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12.83MB /476.84MB (2.69%) Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 22:22:05 -0400 From: phiiip Zelikow <pzelikow@9-1>^? To: •"• <dmarcus@9-1>^, "" <ckojm@9-1 1 commission. Reply-to: ••» <pzelikow@9- 11 commission. gov>^ Subject: FW: Briefings Chris and Dan —

fly reply to Pat's earlier messagei for the two of you only. Philip

----- Original flessage ----From: Philip Zelikow Email to : pzel ikowa^-llcommission- gov3 Sent: Monday-, May IT-, 2DD3 10:D5 PM To: 'Pat O'Brien' Cc: 'adam-ciongoliausdo j-gov' i 'Ken Wainstein' Subject: RE: Briefings

Pat -1. Your plan for the DSM briefing is a good oneThanks-

E - The access list for the briefing on current investigative status and our consequent need to know for any future worki is a separate issue from access to the past work of the JI or other FBI information on the DSM issue- This is because if we have people assessing the quality of intelligence work in particular JTTFs pre-T/11-, they are likely to get into these issues in the course of evaluating the work in those local communities- Hence those people might have a need to know with respect to pre-l/ll activities while they might not have a need to be briefed on more recent or current investigationsBut I'll keep an open mind and will be glad to discuss this after we've had a chance to mull over the significance of what we learn on Wednesday • 3- Re the general briefing on PENTTBOH-, your proposal for 5/21 is fineM - Re Ploussaouii here is the dilemma: a) If he is not part of the 1/11 plot-, then our concern with him and the EDD1 events in Minneapolis is only systemicn analogous to our interest in the Phoenix EC episode- The Joint Inquiry appears to have already done most if not all of the necessary fact finding for that level of interest b)If floussaoui IS part of the T/ll plot-, then we will have to r e c e i v e the i n f o r m a t i o n r e l e v a n t to that depiction! s u b j e c t to the public d i s c l o s u r e concerns and court rules we a c k n o w l e d g e d months a g o If you p r e f e r to pass along that i n f o r m a t i o n in another setting-, then we can talk about t h a t 5- Re mention of info f r o m particular detainees-, a g r e e d I ' m not sure you could do that while keeping the briefing at the LES l e v e l This issue of d i s c l o s i n g those s p e c i f i c sources also came up tonight in c o n n e c t i o n with the CIA briefing we are receiving t o m o r r o w So let me make our p o s i t i o n c l e a r : we are likely to need a c c e s s to i n f o r m a t i o n from s p e c i f i c d e t a i n e e s B u t I agree that these o v e r v i e w briefings-, which are being given to a large number of s t a f f e r s - , are not the o c c a s i o n or venue for passing along such s p e c i f i c and s e n s i t i v e d e t a i l s about particular s o u r c e s -

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Original Message
From: Pat O'Brien [mailto:pobrien331eo.govl Sent: Monday, May 11, BOD3 b:34 PM To: pzelikowil-llcommission•gov Cc: adam-ciongoliSusdoj•govi Ken Uainstein Subject: Briefings Phillip: Good news on dates- Ue can give you the update on the "DSM" material Wednesday between 1 and 3pm. Ue plan to base the briefing on the questions you and I discussed in our secure call- The briefers w i l l be Pat D'Amuro, ^___„_^_^^ Mary Galligan and I I I understand you propose to have in attendance yourself-. Kojmi Marcus-. Lesemann and Jacobson. Assuming Marcus i

has his clearances! we have nonobjection to him. Please ensure that your ;
security office has passed hisiclearance. Ue would propose a process by which we would brief the abovejpeople on Wednesday-, and then, if the Commission determines that additional work is needed in these areas, we could re-visit the question o f i a d d i n g additional staff members to the access i listi The first date I can offer on the overview of the conspiracy is May El from j 10-15. As requested-, we would; do as much as we could at the law enforcement i sensitive l e v e l We would not be briefing on the specifics of the Moussaoui case at this time- In addition-, we would not discuss ongoing operations in this briefing. Our briefing will be informed by current information-, but we will not be identifying what specific detainees have said- Ue view this as an initial step to give an overview to provide a baseline understanding of the conspiracy and activities of the hijackersI Ue may not be in a position toianswer every possible question in this particular briefing, but will Continue to work with you to get the Commission the information it needs* I hope this is helpfulj. Please indicate whether the above plan is | agreeable and if Adam concurs,;we will proceed along these linesThanks, Pati

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