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The following documents represent some of the reasons Officer Colleen Abendano of the Hayden Police Department has

been placed on the Brady List in Gila County. It also represents some of the main reasons she should have never been in law enforcement to begin with.
Lying on her law enforcement applications and failing polygraph exams are exemplared in the attached documents. Note that the maint thrust of the questioning of her truthfulness relates to her use of marijuana and methamphetamines. The question of her use of meth was never addressed by the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and testing. She also lied about any prior police contact. Between the news articles of her deceased husband and her and Tucson PD's search warrant of her residence a multitude of questions remain. In the final analysis you must ask yourself if you would want her handling your case or your family's in any police related matter. Not that she's going to be allowed to testify at any event.