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_______________________________________________________________________________ | | | | | Anarchy Today | | | | Article #1 Issue #1 | | | | Acetone Peroxide Explosive | | | | Brought to you by | | | | Jack The Ripper | | | |_____________________________________________________________________________| This

explosive can not only be used as an explosive, but also as a detonator. I will go into this one very detailed and all my following articles will be the same. -=-=-=-=-=-MATERIALS-=-=-=-=-=Name ---Hydrogen Peroxide Acetone Sulfuric Acid Source -----Hair Bleach, Drug Stores and Hair supply Stores Hardware Stores and Drug Stores Clear battery acid boiled until white fumes appear.

Eye Dropper or Syringe w/ glass tube Graduated Cylinder (cc or ml) Thermometer (0 to 100 degrees C) Glass Containers Large Pan Ice and Salt Water Paper Towels All the above can easily be commandeered from you school laboratory for your own purposes. -=-=-=-=-=-PROCEDURE-

-=-=-=-=-=1) Mix 30 ml of Acetone and 50ml of Hydrogen Peroxide into a glass container and mix thoroughly. 2) Cool it by plaicing it in a larger container containing ice, salt, and water. Now cool it to 5 degrees Celcius. 3) Add 2.5 ml of concentrated ulfuric acid to the mixture slowly (drop by drop w/ the eye dropper). Stir the mixture w/the thermometer keeping the the temperature between 5-10 degrees celcius. If the temperature rises don't shit just stop adding the sulfuric acid until it cools down then start adding it again. 4) Now that you got all the acid into the mixture continue stirring for another 5 minutes. 5) Now let the mixture stand for 12 to 24 hours in the ice/salt bath. 6) After 12 hours the crystals of acetone peroxide will precipitate out of the once clear solution. Precipitation should be done after 24 hours. 7) Now filter out the crystals through a paper towel attached to a jar with a rubber band. Then after that wash the crystals by pouring ice cold water over them, letting the water rinse the crystals and filter down through the paper towel into the jar. 8) Select a container and allow them to dry. -=-=-=-USES!-=-=-=Now this can be used as an explosive however it is the simplest detonator that I have ever encountered. It works best in 2.5 inch lengths of brass tubing with one end sealed. The only drawback is that it must be used quickly as Acetone Peroxide deteriorates quickly. I have found that keeping it refrigerated seems to make it last longer however for optimum effects it should be used 7 days after manufacture at the latest. It also can be used to detonate almost every Ammonium Nitrate compound, and Ammonium Nitrate itself for that matter. Later... Jack The Ripper _______________________________________________________________________________ | | | | | Anarchy Today | | | | Article #2 Issue #1 | | | | Fertilizer/Hydrazine Liquid Explosive | | | | Brought to you by | | | | Jack The Ripper | | | |_____________________________________________________________________________|

This one is a killer it is more powerful and more brisant than C-4. However you need a blasting cap to detonate or a homemade compound detonater. Namely Acetone Peroxide detonaters can be used here or Mini-Compound Detonators. -=-=-=-=-=-MATERIALS-=-=-=-=-=Name ---Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer (no less than 32% Nitrogen) or pure Anhydrous Hydrazine (Be careful with this one it is very reactive!!!) Large Mixing Container *GLASS* stirring rod Storage Container w/tight lid Blasting Cap or Compound Detonater -=-=-=-=-=-PROCEDURE-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=*NOTE* mixing these two is the same as baking soda and vinegar so the reaction is very effervescant and can bubble over the top so use a jar 6 times the volume of the Hydrazine! Also large volumes of ammonia gas are realeased when these two are mixed so wear a gas mask or be upwind of the mixing. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=1) Pour into the container the an amount of Anhyrdrous Hydrazine equal to the amount of explosive required. 2) Ammonium Nitrate Prilled or Powdered is added a teaspoon at a time to the container, then wait for it to dissolve (stirring constantly), and then add more. 3) Continue the above process until the ammonium nitrate no longer dissolves into the hydrazine, and don't worry about the small amount of ammonium nitrate left over. 4) Now your basically done and you have an explosive more powerful than any military explosive. 5) To make it more powerful add 20% aluminum powder to the mixture (100 mesh or finer) -=-=-=-USES!Source -----Farm and Feed Stores Chemical Supply House

-=-=-=This mixture has unique absorbtion and retention properties, and can be poured directly on the ground for a liquid land mine. This type of land mine is totally disquised and cannot be noticed, and all you need to do is bury a compound detonater in the ground, which can be detonated by a step switch etc... This type of land mine remains detonatable for up to four days regardless of rain etc... It can also be poured into a container and used as a bomb. Later... Jack The Ripper _______________________________________________________________________________ | | | | | Anarchy Today | | | | Article #3 Issue #1 | | | | RDX Explosive | | | | Brought to you by | | | | Jack The Ripper | | | |_____________________________________________________________________________| The reason I wrote this is because the other file I saw on how to make RDX was so shabby and lame it was probably written by an eight year old mental patient. So here is mine easy! Straightforward! Comphrehendible! -=-=-=-=-=-MATERIALS-=-=-=-=-=Name ---Hexamethylenetetramine (Hexamin) Source -----Drug stores under the names Hexamin, Urotropine, and Methenamine Chemical Supply House or some Hardware stores Drug Stores and Hardware Stores

Strong Nitric Acid Acetone Scale with gram accuracy Graduated Cylinder (cc or ml) or measuring cups

Thermometer 20-100 degrees celcius or 68-212 degrees farenheit

Several large quart canning jars Two large basins or bowls made of metal or some other heatable metal Paper Towels -=-=-=-=-=-PROCEDURE-=-=-=-=-=1) Place one half cup or 120 ml or cc of nitric acid in a large canning jar and bring the temperature to between 20 and 30 degrees celcius (68-86 F) by putting the jar in a basin of cold water. 2) Keep the thermometer in the jar so you can closely maintain the temperature between your basins of hot and cold water. 3) Weigh out 70 grams by weight or 18 teaspoons by volume of hexamine. Then start adding the hexamin slowly at 1/2 teaspoon at a time over a 15 minute time period. All the while maintaining the temperature between 20 and 30 degrees celcius by moving it in and out of the cold water basins. 4) When all the hexamin is dissolved in the acid heat the solution to 55 degrees celcius (131 F) by placing the jar in a basin of hot water. Then maintain this temperature for about ten minutes. 5) Now remove the jar from the basin of hot water and place it in the basin of cold water and cool the jar to 20 degrees celcius (68 F). Now when the solution reaches 20 degrees celcius add 3 cups (750ml) of cold water and white salt will appear. 6) Now the white salt is RDX and should be handled with care. Now filter the Acid/Water/RDX solution through a paper towel covering the mouth of another jar. 7) Wash the RDX crystals off the paper towel and add an additional 3 cups of fresh cold water and a teaspoon of sodium carbonate to neutralize the acid. Now stir rapidly for 3 minutes and then filter it out again. 8) It is now usable, but I prefer purifying it by filling a quart canning jar 2/3 full of acetone and heating the acetone then adding the RDX crystals to it a half teaspoon at a time until it completely dissolves in the acetone. 9) Now that it is all dissolved let the solution cool to room temperature and let it stand for one hour. The RDX will then precipitate again into it's salt. Then you must filter it through a paper towel around another jar and rinse it with cold water the same way you did before. Now you have the finished product roguhly 1 and 1/2 ounces of RDX. 10) Now store your finished product (after it dries) in a jar with a air tight lid for future use. Seeing that RDX does not lose it's effectiveness for months. -=-=-=-USES!-=-=-=-

