,
Wheels And Tires
Inspection and Basic Maintenance of Engine Systems
Troubleshooting Engine Systems, Transmission and Clutch
Inspection and Basic Maintenance of the
Starting, Charging and Other Electrical
Troubleshooting the Starting, Charging
and Other Electrical Systems
Inspection and Basic Maintenance of
Brake Systems
Troubleshooting Brake Systems
Inspection and Basic Maintenance of
Auxiliary and Accessory Equipment
Inspection Documentation and Reports

32 August 2013

Pre-trip Inspection Procedures

Accident Statistics and Liability
Principles of Defensive Driving
Driving Apparatus to Incidents
Principles of Braking and Stopping
Positioning Apparatus
Introduction to the Mandatory Driving
Introduction to the LAFD Supply &
Maintenance Division with emphasis on
the Test Pit, Triple Shop and Rescue Maintenance Unit

The class is designed to teach the basics plus a little more. Whether you are looking to gain knowledge of apparatus simply to
get certified or you are already an engineer
or apparatus operator, the class is good for all
knowledge bases. All of the listed topics are
tailored towards LAFD policies, procedures
and apparatus. Days one and two of the class
are spent learning about the driver/operator responsibilities, legal aspects, apparatus inspec-

tion and maintenance, driving and positioning

apparatus, and pre-trip inspection procedures.
Days three and four are spent performing
hands on apparatus pre-trip inspections, apparatus component identification and driving
exercises. Day five consists of a written final
exam and a Supply & Maintenance familiarization tour. On the last day of the class, mechanics from the Shops provide their experience
and knowledge to the students.

The Driver/Operator 1B: Pump Operations class is a five day course consisting of
forty hours of instruction. The class curriculum consists of the following topics:
Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator Responsibilities
Types of Fire Pumps
Pump Mounting and Drive Arrangements
Pump Piping and Valves
Automatic Pressure Control Devices
Priming Devices
Pump Panel Instrumentation

Auxiliary Cooling Devices

Basic Hydraulic Terminology and Symbols
Mathematics Review
Nozzle Theory
Calculating Gallons Per Minute
Principles of Friction Loss
Friction Loss Formulas and Calculations
Fireground Hydraulic Calculations
Inspecting the Pump Drive Systems,
Pump Priming Systems and Pump Pressure Control Systems
Pump Service Testing
Maintenance of the Pump and Control
Introduction to the Pumping Exercises
(Drafting, Long Supply and Hydrant Operation)

The Driver/Operator 1B class is setup to teach the basics of operating and maintaining the fire pump and its associated systems. Whether you are looking to gain further
knowledge in order to become certified to act or
looking to take the engineers practical exam,
the class is set-up for all knowledge bases.
Similar to Driver/Operator 1A, all of the listed
topics are tailored towards LAFD policies, procedures and apparatus. Day one of the class is
spent learning about driver/operator responsibilities, types of fire pumps, pump mounting
and drive arrangements, piping and valves, automatic pressure control devices, pump panel
instrumentation, inspecting and maintaining
the pump and control systems, and pump service testing. Day two is spent on nozzle theory,
principles of friction loss, calculating gpm,

friction loss formulas, fire ground hydraulics.

Days three and four are spent performing
hands on evolutions of drafting operations,
long supply operations and hydrant operations.
Day five consists of a written final exam and
performance testing of drafting operations,
long supply operations and hydrant operations.

The drafting, long supply and hydrant operations are tailored toward those utilized on the engineers practical exam. Since
this class is set-up to learn the basics of pumping operations, and due to time constraints,
each pumping operation has been slightly altered. This allows the student to focus more on
learning the steps involved and pumping disciplines involved in each operation. Emphasis is
placed on learning throttle/gate manipulation,
obtaining/maintaining a prime, introduction of a supply while pumping
from the tank, discharge gate manipulation while pumping large volumes
of water, etc.

Both the Driver/Operator 1A and 1B classes are taught by
LAFD engineers and captains. Some
of the cadre instructor engineers
were Test Pit engineers and others
have served as assistant raters on
engineer practical exams. All involved bring years of experience
and knowledge to be passed on to
the students.

A great amount of time and
effort has been placed into these
classes in order to make them a
worthwhile experience. Members
of the cadre have taken the State
and LACoFD material and tailored
it toward the LAFD. With the help
from many people at the Supply &
Maintenance Division, the class
has been able to acquire many
used/new vehicle parts for the
students to learn from. They have
also fabricated orifice plates for
the pumping events, lettering for
new manifolds and refurbished
old manifolds. Along with the
Supply & Maintenance Division,
the Fire Department and UFLAC
have worked together to acquire
Cal-JAC funds in order to procure drafting
bins, pumping manifolds, various fittings and
hose and cut-a-way nozzles/valves from Task
Force Tips.
Driver/Operator 1A & 1B Instructor Cadre
Engineer Mike Flores / Engineer Drew Oliphant
Engineer Nick Robideau / Engineer Oliver Fry
Engineer Sean Kennedy / Engineer Rick Najera
Engineer Ian Eulian / Engineer Pete Jimenez
Engineer Mike Caro / Engineer Kevin Lowe
Engineer Scott Hamilton / Engineer Brett Sparkman
Captain Ross Torstenbo / Captain David Fabela

August 2013 33

Driver/Operator continued...

Schedule of New Classes for 2013/2014

Because of the overwhelming interest in these two classes (even from members

from other fire departments) the In-Service Training Section has tentatively planned for
three series of Driver/Operator classes for 2013/2014. The following are the tentative
months for each class:

Driver/Operator 1A

Driver/Operator 1B

September- 2013

October- 2013

January- 2014

February- 2014

May- 2014

June- 2014

Look for a Special Notice with information as to the date, time and location

of each Driver/Operator class, and also a registration link where you can register for the
classes. The registration link does not go live until the specified date and time. The Special Notice is generally sent out the month prior with sufficient notification time for all
platoons. You can access the registration link through the internet from any computer.

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34 August 2013

August 2013 35

n an overcast Sunday, May 5th, 2013,

family and friends of cadets from all
over Los Angeles County gathered at
Frank Hotchkins Memorial Training Center
for the Annual Cadet Muster. The Cadet Muster consists of four events, based on traditional
firefighting skills. The events tested the cadets
individual and collective abilities. A muster
team consists of five cadets each with assigned
roles, similar to a firefighting resource.

The day began with a motivational
greeting to everyone in attendance from Chief
Cummings. As the cadets stood at attention,
the National Anthem rang out across the Drill
Yard. After that, it was time for the presentation
of the Shaping The Future Award. This award
recognizes outstanding mentors in the cadet
program. This year the recipient was Apparatus
Operator Ralph Rodriguez. A/O Rodriguez has
given more than 30 years of service to the City
of Los Angeles, and was the advisor of Cadet
Post 2 for many of those years. Currently his
program has produced of 23 Los Angeles City
firefighters. Although Ralph was not able to accept his award in person, his daughter was very
thankful on his behalf and accepted the award
from Chief Rueda.

The first event of the day was the
Make and Break. Simultaneously, four teams
would compete to connect and disconnect 2 1/2
inch hose. On one end was the hydrant, and the
other a smooth bore nozzle. Each team member would either connect or disconnect. As the

36 August 2013

cadets sprinted from hydrant to coupling, the

crowd cheered enthusiastically. The judges
timed their efforts, and after every team had
competed, LA City Cadet Post 2-A had the fastest time.

The second event was the Axe Station. In this event each team is assigned a 9
x 7 wooden railroad tie. The objective is to
cut the tie in half, using only manual axe work.
Each team member was required to start with
only 10 swings, and would then pass the axe to
a waiting teammate. After all five team members cycled through once, the swings were no
longer limited. After all teams had competed,
the top five moved on to the final axe-off.
These teams were now given a 6 x 36 laminated beam. After a fierce and close competition, Team 12-A broke through first.

Although the cadets had pushed their
physical limits, there was no break before the
third event, The Hose Drag This event requires the cadets to drag two sections of 2
inch hose while suited up with coat and SCBA.
Each team of five cadets was assigned only two
SCBAs. This required the cadets to not only
drag the hoseline, but to efficiently transfer
the SCBA from the active team member, to
the teammate next in line. In relay fashion, the
hose is pulled past a set of cones five separate
times. The team with the best time was LA City
Cadet Post 12-C.

During the lunch break, food prepared on the MOAB was served, and the audience was entertained by Task Force 12. As
cadets and their family and friends looked on,

cess. The winning team had to compete and

win six consecutive rounds. At the bitter end,
the final two teams were 12-A and 47-D. As cadets from both teams simultaneously knocked
down the first cone, the crowd was on its feet
in suspense. As the second section of hose was
connected, it was neck and neck. The crowd
cheered as team 12-As final cone fell only a
second before 47-Ds.

The Muster culminated with the
awards ceremony. During the ceremony, Team
12-A relieved five brand new axes from Fire
Axe, Inc. for their victory in the Axe Station.
Trophies were also handed out to the top teams
in each event. All in attendance had a wonderful time and agreed that they couldnt wait for
next year.

Special thanks to Sir Michaels Party
Rentals of Eagle Rock, The United Firefighters of Los Angeles City Local 112, The Los
Angeles Fire Foundation, as well as Fire Axe,

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smoke began to rise from the top floor of the

Drill Tower. With sirens and air horn blaring,
Task Force 12 arrived onscene. As ladders were
being thrown, and lines being pulled the audience watched in awe. Rescue 47 stood ready
to transport as firefighters pulled a victim from
the fire.

Saving the best for last, the final
event was the Wet-line, Dry-line. This event
simulates the advancement of a progressive
hoselay while fighting a brush fire. Each cadet
team was assigned two sections of 1 hose and
a nozzle. The goal is to knock down a series of
three cones. The first section of hose would be
utilized to knock down the first cone, but cones
two and three could only be knocked down after a second section of hose was attached. In
order to attach the second section, the bend
back method had to be employed. With a
proper bend back, water flow would stop entirely allowing a second section to be attached.
This event was a sudden death elimination pro-

P.O. Box 41903
Los Angeles CA
(800) 244-3439

August 2013 37


BRADLEY GROSSMAN, Apparatus Operator, Fire Station 48-C


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Knollwood Country Club

12024 Balboa Blvd, Granada Hills CA 91344

Ports OCall Restaurant

1199 Nagoya Way, Berth 76, San Pedro CA
Social: 6:00 PM

Social Hour: 6:00 PM Dinner: 7:00 PM

Buffet - $50 includes tax, tip & gift

Dinner: 7:00 PM

Buffet - $55 includes tax, tip & gift

Call Fire Station 48 - Bus: (310) 548-7548 or Grapevine: (310) 832-4768
RSVP by August 19, 2013

Call Natalie Goshi - (213) 576-8900

RSVP by August 2, 2013

DENNIS WATERS, Battalion Chief, Batt. 12-A

FRIDAY, OcTober 25, 2013
Odyssey Restaurant
15600 Odyssey Drive, Granada Hills CA 91344
Social Hour: 6:00 PM Dinner: 7:00 PM
Buffet Style Dinner- $50
Call Fire Station 98 - (818) 756-8698
Battalion 12 EIT - (818) 756-8621
RSVP by October 15, 2013

38 August 2013

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Active/Retired Firemen

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established 40 years ago to provide Fire and Disaster
training to the Nursing Home and Senior Housing Industry.


