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No calorie counting, eat as much as you want...
It really does sound too good to be true - a diet that lets you eat as much as you want, banishes food cravings and allows you to lose up to 14 lb in 5 days (the record is 17lb but 8-10 is quite common). Nutritionist Zo Harcombe has spent 20 years researching weight loss and overeating and has identied three common medical conditions that cause food cravings. I believe people want to be slim more than pretty much anything else in the world, says Zo. So, for someone to nd themselves eating a packet of biscuits, when this is the last thing they want to be doing, something else must be going on. The great thing about this diet is that you really can eat as much food as you want without having to tot up the calories. Enjoy eating salmon, cheese, chicken, steak, eggs, dark chocolate and even red wine and lose weight in the process!

Stop Counting Calories.

The most surprising discovery that Zo made during her research was that there are three common medical conditions that cause insatiable food cravings: Candida albicans, food intolerance and hypoglycaemia. The rst two lead to signicant water retention, while all three cause general health problems as diverse as bloating, thrush, IBS, mood swings, period problems, feeling foggy and believing that your get-up-and-go has got-upand-gone! Even more surprising was that these conditions are often caused by following the current general dietary advice. So, by starting a low-calorie diet, Zo believes you could actually end up a food addict. Zos 10 day plan here will rid your body of cravings and will kick-start you into the last diet youll ever need.

ENJOY eating real food in unlimited quantities. Steak, pasta in rich Italian sauce, Salade Nicoise, berries & cream, bacon and eggs are all encouraged. No more low-fat, low-tasting food here...

FEEL tter, more energetic, clearer minded, and healthier than you may ever have felt. No more bloating, tight rings, tight jeans. Get back your Get-up-and-go!

THINK about how wonderful you are being to your body by nourishing it with minerals and vitamins from natures garden. No need nor room for unhealthy, processed foods..


Join the community, get support and lose weight.

Name: Zo Harcombe Vital Stats: Height-52; Weight-8st; BMI-20-21 Favourite Colour: Red Personal Values: Health, Relationships, Personal Development, Mutuality, Integrity Hobbies: Spending time with hubby, walking the dog, stroking the cat, rugby, socialising. Favourite Books: The Power of Now; The Diet Delusion; The Great Cholesterol Con 5 Words that describe me (according to Hubby): Friendly; Too bright; Enthusiastic: Principled; Passionate (& Short!)


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The Harcombe Diet - 10 day plan

by Zo Harcombe
Unless specied, eat as much as you like, you should not feel hungry. Drink as much water as you like, as well as herbal teas, decaffeinated tea and coffee (no milk or sugar).

strips (carrots, courgetes, onions, Dinner: Steak and a selection of peppers, green beans, baby vegetables. Natural Live Yoghurt. sweetcorn etc). Stir fry them in olive oil on a high heat for 5-10 mins, just DAY 4 in time for the rice to be ready.

Breakfast: 50g (puffed) brown rice cereal (rice must be the only ingredient). Have this dry - its the only way to keep it crunchy.

Breakfast: Porridge made from up to 50g porridge oats. Just pour boiling water from the kettle on the dry oats, until its the consistency you like. Lunch: Chefs Salad - A large mix of salads, grated carrots, beetroot - be really creative with hard boiled eggs and cold meat cuts. Natural Live yoghurt. Dinner: Salmon steaks & a selection of vegetables.

Unless stated, all foods can be cooked in any way roasted, fried, grilled, Lunch: Plain or ham omelette & baked, poached, steamed etc. mixed salad. Use 3 eggs, knob of Replace any meal that you dont like butter, 1/2 teaspoon mixed herbs, ground black pepper, chopped ham with any other meal (dont have (optional). Whisk the eggs until more than one rice/porridge meal a uffy add the herbs and pepper, melt day) and even have the same breakfast and main meals every day, the butter in an omelette pan and add the eggs (and ham), cook it if this works for you. slowly until it becomes rm. If you DAY 1 stir it, you will end up with scrambled eggs (see day 3 Breakfast: Bacon & eggs. Get bacon breakfast!). from the butcher or the meat counter and free-range eggs. Beware Dinner: Pork or lamb chops with a packed bacon as it can have selection of vegetables. Remember dextrose/sugars in it. that potatoes dont count as free Lunch: Salade Nicoise. A tin of tuna or a tuna steak on a large bed of salad. Hard boiled eggs and anchovies are optional. Natural Live (bio) Yoghurt. Dinner: Stir-fry vegetables & Brown Rice. put 50g (dry weight) brown rice on to boil (takes 30 mins), chop up loads of vegetables into batons/ vegetables. Natural Live Yoghurt.