RDX is a very powerful explosive however it can be compressed into tubes to make detonators. Later in this newsletter I will prescribe a method for making detonators in which RDX will be used along with other explosives before mentioned. RDX however is sensitive to friction, and can be used as an explosive by itself. It is also commonly refered to as Clyclonite. Later... Jack The Ripper _______________________________________________________________________________ | | | | | Anarchy Today | | | | Article #4 Issue #1 | | | | Mini-Compound Detonator's | | | | Brought to you by| | | | Jack The Ripper | | | |_____________________________________________________________________________| This is basically a tutorial in making detonaters, and there are a few rules, that I would like each and every one of you to follow. Making detonators is very very dangerous considering that the purpose of detonators is for them to be sensitive and easily detonated, so be careful. Also the detonators I am telling you how to make are small, but the same principle can be applied on a larger scale. -=-=-=-=-=-MATERIALS-=-=-=-=-=Name ---Empty .22 Magnum shells or copper/brass/aluminum tubing 1/4 inch in diameter and 1 inch long. These tubes must also be closed at one end. Source -----Gun stores or Hardware Stores

A substantial quantity of Secondary Explosive i.e. RDX RDX Article 3 this (amount depends on how many detonaters you intend to issue of "Anarchy make) or PETN can be substituted here. Today" PETN is the center filling of detonating cords. A substantial quantity of primary explosive i.e. Mercury Fulminate or Acetone Peroxide. An ignition charge of black powder. A loading press (commonly used for reloading shells Acetone Peroxide Article 1 this issue of "Anarchy Today" Gun stores FFF black powder. Gun stores

also please be safe considering a few of these detonaters may detonate when being compressed, so take the neccessary precautions such as safty glasses etc...) -=-=-=-=-=-PROCEDURE-=-=-=-=-=*NOTE* dirt or oil may sensitize the detonators to an unsafe level so when handling the primary and secondary and ingnition charges use tongs. Also boil a bucket of water in the room as humidity helps or if your in a house turn your shower on hot and leave it on! 1) 2) Now light a candle, and let two drops of wax drip into each shell casing before use. Then let the wax cool down. Now fill the casing to a depth of 1/4 inch with RDX or PETN, and then *GENTLY and SLOWLY* insert the ram and compress the explosive slowly and evenly. Now remove the ram slowly and carefully. Continue this process adding small amounts of RDX or PETN until a column of secondary explosive 5/8 of an inch high has been pressed into the 1 inch shell casing. Now add a small amount of Primary explosive the same way you added the secondary explosive on top of the secondary explosive. Now add the Mercury Fulminate or Acetone Peroxide on top of the 5/8 inch column of secondary explosive and compress it with the ram until it reaches a height of primary explosive 1/4 inch high. Now compress the remaining 1/8 of an inch with black powder. Now seal the top with wax paper or tape until ready for use.




-=-=-=-=-DIAGRAM-=-=-=-=| | | | 1 INCH------< | | | | +-+-+ +Key+ +-+-+ @ = Black Powder (Ignition Charge) ++++++ |@@@@| |****| |****| |####| |####| |####| |####| |####| |----| |====|

* = Mercury Fulminate or Acetone Peroxide (Primary Charge) # = RDX or PETN (Secondary Charge) - = Two drops of wax on Bottom + = Tape covering top = = The bottom of shell casing | = Sides of .22 Magnum Shell -=-=-=-USES!-=-=-=These little beauties can be used for almost any purpose or a larger version can be used where a hard to detonate substance is used. Their main use is for minature hand grenades and other small explosives. The next issue of "Anarchy Today" will cover various things such as explosive candles, etc... Later... Jack The Ripper _______________________________________________________________________________ | | | | | Anarchy Today | | | | Article #5 Issue #1 | | | | Potassium Chlorate/Sugar Ignitor | | | | Brought to you by | | | | Jack The Ripper | | | |_____________________________________________________________________________| This ignitor is one of my many favorites, it can be ignited by either concentrated sulfuric or nitric acids. It also works excellently as a time delay, which I will detail later. -=-=-=-=-=-MATERIALS-=-=-=-=-=Name ---Potassium Chlorate Sugar (Granulated) Source -----Drug Stores and chemical supply houses Grocery Store

Measuring Container (Cup, Tablespoon, etc...) Storage Container w/tight fitting lid Mixing Container w/tight fitting lid Two flat boards (one large 36x36 and the other small so it can be held in the hand). -=-=-=-=-=-PROCEDURE-=-=-=-=-=1) Spread handful at a time the potassium chlorate on the large board and rub with the other flatboard or a rolling pin until the particles resemble granulated sugar. Now measure out 2 parts by volume of sugar into the container, and then add 3 parts by volume of the Potassium Chlorate to the container. Now recap the container and shake the mixture for 4-5 minutes until it has a uniform color and consistency. Store for future use in an air tight container, but remember to shake it up before use to re-mix any settled particles.



-=-=-=-USES!-=-=-=Now for a delayed reaction place the acid in a gelatin capsule and bury the gelatin capsule in the Potassium Chlorate mixture. Depending on how many gelatin capsules you use and their size depends on the delay. It can range from 20 minutes to and hour or more. This type of ignitor reaches a temperature of 3,200 degrees farenheit and can ignite most incendiaries. It can also be compacted into a pipe to create a low power pipe bomb. Later... Jack The Ripper _______________________________________________________________________________ | | | | | Anarchy Today | | | | Artilce #6 Issue #1 | | | | Sulfur and Aluminum Igniter | | | | Brought to you by | | | | Jack The Ripper | |_____________________________________________________________________________|

This is more of a secondary ignitor for those tough to ignite incendiaries such as thermite etc... It is relatively easy to make and safe to handle so therefore it is an excellent ignitor, and it does not lose it's effectiveness quickly. -=-=-=-=-=-MATERIALS-=-=-=-=-=Name ---Fine Aluminum Powder Sulfur Measuring Container(Cup, tablespoon, etc...) Mixing Container w/tight fitting lid Storage Container w/tight fitting lid (airtight) Two Flat Boards one hand size and the other 36x36 or a big board and a rolling pin -=-=-=-=-=-PROCEDURE-=-=-=-=-=1) 2) Spread the sulfur out on the board and crush into a fine powder (dust) Measure out 4 parts by volume of finely powdered sulfur to 1 part by volume of aluminum powder. Now mix these two in the mixing container by closing the lid and shaking it up for 4-5 minutes until a uniform color and consistancy are achieved. Store the igniter in a waterproof container until ready for use. Also re-shake before use to re-mix and settled particles. Source -----Paint Stores (Bronzing Powder) Drug Stores


-=-=-=-USES!-=-=-=This is mainly used to ignite thermite. Four spoonfuls of this aluminum/sulfur igniter are added on top of the thermite, and one spoonful of potassium chlorate/sugar igniter is added on top of that. Now when the potassium Chlorate/sugar igniter is ignited it in turn ignites the aluminum/sulfur igniter. This igniter reaches an incredible heat, and should not be watched igniting without dark lensed protective eyewear, as it may cause blindness. _______________________________________________________________________________ | | | | | Anarchy Today |

| | | Article #7 Issue #1 | | | | HTH/Brake Fluid Incendiary | | | | Brought to you by | | | | Jack The Ripper | | | |_____________________________________________________________________________| This is a very effective time delayed incendiary that anyone can make, and get the materials too. It is simple and easy and inexpensive, so enjoy. Also this incendiary bursts into flames when brake fluid comes in contact with the Calcium Hypochlorite. -=-=-=-=-=-MATERIALS-=-=-=-=-=Name ---Granular Calcium Hypochlorite 70% HTH swimming pool purifier Brake Fluid Two Cans of *EQUAL* size Tape Nail or Small Drill -=-=-=-=-=-PROCEDURE-=-=-=-=-=1) Take your two cans and remove the contents, and then wash them out thoroughly. Now drill or puncture a small hole in the bottom center of one of the cans. Now drill or puncture a series of small holes evenly spaced in the side of the other can, and cover them with tape. Now tape the top can (the can with one hole) on top of the other can (the one with a lot of holes taped over) Now place this set up in the center of a pile of Calcium Hypochlorite. Now Depending on the delay time required remove the tape from over the appropriate number of holes. To start the delay just add brake fluid to the top can and let it start to drip down. Sources ------Swimming pool supply house or bleaching agent Auto Parts Store or Gas Station

