Parish Office (307) 362-2611 Fax (307) 382 -4911 Email: info@theholyspiritparish.

com Office Hours M -F 9am-12pm & 1pm-4pm 116 Broadway Rectory (307) 362-3493 633 Bridger Catholic School (307) 362-6077 210 A Street Rock Springs, Wyoming 82901

Our Lady of Sorrows
A Street & Broadway Masses Sunday: 9:30 am 11:30 am (Spanish) & 6:00 pm Holy Days: 9:00 am, 5:00 pm & 7:00 pm (Spanish) Daily Mass: 9:00 am

Sts. Cyril and Methodius
633 Bridger Avenue Masses Saturday: 5:30 pm Sunday: 8:00 am & 11:00 am Holy Days: 6:00 pm (Evening before) and 7:00 am Daily Mass: 7:00 am Confessions Saturday: 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm God’s Little Corner • (307) 352-2982
Catholic Book & Gift Store WF 10:00 am-1:00 pm • Sunday 10:15 am-11:30 am

Contact the office for more information regarding:
Baptism………call the office for information about classes and scheduling Baptisms Marriage .... …Contact the office six months in advance to begin paperwork and preparation classes.

Communion for the Sick and Anointing of the Sick Parish Staff: Telephone Extension
Ext 14 Ext 21 Ext 11 Ext 10 Ext 10 Ext.13 Ext 23 Ext 18

Rev. Glen Szczechowski, Pastor Rev. Emilio Cabrera, Associate Pat Greenlee , Office Manager Gail Mehle, Secretary Fidelas Gomez, Secretary Antonieta Angulo, Secretary Amanda Montoya, Youth Minister Charles Catterall, Parish Catechist

Knights of Columbus Stan McKee •Grand Knight
• Hall Rentals •
John 389-6074 or Raul 307-371-2861

Meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month

CCW - SCM Parish Lounge
Meets 2nd Sunday of each month at 2:00 pm

Linda Marcos, HSCS Principal Pro tem

Finance Council
The fourth Tuesday of each month

Parish Pastoral Council
The third Tuesday of each month

School Board
The second Thursday of each month. Access the bulletin online at:

New to Rock Springs? Welcome to our Parish! Please contact us by completing the form below, then mail or drop into the offertory. Name: __________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________ Phone: __________________________________________

We are in need of food items for sack lunches for travelers. As we tend to get more crackers and granola bars than meat products we are asking you to bring the following if your name begins with: A-G Small boxes of raisins and or individual fruit cups. H-L Granola bars M-T Single servings of tuna or Vienna sausages U-Z Cheese or peanut butter filled crackers

July 28, 2013 Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

“And I tell you, ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” - Lk 11:9-10

The “Word Among Us” meditation booklet, is combined for the months of July and August. The next booklet will be for the month of September. Next weekend is the first of the month, therefore we will have a second collection for the poor and those who need temporary assistance locally. In addition to your donation, it is possible to bring non-perishable food the first weekend, and it will be distributed from the Loaves and Fishes Pantry.

Baskets will be placed in the Vestibules for these items. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY

Thank You and God Bless You! ATTENTION!! Remember anyone interested in
volunteering to work with children and the elderly in any capacity must complete the Safe Environment Training. This training will be offered Tuesday, August 27th, at 7:00 pm and Tuesday September 8th at 7:00 pm, at the OLS Parish Center. Thank You!

The following people have pictures and/or certificates at the Parish Office, please, if your name is on the list, come to the office and pick them up. Thank you!
First Communion Certificates
Jakob Burdette Harold Josue Quinonez Bryan Ramos Wendy Reynosa Lizette Solano Paulina Orozco Nathan Hernandez Cesar Del Villar Rodriquez Janet De Loera Ashton Rodriquez Felicity Grunden Carter McBurnett

Confirmation Certificates
Sarah Stucki Alicia Stevens Sophia Spicer Vance Madsen Robert Jenkins Taylor Jenkins Claudia Campos Jose Campos Alondra Delgadillo Arturo Delgadillo Garett Eccker Drew Grossnickle Francisco Hernandez Luis Hernandez Mireya Lopez Kenny Mendoza

First Communion and Confirmation Pictures
Caroline Hamilton Jarol Quinonez Hugo Parra Hunter Sellers Kylee Taylor Cristel Maca Marcos

Life Touch Pictures
Bobby Pineda Eddie Lopez Ken Wilbert Richard Baker Gerald Niedringhaus Wayne Christanelli Michael Behrens Jim Themig John Hafner Mike Stultz Julie Davis

