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Barwis Mass Building $75

Barwis Meal Replacement (Performance Complete) $45 Barwis PM (Nighttime) Sleep Recovery $35

Barwis Pro Post Recovery Optimizer $80

Barwis Training Blast Pack (Pre-Workout Energy Packet) $75

Visit the Plymouth Training Center or to purchase Nutritional Supplements
Barwis Methods Training Center 44191 Plymouth Oaks Blvd Suite 600 Plymouth MI 48170 (734) 259-7100

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Holistic Training Package
Pre-register today at Barwis Methods and sign up for a 4 week holistic training package. Holistic Training Package: Mon&Friday-2 hours Weight Room (Weight Training, Stations, Conditioning) Tues&Thurs- 1 hours speed and agility Wed 2 hours Weight Room

WEIGHT TRAINING Using a completely scientic approach to

weight training progression, a cycle will be provided designed to meet your needs. For example, a Hypertrophy phase will increase cross sectional area of the muscle. A Maximum Strength phase will increase recruitment and strength of the muscle. The Power Transfer phase will help those who wish to increase the pure speed of their actions and the Competition phase to increase your strength, power, size, and speed throughout your in-season. **For the younger athletes, we offer weight training just in teaching how exercises will be performed. We never load with weights we teach body control, balance, strength and proper biomechanics for the young athlete.


Training, Stations)

Three Day Lifting Plan

Sign up for the three day lifting plan for 4 weeks. Mon&Friday-2 hours Weight Room (Weight Training, Stations, Conditioning) Wed 2 hours Weight Room (Weight Training, Stations)

Core A strong core is an extremely important characteristic of

any athlete. It is the center for most body movements, allowing effective transfer of power from the upper and lower extremities and is necessary for increasing your speed, agility, overall strength, explosiveness, and coordination.

Balance & Functional Training Improve your kinesthetic

awareness (knowledge of body position in 3 dimensional space). This program utilizes all of the bodys proprioceptors to enhance performance on the eld or during activities of daily living. The cycle includes a vast array of exercises to accommodate for all levels of training and remove any form of program stagnation.

Speed and Agility

Sign up for the speed and agility for 4 weeks. Tues&Thurs- 1 hours speed and agility

Functional Flexibility This program will help you maintain or

improve the range of motion about your joints and surrounding muscles; reducing the risk of injury and promoting performance. Being able to move through a full range of motion can increase

Agility Training This cycle specically focuses on the

central nervous system to enhance change of direction, acceleration and deceleration while providing you with the proper progression of drills based on your sport and level of training.

power output by optimizing biomechanical leverage position.

Injury Prevention This program focuses on the strengthening

and stabilization of the neck, knee, ankle and shoulder. A stable and effectively functioning joint allows for optimum power output, which increases performance while decreasing the risk of common injuries.

Speed Training This program provides anyone with a

proper speed training progression that consists of running mechanics and technique drills. The cycles will encompass resistive running drills, free running for acceleration and top end speed, and over-speed drills that will focus on neural impulse speed and physiological adaptation.

Cardiovascular Training-Designed using bioenergetics, your

program will enable efcient use of the phosphagen, glycolytic, and oxidative systems to elicit ideal physiological adaptation.

Plyometric, Explosive and Impulse Training These exercises

teach the body to utilize the elastic principles of the muscles and increase neural impulse speed through trained activation; all while reducing the risk of soft tissue injury. Includes training for the upper and lower body.