2) 3) 4)


-=-=-=-=-Diagram-=-=-=-=------------------<------Top Can |________________| || || || || || || || <---------Brake Fluid || || ||_______O<-----------Drip Hole -----------------++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++<-------Tape bonding cans together -----------------| | | O |<------ O's are the delay holes | | |+++++++O++++++++|<------Taped over hole | | | O | &&&&&&| |&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&|+++++++O++++++++|<------Taped over hole &&&&&&&&&&&&&&------------------&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& <------ &'s is the Calcium Hypochlorite _______________________________________________________________________________ | | | | | Anarchy Today | | | | Article #8 Issue #1 | | | | Incendiary Timed Delay Moltov Cocktail | | | | Brought to you by | | | | Jack The Ripper | | | |_____________________________________________________________________________| Please note that the detonating capsules used here will be refered to most likely in a later issue, because they work excellently. Also this bomb disperses flaming oil and gasoline quickly, so steer clear of it when it goes off. -=-=-=-=-=-MATERIALS-=-=-=-=-=Name ---Potassium/Chlorate Sugar igniter Source -----"Anarchy Today" Issue 1

Article 5 Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Clear battery acid boiled until white fumes appear Drug Store and Veterinary Clinics Gun Stores or Shotgun Shells Liquor Store or Garbage

Gelatin Capsules (sizes 0,00, and 000) Lead Shot Narrow Neck Bottles (i.e. Wine bottles etc...) Oil Gasoline -=-=-=-=-=-PROCEDURE-=-=-=-=-=1)

Empty out the contents of the gelatin capsules if any and separate them. Now fill the smaller half of the capsule 1/4 full of lead shot. Now fill the remaining space with the potassium chlorate/sugar igniter. Now pack it down, and place the larger end cap on the packed main capsule. Now set this aside for later use. Now repeat this process until a number of capsules have been produced. Store in a airtight container for future use.


3) -=-=-=-USES!-=-=-=1)

Now your ready to make the incendiary device. Fill your wine bottle about 1/4 inch high with Sulfuric Acid, and then fill the remaining space 3/4 full of a gasoline/oil mixture in a 1:1 ratio or half gas and half oil (same thing). Now to detonate drop in three or four of the previously prepared capsules, and turn the bottle upside down. (The neck of the bottle downward) What this does is the capsules with the lead shot in them sink to the neck of the bottle where the heavier Sulfuric Acid is concentrated. Now in about 20 minutes the acid will eat through the capsules and a white hot flame will explode the bottle dispersing the gasoline and oil mixture. For a prolonged time delay place the capsule inside a larger capsule.



4) Later...

Jack The Ripper

_______________________________________________________________________________ | | | | | Anarchy Today | | | | Article #9 Issue #1 | | | | Miniature Claymore Mine | | | | Brought To You By | | | | Jack The Ripper | | | |_____________________________________________________________________________| This is devasting and should be used in malls or other heavily trafficked areas. It has a kill range of 50 yards (half a football field), and is one of the best I have seen, and it's fun to watch too! -=-=-=-=-=-MATERIALS-=-=-=-=-=Name ---Potassium Chlorate Nitrobenzene Measuring Container (Cup, Tablespoon, etc...) Double-Sided Adhesive Tape Small Alnico 5 Horseshoe Magnets Epoxy Resin A Lot of 1/4 Inch Ball Bearings Soap dishes consisting of two separate halves That fit together with the bottom half and the top half bevelled Flat board 36x36 and another flat board or Rolling Pin -=-=-=-=-=-PROCEDURE-=-=-=-=-=1) First off crush the Potassium Chlorate between the two boards or with the rolling pin until it is a very very very fine powder. Source -----Drug Stores and Chemical Supply Houses Drug Stores (Oil of Mirbane) and Chemical Supply Houses


Fill the top half of the soap dish to a depth of 3/4 inch with 1/4 inch diameter ball bearings held together with a light coating of epoxy resin. Now cut a hole in the bottom half and cover it with tape. The hole should be big enough for you to pour the nitrobenzene into later and big enough to fit a detonater into. Now pack the bottom half tightly with Potassium Chlorate, very tightly leaving no extra room. Now tape the two halves together tightly, and your pretty much done.


4) 5) -=-=-=-USES!-=-=-=1)

When your ready to use your charge simply pour in the nitrobenzene. The correct ratio is 1 part by volume of nitrobenzene to 4 parts by volume of potassium chlorate. Now if you didn't read this through and keep track of the amount of potassium chlorate you used, then you fucked up and won't get optimum results. Now allow the nitrobenzene to soak in for 4-6 minutes, and then insert your electronically initiated or time fused detonater into the hole. Now seal around the hole with epoxy resin Now use the magnets and the tape to attach the charge 3 feet above the ground with the ball bearing side facing outward. Now you can either use an egg timer or a stepswitch (Underground detonater activated by weight) or you can use the good old time fuse running into a mini-compound detonater.


3) 4)

Later... Jack The Ripper _______________________________________________________________________________ | | | | | Anarchy Today | | | | Article #10 Issue #1 | | | | Shotgun Shell Impact Grenade | | | | Brought To You By| | | | Jack The Ripper | | | |_____________________________________________________________________________| This is an excellent little toy, and can save your life. It not only disperses crowds, but also legs, arms, feet, etc...

-=-=-=-=-=-MATERIALS-=-=-=-=-=Name ---Potassium Chlorate/Nitrobenzene Mini-Compound Detonater 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Wood Dowel or Steel Bar 11/16' in Diameter and any length beyon 1/2' Hacksaw Drill with 1/4' bit Pieces of Cloth 12' x 1/2' Epoxy Resin Electrical Tape Steel Ball Bearing 3/8' in Diameter -=-=-=-=-=-PROCEDURE-=-=-=-=-=1) 2) Cut open or open up the front end of a 12 gauge shotgun shell, and empty out the entire contents saving only the casing. To ensure the mini detonater is centered use the hacksaw to cut a 1/2' length of 11/16' steel bar or wooden dowel. Now drill a 1/4' diameter hole in the center of the 1/2' long wood or metal cylinder. After the guide has been prepared then glue it in place on the primer inside the shotgun shell casing. *NOTE* do not get any glue on the primer itself. Now place the minicompound detonater open side down in the cylinder and glue it into place. Now fill the remaining space in the shotshell with Potassium Chlorate ***CAREFULLY***. Now close off the end with tape, and when ready to use simply pour in the nitrobenzen activator. After this is accomplished tape a 3/8' steel ball bearing over the primer on the outside of the shell over the primer. Now tape the cloth streamers around the upside of the shell casing to ensure stability in flight and also helping it to land on the downside or primer side. Now tape nails around the shell with notches filed 1/4' apart all along them. Source -----Article #9 Issue #1 Artilce #4 Issue #1 Gunstore Hardware Stores




-=-=-=-=-DIAGRAM-=-=-=-=\ / \ | / \ \/ \|/ / |\ /\| | \ \ / // / \ \/ // / \ \\||/ ------|%%%%%%%| |%%%%%%%| |%%%%%%%| |%%%%%%%| |%%+++%%| |%%+++%%| |%%+++%%| |%%+++%%| |&&+++&&| |&&+++&&| ---"--\ O / ===== +-+-+ +KEY+ +-+-+ + = Mini Compound Detonater & = Wood or Metal Holding Cylinder for Mini-Compound Detonater = = Tape O = Ball Bearing % = Potassium Chlorate/Nitrobenzene High Explosive \ |\/ = Cloth Streamers " = Primer -=-=-=-USES!-=-=-=1) Pour the nitrobenzene into the upside of the shell and then wait 3-4 minutes. Then to use simply throw at a target or group of people and upon impact the grenade will detonate itself. To use as a booby trap simply place it with the ball bearing side up in the ground where someone will step on it. Minus the cloth streamers or simply make the shell look the way it was before, and some poor shithead will eventually fire it resulting in death. Seeing that the barrel will most likely blow him apart.