MIKE OGORMAN, Captain I, FS 48-B


SATURday, SEPTEMBER 14, 2013

Jays large backyard

1970 Fullbroke Drive, Thousand Oaks CA

Elks Lodge #966 - San Pedro

1748 Cumbre Drive, San Pedro CA 90732

Social Hour: 3:00 PM

Dinner: 4:00 PM

Social Hour: 1:00 PM Lunch: 2:30 PM

Buffet - $40 includes tax, tip & gift

BBQ - No cost. Just show up!

Very Casual Summer Attire
Call Fire Station 15 - (213) 745-8841.

Call FS 48 Grapevine - (310) 832-4768

or Rachel-FPB Harbor - (310) 732-4593. RSVP by September 6, 2013

Direct diamond importer manufacturer of fine jewelry. Since 1983

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August 2013 39

ust saying his names can bring a smile to

your face. We know who Jim Stiglich is and we know him by many names:
Jimmy, Jim, Stig, Stiggy. I think he prefers Stiggy, but hed never tell you. We
all know him, but there are many on the
job who dont. Stiggy is somewhat unknown. And why is that? Well for starters, thats how he wants it. Stiggy isnt
the type of person to sing his own praises
or to seek acknowledgment for his many
accomplishments. Secondly, more than
half of our firefighter rank has less than
10 years on the job. These young firefighters dont know what to make of Jimmy.
Hes kind of quiet, not the biggest guy, no
tattoos, no monster truck . . . They end up
dismissing him and the miss out on working with one of the finest firefighters this
City has seen.

Jimmy has only worked at a handful
of assignments. After probation in Battalion 3,
Jim was assigned to 58s, 35s, 20s, 72s, and
100s. Jim finds a home and he stays there until
he feels his job is done. You have to be lucky
to get to work with Stiggy. When he is satisfied that he has gained all of the experience he
can and when he is sure that he is leaving that
station and the district a better place, Stiggy
simply moves on to one of the spots he is being
heavily recruited for.

We have all heard the poem What is
a Firefighter. I wont bore you with reciting it,
but my favorite part is at the end:

He doesnt wear buttons or wave
flags or shout obscenities.

When he marches, it is to honor a
fallen comrade.

He doesnt preach the brotherhood
of man.

He lives it.

It is rare to find a firefighter who so
embodies the sentiment of that poem, but Stiggy does.

When I think of Jim Stiglich, three
words come to mind: Family, Competence and

Family: Jimmy is a 56 year resident
of Van Nuys. From the words of his mother
Nancy, from the time he was a little boy his
favorite toy was a fully-loaded tool belt. Jim
attended St Genevieve High School and he
later earned a Bachelors degree in Geology
from Cal State Northridge. Jimmy spent several years working for the Student Conservation

40 August 2013

Corps and the National Park Service. In 1987,

after five seasons with the Forest Service, he
joined the LAFD.

Stiggy has never married. He has devoted his life to serving this Fire Department
and to serving his family. Not many know that
his middle name is Lee and that the name
comes from his Grandfather. Stiggy spent the
last two years of his Grandpas life burning all
of his VC, banked time, and holidays taking
care of him and driving him around the country
making sure they spent as much time together
as possible.

On his days off, Stiggy can be found
maintaining his parents home or spending
time with his nephews and nieces. His mother
told me that, without Jimmys help, there is no
way they could continue to stay in their current

Competence: Jimmy is a 26-year veteran of the LAFD and he has served on some of
the largest events in our Departments history:
The civil disturbance, the Northridge earthquake, the Malibu Brush Fires, the crash of Fire
3, 9/11.

Nothing affected Jim like 9/11.
He is a USAR instructor and is a member of the elite team that was sent to New
York. Jimmy spent 10 days on the pile,
looking tirelessly for any signs of life.

Shortly after 9/11, Jim went back to
New York with 100 other firefighters to bring
large donations back to the families of those
who lost their lives during this tragedy. Instead
of following the crowd and taking advantage
of all the wonderful things NYC had offered
them, Jim took a bus with seven other firefighters to New Jersey to go back and thank the
elementary through high school students who
had washed their clothes and put hand drawn
thank you cards in their laundry and returned
fresh clothing during the LAFDs rescue efforts.

I had the pleasure of being Jims
captain for two years - but Jim didnt need a
captain. Turn around at any incident and youll
find him doing the right thing at the right time.
It didnt take me long to realize that I needed to
pay attention to this man and to learn the lessons he was teaching - the lessons on how to be

a better firefighter, how to be a better person,

and how to be a better servant to my fellow

Jim has chosen to stay a firefighter
for the last 26 years, and I dont use the word
chosen lightly. Jim is a natural leader of men,
and he could have been any position on this job,
but he has chosen to stay a firefighter. Why? Its
who he is. Jim doesnt want to get caught up
in the politics of running this Department. Jim
would rather be in the trenches, performing his
duties with the quiet competence that we have
come to expect from him. Go to any fire and
thats where you will find him, working away
in the trenches. Go to one of the many charity events that he works at. You wont find him
at the podium; Jimmy will be back behind the
scenes working away. All he asks is a thank
you and a firm handshake in return.

There is nothing he cant do. Stiggy
is a: master welder, he can rebuild an engine,
he can build a house, run wiring, plumbing. Jim
is a Jack of all trades and a Master of all of

Simplicity: Jimmy is a modern day
cowboy. An Old school Fireman. He has very
simple tastes. He drives an old beat up truck.
He spends his vacations camping and fishing,
or helping his family or a friend in need. He
doesnt wear fancy clothes or buy expensive
things. Jimmy saves his money and lives on
very little.

Before the markets came crashing
down in 2008, Jim made a decision to move all
of his money in Deferred Compensation into
a cash account. Did he see the market crash
coming? Was it because he read the Wall Street
Journal? Ask Jim and hell tell you, I just had
enough money. Jim feels so blessed to have a
pension waiting for him that he couldnt imagine needing anymore than he already had.

Jimmy has the ability to fix a problem
before you even realize its an issue. When we
were working together at 72s, Jim told me that
his retirement plan was to vanish like a thief in
the night. No retirement dinner, no announcements in the Grapevine, he would simply ride
off into the sunset. I remember thinking what a
tragedy it would be to let him go unacknowledged. But I also thought Classic Stiggy. It
would be so easy to do. Jim has performed his
duties so humbly, so quietly, never seeking recognition, even though it has often found him.

Allowing us to give him a retirement
dinner is Jimmys last and greatest sacrifice
to us. No one is more uncomfortable than Jim
right now!

The LAFD is so good at so many
things but we are terrible at three:
1. Saying Thank you
2. Saying how much we mean to each
3. Saying Good-Bye
Jim, tonight we have all gathered here to tell
you this.

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August 2013 41

orld champion soccer team LA Galaxy gives everything they have on

the field. Off the field, the LA Galaxy Foundation gives, too. Thats why the charitable arm of the sports organization recently
teamed with the Widows, Orphans & Disabled
Firemens Fund for Firefighter Night, an evening of fun and generosity.

The foundations Coordinator of
Community Relations, Danny Sanchez, said,
We want the Galaxy to be known not just for
being successful on the field but also for their
success in the community and being able to
give back. Being able to support organizations
such as [Widows & Orphans] allows us to give
back to those individuals and their families that
have been affected by putting their lives on the
line for others.

Firefighter Night took place during
the match between the Galaxy and the Portland
Timbers. Attendees could bid on auction items
such as an LAFD soccer ball and a fire helmet
autographed by the team. Proceeds from the
auction went directly to WODFF. In addition,
the Galaxy played a Widows & Orphans public
service announcement on the massive scoreboard on game night and donated tickets for
LAFD families to attend the event.

LAFD member Manny Galvez has
been playing soccer since he was 6-years-old.
He loves the sport so much he manages the
LAFD soccer team. He and his family came to
Firefighter Night and had a blast. For him, its

42 August 2013

heartening to see the LA Galaxy Foundation

reach out to firefighters. He also sees a parallel between playing soccer and protecting the
community. He said, Its a very challenging
sport that requires you to be able to think on
your feet, be in excellent shape and have the
will to be your best, to do wellkind of like
being a firefighter.

And it wasnt just the firefighter
families who had fun that night. Other soccer fans enjoyed the charitable activities, too.
Sanchez said, The fundraising auction went
very well as every item sold and fans were both
impressed and intrigued by the collaborative
items between the Galaxy and [Widows & Orphans].

Sanchez is especially happy to help
firefighters since hes had personal experience
with their bravery and dedication during some
wildfires in his hometown of San Diego. He
said, The hours and energy [firefighters] invested when my city was burning will always
stay with me as they truly were heroes during
those tough times.

The Galaxy expertly kept the Timbers from scoring a goal that night. Though,
the real winners were the firefighter families
helped by the efforts and contributions of the
organization. Check out the Flickr set from the
event at and for more
information on the LA Galaxy and the LA
Galaxy Foundation, visit

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Plus UPS

August 2013 43



n June 26, 2013, twenty-one teams of

your Los Angeles City Fire Department Golf Club met with the same
number of teams from the LA County Fire
Department Golf Club at Los Serranos Golf
Course in Chino for the annual Maltese Cup.
The day was warm, actually hot, and the golf
was even hotter. At the end of the day your LA
City golf club won out by a score of 99 to
92 .

Many thanks go to Gary Klasse of
the city club and John Laur of the county for all
of their hard work setting up this event.

Within the competition was a partners best-ball tournament conducted just for
the city guys. The results are as follows:

A Flight champs Gary Mannan and Andy Vidovich with

B Flight Champs George Webster and Durward Duffield.

A Flight
Gary Mannan & Andy
1st Vidovich
Gary Mannan & Andy Vidovich
Ray Peralta & Jim Sanchez
Ray Peralta & Jim Sanchez
Ben Guzman & Paul
3 Gamez Ben Guzman & Paul Gamez
Gary Klasse & Noel4 Murchet Gary Klasse & Noel Murchet
Dale Gant & Jeff Halloran
Dale Gant & Jeff Halloran



B Flight
Durward Duffield1& GeorgeDurward
WebsterDuffield & George Webster
Glen Prine & Barry
2 HedbergGlen Prine & Barry Hedberg
Ray Donckels & Randy
LaurRay Donckels & Randy Laur
Mickey Diaz & Joe
4 Szabados
Mickey Diaz & Joe Szabados
Randy Judd & Mike
5 Sauber Randy Judd & Mike Sauber



* - Playoffs use the USGA Rules of tie breaking.