JULY and AUGUST Youth Events
Attention all 6-12 graders

The events for Youth Ministry in July and August are as follows: July 31– Pool Party!!! 3pm WWCC Aquatic Center. This event is FREE!!! August 6th – Decide how we will decorate the Youth Room. Hispanic Youth Group, Life Teen and EDGE are all asked to come and give input on how you would like the Youth Room Decorated. 6:00 pm in the Youth Room.
August 12 - 13 from 7 - 9 pm both nights we will be filming a video to show at Mass telling what the year in Youth Ministry was all about.. Please come and help. All you need to do is talk about some of the things you did this year in ministry, and some of your favorite memories. August 19 - 23. Come and decorate the Youth Room! 10 am each day. If we finish the work sooner we will not gather at the end of the week. Come ready to work, and in clothes that can get dirty or even ruined. August 28th – End of the Summer Water Fight.

Registration Forms for ALL events (except normal Life Teen and EDGE meetings) can be found in the Parish Office. Each activity MUST have the proper form filled out. Forms will also be available at the time of the event.
Decorating the Youth Room Supplies Needed!
HSCYO is working to redecorate the Youth Room to make this space belong to the teens involved. We are looking for supplies like paintbrushes, aprons, paint rollers, or paint for us to use to put on the walls, as well as donations of storage containers to organize the Youth Room. We are also looking for people to provide lunch for the teens each day while we are painting. Any contribution will help our goal. Contact Amanda to donate.

Thank you Totus Tuus.
A special thanks to the Totus Tuus team for putting on a great week of summer Vacation Bible School and teen nights. Thank you to everyone who donated scholarships and food items, volunteered their time, cooked for the team and invited them into your homes. Thank You!

We are asking for your help with our Funeral Dinner Ministry. Many of our faithful volunteers are unable to continue due to changes in their work situations or health issues. In fact, recently we have come very close to being unable to provide dinners for a few grieving families. We are concerned that this ministry will be lost. Please consider stepping forward to lead or co -lead a funeral dinner team. TRAINING IS PROVIDED. Please fill out the bottom part of this form and either return it to the office, mail it or put it in the collection basket. Call the office (362-2611) if you have any questions. Thank you and God bless you for prayerfully considering your part in this powerful ministry. NAME_______________________________________________________ PHONE______________________________________________________ I am able to help with the Funeral Dinner Ministry by: _______ Being trained as a team leader _______ Helping prepare, serve and clean up dinners _______ I will also add my name to the substitute list for funeral dinner Workers

It’s Time for Faith Formation!
It’s that time of year, again! Registration begins August 1st for First Communion, Confirmation, Rite of Christian Initiation for Children (RCIC), Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA), and for all other grade school children’s classes. Register in the Parish Office. ALL FIRST COMMUNION AND CONFIRMATION REGISTRATIONS MUST INCLUDE PROOF OF BAPTISM, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Faith Formation Schedule
Tuesday 6:30-7:30 PM Luke-Acts Bible Study, SCM Lounge 7:30-8:30 PM Spiritual Evolution, SCM Lounge Thursday 10-11 AM Spiritual Evolution, SCM Lounge 11-12 Noon Luke-Acts Bible Study SCM Lounge

Please join us for prayer for our world, nation, community, parish and families. We pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and Patriotic Rosary every Sunday at 3 PM in front of the Tabernacle in SCM Church.

How Does God Change Us? Through the Mass-Eucharist!
Catechism of the Catholic Church 1074 "The liturgy is the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed; it is also the font from which all her power flows." It is therefore the privileged place for catechizing the People of God. "Catechesis is intrinsically linked with the whole of liturgical and sacramental activity, for it is in the sacraments, especially in the Eucharist, that Christ Jesus works in fullness for the transformation of men." If we want to improve how we love God, family, and neighbors, Let’s go to Mass and receive the Eucharist as much as possible!
PLEASE REMEMBER OUR PARISHIONERS, FRIENDS, RELATIVES AND THEIR FAMILIES WHO ARE IN NEED OF OUR PRAYERS, ESPECIALLY: Manuel Moreno, Elizabeth Gonzáles Montes Jerry Richardson, Destany Voice, Charity Voice, Jody Triplett , Judy Sheldon Marlene Cummings CALL THE OFFICE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADD SOMEONE TO THE PRAYER LIST. Although we recognize that many people need prayers for a longer period of time, it is our policy to run names in the bulletin for three weeks due to space limitations.

