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From The Times May 21, 2009

Iran's missile test is playing with fire, says Israel

(Atta Kenare/AFP/Getty Images) Mr Ahmadinejad has won points at home for restoring the country's pride Catherine Philp, Diplomatic Correspondent, and Tom Baldwin in Washington Iran celebrated the beginning of its official election campaign period yesterday with the launch of a missile capable of reaching Israeli and American bases in the Gulf. The launch comes two days after Binyamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, met President Obama in Washington and urged him to help to thwart Iran’s nuclear ambitions. President Ahmadinejad of Iran, who is running for his second term against three challengers, announced the launch at a public rally, declaring that Iran could “send to hell” any aggressor that sought to attack it. The range of the surface-to-surface Sejil 2 missile is about 2,000km. This capacity, combined with the Shahab 3 missiles that can reach even further, raises concerns not only in Israel but among American-allied Arab states such as Saudi Arabia, which are increasingly nervous of Iranian regional hegemony after the demise of a Sunni bulwark in neighbouring Iraq.

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Mr Netanyahu has repeatedly said that the “existential threat” posed to Israel by Iran should be given greater priority than any effort to kick-start the Middle East peace process. On a flight back from Washington yesterday, a senior aide to the Israeli Prime Minister denounced the “obsession” with a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — a policy strongly backed by President Obama but not yet endorsed by Mr Netanyahu — as “childish and stupid”. Ron Dermer later issued a statement insisting that he was talking about the media’s coverage of the issue rather than the concept of Palestinian statehood. Have your say Joe Jussac’s comments. Land grabbers/Robbers mentality! READ the KORAN/Al-Qur’an with English translation of the meaning – Jusuf Ali – and u will know the Israelites mindset. Good Zionists are the DEAD ones! Not the entire Jews are evil. We met, nearly every day for two years in our neighbourhood when we were overseas, a Jewish family who lived next door. Their cute five-year old, son used to play with our son (and went to the same kindergarten several steps away) in our apartment, sometimes, during weekends. This cute little kid’s dad, a hundred percent Jewish man (so was his wife), NEVER showed displeasure on our mutual boys early friendship! I recalled, during winter, I met this soft-spoken Jewish next door, almost every morning while we were at the neighbourhood parking lot while snowing quite profoundly. He ALWAYS greeted me first, Good morning,” smiling and nodded. Three years later, “ocean apart” (the Atlantic), I befriended another Jewish businessperson, who imported a significant “raw material” from Indonesia. Whenever, on weekends, his family and mine bumped into each other at a local supermarket, or when he was with his associate at such places, this Jewish guy always spread his arms – in a pleasant gesture – and said, “Hey, Joe my friend!” Were these two men, JEWISH, pretending to be genial with me, for two whole years in two different countries? I DO NOT THINK SO! To me, these gentlemen were (and hopefully still both are) good Jews. Yet, at the same period during the last two years of my stay in the second country, a young Jewish chap who never spoke to me rented a townhouse next to ours. He did not look mean after all. Yet, his appearance (among others, crew cut) suggested his background in the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) or the MOSSAD! Well, I kept a Fax machine at home then, and sometimes used it to communicate with a two-star general I had met while he was a colonel attending a senior official course in North America, and, met again in the second country. Definitely, with his prior consent he and I communicated “not sensitive” (unclassified) matters re important issues in East Africa. Yes!, we did cut the “business as usual” red-tape, in particular when the general and his small team needed quick updates on the matters! [BAD] rules were made to be broken, you know! Go to (LEFT column), and read the issue on the pending HATE BILL in the “Zionists’ farmland” of the Capitol Hill that will CRIMINALIZE voices against ISRAEL! Wake up AMERICANS!