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BJ Sandstone Acid System

Improve stimulation in sandstone formations

The patented Baker Hughes BJ Sandstone Acid systems improve well productivity by distributing acid more uniformly throughout the formation and reducing formation deconsolidation compared with conventional hydrochloric/hydrofluoric (HCl/HF) mud acid blends. With low total acidity and high dissolving power, these systems remove fines damage and stimulate flow paths beyond the near-wellbore formation region. The acid systems control HF acid spending, providing deeper effective treatment compared to conventional HF acid and retarded acid treatment solutions.


fracturing operations in sandstone formations acidizing in sandstone formations control completions well stimulation



Technical Data
Typical properties Typical temperature range Up to 500F (260C)

Geothermal Fines

removal and stabilization treatments

Features and Benefits


Safety Precautions
Refer to the material safety data sheet (MSDS) for handling, transport, environmental information, and first aid.

HCl/HF acid blend

Moderates the reaction of HF with sandstone Improves acid penetration to maximize stimulated area Limits formation deconsolidation from excessive sandface dissolution Simplifies corrosion control


Sandstone acid systems brochure stimulation capabilities brochure

an organic acid complex

Minimizes risks of plugging by controlling precipitation of dissolved scale and reaction byproducts Minimizes additive requirements and risks of incompatibility

with common mix waters, energizing gases, acid corrosion inhibitors, and other common additives
Minimizes risks of formation damage Facilitates logistics and testing requirements and reduces associated costs
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