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SnapShot 1.0.6 Copyright (C) 1997-2013 David De Groot Updates and other freeware: http://bluefive.pair.

com/ Frequently Asked Questions: -----------------------------------------------------------------------Intro -----------------------------------------------------------------------SnapShot is no nonsense screen capturing tool that allows you to grab your desktop, window, or any part of the screen and save it as JPG or PN G (all the usual popular formats are available) or send it straight to you r favorite editor, for further editing. You can also send screen captures as an attachment with the build-in e-mail engine, or upload them via FTP . -----------------------------------------------------------------------Requirements -----------------------------------------------------------------------Windows 98 users need the VBruntime. You can read about this file and download it at the BlueFive homepage at -----------------------------------------------------------------------Installation -----------------------------------------------------------------------Automatic installation (Setup.exe). To uninstall: double-click the 'Uninstall SnapShot' icon in the Start menu, or go to Control Panel/"Add/Remove Programs" select SnapShot and click "Remove". -----------------------------------------------------------------------Usage -----------------------------------------------------------------------The program is a no-brainer. Play with the menu's, and have a look at th e shortcuts. They come in very handy. The default settings are: CTRL+Shift+F = Full Screen CTRL+W = Active Window CTRL+R = Rectangle (mouse selection)

You can customize these hotkeys in the Preferences panel. TIP: To take screenshots from menus, dropdown-lists or popups: 1. Select the menu, dropdown or popup you want to capture, 2. Press CTRL-R (the default for Rectangle), 3. Move the mouse slowly away from the object until you see the + cross pointer, then 4. Draw a rectangle around the object area. One can also capture the full screen, while selecting the menu, dropdown or popup, and then cut the part of the screenshot you're after. This wil l include the mousepointer (if that option is selected). -----------------------------------------------------------------------Help -----------------------------------------------------------------------***** FTP ************************************************************** * No response: If the upload is busy, and you see no progress after a while, hit the Abort button and try again with the Passive Mode (PASV) option on or off . Some FTP servers like Passive Mode, others don't. Upload failed: If you have trouble getting the FTP upload to work, have a quick look at the FTP log (scroll down to read all). Nine times out of ten it contains the information why things went wrong, and most of its descriptions are really not that difficult to interpret. Here are a few common FTP error descriptions and a possible fix: # Failed to connect to FTP server Make sure you entered the correct server name, and unblock SnapShot from your firewall. # FtpResponse13: 530 Login incorrect Enter a correct Login/Username and/or Password. # Login/Username or Password was incorrect Enter a correct Login/Username and/or Password. # FtpResponse15: 550 No such directory Enter a valid path in the Remote Directory box. # FtpResponse24: 553 Permission denied Make sure you have write permissions to the folder you have entered in the Remote Directory box.

***** Paint ************************************************************ * If SnapShot says it can't locate Paint, and it *is* on your system, put a copy of it in one of these paths: c:\program files\accessories\mspaint.exe c:\winnt\system32\mspaint.exe c:\windows\system32\mspaint.exe

***** Printing ********************************************************* * Some minor printer issues can be solved by selecting a Paper Size other than "(Printer Default)".

***** Miscellaneous **************************************************** * It's too quick! If SnapShot is too quick (as in: it sometimes grabs its own window [*]) then try slowing it down at Preferences/Miscellaneous/Delay Time, or set it to keep minimized after capturing (Preferences/General/Startup & Tray Icon) and use the shortcuts to grab a screen shot. [*] Visual effects or performance eating interfaces like Vista's Aero ca n place a heavy workload on your system and slowing down the time for an open window to minimize or close. In such cases it's not impossible that SnapShot grabs itself while hiding or minimizing. -----------------------------------------------------------------------Limitations -----------------------------------------------------------------------* Multiple Monitor Modus: In Dual View, the "Capture Rectangle Area" function grabs sreenshots o n the primary screen only. * Video/TV Capturing: SnapShot can not capture live video screens (DirectX/Direct3D, Glide). * Website Capturing: SnapShot can not capture an entire webpage.

* Windows Vista & Windows 7 : Capturing an Active Window effect that an area around I'm hoping to fix that but other methods to capture a on Vista/7 sometimes has the irritating the (transparent) borders becomes visible. in the meantime you may want to use the window.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks -----------------------------------------------------------------------Special thanks to: Susumu Yoshida who created the astonishing SnapShot Icon. -----------------------------------------------------------------------Distribution -----------------------------------------------------------------------This program is freeware. There is no charge for using it and it may be distributed freely so long as the files are kept together and unaltered. You may neither sell nor profit from distribution of this software in an y way. Distribution on CD/DVD, Shareware-disks, in shops or through networks are allowed as long as a) no money (for the program itself) is taken b) each file of the original ZIP-file is included and c) you informed me about it. Distribution via web sites is granted as long as a) the original ZIP-file is used and b) a working link to is provided. -----------------------------------------------------------------------Disclaimer -----------------------------------------------------------------------This software is provided as is and without warranty. The author assumes no liability for damages, either direct or consequential, which may result from the use of this product.

Thanks for using SnapShot! David De Groot ddg AT Keep your copy up-to-date! Please check regularly for updates at: