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“Improving the Lives of People through Technology”

We will be recognized as the leading provider of excellent, holistic, customer-oriented Information Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions, specializing in Internet Protocol (IP) Technology. We will achieve this by: • • • Developing our people into a team-based organization instilled with the values of excellence, professionalism, teamwork and customer orientation. Integrating hardware and software technologies into exceptional and innovative products and services. Establishing profitable business alliances.

Ultimately, by improving the lives of people through technology, we shall attain sustainable and progressive economic growth for all our stakeholders.

To this end, the corporate culture within which Tridel Technologies pursues its mission and vision consists of the following hierarchy of values:

EXCELLENCE is exceeding expectations.
Our commitment to excellence assures you that our products and services are designed to exceed your expectations because we intend to deliver only the best.

PROFESSIONALISM is performing to achieve the best results.
We develop our people to be competent, hard-driving ICT professionals. That is how you can be sure that we will deliver excellent, holistic, customer-oriented ICT Solutions to your offices and homes.

TEAMWORK is working together to achieve a common goal.
Our people work in cross-proficiency teams to ensure the widest product perspectives. This is what gives us the ability to address a broad area of customer concerns with optimum efficiency and manageable costs.

CUSTOMER ORIENTATION is valuing the Customer.
You, the customer, are the reason for our existence so it is only fitting that you define the dimensions of the products and services you need based on your own unique circumstances. Our job is to help you find the solutions to fill that need because there is no question about it, your satisfaction will mean our success.


Tridel Technologies Inc. is an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company that began operations on January 12, 1996. Tridel launched its Internet access services to the market under the Internet Manila brand in May 1996, making it the 4th commercial ISP in the Philippines, and one of the largest and most stable in the industry today. Drawing strengths from its core competency in Information Communications Technology, and its true commitment to offering excellent services, Tridel Technologies Inc. today is a leading integrator of ICT solutions, specializing in Internet Protocol (IP) technology and networks. Tridel’s Internet access service is dedicated to maintaining high levels of reliability in connectivity, making it one of the country’s most stable ISPs today. Its redundant network is connected to the US Internet Backbone via multiple DS3 connections and is peered with all the major Philippine Internet Exchanges. In addition to Internet access, Tridel offers a broad range of personal and business Internet solutions. It provides web and applications development solutions from simple to dynamic websites with built-in content management database. It also provides network value-added services (VAS) such as email, domain and web service hosting. Tridel also leases and sells network equipment and offers on-site provisioning and maintenance services. Tridel has also diversified into other fields like Call Center operations and Business Process Outsourcing through its partners and alliances. Tridel strives to continuously improve itself and has received its ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Certification in April 2005, making it the 1st Philippine-based ICT firm to receive such a distinction. Tridel is situated in the heart of the Ortigas Business District with offices found on the 7th Floor, Hanston Building, Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605.

Tridel Technologies Inc. started as an Internet Service Provider in 1996. Since then, it has evolved into a multi-line entity, providing a broad array of products and services.

Access Solutions
Tridel Technologies Inc. offers high capacity Internet services to the individual user and corporate markets. Its major service is Internet Manila (I-Manila), a mass market postpaid Internet service which provides dial-up Internet access to over 20,000 subscribers in Metro Manila and nearby areas. Tridel also offers high-speed business-grade Internet access solutions to small and medium businesses, such as Business Dial-up, and high-capacity broadband connections like Dedicated Dial-up, Digital Subscriber Lines, and Dedicated Leased Lines. These access solutions provide unlimited Internet connections to businesses to power their Local Area and Wide Area Networks. Tridel provides guaranteed bandwidth connections from 56Kbps to 2Mbps to the US Internet backbone. Network services like virtual hosting (email and web) and domain name registration are likewise offered.

Web & Application Solutions
Tridel Technologies Inc.’s Web Development group designs and implements website projects, from simple to fully functional designs and applications. The group's combined creative and technical expertise have produced websites that have been consistently recognized at the annual Philippine Web Awards. This group has also created a new web service called the i-ManilaWeb Site Builder. This service is a complete web presence solution that delivers fast, easy, and affordable web sites. Tridel Technologies Inc.’s Applications Development group possesses the skills and experience to undertake a comprehensive range of systems and software development projects, including database programming. It has also diversified its skills to also include Java and Mobile-based applications development.

I.T. Support Services
In addition to its major products and services, Tridel offers other services that address the unique needs of business customers. This includes network design and implementation (LAN and WAN) and Network Equipment Sales/Rental/Maintenance. Tridel has two departments within its Technical Services Division that provides outsourced technical services. It has a Network Operations Group focused on core network services such as Router and Switch configuration, installation and maintenance. It also has a

Technical On-site group that caters to PC and LAN servicing for SME and consumer clients at the customer’s own premises.

Prepaid Internet Services
In 2004, Tridel Technologies decided to increase its reach in improving the lives of more people by offering I-Republic Prepaid Internet Services. This prepaid service is aimed at providing high quality dial-up access at affordable and flexible rates to the mass market. In about 6 months of its launch, I-Republic has garnered considerable market share.

Call Center Services
In late 2005, Tridel Technologies with the success of its earlier entry into the Call Center industry, partnered with call center operators and created its own Call Center Facility providing seat & facility leasing services. It has since grown to a 80-seat call center catering to US and Australian campaigns.

With its knowledge, expertise, and experience, Tridel Technologies is able to provide flexible solutions to meet the unique needs of its customers. It closely consults with its clients to deliver customized network architecture and manages the provisioning of all requirements including interfacing with telecommunications firms and other suppliers. This enables customers to have a single point of contact for all their ICT needs. At Tridel Technologies, QUALITY is a cornerstone of its commitment to customers. With the help of its competent and dedicated people and strategic partnerships, Tridel aims to achieve leadership in the Philippine ICT industry and to simply improve the lives of people through technology.

1. UUNET – Connectivity to the US internet backbone 2. TATA COMMUNICATIONS – Connectivity to the US internet backbone 3. BAYANTEL COMMUNICATIONS – Domestic Leased-line facilities & PSTN

4. INNOVE COMMUNICATIONS - Domestic Leased-line facilities & PSTN provider 5. PHILIPPINES LONG DISTANCE TELEPHONE CO. - Domestic Leased-line
facilities & PSTN provider

6. LIGHTSAGE INC. – Calll Center Services

The Philippines’ First ISO-Certified ICT Company