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Questionnaire FMS

By Courtney L. Teague EDD 8006 System Analysis and Design

Nova Southeastern University October 7, 2012

Distance Learning at FMS Needs Assessment Questionnaire Parents thank you for participating in the FMS distance learning needs assessment. This questionnaire is to be completed once you have reviewed the description of the proposed program. If you have any questions regarding the completion of this questionnaire please contact, Courtney L. Teague, project lead by email Please submit the completed questionnaire by 10/31/2012 Personal Details (These details are required for communication purposes and will not be disclosed or sold) Your Name: _________________________________________________________________ Number:_____________________________________________________________________ Email:________________________________________________________________________ Childs Name:__________________________________________________________ Childs Grade:__________________________________________________________ Instructions For Completing The Questionnaire This questionnaire is Question 1- Circle one level that represents your level of satisfaction Question 2-Select yes or no Question 3- Place a check mark in one box Question 4-Circle option Question 5- Select number that describes your belief

Question 1 : Rate your level of satisfaction with the traditional school system Circle (only one) Level of Satisfaction 5 point 1 Not at all satisfied 2 slightly satisfied 3 moderately satisfied 4 Very satisfied 5 Extremely satisfied Question 2: Prior to beginning the course, I (and my child) will be able to complete distance learning technology orientation Select yes or no ___Yes _____No

Question 3: Will student have access to complete assignments? Check one box ______Computer with Internet access is available home _______I am available to take student to library (or any area with computer and Internet access) _______I am not able to provide a computer with Internet access Question 4: Which computer operating system is available? Circle option a. Mac b. PC c. Both Question 5: How will you rate your knowledge of distance learning? Circle one choice with 1 being unknowledgeable, 2-4 represents in between, 5 Veryknowledgeable (5) Very knowledgeable (4) (3) (2) (1) Unknowledgeable