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Case 730492


I would like to take the opportunity to tell what happened to me financially, and the 3 years of anguish, research which I went through to finally get this story in a form anyone could understand. In October 2006 on a cruise, I noticed a few charges that were not accurate. I disputed them and they were removed. Prior to the 10/06 cruise, I took out a Home Equity Loan at Bank of America to pay all bills off since my daughter was beginning college and I didn’t want the burden of bills at that interest rate. I knew when I took the loan out, I was going to be able to pay it back within 3 to 4 months due to a wrongful termination lawsuit I had won. What I was able to uncover about my finances is absolutely unreal. It was unreal initially when no detective even bothered to investigate this case and then to see every penny I had to my name disappear was a horrendous situation. Since March 2007, I have worked on this non stop while selling my belongings on EBay to try and pay my bills. I found out that the FTC’s website, which gives you tons of information regarding Identity Theft and credit card fraud does nothing at all. They did send my case to the Bureau of Consumer Protection but because Madalyn Dakour couldn’t identify the individual, they couldn’t press charges. I contacted the Comptroller of the Currency the first time in November 2006. I provided them with a lot of supporting documentation and since it was the time when MBNA merged with Bank of America, their online bill pay was not working properly. Bank of America did credit me overdraft fees, however, there never should have been one bounced check because I would always make sure I had available funds in my account. On Feb. 22, 2007 I received a letter from Amanda Adams, the assistant to the CEO of Bank of America, that she was going to change my overdraft protection to the HELOC I had taken out in July 2006. I immediately wrote to her and said I did not want that, I had plenty of available credit with Bank of America, and I was not going to use a secure loan to be my ODP. In the beginning of November 2006, my credit cards with Bank of America, Citibank, Amex,, etc went from zero balances to charges of $18,000.00. Of course, each card

was hit for different amounts depending on available credit, but with Bank of America, I had over $78,000.00 in available credit on credit cards. I contacted the Comptroller of the Currency again and received a letter from Ms. Adams with such inaccurate information, I was shocked. If the OCC is supposed to protect citizens from fraudulent actions with a bank, they don’t. In addition, when the FTC or the OCC wants to know what National Banks feel about an issue, who do they ask? The bank. I firmly feel that no governmental agency should ask the legal department of a bank anything. That is nepotism running wild. I received a secure email about an account from Bank of America in Feb.2007 indicating I could be a victim of Identity Theft. On this account they referred to, there were 3 or 4 balance transfer checks initiated from a computer or via phone. The fraud affidavit I gave Bank of America clearly states, “any transactions on or after March 14, 2007 are not mine” I signed it, provided an ID Theft report and police report. Those balance checks were dated March 14, 2007 and clearly not signed by me. In addition, if I ever do a transfer check, I write it out, deposit it into another bank to pay bills. This saves on fees. I requested copies of the checks and I only received 2, one to Citadel FCU and the other to WFFNB. In my correspondence with Amanda Adams, she said that no transfer check went to Advanta Bank and I had proof that Advanta Bank was the bank that was paid. I will address her letter to me on December 21, 2007. She indicates they did a thorough review of all the fraud claims which is so unreal considering I investigated the entire debacle much better than her. She indicated to me I had a card ending in 4801 and I reported 235.96 in fraud transactions. There were two fraudulent transactions to Jewelry Television which I sent back because when I initially called them, they said they would pick them up as a courtesy. I didn’t have the time to sit at home waiting for FedEx to pick them up, I had a UPS account so I sent them back myself. That does not mean I purchased them. I realize now that Jewelry TV and Bank of America thought I had. They then changed the number of the card to 0220. This was an old MBNA card which I paid off and was never going to use again but this crap about not closing your accounts because it hurts your score is stupid and what ultimately hurt me. She then says I made an online request to process 3 transfer checks to other creditors. She continues and says $1405.00 to Citadel FCU, $461.27 to WFFNB and $1000.00 to Shop NBC which is a fraudulent card altogether. Why would I pay on an old MBNA card, locked up in my home? I called Shop NBC and they had no record of me. Consequently, they did give me 3 account numbers and things were sent to my home in triplicate which I promptly sent back and called them. She then says $2000.00 was requested by me to be deposited into my checking account. I had filed a fraud claim on this card effective March 14, 2007 so how could they say I initiated a deposit into my checking account? She says in the letter that on May 8, 2007 I contacted the bank and told them those transactions were fraudulent. Of course I did, due to the fact they paid another check, isn’t that what you are supposed to do? I filed another fraud claim because it was obvious the first was ignored. Bank of America changed the last 4 numbers to 1978. She indicated that all the transfers were all processed to accounts that were listed in my name and address. Wrong, Shop NBC was opened fraudulently and it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see that if you pay money into an account with a zero balance, you can call and request a balance refund check. In addition, the first 3 balance transfer checks were