Loaves & Fish Soup Kitchen & Pantry
The Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen and Pantry needs a volunteer for Mondays and another for Tuesdays once a week. The volunteer will need to go to Smiths and Albertsons at 9:00 am to pick up donated bread, pastry and produce for the kitchen and pantry. Pantry volunteers will put the donated food on shelves. The volunteers would use their own vehicles preferably a truck or suv. One to one and a half hours per week maximum. Please call the Parish office 362-2611 if interested.
DOES SOMEBODY’S DRINKING BOTHER YOU? Join us at Rock Springs Brown Bag AL - ANON every Tuesday 12 noon - 1 p.m. Johnson Room at Rock Springs “C” Street Library

Thanks for understanding.

Do You have a favorite rosary that needs to be repaired?

Call: Jerry Dubois - 362-4724

Apartir del 1ro. de agosto se estarán inscribiendo a todos los niños que deseen recibir el sacramento de la Primera Comunion o Confirmación. Para 1ras. Comuniones deberán estar en 2do. grado o más, Para Confirmaciones deberán estar en el 7mo. grado o más. Al momento de la inscripción, traer con usted la fe de bautismo de su niño (a). Para más informes comuníquese ala oficina Parroquial. Las clases inician el domingo 15 de septiembre.

Las platicas prebautismales Impartidas en español, se llevan acabo la última semana de cada mes, de lunes a jueves a las 7:00 p.m , en la Oficina Parroquial. Las proximas clases son: Del 29 de julio al 1ro. de agosto 2013.


Nuevo Horario para Bautismos Apartir del mes de Junio :
Sabados 7:00 pm en la Iglesia OLS (en Español) Domingo 11:00 am en la Iglesia SCM (en Inglés) Domingo 11:30 am en la Iglesia OLS (en Español)

WITH GRATITUDE WE GIVE TO GOD Financial Information ~ July 20 - 21
Envelope -------------------------------------- $4,470.00 Loose-------------------------------------------- $670.00 Hispanic Mass ---------------------------------- $786.00 Los Niños ---------------------------------------- $83.77 Eden -------------------------------------------- $367.00 Improvement Fund ----------------------------- $356.00 Improvement Fund Eden ----------------------- $148.00 Poor Collection ---------------------------------- $30.00 Catholic Home Missions ------------------------- $70.00 Thank You & May God Bless You For Your Generosity Si tu y tu pareja aún no han recibido el Sacramento del Matrimonio Esta misa es para ustedes. Dia: 12 de Diciembre 2013 Lugar : Iglesia OLS Hora: 6:00 pm Ofrescámosle a nuestra Madre Santísima La Virgen de Guadalupe, nuestro Matrimonio, nuestra familia y nuestros hijos, este dia tan especial. Para más informes comunícate a la Oficina Parroquial, 362-2611 ext. 13 o con el Padre Emilio al (307) 371-2565 Se les invita a todos los niños de 6 a 9 años a una audición de canto, para integrarse al coro. Para más informes llame a la oficina parroquieal tel (307) 362-2611 ext 13

Mark your calendar!! Sunday August 18th, 5:00 pm Holy Spirit Parish Mass and Picnic at Bunning Park. More information to follow in the coming weeks.
Holy Spirit Parish, Living and Giving in Christ - Diocesan Bishop’s Appeal 2013

A reminder about our version of Stewardship, our return to God from whom the gift of all our Time, all our Talent and all our Treasure come, is also in order. Our version of Stewardship is called Ownership. All things belong to God. Not being a tyrant or slave owner, God calls us into partnership as co-owners. God supports us in every second of Time we are alive, in the generous gifts of Talents by which we demonstrate how we are made in the image and likeness of God and through Time and Talent we assemble wealth or “Treasure” as we use our God-given Time to express our God-given Talent. As co-owners, the first hour of our Time is dedicated to worship God on Sunday. By attending Mass we get way better of the trade. God gets at least a minimum of 1 hour of our week in worship, we get the other 167 hours of the week. We give God the first hour of our Talent at work; by giving an hour wage to our Church we get the reward of what our Talent achieves during the remaining hours of our work week. The formula works for salaried people, retired people and every non-hourly worker, too. Establish your gross annual income from all sources. Divide your gross annual income from all sources by 52, the number of weeks per year. Then divide that figure by 40 to determine what your weekly gift is to give to God. If all of us were doing at least one hour of putting God first and one hour gift of Treasure, the effects of the recession in parish life would lose their force. Thank you for generosity of Time, Talent and Treasure.
Holy Spirit Parish, St. Christopher’s, St. Vivian’s, St. Anthony’s Goal for 2013 Pledged to 07/16/13 Select Payment Option - Please make checks payable to “Diocese of Cheyenne”
__ Payment Enclosed __ 12 Monthly Installments __ Quarterly Installment __ Semi-Annual Installment __ Automatic bank withdrawal (Please include a voided check) __ Please make a one-time charge to my credit card of $____________ __ Please charge my credit card monthly in equal installments until my pledge is complete Credit Card Number ____________________ Exp. Date_____

$85,668.00 $83,431.00

Please note, we only accept Visa and MasterCard If you would like to make your contribution online, please visit
*Deductions are made on the 15th of each month. Contributions are tax deductible.

