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, Frank Sinatro" only without the risk of ' gettingpunched.The ' singer-dancer-actress r isone oftheveryfew ; people to have won ' the grand slam of the 1, Osccr, Tony,Emmy '. andGrammy ' awards.EvenSeabis' cuitonlyhadtowin
aTriple Crown.

ihin'g e[3€Fl!Fffi'"' ' And one ofthe neatest things was, I'said lmeek little voicel, "Can I have the new sewing machine you
have?" And they



that was huge to me!

went, "Yeah, sure."

Your mom taught you to sew? My mom?!Uh-uh!I
don't think so! No,
learned by myself.


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Withher landmark 19727Y concert, "LizaWith a 2,"
resurrected and restored for a Showtime rutg starting Soturdcy at 8p.m-,

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chattinginthe bleachers dt a softball
game. Dressed for comfort, telling stories animatedly, choin-smoking unabashedly andhaving herself a grand

It's hard to sing and dance at same time, since you have to breathe differently with each. ln the dance numbers, where you don't hold a microphone, I imagine you had to go back afterward and lay in new vocals for those songs? No, I had a body mic


You had a wireless body mic in1972? Yes. Yeah. Phil
Ramone was bril-

of lqmd- dwtghter ' ary performer ludy Garlqnd and directorproducer Vincente Minnelli - seens like the most charmingbuddy you could

ol'time, Minnelli, 60

liant, and he did the sound. A radio mic has a microphone
and a cable and a small box, right? And that was hidden in lthe small ofl my back [indicates], and Phil somehow fig-


have.Granted,you couldn'thang out over drinlcs, giventhe
addiction problems
she's spoken


ured out how to make lthe transmitterl not so big. What was hard was to hide it in that red dress.

candidly, including

on"Larry KingLive"
Iater the some day, but hey, she's cool with it, so how can

That little red dress
was very tight on you.

you not


producer-director Bob
Fosse, producer-lyricist FredEbb, compos-

Tell me about it! lThe transmitterl
was in my stockings, in the back. I had it on through the whole show, but it was only turned on for the first dance

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M qrvin Hamlk cfu and y oung futur e music-pr o ducer - star Phil Ramone, cr edit ed for " audio design-" Shot documentory - style

dinat or"

the NBC censor didn't want you to wear that red micro-minidress that night? Oh, it wasn't only that! It was

lady comes out, and she looked different. Her shoulders were lowered, she just looked different. And I said,
"Ma'am, am I gonna be able to wear my costumes?" And she didn't look at me. But she said lspeaks just above a whisperl, "Yes. [Long pause.J It's fash-

it off when I

set. And they turned sang live. I mean,

ftlm at Br o adw ay's Ly ceum The atr e on M ay j7, 1972,it premiered onNBC the
on 16mm

following Sept. 10 qnd multipleEmmys.



In 2000, Minnelli. who
owns the rights to the show, eI M. Arick begin the long process of sprucing it up and remastering its original mono audio for stereo qnd Surround Sound. She spoke qbout it seemingly in - Surround stereo and Sound herself with freelonce

the opening [white pantsuitJ, which is cut down to here! lPoints to her waist.l They were objecting to the fact that there was not a bra within 40 miles of me! . . . The day of the show, a lady from Stan-

y'know, I was always singing live, but when I had the [handheldl mic it was a different thing. ls life really a cabaret, old chum? Couldn't it be, say, a

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food court?
ll,aughs heartily) That's great! That's great! [Thinks about it.] Someone to talk to. So how is life a cabaret? [Pause] It's unexpected. Sometimes you go to a cabaret and you don't know what you're gonna get. Sometimes you see wonderful things and sometimes you see awful. You know? fust a drag act. I don't mean dressed drag. ll,aughs.] I mean just a draggy act. I dunno. I think the key to all this is to stay curious.

dards&Practices. .comes
in, sees my outfit and says,

had restoration expert Micha-



minute, She can't

ion." [LaughsJ They buffaloed her! Theygot her! I don't know how they did it, but they talked her into it! And I went on.

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- Lovece. writer Frank

wear these costumes. This is impossible, you cannot wear. . " And I'm standing here stunned, like "Wha, wha, whatamlgonnawear?" Fred Ebb, Bob Fosse and Halston said to this lady, "Come with us," and they went into a

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room.. . . And finally this

It's funny that the sponsor was the sewing-machine company Singer, and there's the opening title: "Singer presents" - a singer! ll-aughs uproariously.l No! I never thought of that! But I will now! But y'know some-

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