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Incident Report Benjamen Pickering Police Brutality report 7-30-13 Benjamen Pickering came to Oregon sometime in the year

2013, likely April. Due to his traumatic brain injury he forgets things like the name of his birthplace city, or the age of his parents. After his 1994 Penetrating Traumatic Injury to the Head, he was vomiting blood. He said: Do I have to go to school tomorrow? He was life-ighted to emergency care. A woman named Lemons or something like that saved his life, performing emergency medical revival, until he was lifeighted. He was in a coma for several weeks and had to re-learn how to walk, and build new memories starting at age 10. Benjamen was 10 years old at the time of the accident. The accident happened in the Ocean. Benjamen does not know if someone pushed him under the log that crushed open his head and took his sight in his left eye. He was called "Miracle Kid." There is video of the accident. It happened in the Pacic Ocean. Benjamen had to relearn to walk. He has partial deafness in his right ear associated with the head injury. When the Portland Police approached Benjamen Pickering to throw him to the ground 5/17/13, they approached him from his hearing impaired ear. They threw him into furniture which almost blinded his right seeing eye. As Ofcers threw him down, he dodged the potential blinding of his Right seeing eye. About one and a half years ago Ben Pickering endured an operation to correct the position of his blind eye. Ben's corrective eye surgery was 30-40, 000 dollars and Ben travelled from Washington to Portland, Oregon for this surgery. He was bedridden for three weeks after the surgery. It was extremely painful. The surgery re-centered his left blind eye which was de-centered by the 1994 accident. Before the corrective Eye Surgery, Ben Pickering was taunted and bullied and beaten-up and called "Wall Eye" for this asymmetrical eye. During the beating by Portland Police, Ben cried out "I have a traumatic Brain Injury." His Washington Doctor has told ben to put his feet up most of the day, and to avoid putting tension on his brain. Bizarrely, Ofcer Klundt admits in his report putting his knee on Benjamen Pickering's head. After Ben Pickering's beating by the police, the police did not take a Mug-shot of the bruising and kept him in Jail longer to allow the swelling and bruising of his blind eye to go down. He was denied medical care for the bruised and blinded eye and denied x-rays for his shoulder, elbow, skull, sternum and ribs, toe, and ankle which suffered injuries. The Ofcers returned to the Ace Tavern to have the e-evidence of the beating destroyed. Benjamen found this out by interviewing the Bar staff after the attack. An ofcer made a report that Ben Pickering's beating by police was unethical and severe, and motioned to prevent Ben Pickering being held on false charges by the assailant-ofcers. Ben Pickering has relayed that absent this ofcer-whistleblower intervening, he would have been held in custody with no medical evaluation for several months awaiting trial. Instead, he was released, and charged 20 dollars for a public defender service. We are seeking the testimony and report of this ofcer who may have been present during the beating, or his written report of ofcer misconduct. Former Public Defender Tom Borton attempted to coerce Ben Pickering into a Plea Bargain, whilst failing to assess Ben's

Medical needs, blindness, or ADA rights, or the civil component of the brutalization, and medical effects and costs associated with the Portland Police Brutality. Verbal Abuse during the incident included the statement "don't be a pussy you can handle it" and "die redhead die" and "why won't your head crack open?" As Ben sat in the back of the copcar post-beating the ofcers pulled up a record of Ben Pickering, the disabled person. Ofcer said "better say your prayers this isn't the disabled kid Benjamen Pickering." Ben replied: "yeah i say my prayers too." The ofcers were panicked by realization of their Hate Crime and Federal Criminal assault against a disabled person, so they drummed up 5 false charges against Ben Pickering, to justify their beating. One blow to the head can kill Benjamen Pickering. On 7-22-13 Ofce assistant Austin Hung up on me for complaining that the Multnomah Public Defenders failed to nd out Benjamen's Medical state including his blindness or his traumatic beating by Police.. Their providing ADA-suitable court materials for blind left-eye and dyslexic right eye is not yet forthcoming. On that day, 7-22-13 Beenish Khwajah refused to treat Ben or prescribe pain medication of X-ray orders of MRI orders. On 7-11-13 Michael Savage refused to examine Benjamen. It appears Doctors in Oregon collude with Portland Police to cover-up Brutality. Naturopath Karina Bassale has been invaluable in taking testimony, writing referrals and helping with radiologist x-rays. Zach Spier (one phone call and several emails) and Greg Kafoury (three phone calls) have offered preliminary tips on how to begin this investigation, but neither of them are currently serving as civil attorney regarding Police Brutality. Los Angeles attorney Keith Fink has been informed via email of the case basics. Benjamen and I have been solicited by City Hall auditor attorney Casey Bieberich to commence an "Independent" Police Review. We have an appointment for Ms. Fritz, City Commissioner and Nurse. We seek Pursuit of full ophthalmologist, neurological, radiologist, ear doctor, physical therapist, and corrective eye surgeon's evaluation of the Portland Police Brutality against Benjamen Pickering and his TBI and blinded surgically corrected Left Eye and hearing impaired right ear, as well as complete Washington Medical Records, and a possible reevaluation by long-term care providers. Jonas Geissler of the Federal DOJ has advised us to nd a civil attorney. Benjamen has now described the attack to Portland City Council and the Multnomah County Commissioners. thank you for reading! Mary Eng at 503 577 0963 or