Total Gift________________________________________ Amount Paid Today_______________________________ Balance________________________________________ Name_________________________________________ Address________________________________________ City___________________________________________ State ________________ Zip______________ Parish_________________________________________ Email__________________________________________

July 28 ~ August 04
8:00 am - Mass - St. Christopher - Eden 10:30 am - Confesiones en Español - OLS Church 3:00 pm - Prayer in front of the Tabernacle - SCM Church


July 27 ~ August 04
SAT 27 SUN 28 3:00 pm - SCM Confessions in English 5:30 pm - SCM I/O Paul Mahler 7:00 pm - OLS Español Special Intention 8:00 am - Eden I/O Celebrant 8:00 am - SCM Holy Spirit Parish, Missions and Parishioners 9:30 am - OLS I/O Gonzalez Family 10:30 am - OLS Confesiónes en Español 11:00 am - SCM † Frank Peternel 11:30 am - OLS Español I/O Celebrant 6:00 pm - OLS I/O Joe & Donna Kaumo

6:30 pm - Luke-Acts Bible Study - SCM Lounge 7:30 pm - Spiritual Evolution - SCM Lounge 3:00 pm - Youth Group Pool Party - WWCC Aquatic Center 10:00 am - Spiritual Evolution - SCM Lounge 11:00 am - Luke-Acts Bible Study - SCM Lounge 6:30 pm - Confesiones en español - OLS Church 7:00 pm - Spanish Holy Hour - OLS Church 8:00 pm - Hispanic Prayer Group - OLS Church




10:30 am - Mass - Deseret Health & Rehab. 7:00 pm - Spanish Mass with Anointing - OLS Church 8:00 pm - Hispanic Music Practice - OLS Church 9:00 am - Mass with the Anointing of the Sick - OLS Church 3:00 pm - Confessions - SCM Church 7:00 pm - Mass in Spanish - OLS Church 8:00 am - Mass - St. Christopher - Eden 10:30 am - Confesiones en Español - OLS Church 3:00 pm - Prayer in front of the Tabernacle - SCM Church


MON 29 TUE 30 WED 31

7:00 am - SCM 9:00 am - OLS 7:00 am - SCM 9:00 am - OLS 7:00 am - SCM 9:00 am - OLS

† Louie Barto I/O Jerome Biegler † Martha Jean Bartolic † Deceased CCW Members † John Evanoff † “Shadow” Guy Gatti



THUR 7:00 am - SCM † Patricia Korhonen & 01 † Rose Wright 9:00 am - OLS † Robert Bunning & † Peter Bunning 6:30 pm - OLS Confesiones en Español FRI 02 7:00 am - SCM † Duane Stotts 9:00 am - OLS † Tony Zupence & † Del Lucci 10:30 am - Deseret Health & Rehab I/O Celebrant 7:00 pm - OLS Español I/O Lisa Gomez-Mills 9:00 am - OLS † Marcia Battisti 3:00 pm - SCM Confessions in English 5:30 pm - SCM † Curt & Josephine Melson 7:00 pm - OLS Español I/O Celebrant 8:00 am - Eden I/O Dora Kelley 8:00 am - SCM † George Rosette 9:30 am - OLS I/O Deceased CCW Members 10:30 am - OLS Confesiónes en Español 11:00 am - SCM Holy Spirit Parish, Missions and Parishioners 11:30 am - OLS Español I/O Special Intention 6:00 pm - OLS † Clarence & Mary Samuels

ELEVATOR FUND Thank you for the contributions -- $27,970.27 we have received for the elevator fund. Our fund is growing, and will provide easy access to SCM Church for our handicapped parishioners, and for those who have difficulty climbing stairs. THANK YOU!
The anointing of the sick is a sacrament for the sick, with a prayer for healing, not a sacrament for those close to death (that's viaticum-Communion on the way. If you're chronically ill, anticipating surgery, or in a hospital or nursing home, ask your parish priest for this healing grace.

SAT 03

SUN 04

The next Mass with Anointing of the Sick will be on Saturday, August 3rd, 9:00 am at OLS Church. This provides families a wonderful opportunity to bring an aged or infirm family member for anointing, and to join them in prayer. What a wonderful way to fulfill the 4th Commandment of “Honor thy father & mother and extended family.”

Alexia Olivas Maribel Briana Iturrio María Alexiz Iturrio July 20, 2013

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