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May 2009

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From the Commodore

Summer is nearly upon us, and what a season it is going to be. We begin by announcing the team is set and ready for action. Christian will lead with Julian and Alex providing additional leadership as Assistant Club Directors. The goal is to always to have someone at the club who is in charge and the go to person. We have a mix of returning and new Instructors. Meet them all; they are a very fine crew! I also want to announce that, due to personal reasons, Paul Pillat has stepped aside as Vice Commodore and the Board nominated and elected Marsella Fults to take the reigns. We are glad to announce she accepted and will be our next Commodore. She will do a wonderful job. Once again, we did not rest too long this winter. There are a number of additional enhancements you will see when you visit the club. We continue to improve our vessels -- a huge thanks to the Careys, Hueys and Brennans for their boat donations. George Kraemer once again outdid himself. With the help of Pat Hockers, we have added at least one third as much flat space on our main dock. He is also working on additional enhancements to deal with the low water levels. There are a variety of projects in final stages on the clubhouse to fine tune the fabulous work from last year. Our facilities are in top shape. Many thanks to the leaders, workers and membership for continuing to provide the finest for our programs. There is also work in progress on securing new bleachers. The board approved half the expenditure and is asking for donations for the remaining. We shall have much to watch at the EYC this summer! The height of 2009 is our hosting of the Flying Scot North American Championships. I know it is a huge task and we are asking much of our membership. Think about 2010 and the amazing memories we will have and are gifting to our children. There has never been an event like this in Ephraim and may never again be in our short time on these waters. Please muster that extra effort, push past the fatigue and join us in proving we are the little club that absolutely CAN!

EYC Officers & Directors, 2008-2009
David Sauter (Commodore) Marsella Fults (Vice Commodore) Max Robinette (Rear Commodore) Nancy Claypool (Secretary) Paul Pillat (Treasurer) Rich Bierman Quinn Brennan Andy Huey Jay Lott Scott Pearson George Reynolds Donna Scattergood

“THERE WILL ALWAYS BE AN EPHRAIM REGATTA” © Ephraim Yacht Club P.O. Box 331, Ephraim, WI 1

Eagle’s Cry – May 2009

You Are Invited to the NAC’s
2009 Flying Scot North American Championships

Calling all EYC members, sailors and non-sailors, to participate in the Flying Scot North American Championship (NAC), August 1 – 7, 2009! Hosting the NAC is a one-time-only opportunity for EYC members and students to race in a national event, make new friends, and share in the camaraderie that makes this event as much fun off the water as it is on the water. There will be almost an entire week of racing as well as multiple parties to which all EYC members are invited and encouraged to attend. Sailors will be coming from as far away as New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. We are looking forward to their arrival and hope all EYC members will join in as hosts and hostesses for this event. The NAC actually includes three championships: 1) a Junior Championship, 2) a Women’s Championship and 3) the NAC Championship. The Flying Scot Sailing Association (FSSA) likes to be inclusive and support all of its members, so the NAC is open to all skippers at all skill levels. To make the regatta manageable and fun for everyone, all of the skippers will initially be assigned to one of four divisions and will race against each other in a round robin type format for the first two days in what are called qualifying races. The results of those races qualify the skipper to be in either the Championship Division (those finishing in the top fifty percent) or in the Challenger Division (those finishing in the bottom fifty percent). This typically sorts out the more experienced skippers from the less experienced ones so that the people in each division compete against others with a similar skill level. Then, the scores from the qualifying races are dropped and there are three days of championship races to determine the winners of the Championship and Challenger divisions. The details of the racing format will be provided in the Sailing Instructions which will be given to skippers when they pick up their registration packages on August 1st or 2nd. How does the NAC compare to EYC’s regatta? The NAC involves a few more races; skippers are sorted into divisions by performance instead of personal choice; the race courses are a little longer; the race officials have a high degree of training and experience; the boats and sails are measured to keep a level playing field; and there are more parties. While this regatta attracts good racers, there are newcomers who participate as well; so no matter what your level, there's a place for you in the regatta. If you have ever competed in the Ephraim regatta, you can compete in the NAC.

Anyone who is thinking about racing in any of the championships needs to read the Notice of Race and the Registration/Entry Form. These two documents can be found online at The NOR contains a lot of information such as the rules, eligibility requirements, schedules, entry fees, registration requirements, deadlines, and more. Please make sure to read all of these documents so that you don’t miss a requirement or a deadline.