Later... Jack The Ripper Well this about sums it up for my first issue of "Anarchy Today". I would like your feedback and responses on this first issue. Also I would like to take the time to thank the C.I.A. for making much of this information available to me. Also I would like to thank Lord Blix for being such a good guy and NOSE for being there for me during those grueling nights when I was writing this newsletter. Also I am accepting articles for the next issue, and the Newsletter will not be exclusively dedicated to anarchy, but it will retain it's name. So be looking for it! Also submit all artices to...... The Anarchists Underground.........................................713-890-0561 Thank you for your support and help, and please submit articles and help us grow into a booming magazine. Later... Jack The Ripper ___________________________________________________________________________ | | | Anarchy Today Issue #2 | | | | | | | | This is an "Organized Crime" Production | | | | | | Call London at Midnight | | | | | | 713-523-3733 | | | | | | The Home Base of Anarchy Today and Organized Crime | | | | | | Brought to you by | | | | | | | | Jack The Ripper | | | |___________________________________________________________________________|

This is the second issue of "Anarchy Today", and it deals with explosives, evading bomb squad tactics, etc...... We are not only limited to explosives and pyrotechnics, and are accepting articles on almost any subject for future issues. ************ *DISCLAIMER* ************ The writers nor the publisher nor the editor nor Jack The Ripper take any responsibility for the end actions of the user. I am only exercising my right to the first amendment,"Freedom of Speech", and as long as degenerate smut is published under the protection of this warped amendment, well then fuck off cause I have equal protection of the law. So if you wanna fuck with me bring it on my lawyers will eat you alive! Sincerely Yours, Jack The Ripper

____________________________________________________________________________ | | | Anarchy Today Issue #2 Article #1 | | | | Evading Bomb Squad Tactics | | | | Written By| | | | The Wizard of 713 | |___________________________________________________________________________|

This article will deal with the modern methods used by police and military bomb squad teams and how to overcome them. Most police forces have a bomb squad or IED(Improvised Explosive Device)unit, but some rely on the army EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) unit. This is done, because small local police forces rarely have a need for a bomb squad or the funding to outrig one with the necessary equipment. Well enough of the background on with the article, in which I will outlay equipment and how to evade it. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Police Protection-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=As of the writing of this article the most widely used form of protection is the Canadian Safeco body suits. These suits are made of kevlar and ballistic material and basically protect the pig from shrapnel and shock wave. However there are many design flaws in the suit, which I will outline.

(1) The officers hands must be exposed, because gloves would be too bulky to maneuver, and hinder his sense of touch. (2) The other design flaw is the suit weighs a little over 50 pounds, and there is the constant problem of heat stroke etc...; Since the suit is very hot. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Overcoming This Problem-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=The solution here is quite simple, and the best option is to leave the best option is to either... (A) (B) (C) (D) Put the bomb out in the direct sunlight if you live in a hot climate. (A hot climate is temperatures in the 98-108 range.) Place the explosive device in a boiler room. Place it under a primary heating duct. Use your imagination your intelligent.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Disarming Robots!-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=The police force recently has been employing robots in disarming procedures. The most popular one is the Pedsco RMI a canadian robot that runs on six pneumatic tires; It also has a camera and a claw all of which are controlled remotely. These robots however are pretty much strictly limited to large police forces, because of their cost. The design flaws in this are obvious... (1) It is like the game where you get the prize with the claw. Or in other words it is difficult to operate, and is mainly used for moving the explosive device into a bomb transporter. It only has one camera and one has to become extremely accustomed to the new depth perception via the camera. They are almost never used in disarming procedures since they are too jerky. They are used to move the explosive to a bomb transporter.

(2) (3)

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Overcoming This Problem-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=There are many different solutions, which can be applied here. I will outline a few of the more interesting ones that won't readily come to mind. (A) This is my personnel favorite employ multiple explosives, and surround your bomb with minurature landmines, which will destroy the disarming robot. Another is to employ a secondary detonator into your device which is shock or sudden movement sensitive, so that if the operator of the claws drops the explosive or jolts it, it will detonate.



Another is to attach multiple detonators to the sides of the explosive so that when the claws close in on the device it will detonate.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Portable X-rays-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Police have more often used portable x-ray units. These units are called inspectors, and manufactured by golden. They run on their own batteries and use polaroid x-ray film. These are most effective usually since a relatively accurate x-ray can be procured in less than 20 seconds. The obvious design flaws in the are as follows: (1) (2) Certain materials are not susceptible to x-ray such as lead. It takes a well trained person to interpret an x-ray correctly.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Overcoming This Problem-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=The ways of overcoming this are obvious, but I will outlay them here for those of you whose minds are slow. (A) (B) Encasing the explosive device in lead or some other material which will successfully evade the x-ray. Adding shit or miscellaneous metals inside the bomb to confuse the person interpreting the x-ray.

-=-==-=-=-Dearmers-=-==-=-=What the fuck is a dearmer you ask? Well a dearmer is usually employed by the bomb squad when it is apparent that device can be made docile by destroying it's wiring.A dearmer is an electronically fired gun that shoots a variety of projectiles at a high velocity into the explosive. The purpose of this is to destroy the wiring rendering the explosive useless. They look like miniature pipes, and can be fired remotely.There are a few design flaws here, but less than before that can be manipulated to our advantage. (1) They can't cut through steel.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Overcoming This Problem-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=(A) (B) The solution here is to encase the wiring in some way to prevent cutting. Another method for those of you who dare is to coat the wiring of the device with a compound that will detonate from shock, and will in turn detonate the explosive.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Bomb Transport Vehicles-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Yes, those oddly shaped vehicles that they carry away our explosives in. Well this took quite a bit of research to find out all of the types, but here it goes. The first type is the spherical transporter, round in shape it is used when even a directed blast could cause injury, death, or destruction i.e. in such areas as where there are tall buildings and a large populous. The other type is either of one cylinder or multiple concentric cylinders with spaces between them. The general purpose of these is to direct the blast upward, so as not to cause injury or destruction. The explosive is suspended in a net in the center of the cylinder. Most of the times these are used to take the device to a safe area for detonation, but are designed just in case the bomb goes KABOOM. Here there really aren't design flaws, but there are ways to overcome his problem.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Overcoming This Problem-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=(A) First make your bombs (Unless the occasion calls for something different) so that they direct the full force of the explosion in one direction. A strong explosive device cannot be contained if it's entire force is sent into one direction. Take advantage of the open cylinder transport vehicle, and direct the force of the explosion downward assuring a hole in the street, and two maimed or mortally wounded cops.


Well this is about all for this article, and remember this is for informational purposes only. I am not responsible for the end actions of the user just as Noble was not responsible for the death of every man, women, and child during WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam, etc... and any other confrontation using T.N.T. or Trinitrotoluene.

____________________________________________________________________________ | | | Anarchy Today Issue #2 Article #2 | | | | Impact Exploding Arrows | | | | Written by | | | | The Wizard of 713 | |___________________________________________________________________________|

These are impact exploding arrows, and how to make them. babies are lethal, and explode on impact. The obvious advantage that their hit-kill ratio is extremely high, and they are silent hit). Another obvious advantage is that most of the evidence is

These to these is (Until they destroyed or

sprayed over a vast area. Any hit to the torso or head will prove fatal, and most destructive. So on with it another lesson in pain.