initiated on 3/14/07 but not cashed until April 9th, 2007. Regarding the $2000.00 transfer into my B of A checking, she said the funds did go in the account but I did not want any check from FIA card services to go into my checking. Ms. Adams assumed the accounts were ‘owned’ by me, but they were not. Shop NBC was opened by someone else, not me. Citadel was mine and I wouldn’t have paid them with MBNA, and I don’t know who WFFNB was. She indicates that if balance transfer checks go into accounts that one owns, then you benefit. I didn’t benefit at all. In the meantime, once a week, I was getting jewelry at my home from Jewelry Television. I called them again, and it was the same, “as a one time courtesy, we will pick the box up.” I knew by then that something was wrong, so I decided on my dime, to send every piece I received, back to the company. Does a thief send over 150,000.00 in jewelry back to the company? In April 2007, I drove to Knoxville, TN and met with Lisa Tennant. I brought $14,000.00 worth of jewelry I had received the week prior. We both agreed that nothing was to be sent from them to me and she manually did a database for me with every item ordered (not by me), the amount, and the last 4 of the credit card it went on. Several weeks later I get an email from their legal department that they had proof I ordered all that crap so I was responsible for restock and items I never knew of. He went on to say that he had customer service verify every transaction and it came from my cell phone, home phone or personal computer. I began to look into my cell phone history only to learn that 5 additional lines were added to my family plan. I also found out that anyone can use your home number by keying in *97, imputing the number they want to use and it looks as if it came from my phone. As far as my computer, there were auctioned items on one database which was something I didn’t even know about. I found out recently that key logger virus was on my computer giving the person who wants to know anything you type access to every keystroke. Even if I had purchased anything from JTV, it was obvious that it was sent back but the amount that was ordered that I was able to catch went back to the company within their rules of 30 days to return. Here I am, spending over $1000.00 in UPS charges to get the stuff back, insured because I didn’t trust anyone at that point. Bank of America, in their ‘notes’ said I opened the packages. That is correct because I had no idea how much to insure it for if I didn’t know what it was. I honestly thought that by sending this stuff back, it would be a wash, but it wasn’t and that is when I called the bank for help. My finances were so convoluted that I couldn’t figure it out. Bank of America said they gave me a provisional credit, which they never did. The credit came from my sending all that stuff back. What does Bank of America do? They rebill me for provisional credits I never received. By this time I had 14 Bank of America numbers and in the letter from Amanda Adams, she had the nerve to say the cards were lost/stolen. If they were lost stolen, then why did the bank roll the fraud balance onto the new cards? I know that MasterCard and Visa say you are not responsible for anything except $50.00. Well I can only say Bank of America does not follow the rules because they continued to charge me for items I sent back because THAT was the right thing to do. Frankly, they didn’t investigate anything. And they ruined me financially and I my company, which I owned for 22 years was dead. On account ending initially in 4801, it was changed to 0220, then 1978 and the