Important Note Regarding the NOR - There may be one or more revisions to the NOR between now and the NAC; therefore, you should periodically check to see if the NOR has been revised. If you do not have Internet access, please contact someone who does. FSSA Membership - If you are not a member of the Flying Scot Sailing Association, you will need to join by July 1st. Skippers beware! If you are not sure if you will be able to compete in the NAC, or, even if that possibility seems very remote, we strongly urge you to join FSSA by the deadline to keep your options open. Once that deadline has passed, you can still participate as crew, but you will have to give up the helm. Attention Juniors – If you’re thinking about competing in the Junior Championship, make sure to read the NOR carefully because there are special eligibility requirements that both you and your crew need to meet in order to compete. Also, this championship will only be held if there are at least five entries by July 18th, so sign up early and encourage your friends to do the same to make sure this event will happen. We will all look forward to you showing the out-of-state competition that they don’t stand a chance against EYC! Attention Women – The Women’s championship will only be held if there are at least five entries by July 18th, so encourage all of your friends to participate and sign up early so you’ll be able to race.


Eagle’s Cry – May 2009

Bow Bag and Transom Ports – As of January 1, 2009, FSSA requires a bow bag and transom port on all Flying Scots competing in the NAC. Actually, they are also required for any boat participating in any race or regatta that is governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), because the RRS also automatically extend to include the class rules for one-design boats. Therefore, this applies to almost every race and regatta held anywhere, anytime, by anyone. Even if you don’t race your Flying Scot, you may want to consider adding these safety features to your boat, which will make it much easier to recover in the event of capsizing. In addition, these features will make your boat compliant with the official Flying Scot® specifications, which will help maintain your boat’s resale value. Installing this equipment can easily be done by the average person, but since you may have a few questions, Ryan Malmgren has graciously volunteered to help everyone out by doing a hands-on “how to” session at EYC on Saturday afternoon, June 20th. You can contact Ryan, 608-225-4287,, and ask him to order the equipment for you, in which case you won’t have to pay shipping. Or, you can place your order with the boat builder, Flying Scot, Inc., 1-800-864-7208,, and have the equipment shipped directly to you. Either way, you should place your order by approximately June 5th to ensure that it will arrive in time. It’s always easier to do this kind of project when you have someone to help you and several other people working on the same thing, so everyone is strongly encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. If you have any questions, contact Ryan. Measuring Requirements – All boats are required to be measured, but not every equipment specification and every sail must be measured. FSSA has divided the requirements up at random and created three different checklists. When you show up at the measuring and registration site (see the NOR for this information), you will be given one of the three checklists at random and will proceed to the appropriate areas where the measuring team will check everything on your checklist and sign off when you have passed inspection. Depending on which checklist you receive, you may have to have your main(s), jib(s) and/or spinnaker(s) measured, your boated weighed, your mandatory safety equipment checked, etc. FSSA is currently revising these lists and as soon as they are finalized, we will post them on the website,, so you’ll know exactly what’s required and can be prepared. Two days, August 1st and 2nd have been set aside for measuring, but we would like to measure as many EYC members’ boats as possible during the week prior to that, possibly on Sunday June 26th. This is to your benefit in

that you won’t have to wait in line on August 1st or 2nd, and it is to the club’s benefit, because it will lighten the work load so that the process will go faster when all of the out-of-town sailors show up. When the early measuring date(s) has been decided, we will send out an e-mail and put the information on the club calendar on the website, so stay tuned. Club Boat Lotteries – There will be two lotteries for the club boats: 1) one for the Junior and Women’s Championships and 2) another for the NAC Championship. The Junior and the Women’s Championships’ races will be held at the same time which is why the lotteries for those events will be combined. However, the NAC series starts the day after the Juniors’ and Women’s events; therefore, the club boats will once again be up for grabs, and a second lottery will be held for that event. Note: Any skipper wanting to compete in the Junior or the Women’s Championship AND the NAC must enter his or her name in both lotteries. All lottery entrants are expected to be serious about intending to race and to submit their registrations in a timely manner. This is very important for skippers competing in the Junior and Women’s Championships, because these events will not be held if the five boat minimum for each is not met. Lottery entries should be submitted by June 15th to Deanna Peterson,, Winter phone 414-352-3678, cell phone 920-421-1385. NOTE: Any lottery winner who subsequently finds they are unable to compete must immediately notify Deanna so that the next person may be notified. Additional information about the club boat lotteries will be posted on under ”EYC Club Boat Lotteries”. Commodore’s Cocktail Party & NAC Week Dinners – ADVANCE SIGN UP REQUIRED THIS YEAR ONLY - This year the Commodore’s Cocktail Party will be combined with the traditional NAC Welcome Cocktail Party that kicks off the week on Sunday evening August 2nd. The party will be held at Alexander’s which will provide the hors d’oeuvres. During the party, several NAC officials will be introduced plus the trophies for the Junior and the Women’s Championships will be awarded. Visiting sailors always look forward to this party, and we hope you’ll look forward to meeting them in addition to socializing with old friends. We expect a large number of people at this party, and in order to properly plan for it, we need an accurate head count in advance. Therefore, unlike previous years, tickets will not be available at the door so all EYC members must send in or drop off their reservations in advance using the reservation form as explained at the end of this section. Half the fun of a national regatta is being able to meet new people, get together with friends and talk about what


