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Customer: Pal-O-Mine staff Animal: Horse Report by: Felicia Ferentinos Horse Report Part 2 _______________________________________________________ Horses are

herbivore which means that they only eat plants. Horses will mostly eat grass. The only time that they want to eat something else is when they are grooming insects off of each other. Horses will graze on plants and some other foods that are vegetation they will probably eat green grass. The age for the horses estimated is by the pattern of their tooth wear which can be seen in their mouth. The food that they eat most often is grass. They will also eat leaves and fruit to and so many other different types of planets. They will also eat tree barks to. They will also eat buds of shrubs. A horses tooth is made for grazing on the grass. A 1,000 pound horse will eat about 15 to 25 pounds of food in a day. The food that they eat the most of is grass. They will walk to graze on the grass. They will usually take a few steps when they are eating grass and then they will start to move couple of steps more before they start to graze on the grass before they are about to eat. When the horse has found a lot of good grass to eat then they will spend a few hours eating it. When the horse has found a little bit of grass and that the grass is dry then the horse may graze for 22 hours in a day. They do this so that they can get an enough food for them to eat and for them to stay alive. The Przewalski horses are also grazers to. When they are in the wild they will usually eat wild grasses and when they are in captivity they will eat alfalfa, hay and they will eat carrots to. The types of food that a horse will eat are mainly different types of green grass. Thorn bushes, shrubs. The horses that live in captivity will eat grass, hay and they will also eat grains. Horses are grazers that mean that they have to tear the grass so that they can eat it. A horses tooth was made for grazing on grass. Their font teeth will do the grabbing, the tearing and it is also used for chewing this is also done by the back of their teeth just like humans use their teeth are for eating to. Horses will only have two sets of teeth during their lives they will get new set of baby teeth that will fall out of their mouth and then they will get replace by adult teeth. Horses adult teeth can be very long. The chewing part of the horses teeth each tooth has a worn down when they are eating. The bones in this animal have jaws that can grow

and that can get push out more and so that they can get some new teeth. The small teeth that are in the front of their mouth are used to nip off the blades of the grass. The big teeth are flat they are in the back of the mouth that are used to grind up the tough and hard grass. When the horse does a lot of chewing then their is lot of rubs that is on top of the teeth. So when a very old horse sometimes may have teeth that can be worn right down to the roots. Horses use their tongues for pushing the grass onto the back of the horses teeth so that the horse can chew it. Horses have very good keen sense of taste this allows them to sort through the grasses and grains that they eat. This can also help find things that the horse has to eat. Horses never eat plants that are poisonous. This happens when a horse cannot seem to find a lot of adequate food. Then horses will usually eat plants that are containing toxins. The horses gut is designed to have food that is flowing through their almost continually. If horses will usually graze all most every day that is if they are allowed. The Przewalski's horses live in the grassy deserts and they will also live in the steppes in western Mongolia. Wild horses can only be found in Africa and in Asia. Zebras are really a strictly African animal. The wild ass lives in places in Asia but there are so many different types of species of wild ass in some parts of Africa to. The Mongolian wild horses can be found in central Asia but they were extinct in the wild for a very long time. There are some captivity bred Mongolian wild horses that were in reintroduced in their native range. There are seven different types of horses that live in some parts of the western part of The United States and they can also be seen in Canada this is where the Przewalski's horses live. These horses can also be called mustangs these horses can also live in some parts of Australia. These horses can also be seen in New Zealand this is where the kaimanawa horses live. The Przewalski's horses can also be seen in Manchuria they can also be seen in Spain as well. Their populations have been stated in China, Mongolia and they can also be seen in Kazakhstan all of these places are located in Asia. Their habitats are in steppes, in grassy deserts and they can also live in plains to. The Przewlski's horse lives in the plains and they will also live in semi deserts. The range that they live in is the Mongolia, They also live in West China to. Horses can be found all over the world but they can not be found in Antarctica but the Zebra can only be found in Africa. The habitats that horses live are in grasslands, semi-deserts, mountains plateaus, and moorland. The horses that are livestock they