Breakfast: Plain or ham omelette. Lunch: Chicken with vegetables or salad. Natural Live Yoghurt . Dinner: Paella. put 50g of brown rice on to boil, chop up lots of Mediterranean vegetables, stir fry the seafood in olive oil for a couple of mins, until its brown. Set it aside. Stir-fry the veg batons in olive oil 5 mins before the rice will be ready. Then add the rice and seafood into the wok and serve when hot.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs. Lunch: Brown rice salad. pre-cook 50g dry weight brown rice, leave to chill. Add nely chopped salad ingredients and use olive oil and black pepper as a dressing.


...that olive oil has 9 times the saturated fat of pork? ...that the main fat in lard is monounsaturated? ...that fructose (fruit sugar) is called ...that 5-a-day started as a fruit & veg company marketing campaign in 1991? ...that cholesterol is so vitally important to the body that the liver makes it continually? the fattening carb by many scientists?

Trans fat

91% 73% 52% 42% 3% 2% 0%

Do you honestly think that nature would put anything in real food that would harm us?

Nutrition score. Source: USDA

Weigh yourself at this half way point to see just how much you have lost already. The meals marked with (*) should not be eaten in the rst 5 days so dont use these as meal swaps for days 1-5. They can be repeated in days 6-10.

(*) Dont have milk for the rst 5 days to clear your system. Lunch: A sh and vegetable feast: Fish steaks (like salmon/tuna) or a whole sh (like trout/mackerel) anything you like served with a selection of vegetables and a side salad, if you fancy one. Natural Live Yoghurt. Dinner: Roast lamb, pork, beef or chicken. Selection of vegetables.

The 3 Conditions that cause insatiable food cravings

Candida is a yeast, which lives in all of us, and is normally kept under control by our immune system and other bacteria in our body. It usually lives in the digestive system. Candida has no useful purpose. If it stays in balance, it causes no harm. If it multiplies out of control, it can create havoc with our health. Food Intolerance means, quite simply, not being able to tolerate a particular food. Food Intolerance develops when you have too much of a food, too often, and your body just gets to the point where it cant cope with that food any longer. Food Intolerance can make a person feel really unwell. Hypoglycaemia - is literally a Greek translation from hypo meaning under, glykis meaning sweet and emia meaning in the blood together. The three bits all put together mean low blood sugar (glucose). Hypoglycaemia describes the state the body is in if your blood glucose levels are too low. When your blood glucose levels are too low, this is potentially life threatening and your body will try to get you to eat. The Harcombe Diet addresses these three conditions and allows you to make healthy choices without craving any foods that feed these conditions. Please note that it is really important to fully read one of Zos books before trying this plan. It is important to know about the three conditions and the symptoms they cause. You may experience withdrawal symptoms coming off processed food. Find out more at:

Breakfast: 50g puffed brown rice cereal. Lunch: (*) Cheese salad - A mountain of salad (lettuce, celery, cucumber, peppers, grated carrot, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts - go wild! with cubes of different cheeses and a generous dollop of cottage cheese in the middle. Dinner: Beef or chicken stir-fry - as with day 1 dinner but add strips of beef or chicken instead of rice. Natural Live Yoghurt.

Breakfast: Boiled eggs and crudit soldiers (sticks of carrots, celery, peppers etc). Lunch: Ham salad (the usual massive selection of salads be as creative as you can); Berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries whatever you can get hold of) & Natural Live Yogurt. Dinner: Vegetarian curry & brown rice (Our favourite Butternut squash curry recipe is in the diet book and on The Harcombe Diet Club Website).

Breakfast: Natural Live Yoghurt. Lunch: Roast leg of lamb with rosemary and char grilled vegetables. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 200 degrees Celsius. Place leg of lamb in large roasting dish and sprinkle with fresh rosemary. Add handful of garlic cloves and cook until meat done to your liking. Brush a baking tray with olive oil and char grill the veg at the same time. Dinner: Stuffed peppers. Boil 50g (dry weight) brown rice, stir-fry chopped, mixed, vegetables in olive oil and then mix the rice & veg and ll a de-seeded pepper shell. Bake in a medium oven for 20-30 mins, until the pepper is soft to a fork touch..

DAY 10
Breakfast: Cheese (*) and/or ham omelette (*). Save cheese for days 6-10. Lunch: Roast chicken with Char grilled vegetables (Slice courgettes, aubergines, peppers, onions etc and place them on a baking tray brushed with olive oil and grill them until they are charred), Natural Live Yogurt. Dinner: 50g Rice pasta (you can get this in the gluten free section of supermarkets) in 15 min tomato sauce (stir fry an onion and a clove of garlic in olive oil, add a 400g tin of chopped tomatoes, add 2 teaspoons of basil and some black pepper. Simmer for 5-10 mins).

Breakfast: Porridge made from up to 50g porridge oats with semi or skimmed milk or water as desired