-=-=-=-=-=-Materials-=-=-=-=-=Materials --------Aluminum Hollow Shafted Arrow RDX Explosive Mini-Compound Detonators (Different) Epoxy Resin Wooden Dowel That Fits Arrow Shaft Drill with Needle Sized Bit Needles Slightly Smaller than Bit Size Source -----Sporting Goods Store Anarchy Today Issue #1 Anarchy Today Issue #1 Hardware Store Hardware Store Hardware Store Anywhere

-=-=-=-=-=-Procedure-=-=-=-=-=(1) Remove the arrow head from shaft, and drop 5 drops of epoxy resin in the arrow shaft. Allow drying time according to the procedure outlayed in the instructions on the glue. Now that the glue is dry start adding in the RDX explosive, and loosely packing it down with the wooden dowel. Now continue this process until RDX explosive is within reach of the top leaving enough room to fit a mini-compound detonator and enough room to screw the arrow tip on about 1 1/2 inches. Now Take the arrow tip (Not on the Shaft) and put it in a vise-grip, and drill your needle sized hole. It might be easier to flatten the tip then drill the hole to assure that it is centered. Now set this aside for later use. Now make the mini-compound detonator, but differently this time make it backwards using a .22 shell with primer intact (One that hasn't been fired) Now put in you 1/8 an inch of gunpowder first, then your 1/4 inch of acetone peroxide or mercury fulminate, then your 5/8 of an inch with RDX. However this time pack it very very loosely with the ram, so as not to set off the primer and have it explode in your face.

(2) z (3)



Now set the mini compound detonator in the arrow shaft with the RDX with the primer pointing upwards (Getting the Picture). Now pour a

little RDX around the edges of the .22 shell, and then using a FEW drops of epoxy resin secure the mini-compound detonator in place, so that it is PERFECTLY centered. (6) Now screw the arrow tip back on the arrow, and place a needle in the hole you drilled earlier. If the hole is too loose then the needle will fall out, so stuff some paper around it. If the hole is too tight the needle won't hit the primer and detonate the arrow, so drill a little bigger hole.


//////////// //////////// /--------------------------------------------------------------| /=========%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%| --+!@@%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%| \=========%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%| \--------------------------------------------------------------| \\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\ -=-=-Key-=-=+ % ! @ \ / | = = = = = = = = Primer on .22 Shell RDX Explosive Gunpowder Either Mercury Fulminate or Acetone Peroxide Arrow Fins and Tip Arrow Fins and Tip Side of Arrow and Needle Back of Arrow

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Added Interjections-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=This is one of the best things I have ever encountered, and has the most potential for fun. The added weight however does effect the velocity of the arrow, but not so much the accuracy as was thought before adequate testing was done. Enjoy, and...

___________________________________________________________________________ | | | | | | | Anarchy Today Issue #2 Article #3 Guns, Bullets, and The Fine Art of Assassination | | | | | | |

| Brought to you by | | | | The Wizard of 713 | |___________________________________________________________________________|

-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -Introduction-=-=-=-=-=-=-= First off this shit I take no responsibility for, because one I will tell you how to make armor piercing bullets, which sniper guns are the best, and how to kill. This is for informational purposes only, and not *EVER* to be used!!! Now that the mish mosh is over on with the article. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Guns-Guns-Guns!-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=First off I will list the various types of calibers of weapons to choose from, and the most feared sniper rifle of all and it's specifications. My personnel favorite and the most feared weapon is the 7.62 ball nato rifle, and in a moment I will demonstrate why. Although don't fret any weapon is lethal hell here is an interesting fact for you. The longest verified sniper kill was executed during the civil war (believe it or not) when a sniper killed a general one mile away. Pistols Impact Energy at 50m -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=9mm Lugar 338 47 .38 Smith and Wesson 185 16 .357 Magnum 439 101 Submachine-Gun -=-=-=-=-=-=-= .45 Thomson Rifles -=-=-= 7.62 Ball Nato 5.56mm Armalite Muzzel Velocity m/sec



855 990

380 173

Obviously you can now see how overrated the .357 magnum is the 7.62 Ball Nato is 3 times more powerful, and is also known to easily pierce light armor. Also a special curved windscreen is employed to stop 5.56 and 7.62 ammo. Well enough bragging on my favorite rifle on with the specs and then you choose your weapon. Fabrique National Snipe Weapons -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= These wonderful people produce a 7.62mm sniper rifle with a removable bipod. This weapon is accurate up to 600 meters away (If thats hard to visualize picture 475 people lying toe to head). It comes standard with a

Zeiss Diavari D telescopic sight. It also features an adjustable strap and variable butt length. This comes in handy when your intended victim takes his time. This weapon is mainly used by Belgium police forces in anti-terrorist operations however it can be bought in the U.S. The weapon also holds 4 rounds with a fifth shell in the chamber. McMillan M-82 and M-86 Sniper Weapons -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=This is one of the local police weapons used for sniping however it is one of the best ones on the market. The only drawback here is, it is bolt action, and if you are a lousy shot your in trouble. However it comes from the factory with a fiberglass stock, and a 24 inch, 1 in 12 twist stainless steel barrel. It also comes with the ultra 10x-M1 scope, however to use this weapon to it's full ability I suggest shopping around for a better scope, and having it calibrated to at least 700 yards. Garrand M1A -=--=-=-=-= The ultimate in the sniper rifles on the commercial market. The only weapon that even comes close is the german made Springer, but that's too hard to find. This weapon is accurate as hell with a 1000 yard+ range. It is an heavy weapon, and this reduces the kick. It was primarily used by the marines in Vietnam era. These weapons can be found in collectors stores i.e. Collectors Firearms or bought through the NRA (National Rifle Association), but if you buy through the NRA you tend to have a wait period of 6 months. I highly recommend this weapon it is the cutting edge of the technological age on the field of honor. Where to Get Your Shit -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Weapons -=-=-=G. McMillan & Co. 21421 North 14th Avenue Suite B Phoenix, AZ. 85027 Springfield Armoury 420 West Main St. Genesco, IL. 61254 Target Systems (Silencers) -=-=-=-=-=-=-= ATS (Duelatron) 12 Skillman Lane St. Paul, MN. 55101 32780 Night Vision -=-=-=-=-=-= Suppressors =-=-=-=-=-=Scopes -=-=-= Carl Zeiss, Inc. Box 2010 1015 Commerace Street St. Petersburg, Va. 23803

Litton Johnathan Ciener 1215 South 52nd St. 6850 Riveredge Dr. Tempe, AZ. 85281 Titusville, FL.

Listen these people do not usually sell to the public, so write to them for a catalog and say you are a police officer and want to buy somethings for personnel use, but first call and ask if they sell to the public.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Armor Piercing Bullets!-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Take your average bullet, and coat it in Teflon. Simple enough eh? Well thats it, now what this bullet does instead of breaking apart is it stays whole, and is capable of piercing through bullet proof vests at long ranges, not to mention steel. Another method is to make your bullets out of different materials like tungsten, steel, etc... However this article is not going to go into how to cast bullets. Since there are many books on it in various gun stores, etc.... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Exploding Destroyer-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=This is my own version of the dum dum bullet. O.K. take your bullet, and cut off the end and sand it down, so that it is flat. Now take a knife and cut an asterisk (*) into the bullet. On impact this bullet will explode and spray into about 15 pieces of shrapnel, and totally destroy it's target. -=-=-==-=-=-Evil Eddie-=-=-==-=-=This is another of my bastard creations. Take a hollow point bullet, and fill the hollow point with mercury. Now take a soldering iron, and drip a drop of solder over the point to seal it in. Note: Sometimes it is necessary to widen the hollow point, so the bullet will fill with mercury. Now what this does is when the bullet is shot the mercury heats up and expands, and rips apart the victim, and if it doesn't kill him with the first shot the mercury gets into his blood and poisons him. This one is a sure fire lethal shot! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -Poison Bullets-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Now with these the poison is your preference, and you can either (A) put the poison in the tip of a hollow point and seal it in, or (B) heat poison over a regular or dum-dum bullet. The one that works the best is the hollow point with poison sealed inside, and coated and heated on the outside. Now you can either use cyanide or mercuric oxide works well. However there are hundreds of other poisons to choose from like botulinis toxin, etc.... Well thats it for this article enjoy, and remember this is just for fun and not to be used. Also as for the Fine art of Assassination, that will have to be an entire issue, since it is too hard to describe in such a short amount of time.