LA County Tom Peacock grudgingly
gives the Maltese Cup to Golf Club
President Dale Gant.
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44 August 2013

Tournament Directors John Laur LA

County hands over the Maltese Cup to
Gary Klasse LA City.

n Saturday, June 8, 2013, LAFD Handball hosted a handball tournament and

fundraiser at Los Caballeros Sports
Village in Fountain Valley California. The
M.O.A.B. (Mother of All Bar-B-Ques) was on
site, and the day started with a pancake breakfast using the grill side to prepare pancakes,
eggs, sausage and bacon for the players and
members of Los Cab. A boot was available for
donations, and it was full by the end of the day.
The Bar-B-Que

The proceeds from the tournament
were donated to the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation, and will be used to purchase
exercise equipment for fire stations. The tournament was supported by World Pro Handball
(WPH), Owen Gloves, Far West Meats, West
Coast Handball, BAMKO, WMD, Los Caballeros and Southern California Handball Association. All players were provided a tournament
shirt, and all champions were awarded a LAFD
Invitational warm up jacket, a pair of Owen
Gloves and a can of WPH R48pro Handballs.

Seventy-two players participated
in the tournament, which resulted in a $1,400
donation to the Los Angeles Fire Department
Foundation. LAFD players made a strong
showing in nearly every division, winning several in both doubles and singles.

A Doubles
Chris Yokoyama & Roy Harvey

B Masters
Marcues Toledo & Jack Baham

50 Doubles
Paul Cajaio & Curtis Irwin

A Doubles Champions
Chris Yokoyama and Roy Harvey
B Masters Doubles Champions
Marcues Toledo & Jack Baham
50 Doubles Champions
Paul Cajaio & Curtis Irwin
60 Doubles Champions
Bobby Raya & Rodger Gedvig

B Singles
Ryan Chance

B Singles
Ryan Chance
**All other divisions were won by civilian
A Finalists
Branden Silverman,Colin Smith,
Roy Harvey, Chris Yokoyama

August 2013 45

Deal direct with authorized Factory Dealers

Offering members of the Los Angeles Fire Department
Courteous, Ethical, and Special Consideration in the purchase of your new car.
Galpin Ford

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Ask for Dave Erickson
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46 August 2013

Mark Christopher Auto Center

Chevrolet / GMC / Commercial Trucks / Cadillac / Buick
#1 Chevrolet Truck Dealer
No Hassle Environment
2131 Convention Center Way, Ontario CA 91764
Christina StrangioFleet & Lease Manager
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----------------------------WEST COVINA TOYOTA SCION
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1800 E. Garvey Ave, West Covina, Ca 91791
Huge used car selection
Please Call Our Fleet Department for Appointment
Charlie TunaFleet Director
(626)859-7400 x151 l
Israel WinkelmannFleet Sales & Leasing Manager
(909)282-9566 l

Send your letters & comments to the editor at:

Dear Firemens Grapevine:
LAFRA really helped us out right after Dad
died from injuries sustained on the job. Mom
was left with four very young children and the
Widows and Orphans Fund helped her while
Dads benefits were being determined in court.
That was in 1971. You were even there for us
kids just recently when Mom passed away. You
sent the Dept. Chaplain to preside over her
memorial services for us and you took care of
all the legal stuff we didnt know what to do

via phone calls, emails and visits. While on

the department we shared work projects, car
pooling and handball as well as recreation at
the River. My family (Stephanie, Krys and
Bob) have many happy memories of those
Earl was the best kind of friend practical
yet generous, proud yet humble, hard working
and fun loving. We will always remember his
Charlie and Elaine Osborne
Bellingham, WA

God bless you all.

Cynthia June Rupp Luciene
Las Vegas, NV
(via Facebook)

Dear Andy,
Please accept this donation in memory of
Leo Dempsey, Paul Zuliani, and my husband
Tom Lally, all good friends from the old days
at 49s. Also in honor of Ted Bailie and Mark
Howell, two of Toms best friends at 49s who
helped me so much after Tom died. Thank
you again for all the great work that the Relief
Association does for firefighters and their
families. I will always have the highest respect
for the members and retired members of the
Janet Lally
Venice, CA

This donation to the LAFRA Widows,
Orphans and Disabled Firemens Fund is in
memory of my friend of over 50 years, Earl
Mazzari. Over the years we stayed in touch

Dear Andy:
I once again want to send my many thanks to
you and all the wonderful employees who work
for the Relief Association for all the help I have
received. Never does a day go by that I dont
stop and tell myself how lucky I have been to
belong to such a worthy organization.
Please except the enclosed check for the
Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemens
Once again thank you for such wonderful
care you all provide.
Frank Brown
Santa Rosa, CA

Dear Los Angeles


Mike was one of the finest officers I had the

pleasure to work for in nearly 34 years, both
as my company commander as a Captain II at
29s and later on as a section commander in the
FPB when he recruited me to run the High Rise
Unit. While there, he demonstrated a great
deal of common sense regarding the retrofit
of fire sprinkler systems to existing high rise
buildings. In the station, he spent countless
hours training us, from the brand new rookies
to the seasoned veterans, with many hours
spent at, as Bill Finn calls it the University
of the Kitchen Table frequently using the
term what if followed by a possible change
in the scenario, well into the wee hours.
The last time I saw Mike was on April
16th, just three weeks before he left us. Mike,
Craig Fletcher, Dana McLorn, Dan Winter and
myself, all veterans of old 29s rode together
to the 100 year anniversary celebration of the
opening of the old station. Afterwards, four
of us went to lunch and reminisced a bit more
about The Good Old Days.
Less than a month later I answered a phone
call and was surprised that it was Mikes son
Jeff, also a captain on the LAFD. Needless
to say I was more than surprised, shocked to
say the least, when he told me that his dad had
passed away while visiting family in France. It
was as if I had lost a family member.



Please accept this donation to the Widows,

Orphans and Disabled Firemens Fund in
memory and honor of Michael J. Ambarian.
I first met Iron Mike in mid 1978 when
he was assigned to old Fire Station 29 as the
station commander on the A platoon. I had
been assigned there as the apparatus operator
for about six months and had never met
Mike before, but had definitely heard of his
reputation, hence the Iron Mike. As it turned
out, we became good friends.

Richard Watters, LAFD retired

Agoura Hills, CA

LA Firemens Relief Association

This donation is in memory of Earl Mazzari
who was a treasured friend, a true gentleman
and a wonderful family man. We will miss him
so much. Our sincere sympathy to his family.
Robbie Britvich and George Brooks
Newport Beach, CA

August 2013 47

John H. Maxey, Firefighter II. Appointed July 24, 1965.
Retired on a service pension August 13, 1980 from FS 73-B.
Passed away May 20, 2013.
Gregory L. Gilchrist, Firefighter III. Appointed November 11, 1984.
Retired on a service pension May 28, 2010 from FS 3.
Passed away May 28, 2013.
Earl N. Mazzari, Captain. Appointed December 19, 1955.
Retired on a disability pension April 28, 1983 from FS 76.
Passed away June 01, 2013.
Edwald H. Hoglund, Captain II. Appointed January 05, 1948.
Retired on a service pension April 09, 1978 from FS 16-A.
Passed away June 05, 2013.
Kenneth H. Mac Lean, Captain. Appointed December 19, 1955.
Retired on a service pension July 16, 1978 from Rescue Maintenance.
Passed away June 09, 2013.
Andrew W. Suich, Engineer. Appointed August 26, 1946.
Retired on a service pension June 16, 1979 from FS 38-C.
Passed away June 14, 2013.

Alma Hetz, surviving spouse of Edward Hetz, passed away May 29, 2013.
Doris V. Wilson, surviving spouse of Raymond E. Wilson, passed away May 29, 2013.

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A portion of fire-related
jewelry profits donated to
the Widows, Orphans and
Disabled Firemens Fund.

48 August 2013

by Mike Mastro, President/CEO

Los Angeles Firemens Credit Union

Insurance is usually not a popular topic
for discussion and in some instances, its completely
avoided. For the most part, the subject is uninteresting and often viewed negatively because its another
expense that ceases to provide a direct benefit - until
you use it. In the event you need to rely on your insurance, you learn about your policy - fast.

The purpose of an insurance policy is to
protect you and your family from substantial financial loss from the damage/destruction or liability of
your home, property, and business. Therefore, acquiring an insurance policy may not be enough, unless adequate coverage limits are set. In this months
article, Ill discuss the importance of setting proper
insurance coverage limits.
Homeowners Insurance 101

Homeowner insurance contains two sections - property and liability coverage. Each section
provides certain limits that are determined by you.
Property coverage includes the dwelling, other structures, personal property, and loss of use. Liability
coverage includes personal liability and medical payments to others. Your homeowner insurance policy
covers against certain perils, such as fire, vandalism,
or theft. However, other perils, such as earthquakes
or floods are not covered unless an additional policy
is purchased.

The coverage of your homeowner insurance should be based on the following:
Dwelling The cost to replace your home
and not the purchase price or the current market
value. The coverage amount is not determined by its
current value, but by the cost of the materials and labor involved in rebuilding your home.
Other structures (detached garage, tool
shed, etc) Protects the other structures on the residential premises that are not attached to the dwelling
and the limit is usually 10% of the dwelling coverage.
Personal property Insures the contents
of your home and other personal belongings owned
by you and other family members who live with you.
This includes furniture, appliances, clothing, tools,
or anything of value. Although the limit may vary,
generally it is 50% of the dwelling coverage.
Loss of use Provides additional living expenses if your home is unlivable because of
damages caused by a peril covered in your policy.
The expenses include additional housing, meals, and
warehouse storage. Typically, the limit is 20% of the
dwelling coverage.
Personal liability Provides a defense in
the event you or a member in your household is legally responsible for the injury to others by paying
the damages (as the insurance providers deem appropriate). There are some exceptions and exclusions
that may not protect you in all situations, the details
are available in your policy.

Medical payments to others Pays for

reasonable medical expenses for persons accidentally injured on your property. This coverage does not
apply to injuries of those within the household, as a
substitution for health insurance, and excludes business activities.
Auto Insurance 101

The purpose of auto insurance is to protect and help pay for certain types of financial losses
or obligations resulting from the use of a vehicle. In
California, drivers are financially responsible for any
bodily injuries and property damages they may cause
(medical expenses and cost of repairs to the other
partys vehicle or property). Therefore, if an accident
occurs, having the right insurance coverage may prevent you from suffering a large financial loss.

