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Overpopulation is a problem that many countries are suffering from. It has a detrimental effect on many standards of life. First of all, overpopulation impacts the economy and social life harmfully. Overpopulation causes poverty which breeds crimes. This can be seen by the fact that many people after years of studying have difficulty finding appropriate jobs which may leads them to robbery. For example, in USA many shops, hotels and houses were robbed due to a power outage which lasted less than an hour. Not only that, but there are many poor families who live in ramshackle houses and ask for support through newspapers. For instance, I have read a very mournful story in the local newspaper of a poor family who call for help to collect 1000 BD to purchase a wheelchair for their sick child. This provokes me only to ask where the officials are. Additionally, countries with large numbers of people are obliged to import more goods from other nations to satisfy their peoples needs that make them fall in a huge hole they cannot climb out of easily. Secondly, the environment is also affected by overpopulation. In fact, in order to expand more areas for building sites, governments find themselves with empty pockets of choices except reclaiming lands and eliminating forests and greenery lands. A case in point of this is that in Bahrain, coasts are reclaimed daily and thus the marine life is at risk. What is worse is that many fishermen have lost their jobs as an inevitable consequence. Moreover, many people prefer using their own cars to using public transport which increases traffic congestion. This can leads to bigger problem pollution. Actually, with car and factories exhausts and the increasing trend of destroying arable lands, there is no purely fresh air to breathe. The thick smog which covered London in the 19th century for five days left thousands of deaths. Furthermore, diseases spread much rapidly in overpopulated countries. China, India, UK and USA for example were the most seriously affected countries by swine flu. Having seen these problems increasing recently, I conclude that overpopulation is a tow truck that drags one problem after another. In my point of view, governments should get to the bottom of this problem by banning people from having more than five kids; because most families with large number of members cannot afford all their needs and have difficulty raising them properly.