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A VIDEO BASED ACTIVITY Little Britain is an award winning character-based comedy sketch show first appearing on BBC radio

and then television. It was written by stars Matt Lucas and David Walliams. Its title is a combination of the terms 'Little England' and 'Great Britain'. Carol Beer is a tour guide working for the Sunsearchers travel office. Warm up activities 1. Where do you usually go on holiday? 2. Do you prefer holidays which include a lot of activities or more relaxing ones? Why? 3. Do you travel independently or do you prefer a package holiday? Why? 4. What are the top five qualities of a good tour guide? Tick your answers and then discuss the results with the class. punctual flexible friendly funny engaging helpful knowledgeable Video 1

1. The old couple is in trouble. Describe the situation in a few words. 2. How do you think they will get back to their hotel? ..

Video 2

1. How would you describe Carol Beers behavior to the old couple? Base your answer on a video footage. 2. The English couple hasnt been lucky in booking an excursion. Watch the video and click the activities they are interested in. 1. Go on an excursion 2. Attend cooking classes 3. Go swimming on a secluded beach 4. Visit a monastery 5. Go snorkeling 6. Attend a concert

B) All the above are booked. What could they do instead? Fill in the table with your ideas and suggestions. 1. They could rent a car and go on an excursion by themselves 2. 3. 4.

Video 3

1. Carol Beer bursts into tears. Do you think her feelings are genuine? Why? 2. The old couple decides to withdraw complaints. What would you have done? .. 3. Along with France and Germany, Spain is one of Europes third world countries. The videos are based on stereotypes about people from South Europe. Can you fill in the table with some of these? 1. They smoke during work 2. 3. 4.

Warm up activities 1. the mountains, an island, a resort, abroad 2. activity holidays (let off steam, keep fit, feel the adrenaline, escape from routine) Non activity holidays (relax, charge batteries, indulge in a good book etc.) 3. travel independently (follow your own schedule, meet the locals, feel the adventure, cheaper form of holidays) Package holidays (no worries about tickets and accommodation, meet other people, safe way of travelling) 4. various answers depending on the students opinions Video 1 1) They ask the coach driver to pull over because the lady feels nauseous. However Carol Beer asks the driver to drive off without them. So the couple is left behind in the middle of nowhere. 2) They will hitch hike, walk, call for a taxi, call the tour operator back home, call the embassy. Video 2 1) She is rude, ironic, unhelpful and indifferent. Firstly, she refuses to help them because its not 9 oclock yet. Also, she is unwilling to help them find an activity to do(computer says no). Finally she insinuates they are quite old. 2) 1, 4 and 6 3) They could spend their day by the pool, they could visit a spa, walk alone in the streets of the town, visit a museum , book a day trip in another tourist office etc. Video 3 1. No, she is afraid of losing her job 2. I would have called the tour operator back home to ask for her dismissal/ for compensation/I would have demanded another tour guide etc. 3. People are impolite, women are hairy, workers are not punctual and efficient, workers are lazy, hotel amenities are not of high standards. Resources (video1) (video 2) (video 3)

Created by Eleni Tsagari

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