___________________________________________________________________________ | | | Anarchy Today Issue #2 Article #4 | | |

| The Members and History of Organized Crime | | | | Brought to you by | | | | The Wizard of 713 | |___________________________________________________________________________|

Organized Crime was co-founded by me, Codebreaker, The Sparrow, and The Artful Dodger about one year ago on a conference. Right after we were founded one of the members was wrongly accused of for Credit Card Fraud, myself, The Sparrow was being harassed by Compuserve, The Artful Dodger worried about having made a boxing error, and Codebreaker was sought after for god knows how many counts of carding. All the members are of course more than innocent, and wrongly accused. As of 3/13/89 the member list is as follows. Organized Crime (OC) Member List -------------------------------Jack The Ripper (Explosives/Telecom) The Sparrow (Information/Telecom) Codebreaker (Credit) The Blue Dragon (Programming) The Artful Dodger (Boxing) The Wizard of 212 (Weaponry/Telecom) This is the member list with their different fields of specialization. Hacking is a group project, but as of yet we have not found a true specialist in that field. Our accomplishments though we cannot speak of openly are just beginning. I have put out issue #1 of Anarchy Today, which is a compelation of files on explosives, and there is a Public Organized Crime system. i.e. London at Midnight -----------------713-523-3733 60 megs online IBM/Apple ][e/Apple ][gs 27 Areas in the file transfer Multiple Forums for discussion on any topic etc... This system has been up for only 7 days as of this writing and is fairly new, and is run by me, Jack The Ripper. Anarchy Today although it may be a Organized Crime (OC) publication does accept outside sources as long as they are original and well written.

___________________________________________________________________________ | | | | | | | Anarchy Today Issue #2, Article #6 Elimination by Poisoning -----------------------| | | | | | |

| By: The Culprit 3-21-89 | |___________________________________________________________________________| ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Since the beginning of time, there have always been dickheads, assholes, rapists, thieves, murderers, and the dog next door that bites the shit out of each time you walk by. And since the beginning of these problems there has always been the process of elimination. This file explains how to kill the dog next door through the modern technique of poisoning. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| ETHYLENE GLYCOL | ----------------Ethylene Glycol is simply antifreeze such as Prestone, Zerex, etc. It has a sweetish-like taste to it and can be easily concealed in a bowl of punch, or someones softdrink. At a party or banquet, ethylene glycol can be easily poured from a container such as a kool-aid pitcher into the party punch. Be sure it is mixed with a package of kool-aid or something so that you don't arouse any suspicion. The lethal dosage of this is about four ounces and the good thing about ethylene glycol is that a person that is dying from it simply appears to be drunk... ---------------------| CARBON TETRACHLORIDE | ---------------------Carbon Tetrachloride can be easily obtained from fire extinguishers or grease cleaning fluids found in auto supply stores. Carbon Tetrachloride is used in making phosgene gas which is highly lethal and was used in World War I. The gas is made by heating carbon tetrachloride over a flame or hot plate. It is only effective in a closed room. A good way to utilize this is to set a pan full of it on a heater. People seeing it will just think its water often placed on heaters to keep the air from being too dry. Carbon tetrachloride has the smell of musty hay and will most likely be ignored or someone will bring there can of lysol and spray the air with it. ---------| NICOTINE | ---------Nicotine is a highly lethal, horrifying poison. One drop of pure nicotine has been known to kill in less than fifteen minutes. Its taste is easily concealedd in sweet substances such as wine, soda, kool-aid, etc. Almost pure nicotine can be obtained from the round flat boxes of snuff. Pour the snuff out into a container and add enough water to cover it all. Let it soak for 24 hours then take a handkerchief and stuff it into a cup with the edges of the hand-kerchief over the sides. Pour the shit into the handkerchief so that the liquid is filtered out from the snuff. Squeeze the handkerchief to get out any excess liquid. Discard the snuff and pour the liquid into a small saucepan over a low fire. When the liquid has evaporated to about a small teaspoon of a thick dark substance your poison is finished. A lethal dosage is about two or so drops. -----------------| NICOTINE SULFATE | ------------------

This is one of the most interesting poisons of mine. It is obtained as an insect poison found under several names. One of the most common is Black Leaf 40, found at any garden store. It is 40% nicotine sulfate. It is most effective if it is evaporated to a thin syrup. The interesting thing about nicotine sulfate is that it is absorbed through the skin. An effective way to use this is to carry it around in a softdrink then "accidentally" spill on victim. If he does not wash it off in a matter of seconds he'll be dead in a matter of minutes. Most likely, the victim will just forget about it if he thinks it is just a softdrink. -----------------| HYDROCYANIC ACID | -----------------Hydrocyanic acid (Prussic Acid) is one of the most poisonous compounds known. It is quite simple to prepare and is extremely deadly. A good way to use this is to put it in a water piston. Use a newspaper and proceed to walk pass the victim as you read the newspaper. When you near him squirt him in the face and continue walking. Before he realizes he has been attacked he'll fall unconscious. Within three minutes he'll be dead. To start the process you will the following items: Potassium Ferrocyanide Distilled Water Sulfuric Acid This can be stolen from your school lab or purchased from a chemical supply house. Found at your common grocery store Can be obtained by emptying the watery contents from a car battery and boiling it in a glass container until thick white fumes appear or you steal it from your school lab. Can be obtained by breaking up chalk and letting it soak in hydrochloric acid (obtained at a hardware store) and then drying it.

Calcium Chloride

Measure out 15 parts of potassium ferrocyanide and dump it into a flask. Next add 9 parts of distilled water and 9 parts of strong sulfuric acid (pour the acid slowly). Then take another flask and put in some coarse fragments of calcium chloride. Your apparatus should look like this: To air out flask Plastic Tubing _________________________ _____________________________ / | | Rubber | / / | | Stopper------|Bucket with / | / ------\ / |ice and / | | \ / ------|water / | | ------| | | / | | | | | | | / | | | | | | | / | | | | | | | \ | | | | / \ | \ ____|___| / \ / Acid \ | \ / | / \ /Potassium\ | \ / | / \ / Water \ | \/ | / Calcium \ / Mixture \ --------------------/ Chloride \ / \ / \



Plastic tubing (obtained from a tropical fish store) is ran from the acid, potassium, water mixture into a bucket full of ice and water. A small hole is cut near the bottom of the bucket just barely enough to fit the plastic tubing into so that the icy water does not leak. Then the tubing is lead into the flask containing the calcium chloride where the final product will be collected. Start by heating the acid, potassium, water mixture at a low temp, be sure to watch it as it may boil over the top. When the liquid covers the potassium chloride the action is stopped and the apparatus is allowed to cool. The liquid is put into a container with a good stopper. Light and air cause hydro-cyanic acid to lose its potency. The container should be wrapped in foil and stored in a refrigerating device. A few drops of hydrochloric acid will help preserve your cyanic acid. __________________________________________________________________________ | | | Anarchy Today Issue #2 Article #7 | | | | How to Make Ammonium Nitrate | | | | Written by The Culprit | |__________________________________________________________________________|

Ammonium Nitrate has been used in times of war when dynamite was limited. In its pure form, ammonium nitrate can be detonated with a 6 dynamite cap at a blast radius of 14,000 feet per second. This file will explain how to purify ammonium nitrate from ordinary fertilizer bought at any garden store at about 9.00 for an 80 pound bag. It also will explain some of the uses of it. Since some of the uses require a blasting cap, I will first explain how to make simple blasting caps that should be sufficient enough to detonate the explosives in this file. Materials you will need: ----------------------Nitric Acid (concentrated) Source: -----Stolen from your school laboratory or bought from a chemical supply house. (Look in phone book under lab supplies) Taken out of old air conditioning switches, buy from a chemical supply house, or steal a bunch of mercury thermometers from a grocery store, etc.


