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The Elephant Man Pre-Reading Questions

1. Who is Bernard Pomerance? When and where was he born? 2. Is this going to be a horror story, sad story, happy story, ghost story? 3. What do you think the elephant man is? 4. How did Bernard first get into theatre? What are the names of two more plays? 5. Where and when did The Elephant Man first play? Who wrote the original novel? 6. What are two themes you expect to see in this play? How does one of these themes connect to a piece of literature we have already covered this semester? 7. Where is The Elephant Man set? Why is this an important factor? 8. What was a social problem that London was experiencing in the nineteenth century? 9. What was released in 1859? Why was this important? 10. What happened in 1867? What was ignited from this new movement? 11. How might the Prince of Wales play a role in this story? 12. Who was Joseph Merrick? What condition did he have? 13. What are the clinical features of this syndrome? 14. When would these features develop? Is there a cure for this syndrome?