Eagle’s Cry – May 2009

happened on the water that day which is why several dinners have been planned during the week. On Monday, August 3rd, Bill and Rosie Klein have graciously agreed to host a “Brat, Burger & Corn Roast”. This will be an expanded version of the Bratfest that is more like a buffet dinner. We look forward to having our guests experience the same type of good time that so many EYC members have experienced over the years. (The annual Bratfest will be held Saturday evening, July 25th.) On Wednesday, August 5th, Martha Sauter has graciously agreed to host a “Pig Roast” at her home which has the bonus of providing everyone with a beautiful view of the water where everyone has been racing. On Thursday, August 6th, there will be a banquet at Maxwelton Braes during which FSSA will hold its annual meeting and present several awards. All club members are invited to all of the dinners and are encouraged to come and introduce themselves to sailors and race officials. Menus for all of the dinners are posted on under “Meals and Menus”. You need to make reservations in advance, because tickets will not be available at the door due to the need for advance planning. Reservations can be made using the form included in this issue of the Eagle’s Cry or you can download it from the website by going to and clicking on “Commodore’s Cocktail Party and Dinners”. Reservation forms and checks must be dropped off at EYC or mailed to Sue Volkmann by Friday, July 19th. Requests after the deadline are subject to availability and may have an additional fee. For late requests or questions, contact Sue, Summer phone: 920-854-2762. A big thank you goes to Sue Volkmann and her committee for working a year in advance to get all the meal venues lined up.

service between the launch areas (EYC and the public launch ramp) and remote parking locations. The shuttle service will be provided Monday through Friday during the morning when the sailors are trying to get out to the race course and in the afternoon when they are coming back in. Please help EYC put its best foot forward and help things go smoothly by volunteering your time and car. If you can help out part of the time or all of the time, please contact Don Nelson at, Winter phone: 517-263-5192, Summer phone: 920-854-7248, Cell phone: 517-605-6750. Photographers & Historians Wanted – It’s always fun to look at pictures and relive an event or see the things you missed, but that is only possible if they were captured in the first place. While may people will be taking pictures at random, we are looking for several people who will commit to photographing specific activities such as: 1) Race Committee Prep, 2) Arrivals, 3) Measuring, 3) Registration, 5) Commodore’s Cocktail Party/Welcome Party & Trophy Presentations, 6) Breakfast/Lunch PickUp, 7) Skipper’s Meeting, 8) Launching at the pubic ramp and EYC, 9) Hospitality, 10) Merchandise Sales, 11) Brat, Burger & Corn Roast & Trophy Presentations, 12) Pig Roast & Trophy Presentations, 13) FSSA Annual Meeting & Awards Banquet, 14) NAC Trophy Presentations, and 15) Other. A professional photographer will be getting close-up shots of the racers on the water, but we are also looking for someone to take terrific overhead photos of the racing from Peninsula State Park. That’s a view that you cannot get anywhere else! We would also like someone to assemble and organize all of the photos and memorabilia in a book, scrapbook or CD which will be made available to club members. If you are willing to lead this effort, please contact Carol Claypool,, Home Phone: 336-985-5599, Cell Phone: 336-306-4898. Please help all of us enjoy this special occasion more by stepping forward and volunteering to capture all of the many activities that will be happening. EYC Ambassadors - One of the expectations of racers is not only to have a good time racing but to have a good time off the water. Please remember that most of the visiting racers have never been to Ephraim and don’t know that there isn’t a grocery store, liquor store, Walmart or fast food around every corner. Please put yourself in our visitors’ shoes and think about what you would expect if you were going somewhere for the first time. Therefore, we are asking everyone to be an EYC ambassador and welcome every racer, crew and family member when they arrive plus assist them throughout the week. Marsella Fults, Hospitality Chair, is putting together helpful tips and answers to frequently asked questions that will be included in the registration packets. However, there's nothing like having a whole yacht club

Drivers and Cars Needed – Most other yacht clubs have a substantial parking lot, but we don’t. Limited parking in Ephraim could make logistics difficult for our guests, so we have made plans to assist with parking to minimize congestion. To help our visitors, we will provide a shuttle

Eagle’s Cry – May 2009

open its arms, look excited that people have traveled 1,500 miles to come to your yacht club, and provide onthe-spot help and directions whenever needed. Since this is the last Eagle's Cry before the event, we will be providing everyone with periodic updates by e-mail and on the website Plan to volunteer for one or more committees. It's a great way to get to know your fellow club members as well as meet some terrific racers in the Flying Scot class. * * * * DEADLINES TO REMEMBER * * * * * June 5 Orders for Bow Bag and Transom Port Kits EYC Club Boat Lotteries for NAC, Junior and Women’s Championships Bow Bag and Transom Port Help Session at EYC NAC Skippers - FSSA Membership NAC Competitors - Early Registration for NAC Junior and Women’s Championships Early Registration for NAC Meal Reservations – EYC Members/Non-Racers Junior & Women’s Championships – 5 Boats Minimum Registered Junior & Women’s Championships Late Registration, FSSA Membership, Measuring Compliance NAC Competitors Measuring Compliance, Late Registration and Meal Reservations

June 15* June 20

FS NAC ’09 Housing Request
We’re still in need of housing for some of our visiting sailors, judges and other dignitaries during NAC week. If you would be able to provide housing for this week in August, please contact George or Linda Carey via email and let us know what accommodations you are able to offer. Please contact us at or

July 1* July 7** July 7**

Come on Board for NACs!