In an auto insurance policy, the Bodily
Injury (BI) section covers your liability to others for
their injuries and the Property Damage (PD) section
covers your liability to others for the damages to their

The minimum coverage limits under California law are $15,000 per person/per accident and
$30,000 for all persons in one accident. The minimum for PD is $5,000 per accident. In other words,
your insurance will pay the medical expenses up to
$15,000 for one person, up to $30,000 if two or more
people are involved, and up to $5,000 for their PD.
With the growing cost of medical expenses and high
prices of vehicle repairs, the minimum coverage does
not provide enough protection. The policy limits are
not the maximum you are liable for, but the maximum amount the insurance provider covers you for.
If the expenses exceed the limits on your policy, you
may be personally responsible to pay for the difference.
Rethink your insurance strategy

Most of us have auto and homeowner insurance policies that offer coverage for minor situations, but how well are you covered for a larger
emergency? Lets examine a few scenarios. Your
home is located in a non-flood zone area, therefore
you do not see the need for flood coverage in addition to your homeowners insurance policy. A recent
severe rainstorm overwhelmed the runoff drain and
flooded your home, which caused internal and structural damage. Since you did not purchase flood insurance, the cleaning, repairs, and additional expenses
will be at your cost. When you are writing the checks
for the repairs, you may be wishing you spent the extra money for the flood policy.

Sometimes small damages can lead to
big problems, especially if they are caused by earthquakes. No one can deny that California is a seismic
hot spot, but according to the Insurance Information
Network of California, less than 12% of Californians
with homeowner insurance policies are protected

with earthquake coverage. If you decide to hold off

on obtaining earthquake insurance until there is more
seismic activity, you may be risking your financial
stability. For instance, a small tremor created a small
crack in your homes foundation. However, the small
crack triggered the bursting of pipes, which will
cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Because the
wreckage is caused by movement of the earth, all the
repairs will be on your bill. A small shake can create
a big stir up.

Spending a little more money and time
to adequately cover your vehicles is also important.
For example, you are an excellent driver, therefore
you set low bodily injury and property damage limits
on your auto insurance policy. You add your teenage
son to the policy, but forget to change the limits. Unfortunately, he is in involved in a multi-car accident
and is at fault. Although you may not be physically
involved, you will be financially impacted because
he used your vehicle, is on the policy, and is under
your financial supervision.
Better safe than sorry

Although the benefits of insurance cannot be felt until after an unfortunate event, it is better
to overestimate the coverage on your insurance now
than risk the possibility of being financially responsible later. By taking steps to review your insurance
policies and make adjustments (if needed), you have
the ability to stop a bad situation from getting worse.

Let FIREFIGHTER Insurance Services, Los Angeles Firemens Credit Unions insurance
agency (created specifically to benefit our members),
evaluate your insurance coverage to verify if you are
adequately protected, at the right price. The professionals at FIS can also assist you with your auto,
RV, motorcycle, life, and business insurance needs.
Contact FIREFIGHTER Insurance Services at (800)
231-1626, option 6, or visit
Have a safe month!

Mike Mastro

August 2013 49

LAFD Historical Society

Submitted by Frank Borden Director of Operations, LAFDHS

LAFD History

The Bombing of the LA Times Building 1910

From 1886 to 1917, Harrison Gray
Otis was the owner and publisher of the Los
Angeles Times. During that time the newspaper pursued a strong conservative viewpoint,
and was militantly anti-union in its editorials
and in its relationship with employees.

On October 1, 1910, in the middle
of a strike called to unionize the metal trades
of the city, the Times building was dynamited. The south wall facing Broadway Street
collapsed, causing the second floor to also
collapse under the weight of its machines. The
first floor then collapsed into the basement, destroying the heating plant and gas mains. The
building, with many of its workers trapped inside, was soon an inferno. There was a loss of
life of at least 20, and about the same number
were injured, some of them permanently.

In an unusual move the mayor
hired a private investigator who was able to
implicate a number of men in the bombing.
These included Ortie McManigal, James B.
McNamara, and his brother John J. McNamara (secretary-treasurer of the International
Union of Bridge and Structural Iron Workers). McManigal agreed to testify against the
McNamara brothers. Organized labor, in turn,
saw this as an all-out attack on the unions and
labor in general. Samuel Gompers, president
of the American Federation of Labor, hired
Clarence Darrow to defend the brothers. Darrow called them pawns in a vast industrial
war. By the time the trial began, however,
Darrow had come to the conclusion that the
brothers were guilty. Rather than fighting a
hopeless battle, he persuaded the brothers to
plead guilty. That decision stunned the city
and inferiorated Gompers.

James McNamara got a life sentence, while his brother received a sentence of
15 years. Two others, David Caplan and Matt
A. Schmidt, were later implicated and received
life sentences. The damage from the trial was
to plague Clarence Darrow for the rest of his

The remains of the LA Times building on

October 1, 1910. An LAPD Police Officer is
in the foreground with a Bobby style hat

50 August 2013

This article appeared in the USC

Information Services Division.
The Explosion and Response

At 1:07 in the morning on October
1,1910, the day new Fire Station 23 was to go
into service, the most violent explosion to ever
take place in the city of Los Angeles occurred
at First and Broadway at the Los Angeles
Times building. A bomb had been placed in
the alley behind the building which was occupied by 100 employees. The explosion and
resulting fire killed 20 workers and injured
many more. A police officer walking his beat
was knocked down by the blast. He got up
and ran to Box 12 at First and Broadway and
pulled the hook. The firemen at Station 3 were
jolted awake by the explosion and some were
knocked from their beds. It was a short run for
Station 3s chemical, hose, engine, and aerial
ladder rigs. Never in their careers or the
history of the LAFD had so large a building
been so totally involved. When 3s arrived,
workers were at the windows trying to escape
the flames and smoke. Some jumped before a
life net was deployed and many who jumped
were saved by the truck company members.
A second and third alarm was sounded which
brought a total of 8 engines, 2 trucks, a
combination chemical and hose wagon and
the Gorter Water Tower (the same one that
is in our Hollywood Museum). The firemen
concentrated on protecting the exposed buildings and on controlling the fire in the Times

Fireman William Campbell of Engine 17 was operating a stream inside the first
floor window of the Times when the second
floor collapsed. Campbell was buried up to
his neck in a deluge of steel, brick and stone.
His fellow firemen thought he had been killed
until they heard him calling for help. While
firemen covered Campbell with protective
streams of water, a rescue team crawled over
the rubble and for two hours worked to clear
the debris until Campbells chest was free.
The problem was an iron beam that had fallen
across his foot and could not be moved. Firemen tried to cut the beam and pry the beam
up but that did not work. I guess my foot
goes, boys, Campbell told his rescuers. The
firemen refused to give up as more rocks and
beams threatened to fall on them. Campbell
pleaded with them to cut off his foot. After
being trapped for three and one half hours, a
receiving hospital doctor amputated his foot
at the ankle and he was at last freed. Campbell
miraculously survived but he never answered
another alarm. He was pensioned due to his
The Aftermath

The bomb consisting of 16 sticks of
dynamite and a clock timer was placed in the
alley by a criminal element of a labor union.
The bomb was supposed to go off at 4:00 a.m.
when the building would have been empty,
but the clock timing mechanism was faulty.
The 16 sticks of dynamite in the suitcase
bomb were not enough to destroy the whole

building, but the bombers were not aware of

the presence of natural gas main lines under
the building. The bombers were also unaware
that a number of Times employees were working overnight to produce an extra edition the
next afternoon which would carry the results
of the Vanderbilt Cup auto race. The bomb
collapsed the side of the building, and the
ensuing fire destroyed the Times building and
a second structure next door that housed the
papers printing press. Of the 115 people still
in the building, 21 died (most of them burned
alive in the fire).[ The next morning, unexploded bombs were discovered at the homes
of Otis and of F.J. Zeehandelaar, secretary of
the M&M; the Hotel Alexandria; and the Los
Angeles County Hall of Records (then under
construction by the non-union Llewellyn Iron
Works). Despite the destruction to the Times
building, they never missed an edition and
rebuilt and remained on the same site until
they moved to their present location at First
and Spring Streets on July 1, 1935.

Retired LAFD Members

We have reviewed our membership
list - with over 2,000 members - and found
that only about 2% of the total are retired
LAFD members. This is startling news to all
of us. Those who we thought would want to
support our mission of preserving our history,
memorialize our fallen members and support our educational program are not the ones
helping us. Those of us involved in running
the Society to include both museums, the Memorial and restoration of Old Fireboat 2 are

all volunteers who believe in our mission, but

without the support of our retired members we
cannot accomplish all of our goals. Those of
you who are retiring or have retired and were
on payroll deduction as members, will cease
membership upon retirement. You must apply
again on payroll deduction to continue or just
send us a check and application. Applications
may be mailed to you upon request by phone
or email. 323 464 2727 or
It is really easy and inexpensive so join up!

The L.A. Times building fully involved with

two LAFD horses unhitched from their
steamer. This was the LAFDs largest loss
of life fire in the history of the department
up to that date.
Over 80 retired LAFD members and family
attended our annual Retired Member luncheon in June. Photo by Robert Gladden.

Engine 3 galloping out of the Third Street tunnel.

The horses were named Rowdy, Kruger and Bill.
The drivers name was Miller.

LAFD members posing for a photo outside old Fire Station 3 with their horse
drawn rigs and one motorized chiefs car. The station was at 3rd and Hill St.

August 2013 51

Whats New at the Hollywood Fire Museum

We recently acquired a very
significant piece of LAFD memorabilia. We
now have Fire Chief Ralph J. Scotts helmet
on display in a special case with other items
related to the Chief.
Down Memory Lane
Chief Scott By EDDIE KING

It would be well for all firemen,
especially those who have entered the service
in recent years, to study the background of the
study it well, for without doubt this department is the greatest in the nation, and being
just that there is a mighty good reason, and by
that I mean it has always maintained men of
the highest caliber to conduct and direct the
affairs of the department, and build its personnel of men, for fire fighting, that any city could
well be proud of. It has been my good fortune
to be personally acquainted with every Chief
Engineer of the Los Angeles Fire Department
from the year 1893 on down through the years.

As I have mentioned time and again
that out of every 10,000 humans born there is
at least one leader, one who stands out head
and shoulders above the rest of us. The Fire
Department, as far as I know has always been
headed by men who worked their way up in
the department, and not mere politicians, or
favorite pets of the political mighty. There can
be no question but that men who worked their
way from the rank of Hoseman on up in the
department, and who know and understand
just what it is all about, make the very best to
head the department. If any one doubts that,
just take a glance at the history of the Police
Department, which suffered many times the
mistake of bringing men from other walks
of life, into the Chiefs office to head the
department, only to find each and every one
a failure. Which only stands to reason, for a
blacksmith, with no medical experience, could
never be a successful doctor, and that goes
for all lines of endeavor, you have just got to
know how, to do anything well.