3 First take a bottle and pour 1000 cm (cm cubed) of concentrated, pure nitric acid with a specific weight of 1,42 into the bottle. Then pour 120 grams of mercury into the acid and let it set for 12 hours. After 12 hours put a stopper over the bottle (be sure it is acid resistant) and turn the bottle over so the materials mix (do not shake the bottle unless your committing suicide). After some time fumes may form so be sure to air the container out every so often. After a few hours pour the mixture into a container with a large opening filled with 1280 grams of 95% pure alcohol. After a short time, toxic fumes will form. When this stops, the nitrated mercury will lay at the bottom of the bottle. It must be washed with distilled water and dried in the

sun on a glass plate. To make a blasting cap, just take a bullet shell (be sure itis a little bigger than a 22cal.) and fill it about half full of nitrated mercury. Insert 2 wires and connect it to a sufficient power supply and BOOM. Now on to purifying ammonium nitrate. First take a fairly large pan and pour several pounds of fertilizer in it. Pour enough wood alcohol (methanol) to cover the fertilizer. Stir it until you can no longer dissolve any more of the fertilizer. Next, set another pan on some dry ice, which can be found in the phone book under "dry ice". Get the pan extremely cold then pour the dissolved fertilizer into it leaving the undissolved particles in the first pan. The dry ice will cause the ammonium nitrate to precipitate into crystals. When no more crystals are formed, strain them out with a paper towel and allow them to dry. Store it in a tightly closed container. Use for Ammonium Nitrate: Laughing Gas -----------Laughing gas was one of the first anesthetics used. After a little while of inhaling the patient became so happy he could not keep from laughing. Finally he would drift off to a pleasant sleep. To make it, first you need some of the ammonium nitrate that you have learned how to purify. Dissolve a quantity of it in a pot. Then evaporate it in a pot over a medium flame until you have a heavy brine. Take out a cold metal plate and drop a drop of it on the plate. If it solidifies almost instantly then pour the brine onto the metal plate. After awhile break it up into pieces and store it in a container. To make the gas, put a spoonful into a flask and run some plastic tubing from the flask to a plastic bag. Your apparatus should look like this: _____________________ | Plastic Tubing \ ------\ _______________ \ / \ / | ------\ / | | | \ / Plastic | | | \____/ Bag | | | \ | | | \ | | | \ | | | \______________| | | / \ / \ / Ammonium \ / Nitrate \ / Brine \ / \ --------------------To generate the gas, heat the flask under a low flame, when the temperature reaches 480 F the gas will generate. Be careful, the stuff explodes at 600 F so it is advised that you put a thermometer in the flask, otherwise your parents will spend thousands on plastic surgery for you. After the plastic bag is full, stop the process and poke a small hole in the bag. Hold it under your nose and inhale and whee.....have fun.. Ammonium Nitrate/Aluminum Explosive

----------------------------------This is a simple, dry explosive that requires ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder (aluminum powder can be made by filing an aluminum rod bought at any hardware store). To begin, take a handful of ammonium nitrate and put it on a large flat board. Take another board large enough to fit in the palm of your hand and rub the pile of ammonium nitrate vigorously until it is a fine powder. Measure out 4 parts of ammonium nitrate to 1 part aluminum powder. Put these in an air tight container and shake it back and fourth until they are thoroughly mixed. To make the explosive, you will need one of the blasting caps shown how to make in the beginning of this file. Take a pipe with 2 end caps and fill it almost full of the explosive mixture. Insert the blasting cap just beneath the surface. Connect it to a power source and you have successfully completed some-thing you can throw at your mother when she bitches at you. Zinc Dust/Ammonium Nitrate Igniter ---------------------------------This is a water activated incendiary used in various chemical time delays. To start, you will need ammonium nitrate in which you have purified, and zinc dust which may be found at paint stores as bronzing powder or bought from a chemical supply house. Measure out 5 parts of zinc powder to 15 parts of ammonium nitrate and mix them thoroughly in an air tight container. Be sure all the materials you are using are extremely dry, even a trace of moisture may ignite the mixture spontaneously. To make the mixture ignite, simply place a drop or so of water on it. A good delay may be made by using the following diagram: ---------------------| | | Empty Can | | | | | | | | Small hole at | | bottom of can | Tape cans together ____/---------- ----------\---------- ----------| Small hole at | | top of can | | | | Empty Can | | | | /\ | | \/ | | Medium sized hole | | on side of can | ---------------------To start the delay spread the igniter around the bottom can, then fill the top can with water. The water will begin to drip from the hole in the top can into the bottom can. When the water fills up enough to reach the hole in the side of the can, water will come out onto the igniter thus igniting it.

Now that you are familiar with ammonium nitrate and some of its uses, go out

and experiment with it. It has millions of uses.

___________________________________________________________________________ | | | Anarchy Today Issue #2 Article #8 | | | | The Art of Deception a Con Man's Game <On-going Series> | | | | Written by| | | | The Wizard of 713 | |___________________________________________________________________________| [--------------] [ Introduction ] [--------------] Most of the cons and scams outlined in this series are of my own device or others. The first ones I will talk about are ones to pull on your friends, and don't worry they shouldn't take it so hard. [------------------] [ Friends and Bars ] [------------------] Well this one is great, but don't pull it on any physics majors, because they might just figure it out. [-----------] [ Materials ] [-----------] Lemon Matches Glass Shallow Plate Water Quarter A few other items to put in just for confusion. [---------------] [ Bar Situation ] [---------------] <This requires at least three people preferably four.> Go into the bar with your frind and sit at the bare. Now when the two of you are sitting at the bar constantly bet on bullshit back and forth until you see someone who looks interested. Now don't be noticeable when he peaks an interest in your betting. Now it is time for the burn. First the set-up 1) Fill the plate with water, and put the quarter into the plate under the water. 2) Now hand your friend a lemon, The matches, and some other bullshit you threw in for confusion. Now bet him that he