July 17** July 18*

The Weights and Measures Committee seeking fun, sailing oriented volunteers and great sail enthusiasts! As a One-Design class boat, all FS boats must meet the specifications of the FS class to participating in the NACs. The weights and measures committee has the "weighty" role of making sure all boats meet these specifications. All club boats must be weighed, safety checked and sails measured. All other boats are assigned to one of any of these three specification checks. The W & M committee requests your help and invites you to have fun too. We need people to help staff the various "checkpoints" of this weights and measures process. Training will be provided, experience is not necessary. This is a great way to meet many terrific sailors and to get a look at some smooth sailing boats -- up close and personal! Of note, your volunteer obligations will be competed before the races begin! All club and local boats will be checked in the weekend of the EYC regatta, and if

August 2, 11:00 am* August 2, 5:00 pm*

*Information must be RECEIVED by this date. **Information must be POSTMARKED by this date


Eagle’s Cry – May 2009

necessary, during the week between the regatta and the NACs. Other boats will be checked in on Saturday and Sunday prior to the NACS, August 1 & 2. You need not be available the whole time. So, calling All Hands On Deck! Please let Donna Scattergood, Chair of the NAC 2009 Weights and Measures Committee, know ASAP if you are interested in being part of this committee. We could sure use your help. You can reach her at

Anchors Weights for marks Lines for marks VHF radios “Family”/short distance available at Wal- Mart) radios (inexpensive ones

Cranes: Need two. One two lift and weigh boats. The other to launch boats – possibly at Anderson’s Dock. Do we still need two cranes? Portable launch ramps Launch Vehicles, i.e., Modified golf carts with hitches, ATV’s or cars with hitches. Gas for boats Stick-on Bow Numbers: 2 sets per boat Streamers and safety pins to be attached to mainsail clues. Office supplies and equipment: printer, copier, lots of paper, pens, pencils, erasers, staplers, clipboards, labels/stickers.

FS NAC Sponsorships

Registration bags or folders. Parking Shuttle “services” Audio Visual Equipment: Microphone, speakers, podium, speaker’s platform. Beer, wine & water bottles. Breakfast and lunch items: Chips, cookies, sandwiches, muffins, pastries, coffee, juice, etc. Tents, tables and chairs. Trophies

We are still looking for donations of goods, services and financial contributions to make the Flying Scot NAC’s at the EYC one of the best in recent memory. If you wish to be a sponsor of the 2009 FSNA Championships, we welcome you! If you would like to highlight your business or simply represent your family as a supporter of the championships, please contact Scott Pearson at 630-677-6385 or Deb Ritter at 630-918-4476 or If you happen to know someone or a business that might be able to provide any of the items listed below, we would also appreciate any leads you can provide! We are looking for the following items:

Thank you gifts for officials and volunteers. Giveaways for racers “Freebies” for all competitors who register.

Signal Flags: A, B, C, H, I, L, M, N, P, R, S, V, X, Y, Z, General Recall, AP, RC flag, blue, orange (Extras are needed for some letters) Racing Marks: One “set” of yellow 5 ft. marks (cylinders), Alternate set of 5 ft. orange marks (tetrahedrons), Offset marks & Start/Finish marks

Giveaway/raffle items for sailors and non-sailors Cash donations 6

Eagle’s Cry – May 2009

The 2009 Flying Scot Midwinter Championships

The Flying Scot Midwinter Championships were held at St. Petersburg Yacht Club ("SPYC") March 23-27, 2009. SPYC is known for its race management and had just completed the 62nd St. Petersburg Winter Lightning Championship the day before. Lightning racers who stayed over to compete in the F/S Midwinters were Allan (North Sails) and Katie Terhune (who won the Lightning Winter Circuit), Jeff (US Sailing's 2007 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year) and Amy Smith Linton, Brian Hayes (North Sails), and Josh Goldman. The Midwinters always has a very competitive fleet with typically very breezy conditions. Many sailors who normally sail two up often bring down a third crew. Racers can opt to compete in either the Championship or Challenger Divisions. One of the great things about the Midwinters, besides the competition, is the "Top Gun" classes that are conducted to help all the sailors improve their racing. The Scot class does a great job of encouraging newcomers to become involved in racing. Class rules provide that, once you win the Challenger Division, you must sail in the Championship Division. Greg Fisher of North Sails has run the Top Gun classes the past two years. The sessions normally start at 9:00 a.m. in the morning and conclude at 9:45 a.m. so that boats can make the 1100 warning signal. Greg typically assembles a panel including sail makers, past winners, and Harry Carpenter, the Flying Scot builder, to teach classes on tuning, sailing your boat for the conditions, and tactics. This year, Brian Hayes of North Sails started off with an orientation on the St. Petersburg sailing area, wind conditions, tides, currents, and general weather expectations for the week. Speakers for tuning and tactics included Eduardo Cordero, World Sunfish Champion, Jeff Linton, Lightning World Champion and Flying Scot North American Champion, Ryan Malmgren of Mad Sails, and Allen Terhune of North Sails. Once on the water, Greg took video of the racing as well as capturing tacking maneuvers and sail trim for later instruction. After racing, the competitors reassembled at SPYC each day for the afternoon Top Gun Session with beer provided by Coral Reef Sailing Apparel and others. Greg showed video and those skippers who did well in each of the day's races shared their strategies with the fleet. This year, eight races were scheduled over four days. On the first two days, the first race was postponed because of