Away back along the rugged pathway of Memory Lane we find that of June
1, 1905, there came into the Fire Department
a fine young man, who was one of the born
leaders I have been telling you about, and
who was not only destined to become, in later
years, Chief Engineer of the L.A. Fire Department, but also one of Los Angeles most
prominent citizens, beloved by all who know
him, and a real friend to the fire laddies from
the first day of service, and I am speaking of
Scott did much in laying the foundation for the
nations finest fire department, his advancement was rapid, and we find that on May
1, 1909, Ralph--as we lovingly like to call
him--was appointed Captain. The years that
followed found Ralph growing more and more
into the hearts of his brother firemen, and of
the citizens of Los Angeles. On July 17, 1919,
he became Battalion Chief Engineer and the
very next day, July 18, 1919, Ralph became
Chief Engineer of the L.A. Fire Department.
His rapid advancement in the department
from his first appointment as Fireman is not
recorded here in full detail, as he held the
position as Lieutenant and other positions, and
served a lot of time at Engine No.2s at First
& Chicago, but from the very first proved he
was outstanding in any position to which he
was assigned. After serving many years as one
of Los Angeles most efficient Fire Chiefs, as
well as one who helped build this great department to the nations top, Ralph retired after
more than thirty-five years of faithful service
on April 1, 1940. We who loved him, and
knew him so well, shall never forget the many
pleasant visits we have had with him and his
splendid record with the Fire Department.

Chief Scott now resides with his
charming wife at No.3692 Lowry Road. In
conclusion let me say our hats are off to one of
the Los Angeles Fire Departments greatest-Chief Ralph J. Scott--may his years be many
and his health the best, is the wish of all of the
old-timers along MEMORY LANE.

This article appeared in the June

This is a close up of Chief Scotts helmet next

to his retirement badge. The flag behind them
was his flag. Note the photo of fireman Ralph J.
Scott riding an LAFD Horse.

52 August 2013

his m
of a


Chief Scott wearing his helmet in his

work uniform. Photo from the Los Angeles Herald Examiner.

We now have one display case devoted to

Chief Scott, one our finest Chiefs and longest serving in rank.

Calendar for August & September 2013

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Ceremony @ LAFD Museum
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Chief R.J. Scott

July 18, 1919 to April 1, 1940
Scotts administration was the longest in
LAFD history.
April 1, 1884
July 1, 1905
August 10, 1906
May 31, 1909
November 17, 1913
July 18, 1919
April 1, 1940
September 17,1958

Born in Minneapolis
Joined the LAFD
Promoted to Driver
Promoted to Lieutenant
Promoted to Captain
Promoted to Chief Engineer
Died at age 74

Acting Battalion Chief, Scott was appointed to the position Battalion Chief for only
one day before being appointed Chief Engineer on July 18, 1919.
Scott was 34 years old when appointed to Chief Engineer. At the time he lived with
his mother and sister at 2531 East Third Street. Shortly after being appointed Chief
Engineer he married Adeline Haas and for seven years they lived in the Chiefs
quarters on the third floor of Engine 23. Mrs. Adeline Hass Scott was the only wife
of a chief engineer to live in the Chief's quarters.
"He is young, he is vigorous and has an excellent reputation. He is wellliked by the members of the department and has made a close study of
firefighting and protective methods. He is a man with ideas."
Mayor Meredith P. Snyder
Chief Ralph J. Scott became internationally-renowned as one of the supreme
authorities on fire department administration, fire protection and fire prevention.
Los Angeles in 1919:

400 square miles, 850,000 population

LAFD in 1919:

57 pieces of equipment in service, 725 firemen,

3000 fires per year, $1,600,000.loss.


-LAFD Memorial at LAFD Fallen Firefighters Memorial, Sat. 10/12
-Fireboat 2 Ralph J. Scott 88th Birthday at
San Pedro- Date TBD
-Harbor Museum Group Tour, Fri. 10/11
-Marine Corps Birthday at Museum 27,
Sun. 11/10
-Hollywood Christmas Parade- Sun. 11/24
-HS Annual Holiday Party at Museum 27,
Sat. 12/14

The Hollywood Museum is located in Old Fire Station 27 at 1355 No.

Cahuenga, Hollywood, CA 90028. The Harbor Museum is located in San

Pedro City Hall at 638 S. Beacon St., San Pedro CA 90731.

Anyone interested in joining our great cause by becoming a member, or

volunteering to work, or make a donation of money or an LAFD item may
contact us by mail:

LAFDHS Museum & Memorial

1355 No. Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

Frank and Laura thought they had plenty of time to get an

Estate Plan. But when Frank passed away unexpectedly, Laura
realized they were not prepared.
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1. Pick a planner. Word-of-mouth references are a good place to start, but you
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2. Assemble a team. Your estate planning professional can advise you about
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documents and could include the deed(s) to your property, insurance policies,
retirement accounts and a proper I.D.
4. Ask for guidance. When you meet with members of your team, describe your
goals and ask about the best way to reach them.

Phone: 323 464 2727. But remember we are currently staffed part time, so

leave a message and we will return your call. The fax number is 323-464-

7401. Our E-mail is: Web site at www.lafdmuseum.

org. If you want to look at some great LAFD history check www.lafire.

com. and check the LAFD web site for information and events at www. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the

The Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society is a non-profit 501

(C) (3) organization.


5. Cover all the bases. Understand the options when considering a will or trust,
durable power of attorney, a living will, a health care power of attorney, trusts for
your children, your charity and even yourself.

For your Getting Started Kit contact

Marlene Casillas, Development & Marketing Director, at
August 2013 53
(323) 259-5217 or email


June 05, 2013
President John Jacobsen called the meeting
of the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles
Firemens Relief Association to order at 10:27
John Jacobsen, President
Juan Albarran, Vice President
Andrew Kuljis, Secretary
Trustee James Coburn
Trustee Francisco Hernandez
Trustee Robert Steinbacher
Trustee Doak Smith
Trustee Gene Bednarchik
Trustee Steven Domanski
Trustee Jeff Cawdrey
Trustee Craig White
Trustee David Ortiz
Trustee Steve Ruda
Trustee Steve Berkery
Trustee Barry Hedberg Pension
Trustee David Lowe Pension
David Ned Smith - Executive Director
Controller Todd Layfer
Trustee Michael Overholser (Excused)
Trustee Rick Godinez (Excused)
Trustee Mark Akahoshi (Excused)
Trustee Chris Hart (Excused)
Trustee Steve Tufts (Excused)
Trustee Chris Stine (Excused)
Trustee David Peters (Excused)
Trustee Tim Larson Pension (Excused)
Dennis Mendenhall, Retired
INVOCATION & Flag Salute
Andy Kuljis led the invocation. David Lowe
led the flag salute.
John Jacobsen entertained a motion to ratify
and dispense with the reading of the minutes
of the Board of Trustees meeting held April 3,
2013. Gene Bednarchik so moved. David Lowe
seconded. There was no further discussion or
Motion carried to ratify and dispense with
the reading of the minutes of the Board of
Trustees held April 3, 2013.
Jacobsen entertained a motion to ratify and
dispense with the reading of the minutes of
the Special Board of Trustees meeting held

54 August 2013

March 12, 2013. David Lowe so moved. Gene

Bednarchik seconded. There was no discussion
or objections.
Motion carried to ratify and dispense with the
reading of the minutes of the Special Board of
Trustees meeting held March 12, 2013.
Jacobsen entertained a motion to ratify and
dispense with the reading of the minutes of the
Board of Trustees meeting held May 1, 2013.
David Lowe so moved. Gene Bednarchik
seconded. There was no discussion or
Motion carried to ratify and dispense with
the reading of the minutes of the Board of
Trustees held May 1, 2013.
1) John Jacobsen informed that he will be
appointing Steve Berkery to the vacant Trustee
Jacobsen entertained a motion to appoint Steve
Berkery to the vacant Trustee position. Craig
White so moved. Doak Smith seconded. There
was no discussion or objections.
Motion carried to appoint Steve Berkery to the
vacant Trustee position.
Andy Kuljis proceeded to give the Oath of
Office to Steve Berkery.
2) Jacobsen addressed the purchase of the
building and indicated that they are still in the
due diligence process. David Smith provided
a summary of what was being done during the
due diligence process which included property
assessments, inspections, property profile,
facility upgrade cost exposures, remodel issues,
on-going operating costs and a summary of
current leases. Jacobsen indicated that the
due diligence period ends on June 11th and
therefore stated that they need to make a
decision as a Board whether or not to move
ahead with the purchase of the property. David
Smith added that they have learned that the
building is built very well. He mentioned
that they had some concern about the parking
spots in the back of the building because of
the Edison easement. He also indicated that
the longest period for a licensing agreement
with Edison is five years and would cost
$6,300 annually for license. He referred to the
leaseback option and indicated that the sellers
minimum leaseback would be until December
2013 or a maximum of September 2014, but
has agreed to pay our Credit Union lease

Steve Domanski motioned to approve and

proceed with the purchase of the stated
property. David Lowe seconded. There was no
further discussion or objections.
Motion carried to proceed with the purchase
of the stated property.
David Smith asked for the Boards approval to
enter into negotiations with Edison for the new
license at the close of escrow.
Steinbacher motioned to approve entering into
negotiations with Edison for a five-year license
agreement for easement parking at $6,300
annually. Craig White seconded. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to approve entering into
negotiations with Edison for a five-year
license agreement for easement parking.
1) Juan Albarran referred to the LAFRA
Reunion held the week before and indicated
that it was a good turnout. He thanked
those that attended including the LAFRA
staff, Trustees and other agencies such as
HealthScope and Unum.
Robert Steinbacher informed that on
June 26th they will have an Investment
Committee meeting to review the portfolio
and performance of the money managers.
He mentioned that he and John had gone
to New York to visit some of the managers.
He mentioned that they had learned of the
Morningstar conference that a couple of
Trustees will attend.
1) David Smith informed that the back van had
sold last week for $17,500. He mentioned that
they had placed an ad in Craigslist and Truck
Trader and received a few offers.
2) Todd Layfer presented the first quarter
expenditures compared to the budget for 2013.
He reviewed all operational costs, member
benefits paid and contributions to the WODFF.
He stated that everything was running almost
on target with some running below the actual
budget. He referred to the investment balances
and indicated that the professional fees were a
little higher in the first quarter, but stated that
the portfolio was performing well.


Motion carried to pay the above Relief


Motion carried to approve up to $32K for a

member advancement for funeral expenses.

Robert Steinbacher presented the following


James Coburn read the names of members who

recently passed and asked for a moment of
silence from the Board.

Jacobsen stated that they are moving along
with their site and should have it
completed by next month.

The committee recommends and I so move to

pay the usual and customary bills in the amount
of $1,048,245.01. There was no discussion or
Motion carried to pay the usual and
customary bills in the amount of
The committee recommends and I so move
to pay the professional fees in the amount
of $156,639.34. There was no discussion or
Motion carried to pay the professional fees in
the amount of $156,639.34.
The committee recommends and I so move to
approve up to $720 for a foursome of golf and
tee sign for the Craig Alder Golf Tournament
on September 9th. There was no discussion or
Motion carried to approve up to $720 to
purchase a foursome of golf and tee sign for
the Craig Alder Charity Golf Tournament.
The committee recommends and I so move
to approve up to $10K for new hardware and
software for the Grapevine staff. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to approve up to $10K to
purchase new hardware and software for the
Grapevine staff.

