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Lesson Title: Name: Peer Pressure Lesson # Subject: 1 Date: November 27, 2012 Grade(s): 6

Deanna Stefanyshyn

Computers / Health and Career

Rationale: Students are faced with peer pressure situations in everyday life. By discussing what peer pressure is and strategies for dealing with it students will gain the knowledge to Prescribed Learning Outcome(s): Assess the influence that peers have on individuals attitudes and behaviour Instructional Objective(s): Students will be able to define the terms: peer pressure, verbal pressure, non-verbal pressure, Prerequisite Concepts and Skills: Materials and Resources: Teacher - Peer pressure scenarios - Smart Notebook Page for students to recreate - Wall Wisher Website for exit slip Students - Computer - Log In - Smart Notebook

Lesson Activities: Teacher Activities Introduction (anticipatory set): Ask all students to come in log on and begin All the Right Type. Choose 1 student to go down and get something from my box. While they are away tell all the students to go on Cool Math Kids. Ensure the instructions of what all the students are to do is on the board. When the student comes back monitor what they do. Body: 1) Inform the student that they were the subject of our activity. - Why did you sit on you go on Cool Math for Kids? usual answer is because everyone else is) - Do you always do what everyone else does? Questions to ask the individual if they did All the Right Type: - Why did you do All the Right Type when everyone else is on Cool Math for Kids? - Why wouldnt you do what everyone else is doing? - I congratulate the individual if they choose to do all the right type, and let them know that they didnt fall into peer pressure 3) Demonstrate how to use Wall Wisher - Have students do a think pair share using Wall Wisher - have students post instances where they were the subject or witnessed peer pressure 7 minutes - Participate in the discussion. - Participate in the activity 3 minutes Student Activities Time

- Have students post instances where they have witnessed or been the subject of peer pressure. They may change their names or make it anonymous.

5 minutes

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4)Pose the question: Could you put these examples into categories? 10 minutes - Have students create a Table with the title Peer Pressure Vocabulary - Have students add the terms peer pressure, verbal pressure and non-verbal pressure to their charts. Have them put an example of each. Closure: 5 minutes Pose the question Does all peer pressure have to be negative. Have them use Wall Wisher to answer.

Organizational and/or Behavioural Management Strategies: Ensure students have monitors off during the discussion phase. Assessment and Evaluation: Students will post an exit slip on Wall Wisher to demonstrate understanding of what peer pressure is. Extensions: Students may create their own comics about peer pressure that involve verbal and non-verbal scenarios. Differentiated Instruction (Universal Design for Learning UDL): - Students may use a translator to understand the terms being used. - Students that are finished early may go on All the Right Type -

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