heavy winds; however, the Race Committee was able to complete two races on each of the first three days. (Everyone got experience sailing in heavy chop.) The end of day three provided perfect planing conditions and the whole fleet of Scots was riding above the water as they planed back into the harbor. Day four started out with 1012 knot breezes, but the winds started building. After the second leg of a five leg race, the winds hit a very challenging 27 knots with gusts to 30 -- and 3-4 foot seas. Class rules require that racing be cancelled or courses shortened with winds consistently above 20 knots. The Championship Division sailed all five legs as the wind further freshened on their last leg and the Challenger Division was fortunate to have the course shortened after four legs, with some very wild, no-spinnaker, down-wind planing. The Race Committee cancelled the last race, told everyone to head in, and later complimented everyone on their seamanship; no one capsized and no sails were damaged.

Nancy Claypool with crew, Larry Taggart Ryan Malmgren (OCS-3-2-12-4-7-9) with crew, Carrie Carpenter, raced extremely well in the Championship Division. Unfortunately, with no throw out races, his OCS put him out of contention for a trophy. Also, Ryan and Carrie worked extremely hard against the boats with three on board that were able to creep up on them in the races with the heaviest winds. Nancy Claypool (2-2-1-31-3-1) with crew, Larry Taggart (Flying Scot Gulf District Governor from SYC), were in second place by two points after six races and pulled off a first in race seven to win the Challenger Division. They, too, hung in there in the windy/survival conditions. Nancy was happy when it was all over and Larry was tired! Off the water, on Wednesday evening, Nancy (with assistance from Ryan) gave the PowerPoint presentation on EYC that Carol Claypool had given at the 2008 NACs in Toms River, New Jersey telling everyone about Ephraim. This PowerPoint, our 2009 NAC promotional

Eagle’s Cry – May 2009

presentation, is available on the EYC website so that everyone can see what has been shown to Scot sailors. This was compiled last summer as a joint effort with significant contribution from Jay Lott. Also, thanks again to Ruth Sauter for putting together Door County Visitors Bureau packets. These were handed out to all interested Midwinter participants who had not received a packed at Tom's River to encourage them to come to Ephraim.

What EYC Means to Me

It has been over 20 years now since I worked my last summer at EYC. From 1984 through 1986, I spent my college summers working as an EYC assistant director with Stephen Sauter under Brian Chase. In 1987, I became Director, working with David Sauter and Andrew Reynolds (see Picture 2). Those four summers were a pivotal time in my life. However, my story about EYC is different from many. We moved a lot when I was young. In fact, I didn’t attend the same school two years in a row until the eighth grade. Each summer, the family would spend a couple days driving up to Wisconsin to spend a few weeks in our cabin. With all the moving, Door County and my family were the constants in my life. In Door County, I learned to sail from my great uncle, Bill Wilson. Each week for the Flying Scot races we would sail down to EYC from our cottages in Little Sister Bay and sail right back home. I did the same for Sunfish races. I was a very shy kid, so the only reason I’d place a foot on the dock was to use the restroom (and most times I found a way to avoid that too)! When I graduated from high school I really didn’t know anyone at EYC, yet I had raced there every summer since I was eight or so. Until I began working at EYC, Door County was a special place for me. EYC provided something else. It made Door County special also for its people. It has provided me with life-long friendships that mean a tremendous amount to me.