Clarence J. Altree
John K. Mathers
Raymond C. Bertolo
Daniel J. Slagh
Leo Dempsey
Alvin S. Weaver
Frank S. Brady
Stanley R. Dailey
Gerald A. Lehmann
Charles S. Parker
Charles W. Johnson
Calvin S. Ramussen
John McIntosh
James Coburn presented the following motions.
The committee recommends and I so move to
accept the donations in the amount of $2,832.70
to the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens
Fund. There was no discussion or objections.
Motion carried to accept the donations in the
amount of $2,832.70 to the Widows, Orphans
& Disabled Firemens Fund.
The committee recommends and I so move to
approve the financial assistance applications for
surviving spouses, active and retired members.
There was no discussion or objections.


Motion carried to approve the financial

assistance applications for surviving spouses,
active and retired members.

Barry Hedberg presented the following motion.


The committee recommends and I so move to

accept the applications to the Medical Plan.
There was no discussion and no objections.

James Coburn presented the following motion.

Motion carried to accept all applications to the

Medical Plan.
James Coburn presented the following motion.
The committee recommends and I so move to
The Sick & Injury benefits in the amount of
The Estate Planning benefit in the amount of
The Relief Death Benefits in the amount of

The committee recommends and I so move

to approve the emergency advancement
applications for active and retired members.
There was no discussion or objections.
Motion carried to approve the emergency
advancement applications for active and
retired members.
Juan Albarran stated that the committee
had approved the maximum allowable for a
member to cover funeral expenses. He asked to
get Board approval for up to $32K for funeral
expenses for a members spouse.
Gene Bednarchik so moved. Craig White
seconded. There was no discussion or


David Lowe stated that all the By-law revisions
have been submitted and will submit them at
the next Board meeting for review. He also
asked for clarification of what a non-active
member of the Association was. Jacobsen
indicated that there would be definitions in the
by-laws however, stated that they would have
to research the issue further.
1) L.A. Retired Fire & Police Annual BBQ
June 5th
2) Hope for Firefighters June 6th
3) Estate Planning Seminar July 17th
4) IFEBP Wharton School of Investments
September 9th 12th
5) Over the Line Tournament September 11th
6) Colorado Springs Memorial September 21st
7) LAFD Invitational Golf Tournament
September 23rd
8) LAFD Fallen Firefighter Memorial
October 13th
9) IFEBP Annual Conference October 20th 23rd
10) LAFRA Open House December 7th

1) James L. Stiglich June 12th The Odyssey
2) James F. Cairns June 15th Mountain Gate
Country Club
3) William E. Thost Jr. June 28th
Quiet Cannon
4) Rich Hanson, Fred Ramsey, Jerry Brown
July 12th Fire Station 80
5) Bobby Mihlhauser July 19th Marriott
Warner Center
6) Robert Franco July 26th Ports OCall
7) Bradley Grossman August 21st
Ports OCall
8) Jay Freeman August 24th Jays Backyard
9) Mike OGorman September 14th Elks
Lodge #966
John Jacobsen entertained a motion to adjourn.
Craig White so moved. David Lowe seconded.
There was no discussion and no objections.
Motion carried to adjourn. The Board of
Trustees meeting adjourned at 11:39 pm.

John Jacobsen, President

There was no discussion or objections.

August 2013 55

Donations to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund

June 2013

Melanie K. Allen

ROBBIE BRITVICH in memory of

Earl Mazarri

DONALD L. CATE in memory of my beloved

wife Lois Cate





Robert J. Hromadka in gratitude to

FS 107s for their assistance

TY & JADEN MAXEY MADHA in memory of

our grandfather John Maxey


Woodland Hills Rotary Club

CHARLES B. OSBORNE in memory of

Earl Mazarri

Rebecca M. McPhie
Abraham Joshua Heschel
Day School

Gene H. Allen in gratitude to Andy Kuljis

and the work of the Relief Association
Richard L. Watters in memory of
Michael Ambarian
WILLIAM A. FINN in memory of
Michael Ambarian
JOHN J. ADAMS in memory of Mike Ambarian
my husband Mike Brumbaugh




FIRE STATION 84 from the

Fire Extinguisher Fund


GARY D. HIGHT in memory of
Iron Mike Ambarian
GUY C. MILLER in memory of
John Lewandowski
PATRICIA VARNUM in memory of
Sylvia Plante mother of Mickey Plante

CHARLES L. LAKIN in memory of

Carol Villavicencio

JAMES E. GILLUM from the

Simi Valley Breakfast Gang

JAMES P. LANGSFELD in memory of

Mike Ambarian


VAUGHN C. SWANSON in honor of
Scott Brady
DANIEL J. KEMP in memory of Earl Mazarri

56 August 2013

LEO DEMPSEY C/O Michael Dempsey



Mike Ambarian

CHARLES L. LAKIN in memory of

Neil Bullock


WILLIAM C. ROBINSON in memory of

Mike Ambarian

GLENN R. WILKINSON in memory of

Mike Ambarian
JERRY M. SCHNITKER in memory of
Mike Ambarian
ANITA KALOYERAKIS in memory of my
cousin John Woltmann
KIM COX in memory of Mike Ambarian
ALAN BARRIOS in appreciation of our
dedicated members and staff at LAFRA
PAT BOWEN in memory of Ken Jury
ANN PORCO in memory of
Frank Paul Arguello Jr.



of Gene Stepan

ANSELMO GARRIDO in memory of

Jerry Lehman


of Ben G. Wilkinson

for Sale
2000 Harley-Davidson Road
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FS 108-B, 661-904-2234 cell.

ATTENTION - Room for
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Newhall / Santa Clarita area 2mins
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SFV. Large backyard w/pool and
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Ernie (818) 326-4054. LAFD member. Min 6-month lease. Credit
check upon rental.
For rent. New Lake Powell
view home.Two separate living
areas, each with own kitchen.
2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath upstairs, 1
bedroom 1 1/2 bath downstairs.
Take one or both floors. 1500 sq.
ft. view deck. Two Seados and ski
boat available. Call 310.283.8975
bedroom, 2 bath, newly remodeled
kitchen with granite countertops
and stainless steel appliances.
Formal living room, plus family
room. 3 pipe corrals, arena, 2
barns, trail access. Motor home
and horse trailer parking. Gardener included. Available October.

$2800/month. Eng. Ames (818)

Lovely 110 yr. old historic
house to share in San Pedros
historic waterfront dist. Private
bedroom with private full bathroom, kitchen, laundry, air conditioning, spacious back yard, sorry,
no private parking, $700 month.
Cindy 310 831-0926.
This charming spacious 2
bedroom home is centrally
located in the heart of Encino.
Features hardwood flooring
throughout with a large master
suite, bath, cathedral ceilings and
walk-in closets. The upstairs can
be separate with its own entrance.
Downstairs is a bedroom, full bath
and powder room. Big backyard,
garage and additional parking
for RV. $2500 for the above, or
rent just the master suite, $1000,
downstairs for $1500 a month. Call
Tracy (818) 704-9592.

Beautiful Boise Idaho
house. 4000 Sq Ft., 4 bedroom,
3 bath, prime view with Foothills
Nature Reserve (BLM) trails over
back fence, 15 minutes from airport, 40 minutes from ski slopes,
overlook downtown. $569, 900
online. MLS# 98505356. Contact
agent at (208) 870-8292.
Beautiful, single level
home available in Mill City,
Oregon. Single owner, retired L.A.
Fireman, now deceased. Quiet
neighborhood on dead end street.
Built among trees, gorgeous
meadow behind, unequaled view
of the Cascades. 3 Bdrm, 2 1/2
baths. Natural landscape with
150 yr. old Maple in the side yard.
Plenty of room for RV, boat, trailer
etc. Contact Judy Quillin, 503
Custom log home- Kings
Canyon Sequoia Area. 4200 sq
ft, 2 story, 3 bedroom/2.5 baths.
Master bed has walk in closet w/
French doors and deck. Large
game room w/bar and wood burning stove. Huge gourmet kitchen
w/six burner professional Garland
range, Sub-Zero freezer and refrigerator. Hard rock maple counters and maple cabinets. Large loft
with library and office overlooking
great room with vaulted ceilings

and riverrock fireplace. Pella windows and doors. Hardwood floors

throughout, tile in kitchen, laundry
and baths. Central vac. Deck on
three sides. 15 acres fenced.
Tennis court, pool, 2 car garages,
40X60 metal bldg. Septic and 40
gpm well. $650,000. Contact Ray
Oster (559) 338-2220 or email for more
info and photos.
FOR SALE. 2 bedroom, 2 bath
condo fully furnished in Barra de
Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico. Short
walk to small fishing village,
beach, restaurants, etc. LAFD
retired. (909) 392-8941.
LOVELY 2800 SQ FT 3 bedroom,
2 bath home on Marrowstone
Island near Port Townsend,
Washington. Sits on 4 plus partical
wooded acres with Puget Sound.
230 foot waterfront view. Has barn
for RV storage. City water, oil heat
in floor. Past home of LAFD get
together. Call Vonnie Rogers (360)


a piece of Montana. Panoramic
views of Flathead Lake. 3 acres
with a great building site. Adjacent
to forested public land. Access to
fishing , summer water sports and
winter skiing. Owned by retired
LAFD. Listed with Riverbend Realty. Keith at 406-837-1501.
2/3 completed home located on 20
acres. The house is 2 bedroom, 3
bath, approximately 2000 Sq. Ft.
It is completely framed (metal stud
construction) and enclosed. Rough
electrical and rough plumbing
completed. Solar power and well
with 10,000 storage tank in place.
Large 24 X 30 storage building
adjacent to the house. In addition there are approximately 150
acres connected to this property.
$240,000 takes all. For information
contact; Jim Duzick @ Prudential
Troth Realitors. (661) 547-9750 or
Bill Stires (661) 252-2299 or Tom
Stires (818) 240-7153


Chiloquin, Rustic homestead on
73 wooded acres, bordered by
turquoise, clear Spring Creek
river. Artesian well produces 200
gpm. Block built 1926 sq.ft. home,
2BD 2BA, large garage, shops,
barn on private, level land. Boat
house w/boat. Near Williamson
and Sprague Rivers; world famous
trout streams. $625,000 www.


Firemens discount. 10% off first
months rent & no deposit required. Winter rates available. Located on the Colorado River, close
to launch ramps. All Seasons
Storage 800 North K St., Needles,
CA 92363. (760) 326-2001.

Ready to retire? Daughter

of former LAFD captain in selling
her 3200 SF, 5/3, home in Payson,
Arizona. Elevation 5000, a small
town surrounded by the Tonto NF
(Ponderosa Pine/ZaneGrey Country). Great climate. Google search:
Coldwell Banker MLS 66906.
Owners Bill and Nancy (928) 4686832. Price $379K.