last one was 6650. I have several credit reports, one from 2005 with no negatives, and the current one, 54 pages long that has all credit cards owing money. I contacted the bureaus, put a 7 year fraud alert on all 3 of them and the 7 year fraud alert seems to do nothing. I had banks call and tell me to pay and when this is resolved, I would get my money back. I had other creditors who told me by my paying on fraud I assumed the debt. It must change, either pay on fraud and run out of money but retain your score, or not allow any creditor tell me by my paying on fraud, I assume the debt. The credit bureaus are private so they can do whatever they want. In my situation, my credit would tank no matter what. I disputed and they went to the person who reported me as late, and that person is going to stick up for what he or she said. I couldn’t win no matter what I did. I was honest and returned what I never ordered and was financially impacted. My car insurance went up, applying for a good paying job was impossible. Since my driver’s license was used and I wasn’t informed, my auto insurance was cancelled. When I found out, I got it reinstated immediately however Pen Dot took so long, I was without insurance for 34 days, 4 days longer than allowed. Now they want my tags to serve that suspension when the whole thing was not my doing. I call the Department of Motor Vehicles, and they tell me to write a letter so legally, I can’t drive. The ironic thing is that on my homeowner’s policy I paid for ID Theft protection and when I reported it, I was told I know more than the person who was to handle it. If they don’t honor my insurance (car) and something happens, the insurance commission better fix this debacle. I should stay home for 3 months for something I never did. That is crazy and probably illegal since I informed the Postal Inspector that my mail was impacted. How can you take action when you are unaware of Geico cancelling my auto policy. If they were cancelling my insurance for a suspension that I didn’t do, they have to make sure I receive information via proof of receipt of mail. In Amanda Adams letter, she clearly states that on account ending in 1978 was not found fraudulent and the bank changed the number again and the balance and all fees were reapplied to the account. Long story short, I never received any provisional credits so I was double billed since she said the balance was reapplied. It was never taken off. She consistently says I called and said the amounts were fraud and her last statement on this account, she says the account would remain denied however they did find an error in my favor of $181.04. The following month they recharged the $181.04. How can they get away with this? She also said that due to the time frames involved, fees from 9/2007-12/2007. She said she would adjust also said she would cease the Over limit fees while feeling is this, don’t bother, none of that balance they would credit the late the APR back to 9.99%. She I pay down the balance. My is legitimate.

When I couldn’t get anywhere with the bank, I opted for Credit Protection on May 9, 2007. I filled in all relevant paperwork mid June 2007 yet they didn’t pay the monthly minimum until January 2008. They began to pay in January however the amounts they were paying on were incorrect since they had charged me late and over limit fees when I stopped paying. I refused to pay on fraud. Credit Protection was to cover the card and not charge the monthly fee however they did charge the fee. By charging the fee and paying the incorrect minimum, my statement looked like this; Credit Protection charge 80.00 and payment 100.00 (approx.) The protection was worthless and I found out that Bank of America funded it. On June 11, 2007 they reduced my available credit to $14,000.00 so I was