I owe a lot to Dr. Guy Bush, the Commodore in 1984, for taking a chance and hiring me as an Assistant Director the summer after my high school graduation. I spent the next four summers developing critical social and leadership skills that needed some refining. My senior year I was elected President of my College. I’m convinced EYC helped me to earn that position. I truly believe the EYC membership has an abnormally high number of outstanding individuals. In particular, there were so many great adult male role models that I interacted with during those four years. Today I still try to emulate them, along with my dad, as I work to be a good husband, father, employee and citizen. As a chemical engineering student at Rice University, most of my colleagues spent their summers working in the refineries and chemical plants along the Gulf Coast. My resume was a bit different with four summers teaching sailing at a remote club in Wisconsin. During my junior year in college, Exxon asked me to interview for a summer job. I declined, but my professor insisted that I go speak with them. At the interview, I explained to the recruiter that it was absolutely critical that I return to the yacht club for a fourth summer to become Director. This woman hired me the following year when I graduated and for years, used me as an example on the powers of persuasion. I actually convinced her it was better for me to go back to the yacht club for a fourth year instead of working in their chemical plant my final summer in college. The thing is, I was right! I spent the first ten years of my career with ExxonMobil working in their Houston research facility. I refined my technical skills there. It wasn’t the best place to refine my social and leadership skills. But because of my years at EYC, I really had a hand up on my office peers. Today I manage the company’s operations in eastern Canada, and I use the leadership and social skills gained at EYC far more than my technical skills. Since graduating from college, I have continued to move a lot. I have lived around the globe in Texas, Malaysia, Great Britain, Norway, Calgary, Wyoming, and now Newfoundland. During these past 20 years, I have only missed one summer visiting Door County and EYC. The trips are often shorter than I would like, but they are ALWAYS special. Door County and EYC are very special places. My current home, Newfoundland, is a fascinating place. A picture book we own about the Canadian Province is entitled “This Marvelous, Terrible Place.” The hardships Newfoundlanders have endured over the centuries rival any place on earth. When I speak with friends my own age here about their childhood, I hear stories that sound

Summer 1986: Ed Graham, Brian Chase & Stephen Sauter


Eagle’s Cry – May 2009

like what my parents’ generation experienced during the depression. However, they have something special here that many would covet if they could experience it. Most Newfoundlanders come from small fishing villages of less than 200 people. They have an extremely positive outlook on life and have strong family bonds. The hardships of Newfoundland have driven many away to find work over the generations. Some don’t come back, but most do when and if they can. It is obvious that most of those who are away crave the day they can come back home Many of these villages have a party every ten years. Newfoundlanders call it the “Come Home Year.” It is a week of extended family reunions and reconnecting with lifelong friends. People come from all over the world to be there. I listen to them tell their Come Home Year stories and I think about my Door County and my annual visits. Newfoundlanders call their island ‘The Rock.’ The island is mostly rock, but I have a sense that the term is a bit endearing and is a symbol for them. Despite the hardships of life, despite the travels to far off lands for work, Newfoundland is their foundation, their rock, their home. Door County and EYC are my foundation, my rock, my home.

First Mate volunteers. I know many of you are already working on projects and functions for that week and I want to say, “thank you for all the work you have already accomplished.” Since our regular annual events are still happening as well, we need all hands on deck to fill our volunteer positions. Our First Mates Meetings this summer are scheduled for: Monday, June 15 @ 9:30am at the club Monday, July 6 @ 9:30am at the club If you are unable to attend either or both of the meetings and you wish to help out, please send me an email at and I will get in touch with you. Also, we are still looking for someone to Chair the Opening Social, which is on Saturday, June 27 from 6-8pm. This is not a difficult job and Prilla Beadell has offered to help with the handing off of the responsibilities. This event can have co-chairs. Ladies once again, thank you for all your help in the past. This has contributed greatly to the success of the club. Here's to making 2009 the most successful summer ever.

Bow Bag and Transom Installation Party!


When: Afternoon of June 20th, following the Fyr Ball Regatta. Where: EYC Dock What: Rolling up sleeves and helping each other install Bow bags and 4” transom port holes! (Some experienced folks will be on hand to assist those in need of help.) Who: Anybody who wants to participate legally in any Flying Scot Sailing event governed by the US Sailing rules (i.e., not just the North Americans). That’s right…the new US Sailing rules require one design sailors to follow the mandates and changes within their given class…and it’s about time! Why: To have a much safer and more easily rescued boat in event of capsize! Check in with Christian Pillat for more information.

Summer 1987: Steve Graham (future director), Andrew Reynolds, Guy Bush (future director), Ed Graham & David Sauter

Calling All First Mates: All Hands On Deck!

The summer of 2009 is a very exciting time for the EYC. We are hosting the North American Flying Scots Championship and this is quite an honor. The board of the North American Flying Scots saw that our wonderful club has the capability to host this important event. Much of our success will have a lot to do with our wonderful