BOB SOUTHWOOD O.C CONCRETE Specializing in all concrete

needs: Slabwork foundations,
Patios, Driveways, Private Roadways, Retaining Walls and Built in
BBQs.Proudly serving Police and
FIre with service and quality for
over 40 Years. We will work with
CALL BOB @ (949) 697-4864

River parcels. Three 20 acre

Klammath River frontage parcels
in beautiful Northern California- 30
miles from Oregon. Electricity and
telephone available. Rarely used
County-maintained road runs
through. Very private. 6 miles from
Happy Camp. Each parcel has
more than 700 front feet of river.
$195,000 - $295,000. Contact Troy
Bonar, LAFD retired. PO Box 466,
Happy Camp, CA 96039 or call
(530) 493-2453 or fax (530) 4932589 or email:

BUILDING PLANS. Residential:

patios, decks, additions/remodeling, repairs, new construction,
design. Commercial: tennant improvement, ADA compliances and
more. George Lavallee (805) 5321905 office. cre8iveanswers@


4+2, 5 minutes from snow summit, downtown and the lake. Located in the desirable Fox Farm area.
2 story-upstairs 2+1, downstairs
2+1 turn key condition, ready to
enjoy. Fully furnished. Investment
Vacation or Retirement. $359,000
Call Therese (818) 216-4628 or



CRUISE - Princess Cruises, Royal
Caribean, Holland American,
Carnival and more... 3 to 21 day
getaways to Alaska, Hawaii, The
Bahamas and many other exciting
destinations. Call Patricia at (661)
265-9440 or toll free at (877) 7HISEAS, or email pliefeld@qnet.
com wife of LAFD Mechanic,
sister of LAFD Captain.
AIR - Free estimates, residential, commercial. Great rates for
LAFD and LAPD. Toll free (877)

August 2013 57

891-1414, (661) 298-3070, FAX

(661) 298-3069. State License No.

(310) 303-9132. Office located in

Hermosa Beach.

Crane Service All kinds of

lifts - A/C Units, Spas, Construction, Beams, Poles, Appliances,
Man Baskets available. Insured
and bonded. Leonard Campbell
Owner/Operator (818) 340-8907

LAKES. Need your Condo or
Home painted in Mammoth? I
have been painting in Mammoth
for 30 years. Neat, clean, and
reasonable. Fireman references.
Please call Mark Eddy Painting.
(760) 935-4963 or email:
Lic# 468886.


YOU? Anything at all? Mental,
emotional or physical? Dr. Bob
Price, psychotherapist. LAFD
retired, has developed a model
that puts the fire out fast. It allows
you to overcome almost anything
that bothers you rather quickly.
My book, Speed Healing, & DVD
is available at Telephone sessions
granted quickly. Call for telephone
appointment. (619) 461-9527
construction, remodel, repair,
acoustic ceilings removed. All
types of textures. Licensed, bonded and insured. Gregg Avery, F.S.
66 A residence (805) 494-9037.
you getting the most from your tax
returns? I am a wife of a firefighter
and specialize in their returns, with
60% of my clients being firefighter
families. Taxes done at you convenience; my office or by phone.
Available year-round. TaxPro,
Barbara Ravitz, 661-257-7606.
Farmers Insurance Group, I can
assist you in deciding what options
best meet your insurance needs.
Free competitive quotes available
for homeowners, auto, life, RVs,
boats motorcycles and more. As a
former LAFD and LAPD Commissioner, and coming from a family
of firefighters (3 brothers and 1
nephew), I understand your need
for an agent that can make your
life a little easier. For a free quote,
please call the Corina Alarcon
Insurance Agency at (818) 2631723.
& SERVICE. Garage doors and
openers. Need to replace your
broken springs? or does your
door need repair, even replaced?
We do it all from new product to
repairing old. Call (661) 860-4563
Grassroots Garage Doors, Inc.
Lic# 950020. Son of 35 year veteran fireman.
therapist Cathy Chambliss helps
couples and individuals work
through conflicts in relationships,
stress, anxiety, affairs, communication issues, and divorce.
All counseling is confidential.
Insurance taken. Call Cathy at

58 August 2013


Interest rates are at All-Time-Lows.
Refinance & Purchase Loans,
Investment/Second Home Loans/
Equity Lines/2nd Trust Deeds, No
Points/No Fees Loans, VA, FHA,
Conventional Loans, Lending
in many other states. Mortgage
lending with exceptional customer
service, integrity, strength and experience. For your Free Mortgage
Analysis, call (714) 469-8900. Jay
Trementozzi, Mortgage Banker.
DRE# 01113819, NMLS# 241591.
a new life in the gorgeous communities of Temecula and Murrieta.
Top rated schools, world renowned
wineries, numerous golf courses,
lakes, shopping and a great family
atmosphere. Located 78 miles
from HQ between Los Angeles
and San Diego. Call Mike Utley at
(951) 775-8491 (LAFD Retired).
REAL ESTATE SERVICES Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park,
Simi Valley, Moorpark, Camarillo,
and Ventura. Representing Sellers
and Buyers for over 20 years.
Please call or email with your real
estate questions and also request
your real estate activity reports
your neighborhood or areas of
interest. Mike Rhodes Prudential
California Realty. LAFD Retired.
Realtor - BRE License 0177388.
Cell: (805) 501-6044
REBECCA MARTIN LANDSCAPE. Architectural landscape
design and installation. A full service design/build landscape firm
that creates unique custom exterior environments that will increase
the value of your home and bring
you years of outdoor enjoyment.
Rebecca Martin, LAFD wife. (818)
216-3637. Lic# 936577.
Dont lose thousands of dollars
during your professional career to
GROUP, the specialists in firefighter tax services, prepare your
tax return and review your prior
years tax returns. We specialize
in tax planning and preparation for
firefighters. We also offer FREE

REVIEW of your last four years of

tax returns. Call us today at (800)
573-4829 or visit our website at
- vinyl replacement windows &
Patio doors. I also carry aluminum,
wood and entry door systems.
Rick Brandelli, Capt. LACoFD,
FS 8-C (800) 667-6676. www.

BIG BEAR CABIN - All season,
restful views from decks. Two
story, sleeps 6, half mile to lake,
two plus miles to slopes. Fireplace/Wood, cable TV/DVD/VCR.
Full kitchen, completely furnished
except linens. Pets ok. $95/$105
(two day minimum). $550/$600
a week, Beep or Donna Schaffer
1+(760) 723-1475.
Big Bear Cabin. 2 bedroom, 2
bath, 2 story. Sleeps 8. Near ski
slopes & lake. Fireplace/wood,
cable TV, DVD,VCR, full kitchen.
Completely furnished. $85/$95 per
night. Minimum 2 nights. Holidays
extra. Weekly available. All Season. Sheri (909) 851-1094 cell or
(760) 948-2844 home.
BIG BEAR LAKES FINESTDeluxe lakeside townhouse, 2
bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 cable TVs,
HBO, DVD, WiFi, 2 wood burning
fireplaces, laundry room, tennis
court, indoor pool, sauna, spa,
boat dock. Fully equipped, including all linens. Sleeps 6. 310-5418311 or email
minute walk to village. 5 minute
drive to both slopes. Lake view.
2 bed, 1 bath, sleeps 6. Contact:
Owned by LAFD member.
- 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, one block
to beach, view, fully equipped
housekeeping unit. Marci (818)
347-6783 or Clarence (310) 5102721.
HOME. 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2
fireplaces, washer, dryer, gas
barbeque. Indoor pool, sauna,
Jacuzzi, locker room with shower.
Tennis court, boat dock, cable TV,
HBO. Fully furnished including
linens. 3 miles from Snow Summit.
Sleeps 6 max. (310) 541-8311
For Sale 5 shares 18x70
2008 houseboat on Lake Powell.
1 master suite & 3 staterooms 2
full bathrooms and 1 1/2 bath. 2

large residential refrigerators in

the kitchen/salon and 1 refrigerator & freezer on the topdeck. Top
deck has 36 of hard cover and
full bar, BBQ and lounge seating.
2 LCD televisions with Direct TV
and VCRs. Pictures on request.
Weeks available are week 1 (Fri
after Memorial Day), Week 12
(Aug 17-24), Weeks 14-16 (late
Aug into Sept). These dates vary
from year to year. We are an LLC
corporation incorporated in AZ.
$25,000 annual dues are also applicable. Call (661) 547-4205.
LAKE HAVASU LANDING-Waterfront, steps to the water. Boat
mooring out front, off-road desert
behind house. 3 bed/3 bath, fully
furnished w/linens. Direct TV/DVR,
BBQ, Casino, Grocery/Meat Market, Launch Ramp, Marina with
Boat House, Gated Community.
No pets/smoking. $350 Dan Cook
310 418 1577.
2br/2ba cozy, cabin with views.
5 minutes from Fishing and Skiing. Fully furnished. Wood Deck,
Sleeps 8, wood burning stove,
full kitchen, cable Tv/Dvd, stereo,
phone. Detached garage/room
for boat. Call for summer/winter
rates. Cleaning fee applies. Jeff
Easton 105-A, (805)-217-5602
KAPALUA, MAUI. Luxurious
ocean view Kapalua Ridge 1 and
2 bedroom villas from $145/$250,
7th night FREE. Fully equipped
with washer/dryer, Hi speed internet, Wi-Fi, cable TV, free resort
shuttle, minutes from ocean. Features 3 white sand beaches including BEST BEACH in the world,
Kapalua Bay Beach, 100 miles of
hiking trails, 2 golf courses with
great discounts, 10 tennis courts,
zip lines, 2 spas, golf academy,
horseback riding, snorkeling,
swimming, surfing, kayaking,
shops, restaurants. Contact Terry
or Diane @ 800-326-MAUI (6284).
the_ridge.asp or email info@
cabin charming two-story with
creek, large deck, two baths,
complete kitchen, TV,VCR/DVD,
fireplace, washer and dryer, walk
to Blue Jay Village. Sleeps 6. $90/
night. NO PETS! Bruce or Sue
Froude, (805) 498-8542.
FRONT. Located at HAVASU
LANDING RESORT a gated community on the California side of
Lake Havasu. Swim, Ski or fish
from the front yard. Buoys in front
of home for overnight boat(s) tieups. No need to launch boat each
day. Walking distance to a CASINO, restaurants and grocery store.