live in enclosed fields. When the Mustang is in the wild then they will live in North America. The Przewalski's horse lives in Mongolia. The Przewalski's horse can stand for 50 inches (127 centimeters) tall to the withers the ridge is between the horse's shoulders. Horses can weight about 120 to 2,200 pounds and their height can reach about 6 feet. The body length of the Przewalski's horse is 6.9 feet (2.1 meters) with a 3-foot (90-centimeters) to the tail. The Przewalski's horse shoulder height is 4 to 4.8 feet (1.2 to 1. 5 meters). The Przewalski's horse can weigh about 770 pounds (350 kilograms). The height of a horse is 1 hand being the same as 10 cm (4 inches). The weigh for a horse is 120 to 2.200 lbs (45 to 998kg). The size for the height for the horses shoulders are 30 to 96 in (79 to 175 cm). The Przewalski's horse can weigh to between 440 to 750 pounds and they can stand about 4 1/2 feet tall to the shoulders. The height for the Przewalski horse is 4 1/2 ft (1.4m). The weight for the Przewalski horse is 660 (300kg). The height for the Mustang is 4 1/2 -5ft (1.41.5). The Przewalski horse can weigh about 700-1.000 lb (317-454 kg). The size of a horse really depends on the breed. The weight of a pony when it reaches maturity is 14.2 hands (145cm, 58 inches) they can measure at the withers. This animal can grow about 14.2 or even over their normal size is really less than 14.2 that is how big a pony can be. The body length of the Przewlski's horse is 6-6 1/2 ft (1.82m). The Przewalski's horse can weigh about 440 to 750 pounds (200 to 360 kilograms). These animals can stand for 48 to 56 inches (122 to 142 centimeters) tall. These horses have very short bodies and their heads are very big, they have thick necks and their muzzles have white pale markings on them and their legs are very short and slender. The biggest horse can stand for 6 feet to 6 inches high. Small horses can grow about 17.5 inches. The average life span for a horse is 22 years. Horses can also live about 20 to 35 years. The Przewalsk's horses life span is 20 years. Horses can also live about 30 years to. Horses can also live about 25 to 30 years. Some horses can even live until they are in their 40's. Horses live in groups they are called herds. A horse herd can be made up of one or two stallions and it can also have ten mares and their foals in a horse herd. Their is one female in the group is the leader of the herd she will decides where the herd should graze. The Stallions job is to protect the herd from predators. A Stallion is another name for a male horse and a Mare is another name for a female horse. These animals can be very attached to their own species and to humans as well. These animals

can commutate with each other in some many different ways. They can commutate with each other by nickering, grooming and they can also commutate with each other by using body language. All horses can come in some many different shapes, colors and in sizes. The horse family it describes on your typical barnyard animal. This also includes wild asses, onagers and the Zebra. A herd of horses can hold about 3 to 20 animals in the herd. The stallion which is what the (mature male) is called their other job is to lead the herds which are the females which are usually called a mare. In the herd there is also the Mares and the young baby they are called foals. A horse can run about 25 miles per hour. Racehorses can gallop about 42 mph (68 kph) in short distances so that they can escape predators like wolves. The Przewalski's horse lives in small groups in the grasslands of Mongolia. There is a huge difference between wild horse and feral horses like the Przewalski's horse has never been domesticated this means that this horse has always been seen in the wild. Feral horses like the mustangs were descended from domestic stock. The Przewalski's horse that live in Mongolia. These horses are really the only true wild horses. The other species of wild horse have been descended from horses that have escaped from captivity so that they can be free. These horses are called feral horses. A horse that escaped from being in captivity and got set free out into the wild. Feral horses are not just called that they can be named with so many different types of well known names that people sometimes call them in all over the world. The people that lived in the American west call these horses mustangs. People that live in Australia they are called bumbles. The people that live in Spain they call these horses Sorraia. The other true wild horses are also Zebras, wild asses and the Mongolian wild horses. All the other horses and donkeys are called domestic horses. These horses are really different then the ones that live in the wild and that live on their own. Domestic horses are lot different between the wild horses because People have changed their anatomy and their behavior for so many years. People have been breeding and training horses all over the years. The horses that are domestic and got set free into the wild then they are called feral horses. The feral horses are not really wild horses. All of these different types of species of horses are all related to the single general scientific category the genus Equus. The true wild horse is the rare Asian horse the Przewalski's horse and these horses are still alive today. These horses are also called the Mongolian wild horse to.