Eagle’s Cry – May 2009

Season Series Racing

Ephraim Regatta – July 25th

The EYC has a strong tradition of sailboat racing, which is reflected in our busy schedule of races for three different classes during our short summer. Racing is by far the fastest way to learn to sail and to become a better sailor. All EYC members are encouraged to race in the class which is right for you, as skipper or crew. Even if you do not own a boat, the EYC has boats you can use free of charge (EYC-issued skipper's license required for Flying Scot use). Last year we purchased three new sets of Flying Scot Sails and this year we purchased another three sets, which means all club-owned Flying Scots are equipped with high quality racing sails. The 2009 racing schedule will be similar to the 2008 schedule. The weekly Flying Scot, Flying Junior and Optimist races will be on the same days and at the same times as last year -- Flying Scots on Saturday mornings and Monday evenings, Flying Juniors on Sunday afternoons and Thursday evenings, and Optimists on Saturday afternoons and Tuesday evenings. Please note there will be no series races the week of August 1-7, because of the NAC. This year we will upgrade our series racing with enhanced training for staff in running races, written sailing instructions for all races series, and timely calculation and posting of series scoring both at the EYC and online. We will also award some cool season series trophies in addition to individual race winner cocktail glasses. See the EYC calendar for detailed information on series race dates and times. For questions on series racing, or if you want to get involved as a skipper or crew, contact Race Chair Jay Lott. As always, safety first!

"There will always be an Ephraim Regatta," but this year's Regatta will be earlier and shorter than usual. Because of the demands of hosting the NAC and to make life easier for our member volunteers, this year's Ephraim Regatta will be only three races. Weather permitting, we will hold up to three races on Saturday, July 25. In the unlikely event that weather prevents any races from being completed on Saturday, we will run races on Sunday, July 26 instead. Steve Sauter has volunteered to run the race committee this year, so we are looking forward to fast and efficient race committee work. The other parts of the Regatta which you love -- the Regatta Welcome Party, and the Bratfest hosted by the Kleins -- will be held as usual on the evenings of Friday July 24 and Saturday July 25. EYC members who will race in the NAC are strongly urged to measure their boats on Sunday, July 26. Measurement on July 26th will be at the EYC. Measurement on August 1 and 2 will be at Gibraltar High School which will require dismantling and trailering your boat to measure it. Reminder: To make room for our NAC guests, if your Flying Scot will not be raced in the NAC, it must be removed from the EYC premises no later than the evening of Friday, July 31. You can bring it back beginning on the evening of Friday, August 7. 10

Eagle’s Cry – May 2009

Regatta Welcome Party - July 24th

Hailing Windy Women of All Ages… 2009 Women’s Regatta!

The third annual Regatta Welcome Party will be Friday, July 24 at 6:00 p.m. at Jay Lott's house. As in past years, this casual party will feature music, volleyball, beer, and a variety of gourmet delights including grilled duck, grilled pheasant, a variety of appetizers, smoked salmon, goose liver pate, deep fried walleye, turkey fingers, salad and more! At $12 ($6 for kids), this event is a bargain. All EYC members are invited and encouraged to attend, no RSVP necessary. Stop by and socialize with fellow members and racers from out of town. A personal note from Jay Lott -- thanks again to all who helped out with last year's Regatta Welcome Party, including Mike Faugust, Jennifer Ikeda, Tim, Marsella and Haley Fults, Linda Franczyk, Liz Gheorghita, Elfi Johnson, David Lott, Peggy Lott, Tom and Sue Murray, Chuck and Ellie Pearson, Scott and Duska Pearson, Julian Slagter, Alex Zalar, and anyone else who helped and who I have inadvertently left off this list. Volunteers are needed again for this year's Regatta Welcome Party. As in past years, we need greeters, beer monitors and chefs' helpers. Volunteer for a one-hour slot and get a free dinner! Contact Jay Lott if you want to volunteer.

Plan to participate on a boat or the dock in the annual EYC Ladies Regatta. You need not have a boat to participate as we have a growing number of skippers needing crew and vice versa. We will also have club boats available. Check the EYC website for more details about skipper, crew and refreshments opportunities!

Sailing Education

One of our core values at EYC is to provide opportunity to all who are interested to learn to sail. We have, once again, a great staff on board this year who would very much like to get you and/or your children out in a boat to experience the joys of sailing! Group and private lessons are offered. Sign up through the link on the EYC website. Note that the later sessions, especially, fill quickly so sign up soon. Also, note that our lessons start one week earlier this year to allow for the lesson hiatus during the North American Championships week. Questions? Check out the website first, then contact either Christian Pillat (Club Director), Donna Scattergood or David Sauter. See you on the dock!

Fyr Bal, Womens, Optimist & Rich Hall Junior (FJ) Regattas

The EYC runs several other annual regattas in addition to the Ephraim Regatta. These are a lot of fun, so mark your calendar: Fyr Bal Regatta (Flying Scots) morning of Saturday June 20; Optimist Regatta afternoon of Saturday July 11; Rich Hall Junior Regatta afternoon of Saturday July 19; and Ladies' Regatta afternoon of Wednesday July 22. Note that, for the first time, the Rich Hall Junior Regatta will be raced in Flying Juniors and not in Flying Scots.