Adjacent to miles of off-road desert

trails, great for ATVs, 4 wheelers and Motorcycles. Beautiful
landscaping with a lawn from the
home to the lake. Covered patio
with furniture and a gas BBQ. Four
bedrooms with beds for 10.Two full
bathrooms. Check Craigslist for
pic. $350. Per night 10% discount
for a week. For Reservations call
Bud @ 818 352-4422
RENT - 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1600 sq.ft.
Fully furnished with all amenities- Laundry & BBQ. 13,000 sq.ft.
lot. 3 car boat-deep garage. 3
miles from launch ramp. Close to
downtown shops & restaurants.
View of the lake. Quiet street in
good neighborhood. No pets. No
smoking. Snowbird rates. Call
Mike (661) 510-6246
LAKE HAVASU CITY. New Custom 3 bedroom/2 bath home on
lake side of Hwy 95 north side of
town. Quiet street. All the amentities. 60 TV in living room. TVs
in all bedrooms. Wireless internet
with on site computer. BBQ on
large patio. Swimming pool. Near
marinas and restaurants. $150
per night. $85 cleaning fee. No
smoking or pets please. Scott at
805-208-1598 or h2oratscott@
Built in 2004. 1800 square feet,
3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Newly/
fully furnished w/all amenities of
home. Large garage 20x32 with
tall doors. Large area for guest
parking. Located less than a mile
from lake on a quiet cul-de-sac!
RV hookups. Ask for FF discount.
Call Ryan Penrod (310) 804-1801
or Nicole (909) 263-8177.
3 bed, 2 bath home that sleeps
8. Lake view, RV access, boat
parking, everything is new. Quiet
street in great neighborhood, just
minutes from London Bridge. Call
John for pricing at (323) 449-4473.
Snow-bird rates and firemen discount available.
LAKE HAVASU Landing California. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, wifi,
DirecTV, BBQ, full laundry, slip-in
marina included, just steps away.
180 degree view of lake and your
boat in slip. Huge covered patio.
No pets. No smoking. Larry Mc
Andress ret 112A (714) 963-9344
or (714) 393-1464.
HOMES for rent. Each fully furnished with all amenities of home.
Every home has a lake view, pool,
RV access, boat parking, ample
guest parking and sleep up to 8
people. Check out our website @ or call (928)
855-5848 or (661) 212-3191.


gated community. 3 bedroom, 2
1/2 bath, large loft. 3 minute drive
to main marina in Oak Shores.
Large driveway. Fully equipped
kitchen, BBQ, washer/dryer, TV/
DVD. No cable. No pets/smoking. $165.00/night. Call Ben (805)
bedroom, 2 bath home with all of
the amenities complete kitchen,
washer/ dryer, TV/ VCR. Quiet
neighborhood near the lake, casinos and ski slopes. Call for rates.
Call Cal or Linda @ (805) 5842718.
68 Sumerset. 2 staterooms, 2
cuddy cabins, 2 baths. Will sleep
10 to 12. 2 ref. fully equipped
kitchen, BBQ, TV, DVD, Twin A/C.
Party top, flybridge, V8 drives, 12
KW ge., 100 gal. aux. fuel tank
with pump. Dan Coyle (805) 4948854.
LA QUINTA - Gated community,
fully furnished deluxe home, three
bedrooms, three baths on the
10th fairway of the Dunes Golf
Course in La Quinta Country Club.
Two car garage, large patio with
barbecue. No pets, no smoking.
$200/night - 2 week minimum, plus
refundable security deposit. Call
(323) 254-3874
Mammoth Condo 2 bedroom, 2
bath, Sleeps 5. Beautifully remodeled. No pets, no smoking. 150.00
weekdays, 175.00 weekends.
Contact Scott at 310-562-1366 or
2 bedroom & large loft, 3 full
baths, sleeps 8. 5 minute walk to
Canyon Lodge. Fully furnished,
TVs, VCR/DVD, pool, spa, rec
room, sauna, linens included.
Winter $175, $195-weekdays/holidays; summer $125, plus cleaning.
No smoking; no pets. Craig Yoder
(909) 948-3659.
bedrooms, 2 bath. Fully furnished,
WIFI, 3 TVs, pool, spa, walk to
shuttle, Old Mammoth area. Winter $115, Summer $90, plus maid
$126. Includes linens. No pets, no
smoking. Call (310) 540-4648.
furnished, three bedroom, two
bath with towels and linens, fully
stocked kitchen, internet and cable
TV, pool and Jacuzzi. Walk to the
gondola, shops, restaurants and
ski in on the new comeback trail.
Parking at the front door. Winter:
$225/night. Summer $150/night.
Holidays $275/night. Cleaning is
included. Call Mike Whitehouse,
Retired, 805-987-6122, email: or Bruce
Galien, Retired, 661-645-7448,
MAMMOTH CONDO Fully furnished, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, sleeps 6.
Close to Canyon Lodge, pool, spa,
recreation room, laundry facilities,
condo has been beautifully remodeled, photos available, $225 a night
winter - $125 a night summer +
$150 cleaning fee. 3 night minimum.
Call for holiday pricing. Joe Angiuli,
North Division (626) 497-5083.
furnished, 1 bdrm, loft, 1 1/2 baths,
sleeps 4. On shuttle route. All
amenities: Sauna, Pool, laundry
on premises. Fall/Winter prices.
$100/night. Spring/Summer $85/
night. One time $135 cleaning
fee. No smoking, no pets, contact:
Julian Edwards (909) 573-3815
MAMMOTH - 1 bedroom Summit condo, sleeps 6. Convenient
underground garage parking,
jacuzzis, gym (pool, tennis in
summertime), shuttle right outside!
Across from chair 15. Winter $110
per night, Summer $80 per night
plus $65 cleaning fee per stay. All
linens included. Drew or Nancy
Oliphant (661) 513-2000.
MAMMOTH CONDO - Mammoth Estates, 4BR/3BA, fully
furnished, linens, full kitchen, TV/
DVD, stereo, fireplace, pool ,
jacuzzi, sauna. 2 blocks from gondola village. 1 block to ski shuttle.
Winter $330/night, Summer $215/
night, plus cleaning. Includes
city bed tax. No pets, no smoking, sleeps 8. Dory Jones (310)
918-0631 or Kelly Corcoran (310)
Mammoth Condo - 2 bdrm, 2
bath, 2 TVs, phone, garage, pool,
jacuzzi, fully furnished - exept
linens. Near shuttle/chair 15.
Winter $125/night. Weekends and
Holidays $110 midweek. Summer
$95/night. $495/week. No smoking. No pets. Jim Johnson (818)
992-7564, FS 80C.
Manors Sleeps 7. 3 bedroom 2 1/2
bath. Fully furnished except linens.
2 TVs/VCR/DVD, stereo/CD.
Dishwasher, microwave, sauna,
jacuzzi, pool. No smoking/No
Pets. Shuttle at door. Winter $155/
night, Summer $100/night, Plus
$80 cleaning fee and City Bed
Tax. Brian & Karen Salvage LAFD
Retired (805) 499-7752.
MAMMOTH LAKES - One bedroom, extremely charming wildflower condo. Full amenities, close
to shuttle. Antiques, art, satellite
TV, fireplace. Sleeps 4. Winter
$110, Summer $85 plus cleaning
fees. Call (818) 371-6722

Studio/loft, 2 bath, king bed,
sleeps 4. Full kitchen, TV, VCR,
DVD. Garage parking. Walk to
Canyon Lodge. Ski back wall. 2
night minimum. Winter $100/nite,
$126 Fri, Sat & Holidays. Summer
$50/nite. Plus $95 cleaning &
linens. Jeff & Lisa Moir. LAFD Air
Ops (661) 254-5788.
1 bedroom sleeps 4, king bed and
queen sofa bed. Fully furnished,
fireplace, dishwasher, stereo, TV/
DVD, phone, spa, sauna, pool and
tennis court. Linens and cleaning fee. On shuttle route. Winter
rate $100/night, summer rate $70/
night. Mike Greenup (805) 5838239 or cell (805) 338-9955.
Walk to Canyon Lodge. Studio loft
sleeps 4. Queen beds, full kitchen,
2 baths, garage parking, TV, VCR,
DVD. Winter Sun-Thurs $100.nite;
Fri & Sat $115/nite plus cleaning
fee $100. Non smoking complex.
Joel Parker, LAFD retired. email: or (213)
MAMMOTH. Ski in - Ski out
at lift 15, 2 bedroom including
master suite, 2 bath condo. TV/
DVD in living room. Good sound
system. Gym, spa, fireplace, very
roomy, underground parking,
tennis courts, pools, and outside
BBQ area. (310) 476-4784. Email: or
visit website:
ON NAPILI BAY - 50 from water.
Studios and 1 bdrm. Luxury
furnishings + full kitchen. All the
amenities! Mauis best snorkeling/beach. All island activities &
Kapalua within 4 minutes. 5-day
minimum, from $150 per night
(regularly $310 night). Call Sherrie
or Bill for info/reservations (805)
530-0007 or email: pmimaui@
or visit:
MAUI CONDO 1 and 2 bedrooms. Centrally located on
beautiful Maalaea Bay. Excellent
swimming and snorkeling; white
sandy beach. Minutes from golf,
tennis, fishing, shopping, airport
and resort areas. Marsha Smith or
Jeanne McJannet. Toll free (800)
BEACH - Napili Bay. Beautiful
furnished condo with kitchen and
daily maid service. 15% discount
off already lowest prices in the
area. Don Sprenger (949) 5485659 or (800) 336-2185.

August 2013 59

course and hang out by the pool.
Walking distance to beach. 3 bedroom 2 bath. See for yourself at: Contact Chris
Hart (714) 742-3325 or email:


CONDO. Luxurious 3+2 lake front
condo on the 11th green of the
world famous Stadium Course.
Gated, community pool & spa,
4 TVs/cable/dvd, washer/dryer,
BBQ, garage, no smoking or pets
please. $150/night w/6 night min. +
cleaning. Seasonal/extended stay
discounts. Buzz - LAFD (949) 3227979
Tahoe, 3 Bd 2 Ba home with

allamenities. Close to Lake,

Casinos andSki Slopes $650wk
or $130 nt $100 Cleaning. www. Call Cal or
Linda @ 805 584-2718 or email

Motor Homes For Rent:
Several 2006 Class A 32 Foot
Motor Homes, with Double Slide
Outs, Fully Loaded, Free House-

keeping Kit, Camping Kit, Discount

Prices Starting at $150.00 to
$180.00 per night. Serving family
& friends of LAPD , LASD, IPD,
OXPD, OX Fire, LA CO., LA City,
Ski Clubs ask for our 25% off
weekly rental rates. Visit us at or call 661714-7689 or 661-297-2398. ALSO
bedroom 2 bath with pool tables &

For Ad Information, Call Eric at (323) 259-5231 or email:

Call our editor at (323) 259-5232 or email:

PALM DESERT-3 bed/2bath,

one level. New re-model, fully
furnished w/linens. Cable TV/DVR,
Private Patio, BBQ, Laundry, Garage, Gated Community, 2(Pools,
Jacuzzis, Tennis Courts). Near
College of the Desert. $175 Dan

Cook 310 418 1577.

60 August 2013

(Left to right): Emil Jonathan, Bob Rubio, Charlie Sumner, Bob Stinson, Woodrow
Kastner, Deforrest Webber, Craig Drummond, Curt Cundy, Forest Shrode, Wally
Dugan, Dick Acton, Frank Desparte, Bob Patterson. Members on leave: Harry
Morck, Richard Dickens, Al Loewe, Russ Evans, Larry Schneider.

August 2013 61

FIS_Grapevine Ad.pdf


8:44 PM

Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association

815 Colorado Blvd FL 4
Los Angeles CA 90041-1745