The Mongolian horses are known as the taki horse. The krighiz people called this horse a kirtag. There are 150 different types of horses breeds that exist on our planet today. Lots of species of horses there a lot of mixture about the breeds of horses some horses can have seven different types of breeds. Some of these breeds are called crossbreeds. Horses can come in a whole verity of sizes and colors. The best will known color on a horse is really brown, chestnut; some horses can come in a reddish brown color. They can also come in black and gray to. Every species of horses all must groom themselves or their neighbors so that they can stay healthy. When a horse is cleaning another member of its herd. They can do this by standing side by side so that they are facing the opposite direction. They will gently bite each others coats to. So that they can clean the parts that are on their bodies that will be difficult that is impossible to reach. Horses can usually sleep about eight hours of through out everyday of their lives. These animals can sometimes fall sleep when they are standing up they do this most of their time when they are sleeping. Some horses can sometimes lie down during the night. When other horses are not around them then they will start to lie down. By the time that they are laying down then they will usually lay about 2 hours in a night. When they are in a deep sleep then they can sometimes even dream. The horses that live in the wild they will usually take turns sleeping. When one or two horses are staying awake so that they can watch for any danger that might be a heard. They do this when the other horses are resting or sleeping. When a horse is sleeping it is standing up then it will mean that the horse feels safe. When they do sense that their is danger nearby then they will wake up very quickly so that they can get away from the predator faster. They do not waste any of their time getting on their feet. So that they can have an enough time to get away from any danger that may be near. It will usually be in a deep sleep when they are lying down. Then it will start to lay on the side then of their four legs will start stretched out. Horses can also be sleep for 2 1/2 hours of the day in 15 minutes in cements. Horses have to lie down so that they can reach REM sleep in every few days. There are different types of horses names like the male horse is called a stallion and the female horse is called Mare. The Przewalski's horse got its name by a Russian explorer named Nikolai Przewalski this started to happen in the 1870's. Horses are a swift-moving four legged animal. The horses close relate is the zebra and the donkey. Horses have a barrel-

shaped body. Horses have a mane that is down their neck and they have a very short tail that has very long hair. Horses have a very good sense of hearing and they can almost be able to have 360 degree hearing. Their sense of smell is lot better then any humans sense of smell. But a horse really contests on their sense of vision to do the work then their sense of smell. Their field of monocular vision is the almost as 360 degrees with their narrower field of binocular sense of sight that is in front and slightly to the sides. Horses have a very blind spot that is in the front of their nose and the directly that is behind them. The reason why they do this because so that they can get a better sight from either side of their face. Whether they can see in color that is in inconclusive. Horses can also see at night they can see in the dark better then humans can. A baby horse is called a foal. A baby horse that is one year old they are called foals. A young male horse is called a colt. A young female horse is called filly. A gelding is a type of horse that is called sterilized male horse. A baby horse is not called a pony. A pony is really small horse that can weight less then 58 inches (146 cm) tall to the shoulder. The other name for a horse baby is Mules or hunnies that is the name for the offspring of donkeys and horses. Some horse breeds are a lot smaller then their normal size. These horses are called ponies. The height of a pony is measured by hands. One hand can be four inches or a width of a palm of a normal adult. Any horse that is shorter then 14.2 hands (57 inches). That is the weight of a pony. The Shetland pony is really well known for being a very gentle pony. This pony can be very strong and they can carry a lot of heavy loads that can be placed on their backs. These ponies come from the Shetland Islands that can be seen in Scotland and that is how this pony got its name. The Miniature horse is the smallest pony than any other pony in the world. This horse can be tall as 8.5 hands or it can be 34 inches to, a newborn Miniature horse can grow about 15 inches and these ponies can weigh about 24 pounds that is even small enough to carry around. A Baby horse will wake for a few hours after they are born. A young horse has to have ability to run very fast so that they can keep up with its mother and the rest of the herd. They can do this because they have very long legs that are bigger then their normal size. They are almost as big when the horses turn into a full grown adult horse. If the young horses does not run as soon as it is born then they will be quickly be eaten by predator. A mother horse will usually give birth to only one foal at a time. The Mongolian wild horse coat when it is a

