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PowerLink lighting control system contours lighting to product manufacturers unique processes

Product manufacturing

Contour lighting strategy to specific nuances of industrial facilitys manufacturing process Apply philosophy that lighting should be separate and distinct from other energysupply circuits Increase energy and cost savings related to lighting Facilitate ease of use of lighting control system for operators Replicate existing facilitys successful lighting control strategy to new facility

When it comes to energy efficiency, manufacturers are always looking for any edge they can find, and can spend a substantial amount of time searching every corner of their operation for ways to reduce energy and cost. Facility management for the Menasha, Wisconsin, plant of Albany International Corp. approached this challenge by working with Schneider Electric to devise a lighting control strategy that contours lighting use to the specific nuances of its manufacturing processes. With manufacturing plants in 14 countries, Albany International manufactures paper machine clothing, a key component used in the production of paper products. Its Menasha facility, for example, makes forming fabrics for the paper industry. Menasha facility management implemented an entire lighting retrofit project in 2002 and called on Schneider Electric to provide a solution to manage lighting requirements in its unique production environment. That solution was the Square D brand PowerLink NF2000G3 and NF3000G3 lighting control systems, which provided the appropriate type of lighting control based on the different work areas in the facility, including specific areas on the manufacturing floor, along with the office area.

Every fabric thats manufactured in Albany Internationals Menasha facility progresses through the same four-step process weaving, inspection, heat-setting/cutting and shipping performed in four distinct work areas. Thus, in order to more effectively manage energy use and costs, facility management realized an all lights on or all lights off approach wouldnt be as efficient as contouring lighting usage to the requirements of the specific areas. By implementing the Square D brand PowerLink NF2000G3 lighting system as part of a lighting retrofit that was originally focused on changing out metal halide and T12 fluorescent fixtures, the company is able to manage the lighting schedules required in each work zone on the manufacturing floor. For example, an operator uses a touch-screen console to activate lights in the weaving and heat-setting zones, and then uses the same console to turn lights off when a project moves to the next zone. Conversely, lighting schedules are used in the inspection and shipping zones, with lights automatically turning on and off at set times. Thus, the company accrues substantial energy savings when lights are turned off in manufacturing areas that are not in use. Additionally, a Square D brand PowerLink NF3000G3 controller facilitates a lighting schedule in the office area, while occupancy sensors turn lights on in the office area if someone works late or comes in early. Schedules for the parking lot lights are built into both controllers.

Square D brand PowerLink lighting control system NF2000G3 Square D brand PowerLink lighting control system NF3000G3

Enhanced cost savings through less frequent lamp replacement Energy savings by turning lights off in manufacturing areas that are not in use More than $300,000 in cost savings accrued through lighting retrofit Easy, familiar touch screen functionality for operators

Implement a lighting control system that maximizes cost savings Take the approach that lighting should be separate and distinct from other energy-supply circuits Make the new lighting strategy easily transferable to other company facilities

Make the most of your energy


years as a pioneer in manufacturing innovative products that are tailored to the demanding specifications of our customers.

Since the lighting retrofit was implemented in 2002, Albany Internationals Menasha facility has saved more than $300,000, including $65,000 in the first year, much of which can be tied to the Square D brand PowerLink NF2000G3 and NF3000G3 lighting control. The strategy was so successful that it was later applied to Albany Internationals new facility in nearby Kaukauna, Wisconsin, which opened in 2007 and uses the Square D brand PowerLink NF3000G3 web-enabled lighting control system. The lighting control implemented at the Menasha facility also creates cost savings in other areas, including lamp replacement. Most lamps are rated for 25,000 hours, and keeping lights off up to one-third of the time extends the relamping cycle considerably. This also means workers are dispatched less frequently for lamp replacement. A large facility like ours typically includes a number of manufacturing cells and warehousing, says Dan Steves, Menasha facility manager. The old school way of lighting was to treat it as if it were one giant warehouse, where the lights were all on or all off. That doesnt make sense. We applied the philosophy that lighting should be distinct and separate from other energy-supply circuits. What we ended up with was factory and office areas that have properly designed lighting systems. For more than 100 years, Schneider Electric has been a pioneer in manufacturing innovative products that are tailored to the demanding specifications of our customers. Our products, solutions and services are present at every link in the energy value chain for the building, infrastructure, industry and residential market to ensure performance and comfort, while taking into account environmental issues. Backed by a global organization with one of the strongest distributor networks in the U.S. and around the world, Albany International can rely on Schneider Electric to enhance its energy efficiency.

Cost savings through contouring of lighting to specific areas and processes Automatic on/off in appropriate areas and easy operator interface in others Easy transfer of the lighting control strategy to other manufacturing facilities

The Square D brand PowerLink NF3000G3 web-enabled controller that facilitates the office lighting schedule in Albany International Corp.s Menasha facility. Curt Swinford, loom operator at Albany International Corp.s Menasha facility, prepares to turn a looms overhead lights off using a touch screen display.

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