CAN'T do it. <This is important, because when you insult their ego making them think they can't cons work smoother, but this little side note is for the victim mainly when he tries to get in on the action> And when I say do it I mean get the quarter out of the plate. 3) Now state the rules to him. Saying he has to get the quarter out of the plate without getting his fingers wet, and he can use ANY object on the table. Also state that he cannot drink the water out of the plate, and he cannot scoop the quarter out of the water. 4) Now at this point your friend should turn to the interested party and say,"Do you want to get in on this he just bet me 20-200 dollars that using any of these objects on the table showing him the lemon,matches, and other shit you threw in for confusion. That he could get the quarter out of the water without getting his fingers wet, scooping it,drinking it, or pouring it out. Now usually the person will say hell yes, I'll bet X amount of dollars on this one its easy money. He will most likely try and fail. 5) Now have your third friend who walks in later to hold the money, because he is the "unknown third party" and he holds your money, your friends money, and the suckers money. 6) When he tires himself out trying to get the quarter out of the plate. Then you screw him blue! [-----------------------------------------] [ How to Get the Quarter out of the Plate ] [-----------------------------------------] To get the quarter out of the plate with the water in it. Take your drink and finish it, and now pour the ice into your friends glass. Now take the lemon and stick the pack of matches into it with the heads facing up,and set the lemon into the water with the match heads sticking up. Now light the match heads and set the glass on top of the burning matches as quickly as possible. That is the solution practice it at home what happens is all the water is sucked up into the glass, and now you can pick the quarter out of the empty plate. Now it's time to take the money and run. You will have to experiment with this one awhile to find out exactly how much water is sucked up, what depth to pour the water to, and what size plate to use. [---------------] [ In Conclusion ] [---------------] It works quite well, and the only reason I am giving it out is because it has been used to it's fullest extent by guess who? in guess who's hometown. Running cons like this one work quite well, and no one is truly cheated. In fact you have made them wiser, and for that they should pay you. Knowledge is not cheap and nor are lessons in the arcane. One more note to pull this one on your friends simply bet them it is a lot easier. Another note is that every con should be modified every time it is run. It is the same as running an unmodified board, add your own touches to it and enhance it a little. Another added note is the amount bet go some places people will drop a hundred or more even others people won't. One more note is it is best to have at least 200 dollars on your person. This con isn't run a lot since we

figured it out, and are about the only people who ran it. Not to mention you can hit 20 to 30 bars a night and come home with anywhere from 400-5,000 dollars. My personnel best night only yielded me about $3800 roughly, but hey it's a living and not to mention we ran a few others. ___________________________________________________________________________ | | | Anarchy Today Issue #2 Article #9 | | | | The Art of Deception a Con Man's Game <On-going Series> | | | | Written by| | | | The Wizard of 713 | |___________________________________________________________________________| [--------------] [ Introduction ] [--------------] Most of the cons and scams outlined in this series are of my own device or others. The first ones I will talk about are ones to pull on your friends, and don't worry they shouldn't take it so hard. [------------------] [ Taming the Shrew ] [------------------] This one works great when your out of town. I call it Taming The Shrew, because it works be\:!9U9z9:=599J9fact I have never successfully or even heard of it being successfully run on a man <Not a Sexist Statement>. This is a checking scam with little to no risk involvement whatsoever. [------------------] [ Materials Needed ] [------------------] Checkbook of PERSONNEL Checks <In a fake name or stolen (see note 1> Victim Car <optional> Note I - When using stolen checks the victim must be totally unaware, and it is good to have a fake I.D. printed up with the checkholders name on it. [-----------------] [ Running the Con ] [-----------------] To run this con you should go to another nearby city or town. Small towns are nice, and work quite well, but we will deal with large cities and big bucks. O.k. now that you have the checks and hopefully an ID <Makes it easier> go to the bank in another town, and wait and watch. What you are looking for is a sucker a lady who looks like she would help a person in need. One of those pathetic loafs of shit who would help anybody in trouble through their supreme stupidity and blind gullibility. 1) After you find your mark <Victim> you go up to the tellers window right next to hers, and try to cash your check. Now try to cash a check for $1,253

dollars. Now the teller won't cash your check especially if your from out of town, and without ID. Going out of town is a must. 2) Now tell the teller a sob story,"Please my money was stolen and I was robbed they took my wallet and everything in it and I just need $300 dollars for food and gas to wherever your sick aunt is<If you have no ID>, but if you have an ID say,"Please for the love of god my aunt is very sick, and I am driving to see her. I am stuck in this town, because my car broke down and I need $1,253 dollars to get it fixed please, please help me etc... 3) Now no matter how much you beg they won't give you shit unless your in a small town then sometimes. Now make sure when you give the story your mark is overhearing every single word you say. Now leave the bank and sit on the concrete outside and whimper, and say,"I am so sorry auntie please god help me please." 4) Now timing is everything when your outside your mark should overhear you whimpering etc... Now most people will offer to help, and help they can. 5) In your whimpering way say, "Please could you cash a check me the money to get my car fixed please. I'll write you a that I have to se my aunt she is very sick and my uncle is business soon and she will be all alone. I swear to you I for the money please, oh please help me." for me and give check it's just leaving on am good

6) At this point if all goes well she will be eating out of your hand don't look happy look grateful. Now take the money and run <not literally> just keep thanking her, and go. 7) Repeat the process at another bank. Notes: Now look don't get frustrated not everyone is so helpful, but in a day you should hit about 40 different banks with at least a 50% success rate. So that is $27,400 in a days work not bad. All it takes is a drive to a city and pull the jobs. Then your out of that town a hell of a lot richer and happier, and the police will be lost to who did it. It is also a good idea to go with three friends that way while one is pulling the con the other two can chat and enjoy themselves also you can alternate.One more note look for your mark outside the bank, and for gods sake don't smoke! Look nice and respectable dress yuppie.

___________________________________________________________________________ | | | | | Anarchy Today Issue #2 Article #10 | | | | | | | | Street Fighting Gloves | | | | | | | | Written by | | | | | | | | The Wizard of 713 |

| | |__________________________________________________________________________| [--------------] [ Introduction ] [--------------] These are excellent to have handy for self defense. Not only are they intimidating, but very painful to be hit with. [-----------] [ Materials ] [-----------] Gloves <Leather preferably, but knit will do, and not mittens> Flathead Tacks <See diagram one> Black Electrical Tape [-------------] [ Diagram One ] [-------------] | | | --------This type of tack they are usually silver, and not that hard to find. I believe the correct terminology is Push Tack. [-------------] [ Preparation ] [-------------] These are simple to make, so this should be a relatively short and composed file. 1) Take a glove <right or left> and put it on. 2) Pull out a length of tape that will reach from the middle of your hand all the way over the tip of your finger and to the other side of your hand. <This way both sides of your hand will have about two to three inches of tape over them, and the tape will extend to the end of your finger.> Also don't put the tape on yet. 3) Now take the push tacks and punch them through the tape before you put it on your hand, so that the tacks will have their backs facing your fingers. Now for the space between your knuckles put about four-five tacks, and then put the tape over your hand. <If that wasn't too clear what the meaning here is, is the tacks go facing outward and stick to the sticky side of the tape, and then the tape is placed on the finger and over the hand. That way one finger is now armed with four or five spikes. 4) Now repeat the above steps for the other four fingers. 5) Now wrap the tape around your hand six times that way the loose ends from

the tape on your fingers out onto your hands won't come off. 6) Repeat the process for the other glove. 7) Now depending on you, you can add more spikes to the bottom of your hand, the sides, the bottom flat half of your hand, and the lower palm of your hand. This is what I suggest you do for the intimidating look. Also when adding spikes make a fist and hit to make sure they are placed correctly. Also note that spikes on the knuckles hurt when you hit! [-------------] [ Diagram Two ] [-------------] Incidentally this is a diagram of a right handed deathglove. _____ | | _____ _____ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | _____ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |*****| | | | | |*****| | | |*****| | | | | | | | | |*****| | +++ | | +++ | | +++ | | | |+++++| |+++++| |+++++| | +++ | | | | | | | | | _|*****|__|*****|___|*****|__|*****| | | ______ | | \ \ | | \ \ | | \ \ | | \ \ | | \ \ | | \ \ | +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ | \ \___/ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ | \ | \ | \ | \ | \ | \ | \ | \ | \ | \ | ---------------------------------[-----] [ Key ] [-----] + = Spikes on Glove * = Knuckles/Joints

| = The sides of glove - = The bottom of glove \ = Sides of glove The spikes can be added any way you want it is a creative art of making fighting gloves or deathgloves, and they have a hell of a lot more stopping power than a bare fist.