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Investing In Gold- Treasures From The Bottom Of The Sea

Would you be interested in investments in a publicly traded company that specializes in diving on sunken treasure ships? Would you be interested in JointVenturing with treasure hunters? What about those companies that find and restore airplanes from W.W.II ? There are so many really neat alternatives to investing besides the more routine way of picking companies from the Amex, Nyse, NASDAQ, OTC and others. Does Pork Bellies figure largely in your life? . or NASDAQ or investing in futures like soy beans?. Don't you want a little romance in your life, maybe a little danger, maybe visiting some remote and generally difficult to find type of places? Well if the lust for gold sunken or otherwise still beats in your heart, I have some neat alternatives for you if you can stand the uncertainty. You may not know that recently a side wheeled steamer the S.S. Republic that had been sunk on its way to New Orleans with a load of specie ( translate that as god and silver coin) for the use of merchants and others in New Orleans. In 1865 the Civil War was finally over and merchants everywhere were interested in getting back to business as quickly as possible. Much of the South was lying broken and practically ruined and many merchants were flocking down to these Southern Regions to "help" re-establish normal trade and obviously get in on the fantastic profits to be made. The S.S. Republic was a converted Side-Paddle Wheel Steamer that had been used as part of the inshore fleet blockading the Southern Inlets . At the end of the war it was sold out of the U.S.Navy and converted to a passenger and cargo liner. Unfortunately on its maiden run to New Orleans, the captain and passengers ran into a ferocious hurricane which sunk the ship off the Georgia Coast.> It went to the bottom with its cargo still in barrels and boxes. When found in 2008 it was largely intact with the gold and silver coins spread out over a small area. Many other items such as china for sale to the folks in New Orleans were also intact. It was a real treasure trove. The company who found the Republic and several other gold-bearing sunken ships is Odyssey Marine Exploration, Ltd, publicly traded on the NASDAQ CM, under: OMEX, Their shares are trading at $3.42 with a volume of 42K for the day at 1:42 PM on 5-21-09. This isn't a joint-venture but is an interesting investment if you still dream about sunken treasure and participating in what has to be the last of the "dreams-come-true" type of investments. But it is obviously

risky because of the habits of nation's extending their sovereignty further from their shores and adding crippling taxes or out right taking the sunken materials as " “national treasures belonging to the country from its historical past.” There is always a fly in the ointment isn't there? Here is a site devoted to treasure hunters. Stashes Of Gold Bullion Gold reserves have always dictated the value of a particular currency, and the same has been true for close to three centuries now. It's not really shocking to think that during the past World Wars, enemy states targeted gold shipments of a particular country to cripple their economy. This was done either intentionally, with the sinking of ships carrying a stash of gold bullion, or accidentally, as with the sinking of ships carrying bullions of gold during the course of battle. Nonetheless, the effects to the nation's economy were immense, further compounding the woes brought about by the prevailing war. Fast forward to now, and a great number of those ships that traversed the Pacific still remain sunk, and majority of them still remain undetected. What does this mean? That the search for gold bullion wreck are in open season for treasure hunters all around the world, of course! Before you decide to start entering what could be a very lucrative opportunity in treasure hunting, do bear in mind the following things which many treasure hunters have to go through: * You have to secure the necessary permit from the country that owns territorial jurisdiction over the waters. Minus this permit, you may be violating their laws. Worse, they may even confiscate all your finds. * Some countries gather your finds, and would instead reward you with a finder's fee. Other countries will allow you to keep your finds, but they will also ask you pay some fees that will amount to 50% or more of the total market value of all gold bullion at the time it was discovered. •There are treasure hunters that proceed with their treasure hunting even without complying with the above considerations. Some of them get away with it, especially in territories considered as open waters, where no country exercise jurisdiction, or in territories hotly contested by several countries, like the Spratlys where a lot of General Tomoyuki Yamashita's gold is said to have sunk, where a

lot of states are barred from enforcing their rules pending the resolution of their dispute. • Rather than worrying about those elements you can invest in companies like OMEX that trades on the NASDAQ or contact the estate of Mel Fisher in Florida . He was the most successful treasure hunter for years and excavated a lot of gold coins silver pieces of eight and jewelry from Spanish Galleons that sunk around the Florida Keys. There is also Grace Capital Partners LLC that joint ventures with oceanic research company that seeks sunken treasure ships. There is also Marine Exploration Inc. ( MEXP) Quoting an article on ABC, “ a company driven by professional treasure hunters searching for sunken Spanish Galleons in the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea..” So there are several publicly traded companies and there are also joint0venture companies if you are interested. Finding gold bullion is the ultimate dream of many treasure hunters. Some of them realize their dreams whilst others never do. Others lose their enthusiasm after several failures. But failure is part and parcel of treasure hunting. Not every lead pans out. Not every spot on the ocean floor is an SS Republic. But then where would we be without dreams and sometimes they come true in a big way.