immediately over the limit and incurred late fees. The reason why was I was judged on my most recent payment history which indicated I was NOT going to pay on fraud. In addition, she states I asked to re-open the account which is an out an out lie. I would never do business with Bank of America again. Where the request came from I don’t know, but it was not from me. On August 22, 2007 they decided to close the account to further charging privileges. I did receive that letter and I never received that card ending in 6650 or 1978. The last card I had was the one ending in 0220. She goes on to say that the original account number ending in 7631 was reviewed for possible fraud. That card number was a different card and had nothing to do with 4801,0220,1978,6650. It was an old MBNA card, paid in full and how it got in bed with 4801, I don’t know. She said that the bank put a hold on that number on 1/8/07. That is interesting because there was no hold and I did report that card with a fraud affidavit when I did the other affidavits in Feb. 2007. I had a ton of fraud charges on that number too, which is on the database and they changed 7631 to 1659. However they rolled the fraud amount onto the new number again. It was well within the 60 day limit especially on the 7631 number and also the 1659 number. She said that at that time the bank tried to go over all the fraud, but she said I said I was feeling ill. Another lie, every investigator I spoke to got angry because of the amount of transactions. I begged and begged to go over all the cards, and I was hung up on consistently. That is why I had Jewelry TV do the database manually in April. She said I told fraud the only fraud transaction was western union for $981.00. I never did business with western union, never saw that charge and told the investigator in February that it was all fraud except for small charges at the supermarket. The western union charge that I had no knowledge of was denied. Again on 7631,1659 Amanda says I filed a fraud claim on 4/20/2007 on card ending in 9778. I have the fraud affidavit which is dated March 27, 2007. Again, they gave me the same credits from Jewelry TV on card 7631 & 1659 but they rebilled me again. The credits I got were there, but to rebill me 3 times is outrageous. In addition, she said the only fraud item was for Veteran’s Advantage for $94.87 which was approved. I filed the fraud affidavit on the entire card run of 7631, 1659, and 9778. Not only did I pay on fraud, in the beginning because I was unaware, but when I saw that they rebilled everything, never credited me for payments and increased my APR to 32.24%. The most horrendous statement was that she said on 6/20/2007 I called and told the bank I was a victim of ID Theft. I guess she did not remember that in 10/06 was the first time I noticed charges that were incorrect on all the cards. In addition she said I couldn’t provide specific information of the fraud. I had faxed the database that Jewelry TV manually did for me as soon as I received it which was in late May 2007, however, there were other fraud transactions that no one in fraud would discuss with me because there were so many. I have everyone’s name in fraud investigation I spoke to and there were more than 16 people. Ms. Adams had nerve to tell me that fraud is defined as an individual using your account to obtain goods or services for their own gain, but since I was honest and sent the stuff back, it wasn’t fraud. Wrong, I had to insure the stuff and to do so meant to open the box and see what the cost of each item was. I understand buyer’s remorse but this was NOT the case. If I was the thief, I would have not spent my money sending everything back. I worked out of my home and I was engaged to the mail carrier so he helped me by making sure I received anything that was sent to my curbside mailbox. I even had my daughter help me fill in the return forms and honestly, she checked any box (reason) because she felt, as I did, it would be a wash. In four months, someone buying 196,000.00 from one company is not

what my credit profile indicated. Amanda also said that in her opinion, this would be a billing dispute. If so, and the bank wanted to treat me like a crazed nut, it wouldn’t have mattered because the items were returned within the 60 day limit if you looked at the initial cards they were put on. I resent the fact that I was treated like I was by them. I was on hold for hours on end only to be hung up on. The only one out money was me. Jewelry TV received all the jewelry that came to my curbside mailbox, Bank of America never gave me a provisional credit yet they rebilled me so many times on so many cards that even with my financial background, I couldn’t figure it out. In addition, there were so many other cards opened NOT by me and it took me until now to figure out what occurred. In 1/19/2006, MBNA generated a check from my Money Market account at Citizens bank for $4600.00 however it was my bank account that someone took that money out for Pericilla A. Belcher and James E. Belcher. 13609 Waterfowl Way, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774. I contacted Citizens Bank and reported this however it was never red posited back into my account. Again, MBNA! In January 2007 I received notification from TJX that I was a victim of their security breach. I immediately contacted any credit card I had and filled in their fraud forms. In 2/29/08 I received notification from United States District Court for the District of Mass. That in fact I was affected by the intrusion. I notified the FTC, Postal Inspector, FBI, the Tredyffryn Police 4 times, the FDIC, the Attorney General of PA and the Governor of PA because he was a friend of mine when I worked for the Greenwood Group in 1979. I was Vice President of Greenwood and since they had just purchased the Ritz, 1528 Walnut Street, and they were building Washington Square Condominiums, two twin towers which I was instrumental in developing the sample center and the liaison between the builders and the owners, Governor Rendell was Mayor at the time and Greenwood was infusing jobs and construction at a time the city needed it. I ordered my credit report and it was perfect because always paying my bills on time, I actually bought the lies from the banks collection dept. to pay and eventually this would be resolved. In addition, an American Express Clear card was opened with a $20,000.00 limit in Feb. 2005 and balance transfer checks, 6 of them were used over the internet or phone to pay MBNA and Bank of America. I conference with Amex and MBNA because I was told by Amex to call the companies and have the transfer’s reversed. They were all reversed except the 3800.00 one that went to MBNA twice. I filed a dispute, Justin Hernandez from MBNA said Amex wouldn’t take the payment and Amex said that was ridiculous. I filed a fraud/dispute on that transaction and they said they sent me a balance refund check. They never sent me any check whatsoever. I am not a detective but I have read and researched a lot about fraud and ID Theft, and the people that are impacted the most, are the ones with a lot of available credit with little or no balances. In 2004 when I got divorced, I took out an extra $80,000.00 to pay every creditor off. Wells Fargo provided the checks so again, I had a clean slate. The reason I was unaware of what was going on was because I did have available credit, and whoever did this paid Peter to pay Paul. My statements came with no balances. I am a single working mother and I was so careful to pay every bill on time. What I discovered was that checks were used via internet or cell phone to pay Amex, Citi, Bank of America, MBNA, Chase, Juniper in addition to cards I never applied for: Barclay’s Bank, Bank One, HSBC Bose, Discover and more. I worked my butt off since I was 15 years old and never had bad credit. I owned 3

homes, 2 in Chesterbrrook and one in Jackson, NJ. I also was in partnership with my Mother. We owned a 20,000 sq. ft. office building in Cherry Hill, NJ. That building had a net worth of $1,200,000.00. I had two SUV’s, one for me and one for my daughter and this can all be verified. I am going to fax/send a lot of supporting information because to send it all, I would have to rent a u-haul. I am not giving up on this due to the fact I have nothing now. I blame Bank of America’s fraud dept. for not being honest on their ‘notes’. Any dispute or fraud that I sign my name to, I accept the risk of being a liar and believe me, I am not. I have my original HELOC document and the one the attorney sent me from Bank of America which clearly shows two different signatures. When I took my paperwork into the Paoli Branch of Bank of America, I was set up. I waited two hours, met with the assistant manager, she got on the phone and took a copy of my driver’s license and that is the signature on the fraud 2nd mortgage documents. I initially took out $44,000.00 to pay off all bills including my daughters college. MBNA ending in 0220, opened in 1997 was paid off 5576.74 MBNA Equity ending in 1045, opened in 2004 and was paid off $10,834.00 Amex Optima ending in 2002, opened in 1998 and 2894.00 paid this off. Amex Blue ending in 13000, opened in 1998 and paid off $4116.20 Amex Gold ending in 41006, opened in 2005 and paid off $1277.45. Citibank Platinum Select, opened in 1998 and paid in full $8824.00 Chase opened in 2006, ending in 6607 paid off $2204.67 Bank of America Business ending in 7631 paid off 2187.00 Victoria’s Secret paid off $500.00 Bank of America ending in 3745 has zero balance MBNA Charge ending in 2332 has zero balance All other cards had zero balances, especially MBNA and Bank of America. There was a Bank of America card which I had no idea of ending in 6860 which was fraudulently opened and as of 7/2006 I had absolutely nothing due to any credit card that I owned. The money I used from the HELOC was $38,412.00, NOT $50,000. I am going to fax/send relevant documents to companies on the front of this letter. I demand resolu5tion to this theft of my money immediately. I especially want Detective Hughes to do his job and I want him to know that his harsh comments to me, especially that I am the liar is disquieting. If you want me to call Target Visa and tell them I owe them $5.00, I would be happy to do so. Perhaps the Tredyffrin Police Department should not prejudge an individual when they don’t even know them. I am so close to pressing charges against an officer who came to my home and physically hurt me when my daughter was scared I was going to kill myself. I in no way would do that and she knows that and officer brutality is unacceptable. I suffer from Fibromyalgia due to 4 rear end accidents and the medication I take is not strong at all. I resent the police and their opinion of me. Knock on wood, I have not had an at fault accident since I was 16 years old. The police are supposed to help residents and not bully them. If Detective Hughes thinks he can arrest me for a bench warrant for a parking ticket my daughter got, go ahead. I will see you in court. In addition, Detective Hughes, why don’t you do your job? I am sick and tired of the treatment the police department has done to me. Regarding the paintings that were a gift from my ex-fiancée, Joe Falcone, you have no right to threaten me and say you could arrest me. I am not stupid and they were a gift. I certainly earned them!

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