2009 Youth Activities
As another season approaches, we want to make sure that all of our members and families are aware of our Youth Activities. Please don’t be shy. These events are open to all members and families -- you don’t have to be actively involved in the sailing program to participate! Liz Gheorghita is coordinating the Youth Activities and it’s going to be a really fun summer! Explorers is intended for children who have not completed first grade and therefore are not old enough to participate in the sailing program. These children must be

Eagle’s Cry – May 2009

accompanied by a parent or guardian. Older children not in sailing are always welcome at Explorers. Duska Pearson is in charge of the Explorers which will meet Monday mornings starting on June 29 at 9:30 except when there are First Mate coffees. Duska is planning some wonderful activities such as sand-castle building, bubble day and pizza making! For more information, contact Duska at (630) 975-4942 or (920) 854-9988. Junior events are for children/pre-teens and young teens who have completed first grade and have not completed ninth grade yet. Laura O’Rourke is running the Junior events this year and has some very fun plans such as game nights at the clubhouse/dock, AFT night, a Barn Dance, a Pool Party, and Red-Putter Golf Night! Junior events will be held each Wednesday evening at 5:00 beginning on June 17. The final Junior event will be on July 29. For more information, contact Laura at: (312) 953-8320 or email: Teens is intended for teens who have completed the ninth grade. Liz Gheorghita has some terrific events in store including evenings at Fred & Fuzzy’s ,volleyball, and game and pizza nights at EYC. For more information, contact Liz at (920) 854-9602 or her cell: (816) 797-1261. All information concerning Youth Activities will be posted at the club and coordinated by the EYC Staff so be sure to check at the clubhouse throughout the summer for sign-ups and updates.

generously over the past few years, and we are grateful. We need to raise an additional $2,400 to make the purchase. We hope to have the bleachers in place this summer, as early in the season as possible. We ask that you consider making a contribution to this effort. We will not be able to order the bleachers until we have the funds or pledges in hand. Gifts of any size are greatly appreciated. If you are willing to contribute, please either fill out the form that was included in the recent Directory mailing or submit a Credit Card pledge at

BUNCO is Back

Bunco will begin on Monday evening, June 22 at 7:00. We will meet every Monday at 7:00 and begin playing around 7:30. It is a fun social game and no skill is required! We won’t play during the week of Nationals but we can go into August if people are interested. It is BYOB; snacks are provided by the evening’s hostesses. Everyone contributes $10 to the pot which goes entirely toward prizes for that evening’s winners. We have wonderful prizes: the winner receives a gift certificate to a local fine dining establishment and most buncos win a gift certificate for EYC Wear. We also have small baby bunco prizes. Last year was the first year we did Bunco and everyone had a great time. It brought together all ages of women who might not otherwise meet. We have weekly sign-up sheets posted at the club. Guests are always welcome! The more the merrier! We will be looking for hostesses as the season begins. For more information, contact Laura O’Rourke at (312) 953-8320 or, Sara Latreille at (847) 702-3618 or, or Nancy Konecny at (920) 621-2982 or

Bleachers Fund Appeal

The board approved the bleacher committee’s recommendation at its recent meeting. The board was able to allocate 50% of the replacement cost, and is hopeful an appeal to members will fund the remaining 50%. We know many have given 12

Eagle’s Cry – May 2009

Correction: 103rd Ephraim Regatta Results
In the last edition of the Eagle’s Cry, the winner of the the Peder Knudson Trophy for the highest ranking boat with a wife/husband team was misreported. The actual winners were Mike and Jennifer Faugust. We regret the error. Congratulations to the Faugusts!

EYC Online

We continue to send out and post announcements on the Dockside Blog and in Email and will continue to do so throughout the season. If you have an event or announcement that should go out to the membership, please submit it to The EYC is also Twittering, Facebooking, LinkedIn and elsewhere on the Net. Go to these places to learn more:

Donations to the Club
In these uncertain economic times, the EYC has been very fortunate with a three major donations that enhance sailing opportunities and improve the level of safety on the water for all of our members. With deep appreciation, we announce donations from George and Linda Carey of their Flying Scot, from Quinn and Suzanne Brennan of a Laser and from Andy and Allison Huey of their 2007 13’ Boston Whaler. We are still in search of the following equipment as either donations or for purchase if the price is right. We are only looking for equipment that is in good repair. -Flying Scots -Lasers (hulls & rigs) -Optimist Prams (hulls & rigs) -Safety Power Boats -Shore Stations -Newer Vest Style Life Jackets -Extra Lines for Boats and for tie downs, bowlines If you have any equipment you wish to donate or sell, please contact David Sauter, Commodore, at (920) 2175851.

We are sorry to report that Gunvor Nielsen, a longtime member and avid bridge player passed away this past January. The EYC extends our condolences to her family and she will be missed this summer at the club. We also recently learned of the passing of Bill Skatrud. Our prayers are with Mary, his wife and their children, Anne (former Instructor) and Robert. We will miss you Bill!

Memorial Gifts & Tributes
Thank you for all the Memorials and Tributes that have helped support the club this year and last. Please remember to keep the EYC in mind.


Eagle’s Cry – May 2009

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Eagle’s Cry – May 2009


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