newborn foal then it is often being a light color when it is born. This coat will start to shed off in four or five weeks then it will be replaced by a really darker coat. When danger is near then the foal will usually stay close to its mother so that it can be protected. When there is danger then they will move to the center of the herd so that all of the adults can protect the new baby horse. After horses are done with their mating process then the Mare will start to be pregnant for 300 days or even in ten months. When the foal is born then it can usually stand about four or between six hours. Sometimes they can even stand about one hour the moment that they are born. Horses will usually reach maturity when they are four years old. The Przewalski's horse gestation period is 11 months. The mother can only have one foal at a time. A female Przewalski's horse will reach maturity in about 3 years and the males will reach about 5 years. Baby horses have to walk about an hour the moment that they are born. They have to run very fast this helps these animals to stay strong. Ponies are very small horses. Sometimes people mistaken as an adult pony are a foal. A foal has very short tails then the adult horses have. Their tails will get bigger when they get they are mature adults. A horse mother will be pregnant for 340-250 days. A female horse will give birth to only one or two foals at a time. A castrated males and spayed females are called geldings. A female horse will carry her baby inside of her for 11 months. When the foal has just been born then will be able to stand and run about not long time after it is born. The mother will take care of her younger in the season that is in one month after her foal that has just been born. If the mother mated again then she will have a foal at the same time in each year. A young male horse will become a colt when it reaches two years old. Then the stallion will drive them away. Then the colts will start to roam with other young male horses until they can gather a group of females of their own. Filles (also known as a young female horse) will usually stay with her herd until she reaches two years old. The males will start to leave the herd until they reach the same age as the females are two years old. When they do turn two years old then the stallion will start to force them to leave the herd where their birth place. The fillies will start to join other herds. While the colts will start to come together with other colts so that they can form a bachelor group. When the colt starts to get older then it may start to take over a herd of mares but first they would have to battle the herd's stallion. They use their teeth and their hooves to help them with when they are fighting other

stallions. Wild horses used to gallop across the open plains. Wild horses are endangered because their habitat is being destroyed by people. This cause is called loss of habitat. That is when people are taking away a animals home. In the late 19th and in the early 20th centuries. There were seven wild Przewalski's horses that were once caught and to be bred in captivity. There were thirteen of these wild horses that are the ancestors of today's captive population. Theses horses that are living today their are 1,200 of these horses that are living in zoos, private preserves and also these horses are also living in protected areas that are located in Mongolia. They usually roam on grasslands in this place. The Przewalski's horse has not been seen in the wild ever since the year of 1968. Now they are living safely in captivity. The Przewalski's horse is not usually seen in the wild anymore but their populations have been initiated in lot of different places like now they live in China, Mongolia and in Kazakhstan. In 20 years ago. Farmers and their livestock are taking over their lands so that their livestock can graze on their grass that the Przewalski's horse needs to survive. They are pushing these horses into very small areas where no use of human use. Rich aristocrats and westerners were very fascinated by the unusual wild horses; they will capture baby foals and they will keep them as pets. These horses were first spotted in Mongolia in the 1980's. These wild horses are no longer living in the wild anymore. They have became extinct at the same year. This happened ever since the horse has been discovered for the first time. There are only a few wild horses in the world that are currently safe for right now. The Plains Zebras are numerous. But the other species of Zebra like the Cape Mountain Zebra are really endangered or vulnerable. The Mongolian wild horse is not living on the planet anymore that means that this animal is now extinct. They have been extinct from the wild from thirty years ago. But they are currently being returned to their normal range. Right now they are being used at captive stock. Today the wild asses are in trouble today. Only the kiang is still in safe numbers. There are only four hundred onager left in the wild today. They are probably the most critically endangered horse that also includes the dzigettai, Kulan, and the Indian wild ass. The only horse real wild horse is the Przewalski's horse because their ancestors were never domesticated. These animals are alive today but they can only be seen in captivity. There are 300 different types of breeds of horses that can be found everywhere around the world. That is being bred in

the purpose. The Enormous draft horses like the Clydesdales can pull very heavy wagons. The horses that are lighter and saddle are made for riding and breeding that are ponies are made for children and for small adults. The Miniature horses are made for people that are (30th and under). Were bred for primarily pets. They have been used to guide blind people. All over the world horses play a very important role in human economies, they are used for leisure, sport and working purpose. The relationship with humans and horses has been very strong and has been going on for a very long time. There are probably domesticated for the first time that they have been domesticated in 4,000 years age. These animals remain essential for so many human societies until the average of the engine. Horses are still holding a place of honor for so many cultures; they are often linked during heroic battles in war. Horses are used for battles when people go on to wars. There is only one species of domestic horse. There are 400 different breeds that have been specializing for doing everything by pulling wagons for people to ride on. They have also been known for racing to. In a very long time ago the Native Americans used to tame the wild Mustang and they will use them to hunt buffalo. People use the American Quarter horse to herd up cattle and they will also this horse was used to compete in rodeos. The Arabian horse is prized for their strength and for their endurance. These horses live in the deserts of North Africa. People have been riding these horses for 3,000 years. The Thoroughbred horse was used for racing, for hunting and to play a game of polo. This game is played for skilled people that go on a horseback. That is what I know about Horses.

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