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Unit 1 Vocabulary

Leisure activities
1 Finish sentences 16 with words a-g. a b c d cooking drawing photography music e chess f films g magazines 4 Each sentence contains a mistake. Find the error and correct it. 1 2 3 4 Sport is a healthy activation. activity My uncle has two hundred CDs in his music collectment. ___________________ I hope these shoes are good qualtion. They were very expensive! ___________________ My gran has treatity for her bad back. ___________________ I didnt do my homework. My teachers reactment wasnt good! ___________________

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You need a black and white board to play e . People go to the cinema to see ___ . You need a camera if youre interested in ___ . In art lessons you need a pencil for ___ . People use MP3 players to listen to ___ . You need food and a kitchen when you do ___ . You can read about famous people in ___ .

Verb + noun collocation

5 Look at the pictures. Complete the sentences with one word from each box. does having meets sending taking visiting aerobics a meal out photos chat rooms texts friends

2 Read the sentences and complete the words. You can find information about anything on the Internet. Football and tennis are different kinds of s_____________ . I buy a lot of clothes and shoes: Im mad about f_____________ . You need a bike to go c_____________ . Im really into d____________ , especially salsa. I enjoy playing c_________________ g_____________ on my laptop. Dan isnt keen on k_______________ f______________ . He should do more exercise.

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Noun endings
3 Read the postcard. Complete the words with the letters in the box. argu- entertain- loca- possibil- situaDear Hannah, Our hotel is terrible! Leo chose it for its location: its near the sea. It looked nice in the photos but its really horrible here. Its boring too, there isnt any (1) _____________ment in the evenings. Our room is very small. We asked at the reception about a bigger room but they said that theres no (2) _____________ity now because the hotel is full. Im so angry with Leo about all this. Last night we had a big (3) _____________ment. Im in a horrible (4) _____________tion and I want to go home! Love, Sara 2

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Jenny does aerobics every Tuesday. Phil _________________________ after school. Matt is into ____________________________ . Sophie and Dave are ____________________ . Lucy and Holly are ______________________ . Sally enjoys ___________________________ .

Unit 1 Grammar
Present tenses
1 Each present simple sentence contains a mistake. Find the error and rewrite the sentence. I not visit chat rooms. I dont visit chat rooms. You plays computer games. _______________________________________ Tom studys French. _______________________________________ Melissa dont go jogging. _______________________________________ The machine washs the clothes. _______________________________________ We flies aeroplanes. _______________________________________ They doesnt live in America. _______________________________________

Adverbs of frequency
4 Read the table and complete the sentences using an adverb of frequency from the box. always hardly ever never often sometimes usually Who? Tara James Leon Maria Diego Anna What? visits her grandmother is late for school washes the dishes is at home at the weekend gets up early goes shopping on Saturdays How often?

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2 Read the answers. Then complete the questions. Where do you live? I live in Madrid. What ______________ you ________________ for dinner? I eat meat or fish with vegetables for dinner. ______________ your sister _______________ animals? Yes, my sister likes animals. ____________ your parents ________________ chess? No, my parents dont play chess. How far ___________________ your brother ___________________ to school? My brother walks two kilometres to school.

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Tara often visits her grandmother. James _______________________________ . Leon _________________________________ . Maria _________________________________ . Diego ________________________________ . Anna ________________________________ .

Present tense contrast

5 Complete the sentences with the verbs in the box. Use the correct tense. believe do go have got play read study want I believe what youre saying. I ________________ jogging in the evenings. John _________________ a book. Theres nothing on TV. Were hungry. We _______________ something to eat. Lily ________________ for an exam tomorrow. They _________________ a lot of homework. What are you ____________________ ? The boys __________________ football later.

3 Read the questions. Then complete the short answers. 1 2 3 4 Do you speak English? Yes, I do.  Does a bike have legs? __________________ , it ____________________ .  Does your mum go to work? _______________ , she ___________________ .  Do cars fly? __________________ , they ___________________ .  Do you and your family swim? _____________ , we ___________________ .  1 2 3 4 5 6 7