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2009 Gay Straight Alliance’s Read In Topics to Research for Current Members ***Notice: the only change made

this year is that the Read In will be IN THE THEATER, NOT THE LIBRARY*** Session 1:  Gay rights - Marriage - Military service - Restrictions on rights - Gay rights history, etc Session 2:  Homophobia - Where it comes from - Hateful words (good words v. bad words) - Actual terms used to describe the GLBTQ community and what is acceptable/accurate and what is not Session 3:  Coming out of the closet as a member of the GLBTQ community - How to approach someone when you are unsure of their orientation - How to handle coming out, whether it is yourself or another - Famous, “out” members of the community Session 4:  Perceptions of the GLBTQ community - Stereotypes of members and the - Origins of GLBTQ orientations - Religion and the theories they promote to their followers and whether or not these are exactly correct - Some misconceptions, myths about GLBTQ people and the truths about these Session 5:  When someone you know is gay... - This is where we talk specifically about (or to) students who may be GLBTQ or may know someone, and this is a way for them to deal with the feelings, struggles, and so on of this at such a young age. This is also a way to teach students how to approach and react to a situation like this should they face one later on in life, not necessarily at the present time. The Speakers: We plan on hosting three speakers on three different days of the Read In week. They are all either related to or work with High School North students presently. They are all knowledgeable in such topics and issues, and we hope their presence will give students a

different perspective on adult members of the GLBTQ community, as well as their allies. They are…  Corinne, from the HiTOPS teen health center in Princeton. She runs “First & Third” a larger, regional GSA. From what I hear she has been wishing to speak to North’s GSA for several months now and the Read In is the perfect time to host her.  Kristen, the sister of a current HSN junior, and a HSS alumnus herself. She is a member of the lesbian community and spoke at the Read In two years ago. Her friendly nature as well as her personal experiences as a member of the community should show a young, successful member of the GLBTQ community to students who may not yet be comfortable with the idea.  Ms. Palena, the mother of a current HSN freshman. She is currently a member of GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) and as a part of this, already speaks to students about GLBTQ issues. Ms. Palena was also a founding member of the Rutgers University Gay Straight Alliance during her years of attendance. Her ongoing activism will offer a more mature view of the topics we want to discuss with students.

The Officers and members of the Gay Straight Alliance